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Not reliable, and not trustworthy. I was disappointed with Lexus.

Not understanding all the components in the car. Contacted Lexus company to mail me a manual for my car to get a better understanding of all components in the car. 4 times I contacted them and emailed them to get a copy of manual. It was confirmed that I would receive it and still today I have not. That is my only downfall with Lexus.

- Stephanie I

Black four door sedan type lexus.

Vehicle is reliable, Interior is leather and seats are heated which I love. Only downfall is the price of replacement parts. Not only because it is a Lexus but also I have found that my model is a it rare and it is hard to find what I need for it.

- Brianna K

It's gets me where I need to go.

I do like all of the space that I have, it is roomy enough for my children. We always have a lot with us. The AC is my favorite because it works so well. I've never had any major problems with it. I will probably want to upgrade soon though.

- Natalie b

It drives so nicely. It is also very spacious. The truck has a ton of room, and so does the back seat. I've never felt cramped being in my backseat.

I love the style of the vehicle itself. It was always one of my favorite body types. I love the heated seats, auto lights, sunroof, trunk space, and just how smoothly it drives. There is nothing I dislike about it.

- Brandi S

It is a very reliable car and think everyone should consider getting a Lexus or a Toyota.

It is problem free and it's very reliable. The car is nice to drive and feels very luxurious. I have no complaints about it. Although, it is quite old but I still think that it's a good car and I like my car still.

- Elena B

My car is very easy to drive and does not have that many problems.

My vehicle is smooth and easy to drive. There are a few problems with it now since it is an old car. It still gets me from place to place though. Overall, good car to have for many years.

- Anna M

Proud to own this car it is very reliable and luxurious

Reliable but the transmission required replacement. Otherwise very dependable. The cost versus the reliable is worth it because it is a luxury car. It is a bit underpowered though.

- Daniel B

very good like cool very good like cool

very good like cool very good like cool very good like cool very good like cool very good like cool very good like cool very good like cool very good like cool

- Bennie K

It is reliable, drives so comfortably and is a great looking car.

Best car I have had. There have been no problems except tire pressure sensors. It looks better than the newer versions. It probably will last for many years.

- John S

It runs great and it is very dependable.

It runs as good as it did when it came off the showroom floor and gets great gas mileage. I feel very comfortable driving it. I gave no complaints.

- Rose M

Scratches on front passenger window.

No problems with this vehicle. It runs really well. The only past problem I have had was in the front suspension. Added some new front struts.

- Green G

be prepared to have high maintenance costs, if you can't afford it don't buy one

I love my lexus, she has a lot of power under that hood, what I dislike is the cost of repairs for my vehicle, the parts prices are ridiculous

- Lilliana M

I feel safe in this car. We love it

No issues. We love my car. It performs great. Maintenance is expensive but it's worth it. I feel really safe in this car.

- Silvia l

Lexus car is very comfortable and when you placed an object on the bottom at the back seat of the car. It barely moves.

It never gives me any problems. It's a very reliable car and I will definitely purchase a Lexus car again.

- Elena A

Good resale when you trade it in.

Very good on the highway. Good resale. Still looks like a new car. Rides great even with 10000 miles on i.

- John J

Poor gas mileage and noisy on the highway.

Wish it gto better mileage and it is noisy on the highway, but it is comfortable and nice to drive.

- Don P

All wheel drive, luxury, gran sport sedan.

Very comfortable and quiet. Has many comfort / luxury features. Wish the gas mileage was better.

- Kurt E

that it is a very reliable car that is good for everyday use

I like my car because it is good on gas. I like the style and look of it.

- steven l

Smooth ride handles well . Love the car. Everyone should get one

Love the car rides smooth handles well. No complaints

- Jayne N

It's says who I am. And it shows what style of things I love.

The look. The feel. And the overall value of the car.

- Tracy F