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Great value and investment if you plan to keep it long term.

I appreciate the sleek and attractive aesthetic, the sun roof for extra light and aeration , comfortable leather seats, dual climate control, in-dash navigation system. Just a very comfortable and nice car. I like the in-dash displays and information provided. Minimal mechanical issues. Full tire change kit in the trunk has come in handy. I do wish that I could play my music with my Bluetooth and that there was a way to wirelessly connect to upgrade my GPS without having to go to dealership.

- Nicole R

2009 Lexus IS 250 4 door Sedan

I haven't had any issues with my Lexus IS250. The key to long life on any vehicle is regular maintenance which I typically do myself; occasionally I will take it to the dealer for tires and major maintenance; timing belt, safety recalls etc.. I'm very happy with how things look and are holding up on the inside; I have the gray vented leather seats which are a bit cumbersome to keep clean, but Lexus make a great cleaner for it.

- Ray K

The Lexus is250 is an amazing car and a great purchase.

I own the Lexus is 250. It is an amazing car. It is reliable and has never left me stranded. It is fast and can get up to 160 mph. It is comfortable and has heated and cooling seats. It has a great sound system and for a small car is roomie. The problems I have had with my car is the tire pressure seems to get low a lot of the time. Since it is AWD you have to change all 4 tires when changing one. Overall a great car and purchase.

- Hayley G

Great car, would get another one.

I love my Lexus is250. It is white with camel leather interior. The seats heat up and cool off. It is good on gas and has a lot of pep. The only major problem I have had with it was water pump replacement. Other than that it has just been basic routine service and things replaced from wear and tear. The truck is a perfect size and holds a lot. The car is baller, and sportier, but still has decent room in the back for passengers.

- Cris H

Amazing and fun car to drive.

Super reliable. Runs very smooth. The car is comfortable and luxurious. Good gas mileage for a v6. Only problem is the parts can be pricey but in the end it is a Toyota so it is extremely reliable. It is better than a BMW m3 and Audi a4. Drives very sporty.

- John S

Attractive, sporty, and reliable car!

Great car! A sporty car that has a smooth ride. A sports car in luxury. I still get compliments from various people on the attractiveness of the car. I have bought this car twice, same model just a newer year! I couldn't ask for a better vehicle to own.

- Rachel L

This little sedan is sporty yet handles the roads extremely well.

My car is very sporty looking, is fun to drive and handles the road and road conditions extremely well. It's an All wheel drive vehicle, which I love because it handles the snow and rain really well. I always feel safe when I'm driving.

- aimee c

It's a nice driver, and it's luxurious but the backseat is somewhat small.

Good easy upkeep. Warranty was able to cover a lot of the problems and any recalls. The downsides are the cost of premium gasoline and as it is an older car swapping out things such as brakes, tires, and battery.

- Philip P

It gets pretty good gas mileage on the freeway

It gets really good gas mileage. While it is getting older now, it still looks pretty stylish for It's age. It has enough space for a car seat and trunk space for a stroller

- Ryan H

I love my Lexus is-250! Comfortable and reliable!

I love my Lexus is-250. It is almost 10 years old but is still running great with regular maintenance and upkeep. Very reliable car and comfortable.

- Angela A

It takes super gas instead of regular.

The car rides extremely smoothly. It is very reliable and never had any issues with it. The interior of the car is extremely well made.

- Tayler M

The all wheel drive has a button to turn on when it is snowing.

I love my heating and cooling seats. I love the color. Metallic blue. My only complaint is the small trunk.

- Pamela J

Has over 100, 000 miles and still runs great.

Zero problems with my car. Only charge the oil and buy tires for it. Runs good and gets good gas mileage.

- Monic T

Very safe car when driving with all the safety features

Like how it is keyless. Like the gps. Like the back up camera. Like the size of the car.

- Marvin D

the brand is the best I can think of a luxury car indeed

great quality and reliability outstanding customer service very comfortable to drive

- andrea m

great performance and comfortable driving

great craftsmanship, luxury and modern outstanding performance

- andrea C

They should know that my car is reliable and safe.

Love everything. Gas mileage, comfort, service, features.

- Chel F

easy to drive, good acceleration great cornering

smooth driving, never had a problem in almost 10 years

- michael S