2009 Lexus GS 350 Owner Reviews & Problems


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Luxurious, roomy runs smooth.

I love the luxurious feel. It has leather seats and the old original charm of the wood paneling. All features are conveniently located which is so much safer. The gas is expensive since you have to have premium, but I get good gas mileage over all. The back seat is spacious and very comfortable. The trunk is also spacious and one of my favorite features is the spare wheel under the trunk, so there's plenty of room in the trunk. There's ample leg room in the front seats and back. I wish there were more charger ports.

- Evelyn L

Great car, would recommend to drivers.

Light problems, if my headlights are on my interiors are not and vice Versa. Rest is good, cannot complain, smooth ride and gas efficient. Been reliable and easy to maintain. And she cute. Long body shape sometime hard to park in la but usually fine.

- Avery H

Love this car. Comfortable, reliable and luxurious

Absolutely in love with this vehicle. It's the first car I ever purchased on my own and I couldn't be happier. Extremely spacious inside and a smooth ride. Haven't had any issues in over the two years I've owned it.

- Brittany F

Its price range is decent and the performance is good.

don't like that the lights sit low and the parts are kind of in the pricey side but it rims smooth a good performance vehicle. Also the Bluetooth can be satellite installed already another downside.

- Candice E

To have it maintained in a consistent manner. You take care of your car and it will take care of you.

Well Built and a sense of pride and service at their dealership. Exceeds our expectations. Ride is like on a cloud. The leather was done by a real craftsman. It handles like a dream.

- Lex B

I like the size of the car.

The car is bad on gas, but other than that, it's a great drive. The issues I've had are due to the amount of mileage I've put on the car.

- Lauren G

It was used so it was not as expensive and has had miles on it.

It has a smooth ride and a gps, however that gps is not up to date with current maps most likely because of the year it was made.

- Kenneth C

Its a performance vehicle.

That it does not have a better music system I like that it has leather seats that heat up and get cold.

- Candice M

It is a status symbol for your garage.

Drives beautifully. Backup camera, comfortable seating, roomy, easy access for loading and unloading.

- Carolyn W

It is a luxury vehicle that is not too showy or expensive. I enjoy driving it and can depend on it to drive.

It rides smoothly. It drives smoothly. The interior is sleek. It is dependable.

- Shannon W