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Good used quality vehicles.

I have a pretty dependable vehicle that gets me from point A to B. When I first got it there was a little updating to the engine that needed to be done such as new brakes, tune up, oil change, and new tires which is expected when buying a used vehicle. It has very good Toyota engine and runs pretty smooth. Hope these details are useful! Overall good car!

- Debbie M

Lexus is definitely a great choice for a dependable family car!

I love this car! It is so comfortable and roomy- great for a family car. Lexus cars are very dependable overall so that tends to be the car we look for when shopping for a family vehicle. It is safe, the mileage is great, and the car is beautiful! We have not had to take it to the mechanic besides maintenance things (oil changed, etc.).

- Natalya S

It is luxurious even in this day and age.

It works great, the breaks have started sticking after a short time driving but they do not impede the performance of the vehicle. It has a great interior that has stood the test of time. It has lasted very high mileage and still drives extremely well. I use it to get to and from school about a 20 minute commute each way, every day.

- Gabriel G

It's not as expensive as you think to replace the parts. Its cheaper than many domestic cars as lots of the parts are Toyota.

Car is truly reliable. Never had any major issues besides minor wear. The seats are comfortable and plush. The car performs fantastic in rain. I was starting to skid and the anti skid kicked in preventing hydroplaning. I have 212000 miles on my car and the engine is solid. My next car will definitely be a Lexus.

- Amy S

my car is fastest, souped up motor, with silver and black rims, Bluetooth speaker

I bought this car from my uncle, he has never had any issues with it. This car has to burn premium gas, but still good long lasting car. The car is very roomy and has ashtrays all around for smokers pleasure. Easy upgrades if wanted. It seems like any year of Lexus cars run good and is long lasting.

- James L

It is dependable. The car gets good gas mileage and requires very little maintenance.

I bought the car new and have had it for 15 years; the first seven years the only thing it needed was a set of tires and oil and filter changed on a regular basis. The eight year it needed a battery. It has performed well during hot summers and cold winters. I have no dislikes or complaints.

- Maggie M

I like my car because it is a sporty car with a lot of power and pep.

It is a black 4 door sedan. This car is smaller than my last car which was a Lincoln Town car. With two toddler car seats and a booster seat I don't have a lot of room. Also, the trunk is smaller than my last car. I do like the way it rides, its peppiness and it is quiet.

- Leonarda F

The car has all leather interior with heated seats and is very sporty.

The car is comfortable, reliable, and drives great. The only problem is the cost of vehicle repairs is very expensive! At least Lexus provides you with a car while the car is being repaired.

- Rachael D

It is great on gas and is really smooth driving and has a pretty good stereo.

It has been an overall dependable car. It drives smoothly and is good on gas. I do not like that it is not bigger. I need a SUV.

- Krystal P

It's the most comfortable/easy to drive car you can find and it's very reliable.

I love the luxury of my car. I get great gas mileage. I wish it were cheaper to have maintenance done to it.

- Zachery S

I think other people should know that it is old but still functional

It's outdated and honestly I feel like it about to break. There are so many issues am having with it

- Megan H

the oil is the life of your car

My lexus is very reliable I keep the oil changed and it keeps running like a champ

- paul T

It is a very reliable vehicle

It is comfortable and has been very reliable, no major repairs. No complaints

- Barbara V

It has a Fantastic Safety and Repair Record and has a classic look.

I love how it drives and the fact that it has needed very little repairs.

- Judy M

It is a reliable car, and you get a sports and family car in one.

It is a dependable car. It has a smooth ride. I only wish it was bigger.

- krystal p