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The cool car of all time.

My car works just fine. The only thing that happens is if you do not drive it often the battery dies but that happens with any car. It drives smooth and there are many fun features on it. I really do not know what else to say. I really like my car. It is a great car, works well and does not give me trouble.

- Tiffany M

Quality and Style is what you get with a Lexus

I love my car because of its reliability, the amount of seating yet it fits easily into to parking spots. It easily fits 8 people when you need the extra space. The overall quality of the vehicle is top notch. I have had very little maintenance with this vehicle. We are lifelong Lexus fans!

- Melinda E

It is luxurious and everything is automated.

It is so much fun to drive. It is comfortable and fits the whole family! It is a smooth and comfortable ride. Great for long distance trips. The automated seat adjuster and seat warmers make the winter a bit more tolerable. I feel luxurious driving my Lexus.

- Autumn M

Still going strong after 12 years and 135,000 miles. Looks good and still has a luxury car feel.

My car is now 12 years old and for the most part is still very lovable. There has been a problem with the radio for many years that has not been worth fixing as it involves the whole GPS/entertainment system.

- Elle S

A Dozen Years and Still Going

The GX 470 is now 12 years old and still basically in good shape. There have been repairs and replacements during this time but overall it still looks good and rides like a Lexus.

- Elise S

Great gas mileage, it is worth the price that you pay for the car new or used.

It is a large SUV. With is Bluetooth compatibility and 3 rows of seating. It has a very smooth and comfort ride. It has a CD player and a DVD player with sunroof.

- Jackie J

It is safe for our family.

no complaints on the car. roomy enough for our whole family. safe when we travel long distances smooth ride over uneven surfaces. gas good on in town driving.

- dee G

It is well thought out and wonderfully engineered.

Love everything about it. No complaints. Car is perfect. I love it. Everything about it is well thought out, works beautifully and is in terrific condition.

- Stephen C

it is mine so I normally don't let others drive it

love the quality, love the smooth ride. just wish for a newer year so it had more amenities. wish my gps was more up to date with backup camera

- Jelli B

That it can flip if you going to fast and turn.

It an older model so not the most updated technology but it still drives very smooth. It takes premium gas and does not have great gas mileage.

- Mary M

Long lasting vehicle. 7 passengers car.

Great vehicle rides well never mechanical issues just regular maintenance. Very roomy removable 3rd row seats. Holds a lot of stuff.

- Tory K

Lexus Knows How To Make A Vehicle!

This is my first Lexus and I'll never buy another make car. It is reliable and still drives like it's new despite over 100k Miles.

- Emily S

Back up camera for safety and parking.

Ride.. Very little road noise.. All wheel drive.. No complaints.. Engine is very quiet and powerful and I get good gas mileage.

- Gayle C

Lexus gx 470 with high miles

Check engine light constantly on. Locks out vacant controls. Oxygen sensor problems. Nice car but has some issue

- Bryson C

Use only original equipment parts.

Check engine light on. Surging running lean. Wheel bearing problems. Fuel system is very sensitive. Fuel cap.

- Tony C

I like the ride. It is smooth and handles well. I've answered the question.

Like - the ride, options dislike - way the back door opens

- sue s