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The best highlight of this car is how well it is on gas. The car runs amazingly.

I love that the car is a hybrid. It conserves a lot of energy and is great I gas. The gas usually lasts me about a weeks and 3 days. That including driving it to and from work which is a 30 minute drive. The car is very comfortable and small. The car is a push start and includes a navigation system. The only time I do not like at the car is that the seats are leather and get really hot during the summer. It is a very reliable car. I like how it tells you your tire pressure, gas mileage that is left, and your current speed limit, outside temperature. The ac in the car works great and the car includes a reverse camera.

- Rut C

Luxury Toyota hybrid = perfect Lexus.

The hybrid engine is truly integral to the performance of the car, which achieves over 35 mpg. The heated seats, individual temp controls, and moonroof make the car very comfortable and enjoyable to travel in. The leather interior and lumbar support are also ideal functions. Not only is the car aesthetically pleasing, especially with tinted windows, but it is also luxuriously functional before you even consider the gas mileage.

- Bren M

Hybrids gas mileage is a life saver.

Absolutely love this car, great gas mileage and drives like a dream, pretty spacious for a car and so far I have had no issues with it. My 2010 has all the features of brand new vehicle, without breaking the bank. Has features like the backup camera, on screen GPS and map included, as well as Bluetooth, etc. I live in a cold weather climate and so far it's done excellent in harsh weather.

- Megan S

A very fuel efficient car.

The HS 250h is a hybrid vehicle that I have used every day for the last 10 years. It is reliable in snow, wind and rain. The gas mileage is approximately 34 mpg and it has not caused me many major issues. At close to 160k miles on the car today, I have replaced the tires, brakes and pads, and a bumper. Again, no major issues after going through a check up with the dealer.

- Lanes H

You get value for your money. Mileage is pretty good.

Pro: I love the mid-night black exterior and interior. Fuel performance is good and it comfortable to drive on short/long trips. Fits 5 persons. Cons: fuel performance went down when someone hit me in back. The back row is a tight fit with 3 people. Outside noise too loud. But regardless of the cons I Love, love, love to drive it.

- Ann L

Lexus- not as good as BMW.

Even though this is the daily driver, it is the least fun of all the cars we have. It gets the worst gas mileage, it always needs maintenance and I feel the driving experience is meh, not comfortable, and computer problems usually are also frequent in popping up.

- Suz S

Solid car and then some extra.

Technology settings are really nice. I like the back view camera a lot. It makes backing in and pulling out easier. Seat settings are flexible because you can personally set it. Overall the car is comfortable to be in. It is reliable and has good performance.

- Cece L

It is a hybrid, great mileage and making a difference keeping the air clean.

I like the convenience of using regular gas and the mileage I get on the car. I like the way the way the car rides and the comfort of the cabin. I dislike having to subscribe to the radio and Lexus inform.

- Jean K

The maintenance is expensive! Luckily I got the extended warranty.

My hs250 is reliable and comfortable. I love driving it because it is got a sporty look with a smooth luxurious ride. It is 4 cylinder so the pickup is not as fast but overall a great car.

- Morgan B

Looks great, is dependable, and gets great gas mileage!

I like the look, and comfort, and gas mileage. I don't like the lights, as it's hard to see at night. I also don't like that the back seat doesn't go down.

- Barbara G

It is hybrid and gets excellent gas mileage.

They do not make this model any longer, but I love my car. It handles well, has terrific gas mileage and is easy to park. It is comfortable to drive.

- Karen P

You get great gas mileage and it is really a low maintenance vehicle.

I love the gas mileage that I get. The seats are very comfortable. The Auto start is very helpful. The size of the car can fit into any tight spots.

- Dianna B

Good for the affluent young professional.

The vehicle is incredibly spacious. It had some issues with the spark plugs if you ever drive in heavy rainfall. Overall a pretty good car.

- Andrew G

It's a great all around vehicle . Great for errands and long trips. Great gas mileage and very comfortable ride. Needs very little maintenance and is very reliable and it's american made

It has great gas mileage and it is a very comfortable car . Not good in the ice though due to the front wheel drive. Would prefer AWD

- Dina G

Amazing mpg for commuters that also makes for a smooth ride and luxurious finishes.

Amazing commuter car. Great gas mileage with the CVT hybrid transmission. Just wish trunk could accommodate a full size spare.

- Katie M

It holds its value on trade in.

I like the gas mileage. I like the comfort of the car. I like the technology of the car. I like the way it looks.

- Angie T

It's in very good condition; well kept inside & out.

Comfort, ease of driving, great gas mileage. It is a bigger car than I wanted, was used to.

- Karen L

Great gas mileage and very reliable.

Gas mileage. Not so stylish. Would like it if it looked like more modern models.

- Monty K