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Lexus is 250, my favorite car that I have owned.

I love my Lexus is 250, I have the f sport package and it has beautiful red leather interior and upgraded tinting and rims. I enjoy the option to switch from sport to eco mode if I want to go really fast or if I want to conserve gasoline. It is by far my favorite car that I have owned. It gets good gas mileage and the body style is gorgeous. I feel like it has held its value more than a non luxury and less desirable car. I would recommend this car to friends or family.

- Elizabeth H

Beautiful, well performance Lexus.

Performance is top notch, it drives like a dream! The only downfall I would say is the shape and size of the backseat, there’s just not much room for adults to sit without hitting their head while getting in and out. The car is very reliable, and comfy. I do wish that it had an actual key to enter the vehicle though, instead of just a key fob because it tends to glitch occasionally.

- Brittany R

The Lexus is: sporty and smooth.

This is a great car. It drives smoothly but the size gives it a sporty feel, as does being so low to the ground. The finishes are beautiful and the car feels very luxurious. My only complaint is that sometimes I find being so low to the ground can make me car sick, particularly on winding roads, but the seats can be adjusted upwards which does help.

- Madeline S

The safety features are definitely my favorite part of the car.

I love the safety features that are available: rear-view camera, sensors on the front and back, and mirror monitors. The interior design of the vehicle is extremely beautiful and luxurious and has great mileage. The performance is wonderful. I haven't had any maintenance issue with the car since I bought it.

- Katie N

The joy of owning the IS250 F sport.

I love the look of the car, it is sleek stylish and elegant. The power is excellent, you can change from sport mode or economy mode with a turn of a button and a nice feature for enthusiasts are the shift paddles on the steering wheel. The paint is of high quality as are the features of the interior.

- Tamara S

Very safe, reliable, long road life, not to mention a beautiful automobile.

This is my 2nd Lexus and will stay with Lexus, because it is by far the most reliable automobile on the road. They are extremely safe and solid. I would highly recommend this make to all people shopping for a reliable vehicle. Consumer reports rate them extremely high for satisfaction.

- Denise L

Great looking car - quiet elegance.

This is definitely a vehicle for a shorter person. To drive, a tall person has to extend the driver's seat all the way back so that no one can sit behind the driver. That the car is for a short driver is not a problem for me. It has great features including cooling and warming seats.

- Natalie L

Reliable, luxury vehicle that is also fun to drive.

My Lexus IS 250 F has drives very smoothly even on rough roads. It has many features cooled and heated seats which makes it comfortable and fun to drive. The performance of the car is good but it is a luxury vehicle so the amount of power is less than a sports car.

- Renee J

If I wasn't so close to paying off this car I would probably upgrade.

No issues, but heated strays didn't come with the car- I cannot syabs that I own a Lexus but that small detail wasn't included. I like the sleek look, performance is great, seats are very comfortable, the color is like a gold, and it changes a bit with the weather.

- Melissa H

The best car I ever owned.

I have a issue with the display. It always defaults to the map. I want it to display the radio stations and artist. Otherwise I love driving my car. I purchased a warranty for the car, but thus far no issues. I also purchased the car used with only 7k miles on it.

- L W

My 3rd Lexus and the reason behind it.

It has been an easy car to maintain up to this point. And it held up quite well. I love options I chose for the interior. Has the best leather in it is class. So nice. I like all gauges. Very classy looking. And the best thing it is a Lexus. So good resale value.

- William B

Reliable but still sporty and fun. Quiet, smooth ride.

Has a little bit of power when needed to get up and go but also a smooth ride on the highway. The sunroof tracks comes off too easily but is an easy fix. I really like the sporty look of the car. I have an F Sport package which I would highly recommend.

- Tina J

Sporty stylish fun to drive sedan.

Looks really great, drives nice, great features such as interior lighting, remote start. Very sporty and sharp look for a sedan. Comfort is a little tight in the driver and passenger seats and there are some blind spots that take some getting used to.

- Jessica L

A high performance, very safe auto.

The vehicle is very comfortable and reliable. It serves all of my transportation needs and I will definitely consider replacing it with a similar vehicle or another by the same car company. It delivers a very smooth, safe driving experience.

- Eric C

It has a great resale value.

I like that it is a sporty car and is very comfortable. It is very nice on the inside and the seats are so comfy. I wish it wasn't so expensive as far as maintenance costs. I also wish it would take regular grade gasoline.

- Anna W

It rides very comfortably.

It really rides smooth! It is very comfortable. It has a clean and sharp look. I love the eco mode in the car. The rear view mirror has the signal lights for safety for switching lanes. I love that feature.

- Kate J

If you are considering buying this vehicle you certainly won't regret it.

I enjoy the overall look of the exterior but the interior beats the looks. The interior is so elegant and classy. On the exterior it has just the right amount of lines to make it more aggressive.

- Maria H

Luxury cars are no joke. It is more than just being able to afford the price tag, maintenance and spare parts are expensive.

very smooth ride compared to my previous car, can customize the setting in the car to suit your needs, accelerates quick, and the car looks nice. Just terrible on gas.

- hannah m

The car has great safety features included in the price of the car

I love the style. I love the comfort. I think it has fabulous safety features. The only thing I don't like is the tires need to be replaced frequently.

- Kayla C

Dependable, Highway, No Problems

I bought this car with 24k miles on it with a bumper to bumper warranty until 2021 for around 32k dollars. It would be dumb not to buy such a lovely car.

- Patrick L

That it is very comfortable to drive.

It is smooth to drive. It has a lot of great features like a back up camera and navigation. The only thing I dislike is the blinker.

- Holly G

Lexus and their drawbacks

Although my car is fairly quick and nimble. It has some drawbacks such as it having an issue of bottoming out on the front bumper.

- Ryan K

Worth the extra cost. Much better than BMW for reliability and performance.

Stylish luxury. Not very fuel efficient even in Eco-mode and the tank is small so requires stopping at gas station every 10 days.

- KE K

Well worth the money I invested in it over the years for minor repairs.

I love the smooth ride, the plush leather interior- the style of the vehicle- the engine performance and fantastic gas mileage.

- Rebecca P

Stylish, sleek, petite and cozy ride with all the features you could want

I love the look and feel of my car. The interior is very comfortable but also looks sleek. The outside looks very nice too.

- Kat M

I do not intend to sell it any time soon

It has the latest technology and is fun to drive. It has a dull generic color and is hard to find in a crowded parking lot

- Mi K

It is clean light grey leather.

I like leather. I like sunroof. I like white color. Sometimes too small I like Lexus. Sometimes I want to have more room.

- Ramsey D

It is great on gas while looking like a sleek sports car. The leather is soft.

I wish it was faster and sounded louder. I love the comfort of the seats and technology. I feel safe driving the vehicle.

- Nelly W

Owning a Lexus IS 250 for young adults

It has a nice sporty feel to it, can really zip sometimes. Only drawback is I think it's a bit too lightweight.

- Imran H

The most important thing is that it is a four wheel drive car.

I like the way it drives, the handling, and the look of the vehicle. I have no complaints about my vehicle.

- Adam T

It is an amazing car I love it.

Love the way it drives the red leather the luxury you get from Lexus if I had to I will buy another one.

- Barbara I

Amazing it has always been my dream car

The Lexus IS is one of my favorite cars. It rides smooth the sound in the car speakers sounds great.

- Tiffany A

I love the retractable hardtop, it is an awesome feature.

Love the size, features and retractable hardtop. Wish it had memory seat setting. Rides beautifully.

- Jane T

It's dependable and service at Lexus is exceptional. I features in the car are nice

The vehicle is compact so it's easy to maneuver in. I dislike having to pump premium gasoline

- Angela P

It's a luxury vehicle and it's fast on the road.

The vehicle is a bit small. I wish it were a bit bigger. It's black, but I wish it was blue.

- Nigel T

The car is easy to drive and I like the blind spot lights.

It drives well. Bluetooth is not very reliable and making phone calls can be frustrating.

- Louisa B

Don't buy unless you are ready to fork out the $$$!!!

Looks good. Repairs on it are ridiculous. Lexus service/dealership sucks

- Monica H

its sleek design and sporty look. it handles well on the road

the car is sporty, fast, handles well on the road, it's sleek in design.

- christina s

It is a Luxury car, very reliable brand

it is reliable car. nice , luxury, and price is right

- Tien K

looks good from outside and inside also nice

good price . easy drive . quality is good .

- john r