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Keeps me coming back for another Lexus.

I have had no problems at 47000 miles. Performance is excellent, but could use a few more horsepower. Handles curves well. Picks up for passing. Very reliable car. Take it in for service, and that is it. Amazingly comfortable, but the field of vision out front could be better. Great car for a larger person. Seats five comfortably. Great sound system. Sunroof, many safety features much appreciated, spacious trunk. Large enough with plenty of legroom, but not as large as the ls, thank goodness. Has override on transmission for more pep. Defogger for side mirrors and front and back windows. Power everything. Great eye appeal and very attractive interior. Runs on regular gas. Study up on the car before purchase or lease. I have driven a Lexus since the mid- nineties and always come back for another one. However, I do not find the buying experience to be pleasant. Be patient. Be prepared.

- John S

Great ride would recommend.

It drives very smooth, gas usage is fair, heats and cools quickly. Can use an app to lock or unlock also can be used to start and locate the care. Maintenance is pretty typical. Very comfortable for both short and long distance driving. Have not had any issues with the mechanics or with the computer. Navigation has only had issues twice since I have had it.

- Anna L

Car is great but controls not intuitive and badly designed.

Navigation system is bad. Voice recognition is horrible. It does not even recognize the word cancel. Some controls are much harder to use than they have to be. The radio is very hard to tune in. The air conditioning requires many steps to actually turn on or off. Otherwise, the actual car is great.

- Joan G

2015 Lexus es 350 sedan. Great comfort and great ride.

Lexus is a very reliable car and the es is very comfortable and easy to drive. It does use premium gas which is a bummer and the initial cost to purchase is high. But overall the vehicle it worth the price you pay for it. And it will last a long time.

- Steve M

Momma's silver lightning!

My vehicle is a luxury car with Bluetooth park assist and voice command capabilities. I have to fill up my tank only once a week for about $30. It drives smoothly and the maintenance is not too expensive. A silver exterior and black leather interior.

- Angela W

The technology features in the vehicle are very user friendly.

The Lexus es 350 is a great buy. The car ride is very smooth. The technology that comes with the vehicle up to date and very user friendly. The keyless entry is also a great feature; I never have to take my keys out of my purse to enter the vehicle.

- Mo M

The Lexus ES offers a very satisfying ride

I love the ride of the Lexus and I like the technology. Specifically I like the rearview camera and the alerts in the side mirrors when there's a car in the next lane. Outside of wishing I had better gas mileage I don't have any complaints.

- Sherry w

Best car ever. I would continue to buy another Lexus.

This is the 6th Lexus I have owned. Except for oil changes, I never have any problems with the car. It is a joy to drive. It is always reliable and I never have problems with it. It is comfortable for up to 5 people.

- Eileen B

The vehicle has a reputation for the highest quality and reliability.

The vehicle is stylish and well constructed with some upgrades included. It performs well in most road conditions and provides a smooth ride.Unfortunately, the luxury comes with high maintenance costs.

- Wendia H

This is a quality vehicle.

It is everything I hoped it would be. Luxurious, reliable, stylish. I am proud to drive and own this vehicle. I have no complaints about the car or the service of the car.

- James B

The most affordable and comfortable car I have owned. Good gas mileage.

Comfortable on long and short trips. Dual temp controls are awesome and seat heating and cooling cannot be beat. Leather cleans so easily from our dogs and or our grandkids.

- Sherry K

The vehicle is extremely reliable and no issues have been experienced.

I like the style, look and comfort of my vehicle. I often get compliments on the look of the vehicle. I do not like the maintenance costs for the vehicle.

- Lamar B

The most important others should know about my car is that it is a good sturdy safe vehicle.

I love my car because it's very comfortable to sit in and drive. My only complaint is that it uses too much gas. It's paid off so I have zero complaints.

- jennifer f

Lexus es 350 navigation system.

The GPS is not good. It often does not recognize my voice and to enter an address I always have to enter the state, then the city and then the street.

- Jerry S

It is sleek, elegant, smooth and solid. It's fit and finish is outstanding.

The car is very well built and solid. There are no squeaks, creaks or rattles. It rides very smooth and is quiet and comfortable on the inside.

- Paul R

The car is a hybrid and it gets great gas mileage.

The car is a hybrid and gets great gas mileage. It is very comfortable and a smooth ride. Unfortunately it has very little storage in the car.

- Heather S

It is a pleasure to drive and ride in.

It's a Lexus, what's not to like. The service dept at my local is second to none. I just love this car, a Christmas gift from my loving wife.

- Dave F

Requires little maintenance.

Very comfortable, handles well, reliable, average gas mileage, smooth ride, navigation system is a great asset for long distance driving.

- Elaine T

It has a good resale value.

Ease of driving. Size. Do not like the computer mouse-like button. There is a big learning curve on features like the radio, etc.

- Barbara S

It is a great car and I will always buy a Lexus.

Best car I have ever had. It has been trouble free. It requires almost no servicing. The only service it needs is oil changes.

- Lawrence G

Comfortable ride over long distances. Easy to handle. Good bright headlights.

Wish the moon roof cover was automatic. I have to reach up to slide it closed. Hard for an elder lady with limited movement.

- Elaine K

Good gas mileage and low maintenance.

Great gas mileage. Smooth riding low maintenance. Great interior and gps system. The car has great acceleration when needed.

- Robert P

The most important thing that others should know about the Lexus is that it is well made.

My lexus is a lovely vehicle. I like how smooth it rides. My complaints would be the navigation screen could work easier.

- Joyce P

Very reliable and great mileage.

This car is great. Low maintenance rides smooth and good mileage. Looks good. I do not care for the poor radio quality.

- Lucy H

Lexus ES350 is a great car that will give you service and reliability.

Fabulous car. I love it. It gets great mileage. It handles well. It rides comfortably. I like style and the features.

- Susan W

The ride is smooth and respond great to different situations.

The lexus es rides smooth. I have had no issues this far. The cool/heat seats are great. The backseat is comfortable.

- Linda V

Low maintenance and good gas mileage! Navigation that I love! Drives smooth! Love it!

I love it! No problems! Rides smooth! Lexus dealership very helpful! Luxury car and I get lots of compliments on it

- Virginia B

It is a hybrid so the gas mileage is excellent.

It gets great gas mileage. It is very quiet. It is very comfortable. It has heated and air conditioned front seats.

- Rick T

It gives me a very smooth driving experience with good gas mileage

It is very nice looking. It is luxurious. It gets good gas mileage. It gives me a very smooth driving experience.

- edward w

It is very comfortable and drives great!

I have not had any issues with the car. It has been very reliable and drives great. . Very smooth drive.

- Wendy I

My car has all the technology I expect from a car and is very comfortable.

I love my car. There is nothing I dislike about my car. I feel safe when I'm in it. It is trouble free.

- Berta G

The car is very roomy inside. Smooth ride

Nice ride. Quiet. A few little complaints - no sunglasses holder primarily. But still very comfortable!

- Matt m

It has a smooth ride even over a bump.

I love the color, the leather seats and the stereo system. I love the moon roof and the status symbol.

- Susan P

2015 Lexus ES 350 Review!

Great gas mileage, roomy, handles well, sporty looks, comfortable, low maintenance, good resale value

- Karen B

I love it very very much .

It's runs well, it has like a lot of miles on it but hold a lot of fuel so yeah I like it very much.

- William M

Reliable, dependable, customer and maintenance service are 2nd to none

Nice ride. Great customer service. Stylish. Have owned a Lexus since they were introduced.

- Robert D

This car will last a long time.

Very stylish, fits my personality. Built with attention to detail. Very reliable vehicle.

- Estebe C

Nothing. It has air conditioning in the seats and a heated steering wheel.

Like color. Like engine (V6). Ride is not the best. Dislike large turning radius.

- Paul M

Decent gas mileage because it's a hybrid.

It's a hybrid. Like the gas mileage. Wish it had better acceleration.

- Gail H

Smooth and comfortable that is ride worth the price

It's is a very smooth ride great features. I just wish it was an SUV.

- Anna L

It is red and very attractive as well as being safe and fun to drive.

I like the side view monitors and the back up camera. No complaints

- Kathleen W

It drives well. It is reliable. It looks stylish. No complaints.

A reliable vehicle that looks good and gets me where I want to go.

- Rose K

It is built with quality and it would break down and leave you stranded.

I have no complaints. The car is comfortable. It is also stylish.

- John M

This car is good looking,comfortable,roomy and handles very well.

very comfortable. I enjoy driving it,good handling.Roomy inside.

- g k

It is a comfy hybrid. It is too wide. It is safe. It was pricey.

The Lexus es300h hybrid gets approximately 30 miles per gallon.

- Lindy G

It's the best smooth ride in town, with the best technological advances that make driving a real treat.

Love it completely. No complaints. Will buy again when ready.

- Kay H

Really like the smooth and quite driving ability, the vehicle is reliable, looks nice

People should know that this car's reliability is excellent

- Kathy S

it's a hybrid so good mileage, but batteries take up trunk space

really good mileage with hybrid version at almost 41 mpg

- sam w

Reliability of vehicle. I have owned several Lexus' and never had any major problems.

Ride is smooth. Easy steering . Nothing that I dislike

- Sheryl G

2015 Lexus es series review.

- Donna V