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My Lexus changes that would keep me from owning.

Lexus does not have convenient locations so it takes me more the an hour to get there from where I live (I am not happy about that); car cabin could be a little bigger, hard to get in without getting caught: center console is hard to get a drink from and inside console is hard to open (very tight quarters)and see at night - no light nearby -(maybe some space in the door?) Difficult to place a flash drive in console; no place to put food if you are driving; I think the gear shift needs to be on the dashboard or steering column to make more room in the center; I am short so there’s a blind spot at the left side mirror to check traffic coming at you; the brake guard really slows you down when you do not it to - I would want it to shift on and off if needed. . This was a hazard for me while traveling on the road trying to accelerate when this feature was in action; I have great difficulty trying to drive while a passenger is trying to use the gps. I shouldn't have to stop, there could be a control for that. Other than that the car is beautiful, has great lines, is very comfortable if you don't have to drive very far and very reliable.

- Cheryl M

Very safe and comfortable ride.

The car is supremely comfortable. The adjustments you can make seem limitless and you can save the settings you are happy with in case someone changes yours. I bought it primarily for the safety features. The car has sensors and reminders so that you would have to ignore everything to cause an accident. It also has great features to assist you in case another driver gets too close or passes to closely behind you. And the side mirrors have lights that show you if something is in your blind spot. The handling and quiet comfort are what one would expect of a vehicle of this caliber.

- Janet L

I love my Lexus because it is easy to drive and has good safety features.

My car so far has been problem free. It has been very reliable and is very comfortable to drive in. It is also very quiet to drive in. It has many safety features which I feel helps with driving. It has lights on each of the rearview mirrors which alert you when a car is approaching for the side of my vehicle. It also has cameras in the front and back which are very helpful when parking the car. I also like the navigation system. It also has commands that I can give with voice commands such as phone, navigation, radio, etc.

- Marilyn P

Luxury vehicle that is dependable and excellent mileage.

It is a very good vehicle. Good for traveling. Much leg space. Good on gas. Dependable, reliable. Stylish and beautiful to look at. Very good investment. Good on mileage. Smooth riding vehicle. Navigation system. Rear camera. Heated steering wheel and seat. Separate heating and air conditioning system.

- Lisa G

Comfortable and luxurious.

Driving my Lexus es 350 is luxurious and comfortable and efficient and smooth. The navigation system is great and easy to follow and understand. Lexus also offers an app where you can check your vehicle's status, lock and unlock doors, and even start your vehicle.

- Mary L

The best car I have ever had.

I love my car and all it is features- the safety and comfort are the best I have ever had. It is very comfortable and I feel safe driving it. The heated seats and console are wonderful. The navigation system and ability to call for help are excellent - love it.

- Claudia S

Great car and ride safest car on the road

This is the most comfortable car I have ever owned, ride is great and so far no performance issues. This car is also very safe when driving with numerous alerts to help in case you drift off the road and including slowing the car down automatically.

- William W

It is a well priced luxury vehicle that provides room and safety for a family.

I love how it handles and the extra leg room in the back for my kids (who are still in car seats). I do not love the mouse pad style interface with the smart technology. I think I have to focus on using it more than is safe while driving.

- Amanda W

The car never breaks down.

My car is so comfortable. All leather, every bell and whistle you can imagine. The only thing I do not like is the driver side mirror... It is a blind spot for being able to see traffic on your left..

- Cheryl M

It has great value for the price I paid for it.

The car has good gas mileage. The car has a great ride. The car offers lots of modern control features. The car maintains Its value over time. The car needs very little repair work.

- Gary C

For an SUV, it gets great gas mileage.

I like the way the seats fit my body and love my gps. There is really nothing I dislike about it, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

- Donna M

Best purchase I have ever made.

My vehicle is the best purchase I have ever made. I chose my specific model because it is a hybrid, but I now purchase half as much gas as I did with my prior vehicle.

- Shaun S

Once you get past the initial investment of buying a Lexus you can have a new one every 2 years and same cost as buying a lesser new car

The Lexus had a luxurious interior along with stylish outside lines the ride it gives is exceptional . Gas mileage is average and car needs little maintenance

- Stephen M

Extremely reliable and stylish.

No problems ever, great performance and reliability, very stylish and very technical. Love this car, which replaced a 2015 es which I also loved.

- Dale H

It is reliable. Built to the highest standards and very well thought out.

Love this car. Comfortable and stylish with a sporty feel. Economical to drive and reliable. This is my second Lexus and I am a loyal customer.

- Fran S




Love my Lexus inside and out.

This vehicle rides very smooth and quiet. I love the look of it inside and out. It has up to date safety and technology features.

- Ginny P

All systems on the car function as they should and don't need repair.

I live the quiet and smooth ride. All systems function as they should. Car doesn't need repairs just maintenance.

- Susan B

Luxury with the quality and smooth drive.

Great car, very economical. . . Best smooth luxury drive you can have in the market. Gas saver, safety number one.

- Leo L

Quality service is provided.

Like the body style and the back shade system. No back seat heat warmer and navigation system is not easy.

- Joy P

The non-plug in hybrid saves me a good deal of money on gas.

My car is a 2018 Lexus 300h. The gas mileage is excellent and the ride is very smooth and comfortable.

- Mary G

This car is a very smooth ride, and definitely worth the money

Very reliable, maintenance is never an issue, gets me where I need to be efficiently, and looks great

- Korron S

It has all the safety options you need to have a safe and comfortable ride.Gas mileage is very good

I have no complaints about this vehicle it is fully loaded and lets you know if anything is wrong.

- Sheldon P

Affordable luxury and safety.

It is a luxury vehicle. It has many safety features. It is wonderful to drive.

- Murray F