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2007 Lexus gs 350 AWD is a fine vehicle just not one I am excited about.

Comfortable, luxurious. A little too soft for me. Prefer more of a sports sedan. Quiet. A lot of features that were cutting Edge in 2007. Bought car used at 127k miles. Had to replace alternator which is labor intensive, therefore expensive because it is located at the bottom of the engine. Still gets a lot of compliments.

- Stephen B

An amazing ruby red car that gets lots of attention of passersby.

Over the years I have owned at least 20 cars, keeping them got only 3 year, and buying another one. My 2007 gs 350 is the best of the many cars. It is very comfortable for 4 or 5 people, causing only minor upkeep. My service manager has been taking care of the vehicle since it was new.

- Alice R

Love the back window screen.

Ad no issues with vehicle other than cracked dash which Lexus recalled and replace well after warranty expired. Service from local Lexus dealer has been outstanding. This car has plenty of pep, easy to maneuver and get good gas mileage, especially on the highway.

- Jimmy S

That the style and reliability are classic Lexus, and it's going to be very difficult for me to even consider getting a new car.

I love that it is reliable, i.e., it never breaks down. I love the way it handles, that is, drives. The music system in it is fantastic. What I don't like is that the brake system makes noise, even though there is nothing wrong with the brakes.

- Kathy S

It's luxury! For me that means it's sturdy, dependable, reliable, and beautiful.

It's built like a tank! I got rear ended and had barely a dent while the other guys car had to be towed away! Handles great, comfortable leather seats which are needed at my age. And much needed heated seats!

- Tamara R

It is very dependable have been driving the Lexus brand for over ten years now.

It has a lot of features, I love the GPS and the satellite radio. Only complaint is I want a newer year/version, it doesn't a an auxiliary input.

- Angela D

The most important thing is that my vehicle is very reliable.

I love the reliability of my vehicle. I love that it rides so smoothly. I don't like that it is so expensive to repair and maintain.

- Kristen S

Luxury sport sedan with plenty of horsepower and great looking vehicle.

Luxury, quiet and comfortable ride. With 320 horsepower it has plenty of acceleration power. Reliable and problem free as of today.

- AL B

Want to go back to Acura!

4 recalls within in the first 5 years, 5 so far controls are awkward, sometimes hard to reach decent gas mileage small trunk

- Joan T

Best I ever had, best ride I ever had

Great performance, few mechanical/maintenance problems, awesome reliability, excellent comfort, just scheduled maintenance

- Dara S

I love the feel and color of the leather interior. The sound system sounds great as well.

It rides a little rough for a luxury car. It's reliable and comfortable. The features are great as well.

- Melanie R

Price value, type of gas, etc.

I love the way it rides, I hate the mileage, I love the interior, exterior, and the navigation system.

- Kylie S

Safe, reliable, low maintenance

Window makes noise from wind, very comfortable ride, ok gas mileage, engine has a lot of get up and go

- Todd J

It is quite dependable and reliable and gives a very smooth ride.

It is dependable. It provides a smooth ride. It's roomy. It's comfortable.

- saundra g

It is a car that people can depend on. It has lasted for years and still looks and works like new.

Comfortable interior for people over the height of 6 feet

- Emma M