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The high performance and sporty Lexus es 350.

My Lexus es350 is a car that I expect to drive for several years. I say this because it has everything that I want in a car. Good looks, great performance and ride. Great technology and very sporty. The es has also been low maintenance as well as very good on gas. I like the three performance settings, normal, eco and sport.

- Jim T

Very comfortable gas saver

This car is: great on gas, has very comfortable seats, has parking and driving aids that I value and a great sound system. The concern is that when turning onto a street it is sometimes hard to see based on the placement of the side view mirror and the width of the side of the car which leaves a blind spot.

- Randy W

The best feature is the lane change alerts to avoid blind spot issues.

Fantastic safety features. Cameras all around the car, lane change alerts, the cruise control automatically slows down when you approach a vehicle. . . Zero problems with the car. No mechanical issues. Heated/air conditioned seats are a plus. Roomy trunk that will hold a couple of sets of golf clubs!

- Lori G

Best luxury for the money.

No issues amazing car. All I added was window tinting. Lexus pre owned certified used is an awesome program and convinced me to buy my very first used car. Trim is luxury ride smooth ride. Plenty of technology but not over the top. The is no sacrifice of luxury in lieu of technology as in other cars.

- Vicki D

Great looks and performance. Everything a good ride can be while still providing you with that sports car feel.

Lexus ES350 is a great car because it is sporty while at the same time providing a great ride. Love the sport and eco drive settings when you want to save fuel or have the high performance take off. Simply a great smooth, quiet ride. All the features are everything I could want in a car.

- James T

The detailing is so amazing it comfy and saves a lot of gas.

It is an amazing car I have never had any problems with it. I even got t-boned and didn't get hurt. This car is has very nice detailing so comfy. I would recommend this car to everyone who is looking for a car. I love it so much. I would buy another one because how much I love that car.

- Olivia S

Safety systems are items you do not want to live without.

I love the technology in this car, the safety systems have saved me from accidents. The quality and craftsmanship is superb. I have never had even a small problem with the car, very reliable. The hybrid technology has been very reliable and the vehicle gets excellent gas mileage.

- Devin K

Worth the price of the car.

Good looking, solid, good safety features and updated technology, good customer service. Good choice of colors, fairly roomy in the back. A bit boring, fair. Mileage. Front passenger seat a bit uncomfortable. They promise a car during service, but that does not always happen.

- Sheila L

Perfect car with modern design.

Do not have any problems with this car at all. Enjoin driving it. Dealership has a great service. That's my fourth Lexus and I am really happy with it. My family loves it too. It is perfect for any household. Smooth driving, no problem with the technical condition.

- Nat R

Comfortable tech-oriented Lexus.

Car is good looking, ride is comfortable, gas mileage is average to low. It is tech oriented with ability to see oncoming cars from mirror signals. Backup camera is okay but we prefer a beep or audible signal as much safer. Heated seats are nice, audio very good.

- Joan L

Full sun roof feature which opens up for full view of sky.

I have had no problems whatsoever with my Lexus. It operates and rides beautifully with loads of safety features. It has GPS, opentable, Facebook and Pandora features. I can also play music from my iPhone because of the Bluetooth feature. We love it.

- Frank C

Lexus is superior to any other domestic or import vehicle...way better than Mercedes, BMW and Audi as well.

It is our 8th Lexus. We love the car(s). They are luxurious, ride well and perform flawlessly. The paint and trim are superior...3 stage paint and clearcoat and black trim does not fade to whitish color in the sun. Try a Lexus...you will be hooked.

- Rich L

I think others should know that Lexus has a very reliable service record.

I like all of the extra safety features like the back up camera and radar distance detector. I also think the back up warning beeping when a person or car that is out of your sight range is the best safety feature of all.

- Glenda A

Loyal owner of Lexus es350 who loves the luxury ride.

I have been a loyal Lexus owner for over 20 years. The ES350 provides the comfort of a luxury car with the performance and speed expected from a much more expensive car. 0-60 in 5.4 outperforms most cars in its class.

- Eric A

It is not a family car. The trunk is so small. It burns a lot of gas.

I like how strong and smooth my car can be. I do not like drive it in snow, coz it is not all wheel drive. I do not like that it does not have much technology like other cars.. I think it is more for men..

- Samara D

The mileage may not be as good as advertised. The power is not great either.

This car has many new safety features like automatic braking and Lane assist. The mileage is not quite as good as advertised. I wish the cabin noise was quieter and the air conditioner was more powerful.

- Paul O

It's a hybrid that runs on gas but gets better mileage.

It's a hybrid. Mileage is not as good as advertised, but still OK, at about 32 MPG. Car has some nice tech features but small engine. Not as smooth or quiet as I would like and a/c is not powerful.

- Paul G

Very reliable, repairs and maintenance are almost unnecessary and scheduled oil changes are at 10k miles

Reliability perfect, no repairs needed in 3 years. Rides well OK road noise lots of safety features probably too many. Navigation is not good. I use Google maps instead of the built in system .

- martin t

My car has up-to-date technology and is very helpful to a driver. It's a dream car and the dealership is close by and very accommodating.

I love the comfort of my car and the ease with which I can drive it. I selected the color and the interior and when my lease is up I am planning to buy it or lease the newest model.

- Myra S

Luxury and performance at its best

The Lexus performance is substantial. Loaded with power and tons of features. It's a luxury vehicle that can drive like sports car. By far, one of the best cars I've owned.

- Marie G

It is very affordable and on par with the price of a toyota avalon.

I like the looks, the comfort of the ride, the quietness of the ride, the new atomic silver color and the prestige you get from driving a lexus. the interior is boss.


It is a great vehicle. It is the perfect size for us.

I have no problems with my vehicle. I bought it new, and it has been completely reliable. Lexus service department is first-class for maintenance.

- Joe D

Sporty and comfortable. Reliable brand.

Performance is reliable and the car has decent power. The car is very comfortable, the seat heaters work well and add extra comfort.

- Karen C

It drives very smooth and comfortable inside. The car looks great on the inside and out

I love my car it drives great it is so comfortable inside. It is my favorite car I have ever had it here is. I think I would change

- Katrina M

What others should know about this car, is that it is great on gas.

I love my Lexus because of the quality and performance. This car is great on gas. My car still looks new as the day that I got it.

- Geraldine L

It is an eco friendly hybrid and makes no noise upon starting.

I like the quietness of the car, it is a hybrid. No issues with the car this far. The gas mileage is amazing. 60 miles per gallon

- Jennifer R

The cushion in the seats is very nice makes it comfortable to sit in and very relaxing. There is open gps

It runs quietly and the interior of the car is quite nice. The cupholder are next to the gear and that is easier than behind.

- Alissa E

Safe, comfortable and reliable.

Reliable smooth ride. Great service from dealership. Comfortable on long drives. Love park assist feature and backup camera.

- Terry T

Economical. Looks good lots of legroom.

Luxurious looking, soft ride, quiet interior, decent gas mileage, great sounding stereo, reliable, affordable price.

- Michael P

Very comfortable. Runs great

Great car! Runs great and it's very comfortable. It goes very smooth and I always enjoy the drive when i'm in my car

- Amy L

The car drives like its on a cloud, smooth, quiet with decent gas mileage

I have no complaints, car is luxurious looking, good gas mileage, quiet smooth ride,great sound system very reliable

- mike P

It is a dependable car. It is costly but well worth it.

Attractive, strong, safe, and good technology. Good handling and good customer service. Large, boring, and elderly.

- Joan L

Great ride with such comfortable seats and very quiet.

It is really classy looking with a white bottom and black glass double roof. So comfortable and has a great ride.

- Theresa C

It is safe, handle well in all types of weather and you will get compliments.

I have honestly had no problems with anything with my Lexus. Other than adding Bluetooth was a little confusing.

- Lisa G

I love the dash and I also like the parking assistance

It's really great. The only thing about it is that it takes a lot of gas but other than that great luxury car.

- Safiya A

Great ride with a very quiet engine. Very comfortable ride.

Great performance and ride. Very comfortable seats. Sleek design and very classy looking. A nice spray flair.

- Theresa A

Good car! Would recommend and would purchase again when the time comes

No problems with this vehicle. It ride great and performs well. It is very dependable. It was a good purchase

- Pat d

It is very fast and efficient. It also uses regular gas even though it is a luxury car.

I love its features and bluetooth capability. It rides smoothly and I can see out of all the blind spots.

- Sherry G

The car is affordable and easy to drive.

Easy to drive. Navigation is easy to use. Affordable considering what comes in the car. Safety features.

- Noel S

It is worth every penny it costs and I would buy it again without hesitation.

I love my vehicle because we travel long distances and it is comfortable for both driver and passenger.

- d s

Will last a long time without significant problems. Well made

Drives well. Very comfortable. Good looking. Very well rated. Will last a long time. No complaints.

- ron r

I picked it out and am a happy owner. My lease will be up next year so have will have to make decision about purchasing it or not.

I like the comfort of the vehicle.....it gets good gas mileage....I feel it is a safe vehicle..

- Carol R

Love how it runs and equipped. Very comfortable. Great radio and media player.

That is a great, comfortable, secure and a great quality interiors.

- Isabel V

Lexus makes a great vehicle.

Comfort and luxury, with all safety features. No complaints.

- Ed K




tires wear down quickly, otherwise drives easily and lasts long time/

it's a very reliable car with good support from lexus

- car k

Love my car. Rides smoothly and is luxurious. I am proud to own it. Has lots of gadgets and is fun to drive.

It is quality workmanship with attention to details

- Aletha H

I love my car. It is very important to me. It is my favorite thing

My vehicle is a Lexus. It is red and a luxury car.

- Jay L

Haven't had to put any money into it. Feels like I'm in a living room

Reliable, luxury, stylish, familiar, inconspicuous

- Heather P

I love all the safety features! It comfortable and spacious. Everything in it looks like high quality.

Safety and luxury are two most important features.

- Divya T