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Stylish high performance. Affordable and incredible bang for your buck.

I love my car its stylish it drives perfect no major problem. Only issue is tire light can be issue if the air pressure changes especially in the summer. It has power and the added 4 wheel drive is plus in car in winter especially in the Midwest. It cuts down on me having to have truck for winter. It looks more expensive then it is. Trunk space could be bigger and my interior is problem because it tan cream. Would suggest for small children traveling constantly be because of color.

- Regina M

Trustworthy Lexus for many years.

Very reliable car with few issues that performs well. Luxury car. No problems. Very comfortable. Includes navigation. The car drives very smoothly. It is regularly maintained and has had no major issues. Expect it to last several more years. Would purchase again.

- Reena S

The love that is my Lexus.

Very reliable as it is built by Toyota. Strong 2.5 liter engine. The performance mode and snow modes are awesome. The AWD is amazing on the snow. Handles great in twists and turns. I am so happy I found this car. I look forward to buying another in the future!

- William C

It is perfect for those who want a sporty car that has the convenience of a 4-door sedan.

I love that my car feels sporty and compact. I love that it has lots of power and good acceleration.the color is fantastic. I wish that it had a bit more room in the second row as well as second row heated seats.

- Erin T

Great, but just a hair short of perfect

I love the car, but would really like it more if it was a bit better in performance. It handles well, and drives very smoothly. It is a great car, but would have liked more power and handling from it.

- Robert L

Adjustable, heated and cool seats are awesome.

Pluses: heated seats. GPS. Touch screen. Lexus destination assist. Problems: sunglass holder gets stuck. USB port has gone out and needed repair. Air conditioning always blows cold air, even when off.

- Alyssa S

Lexus is-250 AWD: the car that will change your life!

Great pick up speed, amazing sound quality with speakers, air conditioned and heated seats, sport mode option and power mode, leather seats, sunroof and extremely safe and smooth ride.

- Elizabeth K

It can be costly. Runs on Premium gas. Reliable when maintenance is kept up.

Love the body style and size. Just my size. I hate it runs on premium gas. Maintenance is costly. Has been dependable. Love the backup camera and the navigation system.

- Beatrice B

I have found this car to be extremely reliable.

I like the decent gas mileage but there are definitely times when I missing having the room of an SUV. I love that my vehicle is low maintenance and reliable.

- Lauren C

Very fast gray color beautiful wheels beautiful stock motor great handling.

The Lexus Is 300 is a really good vehicle great handling great comfortability great speed debility very low maintenance great all alone around car.

- Jesse M

It has destination assist that I use to call to get directions if I am driving.

I like that it has gaps, heated seats and is comfortable. I also think it looks very nice. It gets fairly good gas mileage and has leather seats.

- Alyssa S

There is not a lot of trunk space or space to store anything in the car.

I love my car. it has good gas mileage, is very reliable, will last a long time if taken care of. The thing I do not like as much is the size.

- Jordan W

The gas mileage isn't as good as it could be. Wish it was better.

The car drives nicely, very reliable, and has low maintenance. I have no complaints at all. And most importantly it is fully paid.

- Benjamin Z

This is a great car and I have had no issues with it

I have had no issues or concerns with this car. I do the regular maintenance that is needed. It is a great car.

- rochelle f

Be prepared to spend more money on repairs when needed

I like the reliability of the car but in the rare times I need to service the car the parts are very expensive

- mark h

It is a luxury vehicle so everything is expense such as the maintenance and any add ons

It's sporty, has lots of bells and whistles, fast...maintenance is expensive and it only takes premium gas.

- Lindsay B

incredible value for the money

I like the standard features. Oil changes are only every 10,000 miles. Don't like the cost of maintenance.

- zandra r

My car is very reliable and has great gas mileage.

I love that it has great gas mileage. I love that it's reliable. I love the body style of the car.

- Ashley M

The car moves people place to place, so it works.

I don't really care about my vehicle that much. I just use it to get to one place to another.

- Philip T

It's not cheap to maintain. It's reliable but when you go to the garage, be prepared to pay a large amount of money

Convertible top is cool. Driving it is relaxing. Wish it had a better nav system

- Roger C

Lexus are Quality cars. It's been the best car I've ever owned.

Like reliability & luxury. Quiet engine, easy to drive. Dislike small size

- F N

This is an excellent car. I've had know maintenance issues. It's comfortable to drive, love the leather seats and the smooth ride. Very responsive as well.

It's fun to drive, extremely comfortable and luxurious feeling.

- Alisa P

I love my vehicle and have had no complaints. The only thing that bothers me is the leather seats create cracking, which is in any car. The car has run smoothly and given me virtually zero issues

it is reliable and every issue that i have had has been routine

- Austin S

Too many people have this car

Cost of gas is making me want to sell the car

- eric R