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2014 is 250 f sport: sleek, beautiful, high tech, but a bit on the small side.

Love this car. It is a 4 door sedan, which is great. However, the interior is bit small and cramped- my 6' husband can barely get in and always hits his head. Trunk space is kinda small- barely fits my jogging stroller folded up. It sits pretty low to ground and the front bumper goes even lower, which means it stays scuffed from hitting the bump at the front of parking spaces. The tires are low profile, so they're not going to last as long and the front and rear tires are different sizes, so you cannot rotate them. The windshield is super expensive if you ever have to replace. That being said, I still love the sleek look of the spindle grill and smooth curves- mine is matador red, which is beautiful. Love all the bells and whistles inside. The driver's seat has lumbar support and can be lowered/raised. Like the media display. It gets pretty good gas mileage (though premium gas only). Overall, I love this car despite a few disadvantages.

- Jennifer E

Want reliability, comfort, top features & classy ride? Buy Lexus is250 today!

The only semi problem that I have had is that my clock does not keep correct time. Service dept. Here in Houston/Katy, Texas is incredible!! They have reset the clock several times and it still does not keep correct time. Otherwise, I have had no other problems at all! Drives like a dream! Excellent, I love it! I especially like the feature that sounds to aware you of a vehicle or anything on the side of you or in front of you or behind this car has been extremely reliable and the roadside service is quick and hassle free! I only had to use it once in 4 years and it was only because of a flat tire!

- Shelly S

My little red Lexus is 250.

Lexus is 250 is very reliable and gets great gas mileage. It is red and is my favorite color with black interior. It has a GPS system and has seats warmers and coolers. It is a small compact car that is sporty looking for my age. The only problems I have with it is finding tires for my car because of the low grade tires it has to have and the front tires are not the same size as the tires in the back side. I got hit by a deer and the bad thing about that is it will total my car as small as it is but I do feel comfortable and safe in my car.

- Stephanie R

Lexus is 2014 4 door sedan AWD.

The 2014 Lexus is has been reliable and performs well in terms of driving. The AWD has been very useful in the snow. The voice commands/control is not great but it's ok. The infotainment system glitches often which is annoying. The car has a cramped cabin, so tall or large people can be uncomfortable. Car seat in the back further limits the leg room in the front seat (front passenger has to keep seat somewhat forward to allow proper clearance space for car seat in back).

- Amanda G

Can't go wrong with this 4 door sports car

I drive an AWD model so the handling of the car is great. The interior is leather so it's very sporty. The back seats are cramped and ideal for only 2 people, especially for planned road trips. The vehicle is also an F Sport model so better suspension. There is a sport mode on the center console. Switch to that, you can immediately tell the difference in torque from stop to go.

- Ryan C

A nice sporty look ride like a sedan.

You should buy a is Lexus vehicle problems none performance dead on very comfortable radio second to none I love my car drive my car from Atlanta to South Carolina I have no problem very liable on the road you can't ask for no more and the most I like about my the maintenance four years running no problems you can ask from a car no more than oil change.

- Michael W

Awesome car! I would recommend to everyone.

1. Problems: I haven't had any problems with it yet. 2. Performance: even when speeding, you cannot feel it. 3. Reliability: I hear you can drive a Lexus well past 200, 000 miles. 4. Comfort & features: the car is very comfortable. The leather seats is very soft and nice. The options on the car make it a very comfortable ride.

- Ann Y

2014 Lexus is 250 rear wheel drive.

My car has been extremely reliable. She's hit over 110, 000 miles within 5 years of having the vehicle. Lexus has been extremely reliable and worth the cost. Super comfortable and even the f sport version is super comfortable. I have navigation and lots of other nice features. Everyone in my family has Lexus and will not change.

- Add E

Revamped classic is for younger customers (or older too!).

Love this car. Entry level but amazing bucket seats and quality Lexus performance. Only complaints are about the entertainment GPS console thing. Voice recognition technology should be much better than what it is. It should work similarly to Alexa or Siri, but it does not. Far worse. Excellent car though!

- Sally A

The car looks really big and long from the outside but it is really small and do.

I love my car because of all the safety features such as back up camera, blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert and navigation system. The driving modes make the car so much better because I can change it from eco to normal to sport. The heated seats and remote start is also my favorite.

- J L

Overall technology offered, particularly the back-up camera for safety.

Lexus creates an amazing product, delivering luxury and quality. The vehicle features safety, technology and an overall enjoyable experience to drivers. Seats are comfortable for long commutes, gas mileage is the best I have experienced, and the durability of the vehicle will last for years.

- Marie F

Nice car that drives well.

No problems well maintained. Drives very smooth and the seats are comfortable. Attract women, fast with the sport option, and perfect silver color. Interior clean and v6. Cold ac and good stereo with light adjustments in the mirror. Oil changed and air filter replaced.

- Eric Q

I enjoy my vehicle and the way it drives. It is a beautiful car.

Love the look and interior of car. The seats are very comfortable. The only issues I have is the system reboots a lot while I drive cutting off my GPS and music. I have also had issues with my door locks and having to replace them because they weren't locking properly.

- Melissa M

XM radio is one of my favorites.

Lexus creates an amazing product unlike any other dealer. The car is extremely luxurious, dependable, advanced in technology and I'd strongly suggest testing out Lexus cars. Overall, I have been a loyal customer for years and plan to continue to purchase Lexus cars.

- Marie L

Amazing seats in a great vehicle.

No issues with this car. It is incredibly comfortable and stylish. My only problem is that it is quite low to the ground so I sometimes scrape the underside of the front of the car on curbs or parking cement blocks. The bucket seats on my vehicle are the best.

- Lena R

It is very reliable. Since it is Toyota made I have had no problems with it. It has a lot of safety features that I love such as blind spot mirrors, back up camera, full coverage airbags.

I like that my car is fast and light. It has real good looks and is very reliable. Some things I dislike are that the gas mileage on it is terrible and it is a really compact car so not so much for a family. Other than that I love it.

- Tyler D

It runs so smoothly and it doesn't make a lot of noise for a sports car.

My vehicle has a great exterior and sleek body. The performance of my car runs quite smoothly and quietly. I also like the bells and whistles on my car such as back up camera, heated and a/c seats as well as Blind Spot monitors.

- Jaimie C

It is durability despite how much you put it through.

How smooth it drives and the customer service provided by the dealership. I also love the durability and quality of the car. Engine is great. I also like that it is a luxury vehicle and enhanced features.

- Abbie L

Very comfortable and smooth ride.

Great reliable car, great gas mileage. It is very comfortable, smooth ride. I have not had any mechanical issues. Nice and sporty looking. Definitely a vehicle that catches the eye of a lot of people.

- Tara A

It has various luxury features that make the purchase worth it.

I like my vehicle because it has luxury features for a reasonable price. It has always been dependable and hasn't given me any problems. I also like the style and appearance of the vehicle.

- Sarah B

It's sporty looking, great quality and was a good value.

I dislike the navigation part. The voice recognition is bad when technology is much better these days. I wish it integrated better with my cell phone. I love the seats! They are so comfy!

- Elizabeth S

Great car but also fragile

Great car. Only issue for me is that the tires are low profile and can easily get scratched if you go over a curb. Also the front bumper is low so going down incline can cause damage.

- Tahnee Y

My car is old but it will always get you from point a to point b.

I love the bucket seats in my car. I do not like the Bluetooth right now because it randomly stopped working. I think my car is a great value and price for a luxury vehicle.

- Liz S

It has 3 speed options which are economy, normal and sport mode

My vehicle is extremely reliable. The ride is really smooth and one of the most underrated things about the vehicle is the fine turning when going at a decent speed

- Mark S

Very safe to drive and is very comfortable.

Very comfortable and love the model and convertible. It is a fun car and good on gas mileage. It is very smooth riding and love the feel of it when driving.

- Linda T

The retractable hardtop makes this car very versatile.

Love the size and features. this car suits me perfectly. Especially love the retractable hardtop. My only complaint is I wish it had memory seat settings.

- nadine h

Love my car besides one fact

I've never had any issues with my car and love all the features. The only complaint I have is the fact that the paint on my hood is starting to fade away

- Jordin E

It is so spacious! You can fit 8 people in it!

The lexus is a great car. I do not have any complaints. Lexus are very reliable vehicle and I would expect nothing less because, it is a Toyota product.

- Norman E

it has back up technology that makes reverse driving a lot safer

i like the technology. I like the horsepower. I wish I had a different color. I also wish it didn't sit quite as low to the ground as it does.

- Blake E

Very reliable, safe and comfortable.

I feel very comfortable and safe in my car. Great looking car, smooth drive. I have not had any trouble with it. It is been very reliable.

- Diana B

This car is fun to drive and reliable. I am confident that I won't have repair issues or trouble with the car. I like the sporty look and brand.

Love the sporty look and how I fit in it. It has quite a few features that I didn't previously have. It is reliable, not needing repairs.

- Roni C

I love my vehicle! This is my 3rd Lexus.

I have had no problems with this vehicle. I love the quality Lexus always provides. This vehicle is comfortable, reliable & stylish.

- terese h

It is a great car, and has been very dependable thus far.

I love my car! I love the size and power of it. I do not like how quickly it goes through tires and i have to purchase new ones.

- Kate T

It is fast. It is good in bad weather conditions.

I love my car because it is fast. My car is good in the rain. My car has a good sound system, and it is fun to drive.

- Jennifer W

It is a hard top convertible.

Love it except for trunk space is small and seats hurt back for front seat passengers on trips longer than 2 hrs.

- Alicia W

Back seat isn't really usable. Should be a two seater

Love the convertible and the luxury of the car. Wish it was a two seater as the back seat really isn't usable.

- Larry M

Cost of maintaining this type of car.

Love the appearance, power, efficiency and interior. Not sure there’s anything I don't like about it.

- Michelle R

It's a reflection of me and personal style. It's classic

I transitioned from an Volvo SUV. This is smaller than i'm used to. Should have opted for the SUV

- Benita D

It's not good for tall people.

It's reliable and very comfortable to drive. Parts are expensive though if you need work done.

- Shayna b

the way it looks inside and the style the speed of the car

love my car but It's kinda small. gas mile is good and last 2 weeks needs a car wash

- mari R

It will last forever if you maintain the car. Best car I owned.

It runs great, got it up to 50k miles with only regular service.

- Oleg G

My car is my baby. I take great care of it and i make sure is serviced

I love the style. I love the dependability. The smoothness

- Elissa H

Sporty, fun to drive, perfect for around town. This is the third Lexus my husband and I have owned. Low maintenance, excellent vehicles.

Sporty, very fun responsive drive. Quality vehicle.

- Allison A

The good and the bad of the Lexus is 250.

- John N