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Lexus great people and know people.

The Lexus that I drive is in general a great car. The car rides smooth and handles very well. The speed of the car is beyond satisfactory along with deceleration and brakes. The interior of the vehicle is the luxury with leather upholstery and coated wood paneling. The seats are comfortable and spacious with 5 people maximum capacity. Maintenance for the engine of the car is minimum but consistent. I think overall I really enjoyed the car.

- Gregory L

The Lexus experience: dare to buy!

Just like any other car, making sure that the tires, oil, engine, transmission and so far are updated and checked yearly. Other than that, it's a very low maintenance car that does not give trouble. As far as the features, it's not as modern like other newer additions but it is sufficient and reliable, which is all that is important to me. It does have seat warmers, which come in handy during the winter months.

- Love H

The 2012 Lexus as is a safe and sporty car.

This model Lexus 350es is a very reliable and comfortable car. It has clean lines and always looks nice. The mileage that I get on this car is reasonable for a very comfortable luxury car. I have two granddaughters that I transport, and I feel this is a safe vehicle to do so. We have owned this car since 2012, and have had no major problems other than replacing the battery and tires.

- Carolyn B

Review of Lexus 2012 es 350.

I really love many features about my vehicle. The front seats have seat warmers/coolers which come in handy during the winter and summer. The back seats have their own air conditioners which is nice. My driver's seat can be adjusted in multiple ways that suits me. It drives very smoothly. The only thing I wished is that it got better gas mileage in the city.

- Grace A

Where can I go to get back in my car again?

Comfortable ride/feels luxurious/smooth. You will love driving again! All the features make driving enjoyable. You will love taking friends and family along as they will notice how comfortable the ride is and will be envious! I have no complaints. Maintenance is only what is necessary. There is plenty of room. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

- Sb G

Lexus es 350 review: transmission troubles but otherwise good.

Transmission died once and getting a new one was very expensive - and apparently the transmission dying wasn't due to anything I did, just random, which wasn't fun. Otherwise, car is very comfortable and looks nice. It could get better gas mileage as gas is getting more expensive by the day.

- Jennifer F

Beautiful inside and out!

The car is very safe and reliable. It is perfect for short and long trips and gasoline is not too bad for being a luxury vehicle. The sedan fits in any parking spot and is perfect for single people or families. It is comfortable, safe and wonderful features include GPS and leather interior.

- Svetlana B

All around amazing vehicle.

I absolutely love this vehicle. It is stylish, sporty, fantastic on gas and just overall a great car. I will definitely purchase another. I have nothing bad at all to say about this vehicle. It has been 100% reliable. They are also very comfortable and the added features are great as well.

- Courtney G

An unexpected first place.

I wish it was newer and had upgraded elements like GPS but honestly it is a fantastic and reliable car. Fuel efficient and comfortable to drive, it is perfect for long drives or just a commuter car for work. I would get this car again in a heartbeat. 5 stars!

- Ashley H

It is wonderful, looks good, runs great and is a safe car.

I love my Lexus, it is not the first one I have owned. It is a car that looks great, it runs great and is very reliable. It also has many safety features which makes me feel safe when I have my family riding with me.

- Larry H

It is very dependable and holds its value.

I love the comfort of my seats. My car has been very dependable. I like the appearance of my car. I love the heated seats. I do not have any complaints about my car other than I wish it had a navigation system in it.

- Anita S

It has excellent gas mileage and takes regular gas

This car is gorgeous. It has LOTS of features that I love, including heated and cooled seats, a premium sound system, and a powerful engine. There's nothing I dislike about this car.

- Lisa W

Automatic doors and keypad door openers and starters.

Reliable and low maintenance. Style does not change year to year. Dealer service is great. Uses regular gas. However, dealer maintenance is fairly expensive and time consuming.

- Betty B

Reliability and customer service of 2012 Lexus.

/the reliability of the vehicle is outstanding as are the features. Customer service at the dealership has been and continues to be outstanding as well. It is a beautiful car.

- Judy M

I have had no problems with it! It rides beautifully.

I like that my car is comfortable and dependable.It looks nice and rides smoothly. I have had zero issues with it. I don't really have any complaints about the car itself.

- Barbara H

Rated very high in Consumer Reports year after year.

It is stylish and very comfortable to ride in. It does use too much gas since it is not a hybrid. It usually only requires basic servicing every 5,000 miles however.

- Ron M

It is really reliable and we haven't had any issues with it.

I like the quality and reliability. The service at the dealership is wonderful. The fuel economy is average and it would be great if it were better.

- Michael A

Roomy can put two car seats in the back.. Rides well.

It is style, comfort and reliability make this car the best I have ever owned. The finish on the car's hood is undiminished from the day I bought it.

- Charles K

Comfortable for everyone.

No complaints. Love comfort. Smooth ride. Roomy. Features I do not use.Would like to use map. A/c is just adequate but it is a very comfortable ride.

- Susan G

It's dependable a all get out and won't leave you in a lurch.

The car is the exact color inside and out that I've always wanted. It drives as smooth as silk. Mechanically, it is very dependable.

- Paul R

How great the gas mileage is.

I like everything but the fuel economy. The fuel economy is not horrible but wish it were better. This car has been great for us.

- Michael B

Everything on it has worked an s worked well - we plan on getting

Other than maintenance being expensive this car has worked well - we had an RX before this and we plan to go back to it

- Bob H

It is totally reliable and a fun and comfortable car to drive

I've had my vehicle for 6 years and have never had anything other than oil change, new tires and tire rotation.

- Jacquel c

it has a good safety rating in all tests that were done

my car runs very smoothly and it's comfortable. There isn't anything that I don't' like about it

- kathy m

This is a very reliable and durable car to where we have had to do only regular maintenance.

I really like the reliability and the durability. I would improve the fuel economy.

- Michael B

it has a really smooth ride

i like everything about the car.it is smooth . the ride is very comfortable

- jay M

Comfortable, very durable, trusted brand and stylish.

It is comfortable. It is a brAnd i trusted. I like the design.

- Hui S

Lexus will take care of any issues you may have so highly recommend it for the service they provide

Great car, reliable, perfect size, great for everything I do.

- Brent H

Very well built. Quality design with luxury feel. Comfortable ride without being stodgy. Excellent dependability from a 2012.

Well designed, reliable luxury sedan that feels sporty

- Alan T