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Lexus gx460, off roading in luxury.

Overall my car is great. I love the power of the v8. It takes off quickly and has the ability to tow a large amount. It definitely lives up the hype of a Lexus being a luxury vehicle, in that it has ac and heated super comfy, leather seats and a great sound system. I love the seat memory setting so that it only takes the touch of a button to reset the seat after my husband has been driving. I do feel as if the interface is a little on the slow side. And I do not like fact that in order to update the navigation system, I have to take it to a Lexus dealership. Another thing I would change, would be to move the controls for the 4 high and 4 low and the dfac, to the left of the steering wheel. I constantly bump them with my purse, since they are right by the gear shift and the cup holders. I also think that leather floor mats should come standard in a Lexus, no matter the trim that is selected. The third row is very easy to flip up and down when needed. I also appreciate the fact that the second row seats move forwards and backwards. That is especially helpful with having a car seat in the second row. Overall, my Lexus is a great car. There are a few features I would change, given the chance, but I would definitely purchase this make and model in a newer year in the future.

- Stephanie P

Lexus gx 460 - a 9 out of 10.

I love that my car is a v8. That was a requirement. It does a lot of things I hadn't expected - I can lock and unlock the doors with just touching the door handle, it has heated and cooled seats, automated moving mirrors, GPS and more. It has plenty of cargo space when the third row is down. I dislike that everything is run through infotainment screen. I have to switch from the stereo to climate every time I want to adjust the ac. That is a hassle. It rides more like a truck than a car which I hadn't expected from Lexus. Overall, I really like this car but wish I could tweak a couple things.

- Wendi R

I love my Lexus go 460 so much.

My go is my favorite vehicle I have ever had. It is roomy without being too big. There is a back bench seat that stows into the floorboard, which is nice when you have extra passengers. I definitely wouldn't use it as a daily thing though as it is quite small. The comfort air ride makes for an extremely smooth ride. Gas mileage is about 18-20 mpg which is not bad for an SUV. The interior is very luxurious feeling and it has all the bells and whistles. I love the heated and cooled seats.

- Holly G

Full-size SUV with Three Row Seating Review

The reason we purchased GX 460 was to be able to tow a 15 foot travel trailer which it does very easily. Is very comfortable for 7 people especially with electric third row seat. The only disappointment is lack ok climate control of increasing or decreasing one setting at a time from the control panel without going into the climate control screen and then to increase or decrease the temperature setting.

- Kallen N

It drives very well and smoothly on all terrains.

I love the size -makes me feel safe on the freeway. I like the smooth ride feel. I like the driving height - makes for a better driving view and experience. I dislike sometimes how it is hard to get out of the car as it is high and I am not particularly tall. The size is great but sometimes it is hard to park in smaller parking structures/spaces.

- Melinda N

The interior space of the GX is larger than most midsize SUVs.

I love the styling of my SUV, the interior space and color. It offers heated and cooled front seats and plenty of space for my family and all my kids sports equipment. I don't like that for a luxury vehicle it doesn't offer electronic start and technology features that some of the latest models have.

- Leigh B

Less of a Lexus than previous models.

No performance issues. I feel that Lexus scaled back on the luxury features on this model compared to 2003 I previously owned. My 2003 had GPS heated seats and much more storage space for luggage This one has mine of those. It is much smaller and is less luxurious.

- Rebecca M

It is a beautiful car inside and out. Safety is the key to this car.

I love the safety the room the ride it is smooth. It has many safety features such as alert to blind spots. Back up camera, gas usage not so bad but not really great. I love the pearlized paint. It has curtain airbags sensors for the wipers..There is so much.

- Smith R

A reliable, smooth luxury car for everyday use.

I enjoy the camera features and sensors. The heated/cooling seats are a big plus and the easy to navigate built-in display screen. I love how smooth the ride is in my Lexus and the different driving modes. It is not only a reliable car, but easy to maintain.

- Vicky P

A great SUV that is affordable.

The Lexus gx460 is a terrific vehicle. It is luxurious, comfortable, and just the right size. I love everything about my car, and it get great gas mileage. The leather interior is beautiful, and the cargo space is abundant for carrying necessary essentials.

- Stephanie F

The way it is built provides such peace of mind regarding safety.

I have driven a Lexus for years. Never have I had to take any of them to the shop for repairs. The ride and comfort are amazing. Affordable luxury!

- Dina H

This is the type of car that will last you a lifetime.

The car is extremely comfy, spacious, I have never had a problem with it. Long lasting gas as well, perfect for vacationing.

- Jonathan M

The drive is very smooth and comfortable. Drives more like a car than an SUV.

I love the features of the vehicle. I also really enjoy the service Lexus provides. I like the comfortable drive.

- Melissa S

Not to mess with it. No smoking in the car.

Love my vehicle! Always wanted a lexus! Had to buy the gx because my husband is 6?7? Tall! The rx was too small.

- Kathleen L

It's great on gas and feels great to drive as an everyday vehicle.

It has a sleek and sporty look. Provides a nice and smooth ride. Great overall look and its great on gas.

- Shay T

it's very safe and stylish it's comfortable it's reliable

Outstanding vehicle in all respects. Safe, reliable

- tom f