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I love the heated and cooled seats. They are my favorite.

When I first purchased the car in 2013 about 7 to 8 months after the touch screen navigation went out and it wasn't included in my warranty to be fixed. Other than that I really love my little car I haven't had any other problems with it, I will most likely continue to purchase Lexus' in the future when the time is right.

- Lacy D

It rides very smooth and it is a four door car but still has that sporty look.

I love my 2008 Lexus is 250. . I have had it over 8 yrs and have never had any problems with it. . The car has been very reliable and I love the way it looks. . It looks sporty but has 4 doors so I love that. . The interior is very comfortable and mine is navy blue on the outside and a light camel color on the inside.

- Sylvia V

Dependable but it is expensive.

It is fine, does not get great gas mileage, but it is been a good car overall. The headlights are expensive to replace but you can easily do them yourself. For the driving conditions in la I have had the brakes replaced twice in 4 years. It is a good car but because it is a luxury car the maintenance can be expensive.

- Stacy M

My car is super nice; it has an old school class and elegance that is unmatched.

My car is a black four door sedan. I like that it is small and can be easily maneuvered, since I live in a mountainous terrain. I don't like that it is a luxury brand car; it has been stupidly expensive to maintain. I also don't like that it is black; it looks dirty all the time, even after I have washed it.

- Melody B

Why I mostly like my Lexus!

Have had 3 recalls - nothing major; it is difficult to see front bumpers when parking in tight spot; have really low mileage so haven't had any reliability issues; original tires lasted 30,000 miles; comfortable seats for long drives; otherwise great - get lots of compliments on color.

- Barbara A

Reliable, good looking, long lasting.

Very reliable, sturdy, comfortable, good gas mileage, I always buy Toyota products because they are the most reliable, longest lasting vehicles on the road, there is not much more to say about them except you would be crazy to buy anything else, good luck with an American car.

- Sheldon L

Red Lexus is 250 sunroof and leather seats.

My car is great on gas. It is reliable barely gives any problems at all. It has a sunroof which is great when living in Miami. It has leather seats which come with heaters and coolers. The cooling seats are a great feature when living in a hot environment.

- Alex P

I think the most important part about the car is the power and responsiveness. It is a great car to drive and especially on the highway.

I really enjoy the car for the most part. It has power and is comfortable to drive. It's been reliable with only a handful of issues over the 10 years I have owned it. The only complaint I would have is the small back seat.

- Matt M

I have owned my car for 10 years and I am so glad I did!

This car is the best car I have ever owned. It is dependable, affordable and the Lexus service department is outstanding. I love the way it drives. My next car will be another Lexus.

- Audrey W

Very reliable car, never lets me down and exceptional performance

My Lexus IS very reliable. It has great style and is very comfortable. I bought it used but it has been a great car and I plan to buy another lexus in the future if I can afford it.

- Cathy L

Reliable and dependable. Minimal maintenance or upkeep required.

Very reliable, compact and good performing car. I personally prefer more sporty card, which is the only reason that I gave it four stars. But very few maintenance issues.

- Margaret P

It's a great looking and a great driving car.

I like the look and feel of the car. It drives nice and smooth with enough features. I wish the car had a little more power and the cost of maintenance is expensive.

- Raymond M

That Lexus brand cars are very safe and absolutely worth every dime.

I love that my car is very compact. It is easy to drive, very simple features. The only thing I do not like is that it is not equipped with backup cameras.

- Tamara A

It drives well and feels safe.

The car is compact and easy to drive. It has good gas mileage and good to use as a daily drive. However, it is too small to be a family car.

- Cindy M

It drives very well and it is highly responsive. I feel safe in it.

It's solid, reliable, and high performance. It's too small for some of our needs. It's great in snow.

- Douglas J

The brand that's the most popular in the industry.

I like the style, the quality, the feel, and the resale value. I dislike the high cost maintenance.

- Master S

I don't like how it attracts dents and scratches. I do like the acceleration

Unlucky with attracting accidents. I've been hit several times in the past year.

- Staci M

It's a comfortable ride and I like the sound system

Parts are expensive but I like the shape and model

- Heather L