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Lexus ls sedan - a great family vehicle.

2001 Lexus IS

I love this vehicle! The power of the engine is so nice, and though the gas mileage is not that of an electric car or newer models, it is still not terrible. The interior of this vehicle is also excellent and has held up very nicely. Despite it is age of today, back in 2001 this had cutting Edge technology. The trunk space is also very nice, able to accommodate four large pieces of luggage. The only downside to this vehicle is the speakers, as they do break down over time and need to be replaced.

- Brett D

Good Luxury Car. Once you have a Lexus you won't want anything else.

2001 Lexus IS 4dr Sdn

Very dependable and a nice luxury car. It is easy to drive and the very comfortable. Bought it used and haven't had much trouble with it. As with any vehicle the older it is the more maintenance it requires. It is somewhat expensive to repair when it does have problems which is rare. The check engine light will come on if the gas cap is not put on tight enough.

- Tori B

Lexus is-luxury and sporty in a compact car.

2001 Lexus IS

Luxurious and classy, great performance, compact, easy to drive, reliable and comfortable. Roomy interior with a large trunk, many options and features. Safe to drive but yet sporty. Good body design. Smooth with a very quiet ride. Engine is very strong and powerful.

- Luz Y

This car has taken many cross-country trips and has treated me well!

2001 Lexus IS

I have owned my car for 14 years and it has never failed me. I take great care of it with routine maintenance and it performs great. Sometimes repairs are a little costly because of the make of the car. I love the heated seat option, power windows and sunroof.

- A O

That it is a real sporty car and it should not be overlooked.

2001 Lexus IS

I like the aesthetics of the vehicle and its angles. The price range is fair for the caliber of vehicle. Also, really fun to drive and really sporty. Only dislike is that it is not really gas efficient.

- Raul G

The gas is sensitive. So you have to press very easily.

2001 Lexus IS

I love the build of the car. I do not like how old it is because it has a lot of miles on it and needs a lot of upkeep.

- Kara B

Acceleration is fast - unexpected for a luxury car.

2001 Lexus IS

Small but powerful. Nice design and easy to drive. Smooth to drive and comfortable interior. Sporty yet luxurious.

- Mind Y

It is a 4 door-sedan with the aesthetics of a sports vehicle and really no other.

2001 Lexus IS

I really like the performance and the aesthetics of the vehicle. It was one of my top choices from the get go.

- Raul G

The car is extremely reliable, never had any major problems with it.

2001 Lexus IS

It is a reliable vehicle. Car uses a lot of gas. Car is comfortable and easy to drive.

- richard p

Runs great at 142000 miles.

2001 Lexus IS

Handles great. Haven't had any major problems with it. Still looks great.

- Mike s

Reliable vehicle. Will run forever.

2001 Lexus IS

Small performance vehicle. It's is fun and reliable.

- Rich M