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Lexus gs-350 the best in comfort, handling, gas mileage.

If you want comfort reliability then Lexus gs-350 is the way to go. I was driving 104 miles to work and back home and needed a more roomy comfortable car to drive with cruise control and I found it in the Lexus gs-350. I have neck and back issues and I couldn't believe I was able to adjust both the driver and front passenger seats for my neck and back. The ride is so smooth I do not want to drive or ride in anything but our Lexus gs-350. The cooling seats help a lot in the Texas heat. I only need to use the heated seats in the winter months. The heater is really to warm even on the lowest setting. I love being able to adjust not only the drivers seat but the steering wheel as well and set those adjustments with just a push of a button. It helps a lot when we have a total of 3 drivers in the household. It saves a lot of time when you just push a button and the set adjusts to your settings. Routine maintenance in and out in 30 to 45 minutes. I love that and get a hot or cold beverage while I wait. Free Wi-Fi also outlets to charge my phone, tablet or laptop while I wait as well. The Lexus gs-350 is great to drive or ride in I don't know why there are not more on the road. Forgot to say it gets great gas mileage. I get 30 city driving and get 35 highway driving. I only use shell gas because it keeps the engine the cleanest and running the best. What more can I say then it is the best car I have ever owned and this is my 5th car and my last unless I want another Lexus.

- Sandy P

My Lexus GS350 is simply amazing!

This is a really great car. It has tons of features that came with it when I bought it. That was one of the things that made me buy it. It's very comfortable to ride in and to drive. A few of my favorite features are that the leather seats have both heating and cooling, it has a electronic visor in the rear window and heating and cooling features individually for the driver, passenger, and the back seat passengers! This helps a lot because I am hot natured and keep the air on as high and cool as it will go and my passengers can adjust it different for themselves. I have had no issues with this car. I love my Lexus!

- Casey G

Why the Lexus gs 350 just might be your next car.

The Lexus gs 350 as a whole car all around I would rate it a 7. 5 out of 10. For the price you pay, you get minimal problems, 8 out of 10 performance, 8 out of 10 reliability, 7. 5 out of 10 comforts, and 7 out of 10 features. All in all, if you are looking for a car that will not break decimate your bank account and will give you tons of value I would recommend this car. (but that is just my subject of opinion. ).

- Mayco P

2008 Lexus gs 350 honest review.

I love this car. The interior is exceptional. Heated leather seats are wonderful in those cold winter morning and the ac seats are lifesavers in the summers. The car drives incredible but the only downside is that for some reason the engine burns oil. I usually need to add oil before I am due for an oil change.

- Cindy L

Enjoyment of owning and driving a Lexus.

No problems, very comfortable, love the features. Pretty much problem free, excluding normal maintenance and oil changes. Would consider purchasing another one when the time comes. Family and friends also like the Lexus gs350 with the extras that it has.

- Michael P

Black on black, chrome finishing, mid-size, fully loaded.

Black on black, GPS, daytime running lights. Very clean, smooth and sporty. Tremendous speed! Never had any major problems since purchasing. One of the fastest foreign cars driving on the interstate. Stays grasping attention!

- Aries C

love the size and storage space.

Overall I love the car. I bought it used a few years ago. Unfortunately, within a few days of purchase the check engine light kept going off and on. Took it to the shop a few times but so far seems to run well.

- souvilad p




Find the reliability of the Lexus the most piece of mind you can have in a auto.

vehicle is extremely reliability, very comfortable, all features are extremely easy to follow and to activate when needed.

- michael p

Lexus hold its value very reliable cars. I will recommend the car to someone

My Lexus IS the best car I have ever had. The good thing about it it's really reliable. Drives really smooth. Good on gas

- Fernando E

Dependable and comfortable.

I like everything. Do not dislike anything. No complaints. Rides like a dream. I would buy another Lexus.

- Jo K

It has good mileage and it maintains a shine.

My vehicle rides very smooth. My vehicle has a trap door to the trunk. My vehicle had a default part.

- Winter S

Drive very nicely. Never have any problem with it except for the regular maintenance. Just a little old.

Reliable. Won't stop on the road with you. Hardly need works.

- Lau L