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Lexus last forever even after 14 years still running.

Well it has lasted 14 years so I have nothing to complain about. Followed all the maintenance and had the usual things that needed to be replaced, but it has been a good car. Little things now are not working as well. I opt for wade rather than using the nav system. Too expensive and not worth it to upgrade. Some little interior things that have popped off due to age and wear and started to see a little rust here and there. All things that would be expected in a car this old.

- Ann G

A perfect starter car for a family of 4. You can have easy access to the trunk and can accommodate your pets. High quality, all in all.

The car is ideal for college students and is also a nice size in general. The seats are nice and comfy and they don't stain easily. There is a usb charging port as well as air vents you can adjust in both the front and back seats. The car, itself is roomy and you can make more space if you want or need to. There is also plenty of storage for organization.

- Morgan H

The seat air conditioning.

I love my vehicle it is reliable, drives smoothly. My Lexus has multiple features such as the seat air conditioning and warming, GPS, mobile phone capability, etc.. The interior is tan leather. The car is spacious and can fit up to five passengers comfortably. I would recommend using premium gas because the Lexus burns gasoline quite quickly.

- Ashley S

Superb vehicle with awesome comfort.

This is a very reliable and dependable vehicle. Maintenance has been extremely low with over 200, 000 miles currently on the vehicle. Comfortable ride and still feels like a brand new car after all these years in miles. Would highly recommend for any individual or family as it has all the bells and whistles and affordable price.

- Joann L

Reliable affordable luxury

It's a mechanically reliable car. Maintenance is very reasonable and cost about the same as a normal Toyota. It's a very comfortable qcar with a well organized luxurious interior and great sound system. It gets fairly good gas mileage considering it's at eight cylinder car.

- Charles B

Dependable car for a young adult.

I love my vehicle and it has been dependable for me for several years. The leather seats are very nice and it is a comfortable car that I often get many compliments on. The only real issue I have with it is the beige color and look of it on the outside.

- Emily P

That it is old, but if you take care of your car, it will keep on running.

Well it is 13 years old so it has been pretty reliable. Starting to see little things happen like molding etc. That pops off and have had general maintenance issues. But otherwise, the car has been good to drive and is still running pretty well.

- Ann G

My car is that super reliable and very low maintenance.

I like that it is a low maintenance car. I also like that since it is made by Toyota so if a problem occurs I can save money by using their parts. I dislike the low gas mileage.

- Trina B

There is a recall on this model and It's very expensive to fix and the expiration for the recall date is up.

I love the body style. i like the body shape. i dislike the recall on this model and the cost of parts.

- junita E