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2011 black Lexus es 350. I also bought the resistall enviroguard protection.

I have not had any problems other than ordinary car maintenance repairs. I did have a driver window issue a few years back, it wouldn't close correctly like it was off track and finally I couldn't get it to come up at all. The problem was with some piece that Lexus is aware of but has not resolved it to customer satisfaction. It could not be fixed without replacing the entire window. I took it to a window tint shop to replace it. Lexus dealership charged too much money. I do not know much about cars, so I cannot comment on performance and reliability. Comfort is what one would expect from a Lexus. Features are leather seats with heating and cooling controls, push button on driver and passenger side to open locked doors so key can be in your purse or pocket without removing it. Of course it is a keyless ignition. Also sunroof and button to slide it open all the way back, a backup sound alert, turn signal flashing lights, cargo net.

- Cheryl E

Reliable, nice, and spacious.

My vehicle is well maintained so there are no problems. The vehicle performs perfectly and I have never been stranded. I plan on keeping this vehicle for as long as I can as it is very reliable and gets me from point A to point B. Eventually we will give this vehicle to my step daughter when she learns how to drive as it is very safe & reliable.

- Sandy B

Yes, Everything is Better!

Everything is better on the Lexus. It has a smooth and steady ride, plenty of power, comfortable seats and features that are used, not just for show. Details have been put into every aspect of the vehicle, even from the smooth operation of the windshield wipers, to the firm turn of the volume control for the stereo. Everything is Better!

- Andrew P

If you do not want dirt to be easily seen.

When driving this es Lexus model, the very nice car is mostly sound proof and is very smooth to drive in. I would recommend this car to people who do not like to easily see the dirt that shows worse on darker shades of color. Dirt is natural and is one of those things you cannot really prevent from happening, unless you wash your car every day.

- Erin I

Smooth driving, bad gas mileage.

This vehicle feels luxurious and rides very smooth. The heating system works very fast. The fuel efficiency is horrible, usually less than 20 mpg. The car, while no giant, is bigger than I prefer. The controls are more complex than I prefer. The dual controls for temperature are appreciated.

- Teresa G

Interesting gear shift mechanism.

Dependable, reasonable maintenance and fun to drive. This is my 5th Lexus that I have owned and each vehicle has been of equal high quality structure and performance. The interior structure and design of gauges and instruments are of the highest standards and driver friendly.

- Lawrence W

Sporty yet comfortable luxury ride.

Our Lexus es 350 has performed flawlessly over the last 7 years. Just manufacturer recommended service visits maintained. Great, comfortable interior, comfortable ride. Particularly enjoy ease of downshift transmission that slips back into drive with one simple shift.

- Lawrence R

My primary vehicle review.

I enjoy the mileage my vehicle gets per trip to the gas station and the smoothness of the ride. I haven't encountered too many issues with my vehicle to date and the dealership is very accommodating in providing solutions to any issues that might come about.

- Ginny P

Two Seat Settings for Different Drivers

I love that the driver seat can be programmed for 2 settings. When one of my son's drives my car, they use setting 2, while I use setting 1. The vehicle offers a very smooth, comfortable ride.

- Audrey F

It wasn't as expensive as people might think.

Luxury vehicle, looks good; rides great, especially compared to comparable vehicles at the time; plenty of room; no major mechanical issues yet Could use just a little more headroom;

- M H

That it was my moms before she got a new one and gave me hers.

My gas gage is messing up, sticky dashboard which is the manufacturers fault but they said i'd have to pay to fix it. . Gas goes quick, drives smoothly, built in GPS, nice color.

- Anastasia R

Low suspension, but very good sound system throughout the car.

Beautiful interior, touch system, and heated/cooling seats. However, the suspension is fairly low. But the entire car is very roomy and it feels like a luxury small SUV.

- Rhonda K

that it hasn't needed any major engine work, just routine maintenance!

my car is a delight to drive - it is comfortable and has great pick-up. I love the interior with It's real wood trim. It has a really large trunk, perfect for shopping

- ina g

This is a very comfortable family car. It has a roomy back seat and plenty of trunk space.

I like how comfortable it is to drive. I love the memory functions (mirrors, seat, steering wheel.) I dislike how expensive it is for servicing and repairs.

- donna k

There have been No issues with the car than normal maintenance.

I have never had any problems with the car. Normal maintenance is all that I have had to put into it. It is comfortable and I will definitely buy another

- Patty M

Lexus IS a very dependable car.

I like everything about my Lexus. It is dependable and I have not had any issues with it. I plan on buying another when the times comes.

- Aloha p

The car is comfortable to drive and is smooth.

Love the power and performance. It rides nicely and has good horsepower. The interior is nice. Love the back up camera and navigation.

- Anita I

I love my Lexus it is simply Amazing

I upgraded to this car after driving an IS for 3 years and I have nothing negative to say other than I wish parts were easier to find

- Tamisha W

Comfortable smooth ride with style

I live the look and features. Only thing I dislike is size. I need a van now because if kids. It's a great car otherwise.

- Destiny B

pick up, maneuverability, maintenance schedules and costs

It's quiet, easy to use technology, stylish. A little low to the ground. Leather does not last well even when maintained.

- randy c

Lexus is at the center of the car Nexus

Very dependable, good mileage, easy to service, smooth ride, many option, great aesthetic and design, overall amazing.

- Bob S

Amazing reliability and quality.

The car has amazing reliability. Very few issues and always works. The car could get better fuel mileage than it does.

- Matt S

It is a quality made car, very dependable. You can expect it to last for years and years.

I love my heated seats, and how comfortable my seats are. I love having navigation. I love the quiet ride.

- Dawn S

Has been very reliable car.

Very comfortable leather seats sunroof car handle unlocks with key present. Ride is smooth and quiet.

- Joyce L

It is gold. Runs smooth. It has a navigational system.

I need a newer car. I need one with more features such as apple carplay. Advanced safety features...

- Ony O

No maintenance comfortable car.

I have had no issues with the car. The only money we have put into it the car is normal maintenance.

- Patricia M

It does not need a lot of maintenance. It is a smooth ride.

It rides nicely and does not require a lot of maintenance. It looks like an expensive vehicle.

- Nina S

It has a lot of features such as voice activation and hands-free calling.

It has a lot of features for an older car and is very compact in a good way.

- Asia S

sun and glare interfere in reading dash controls. have to shield the light with my hand to see clearly

shape of windshield. dash controls difficult to read. no pictorial display

- sahc p

it is very reliable in terms of maintenance needs and upkeep

I really like the smooth pick up when you accelerate. No real complaints

- Mark Z

It is a very reliable car and is very comfortable to drive

I like the size of it. I like the smooth ride It gives

- Beth C

It is a mid-sized sedan. Leather seats. Fuel efficient.

I like how smooth it drives. Fuel efficient. Safe.

- Ony K