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Lexus is 250. Grey color with sleek and slender design. Fun to drive.

Comfortable front seats. Not much room in the back of the car. Great pick up speed and passing ability. Steering is tight and easy to maneuver the car. The car runs and looks great. I have had this vehicle for about two years. It has 187000 miles on it and it has had very few problems. I have changed the tires a few times but it seems to be only from normal wear and tear. The starter is having issues right now but that also seems to be normal. The car will drive straight down the road so it appears the front end stays aligned pretty well. The trunk space is very nice. Plenty of room for storage and it is easy to get to with the automatic trunk button. It takes premium gas which is expensive but I am sure is better for the mileage. It seems to get around 30 miles to the gallon on the highway and it gets around 25 in the city. I love the gas mileage. Slick and slender design and a low ride makes for a very sporty feel when driving. Sun room adds to the sportiness.

- Edward L

Most interesting detail is the way it handles the road when driving.

My Lexus IS250 has great performance handles well and has been very reliable. Comfortable as far a compact size sports sedan. The features are great even on my 2010 model. Has Bluetooth, 6 CD changer, cruise control, alerts on maintenance (oil change..etc.) Leather Power seats and temperature control for front seat passengers. Temperature control on dash for both sides for heat and cold air. Power sunroof, fun to drive with sport/shift function and lots of power.

- Michelle M

Love my Lexus! Would highly recommend this car!

I absolutely love my car! It is the perfect size for my two kids and I. The truck has a lot of space, so we are able to take it on trips. It rides very smooth and there is very little road noise. I have had some problems occasionally with the starter button, but doesn't seem to be anything major, and doesn't happen constantly. I would recommend this car for any smaller family, with older kids. This will be a great car to pass down to my son when he starts driving.

- Kayla G

Lexus reliability. Extremely reliable and cheap to maintain

The car is a great and extremely reliable. Some features missing, there is no light in the trunk which means you have to carry a flashlight to search for anything after nightfall. Headlights are easily cracked with condensation building in them. Expensive to replace. Other than that, car is perfect and very inexpensive to maintain.

- Darryl J

A luxury vehicle in a compact body.

Lexus has a very comfortable ride. I love my card. It is not too big or too small. The interior is what I like best. It has navigation Bluetooth airbags power steering. Everything you could want in a car. And it is not too flashy. Small and comfortable. It handles very well. I love the fact that I has all-wheel drive as well.

- Tracy C

My 2010 is sports Lexus!!

I had it for a month and so far I love it and it gives me no problems. It is white, remote start push button, sports rim, sunroof, leather seats, very sporty and luxury. I have always wanted one of these kinds of car, it has 169 mph and it goes really fast and drives really smooth. It has Bose speakers with surround system.

- Brenda B

Affordable, luxury, sporty, reliable car.

I love this car. As a single mom, it helps to have a low maintenance car. I keep the oil changed and tires changed when necessary. Never had any major problems. And would recommend to anyone that wants luxury, sporty, and reliability in one car. Very small interior so wouldn't recommend to someone looking for comfort.

- Bianca W

My car is silver and the interesting part of the car is the push to start

I don't have any problems with my vehicle. The performance is really great , it's a fast car. The comfort is not for someone that wants a big car because it is small in the inside. It looks bigger outside than it is in the inside. The radio and speakers are good in the car it's loud and the bass is really good

- Diamond B

Lexus dealership routine service.

Lexus is a very reliable brand. Friendly dealership with great customer service. Able to book appointments for service online. The cars have no major mechanical issues if regular routine maintenance is performed. Customer service agents call with updates. Comfortable car with great hands free technology.

- Nadirah S

2010 Lexus is250 AWD small luxury car.

The Lexus is250 AWD is a mid-luxury car that is dependable, comfortable, and generally has the state of the art amenities. Comfort features included sunroof, media center, keyless start, side panel seat adjustments, heated seats, rear window shade. The only feature it should have is an electric start.

- Dawn W

The most important thing to know is that it is a safe vehicle.

My car is wonderful, it is a luxury vehicle for sure. It gets pretty good miles to the gallon. It is a smooth ride and a four door. It is easy to get into and out of. It is silver. It is leather and very comfortable. A lot of legroom also. It is a fantastic family car. Most importantly it is safe.

- Taylor B

Lexus is a great and dependable car and I love it.

I have had my Lexus for 2 years and have had no problems with it. I love the handling. Its is a hardtop convertible which is awesome. It is a v6 and gets good gas mileage. It handles very well in the rain. It has all the bells and whistles. It is leather but has heated and cooling seats.

- J G

Sensational Lexus “is” series including the convertible.

I enjoy owning my car. For the most part the car has be simply routine maintenance only. The only trouble I have had while owning the car for 8 years is the tires. They wear from the inside & seem to tear up tires rapidly. . however I own the convertible & love its performance.

- RHonda J

Great little car, amazing on gas.

It is a great car. Great on gas, haven't had any problems, I love it! My one complaint is that I cannot lay the seats all the way down. Mechanically the car has been great to me. It has 100k miles on it and I have only had to do an oil change on it and regular maintenance.

- Regan R

It is awesome, nice looking car.

It drive really well. It have good brakes. It has nice wheels and appearance. I currently have no issues. It is not a very loud car. It is a nicer brand of car. It has high insurance. It takes premium gas which is expensive. The dealership have nice people.

- Danny H

Lexus is not just for ladies.

4 door small sedan with v6 engine. Very peppy for a 2. 5 liter engine. Handles smoothly, corners quickly. Body style is very popular and sought out by gearheads. Is comfortable and easy to use. Lexus is one of the most reliable brands in the market.

- Jane R

Reliable, fun, and pleasing...Lexus IS

The Lexus IS250 has been a reliable car for the past few years of owning it. I haven't ran into any mechanical issues, which compared to my prior car has been a relief. The car drives very smooth and it's handling is amazing.

- Mauricio C

Lexus is a reputable brand

Best car I've ever owned. Over 160k miles and runs very well still. No problems so far. Routine maintenance is pricey but worth it. Classic reliable cars will reliable parts and performance. Can't go wrong with lexus

- JAnelle A

Reliable, but not as high performance as comparable cars.

Former BMW owner, the car doesn't compare performance wise. Reliability has been excellent, far better than the BMW. Cost of ownership is low because of reliability, but when things break they are expensive.

- James M

It has lasted me a long time and been 100% reliable! It is as reliable as it is beautiful! The perfect car in my opinion!

My car is truly my dream car! It has a luxurious look and feel! I love having a convertible. When people get in my car, they compliment how smooth of a drive/ride it is.

- Jasmine C

It's easy to handle, easy to park, not too bad mileage.

A very nice comfortable small car. It's small, but got all the features one needs. it is easy to park. Have not had real problem with it besides the recall.

- Tina C

Don't buy it because you'll be replacing the tires constantly.

It has had to have it's engine completely replaced. The 17 inch tires get nails in them constantly and do not do well on pot holes.

- Nicole W

Small trunk if you want to put the convertible down.

I don't like the price of parts. I do like the hard top convertible. I wish I didn't have to use the premium gas.

- Justin G

Sturdy, safe car with many safety features, especially the rear camera

Comfortable size and seating. Love rear view camera. Smooth ride. Love that it warns you when you are speeding.

- Natalia N

It is very safe and sporty.

It drives real smooth and quiet. It handles perfectly. The sound system is great. The ride is very comfortable.

- Sally C

the soft leather seats do not last long. They get dirty and rip easily

it is a brand that is high-quality. the soft leather seats were nice at first but get damaged/dirty quickly

- katlen k

Lexus IS250 has a powerful engine and also saves gas

I have the Lexus IS250, 2010. I loved the Smooth drive. It is also a very reliable and saves gas a lot

- Mysarah A

The car is reliable, pretty and exotic with a history of being reliable up to 400,000 miles

I love my !exus. It is not only a luxury car, it has given me zero problems since I purchased it.

- Felecia D

It is a hard-top convertible which is not always easy to notice

It is a hard-top convertible and I love it in the spring and fall when I can put the top down.

- Laura H

Its fast and drives smoothly. It's definitely made for someone who doesn't have kids.

I love my sunroof and the option to switch from automatic to manual. I don't like my back seat

- Brandi S