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Lexus is 350 fast, sporty, and luxurious!

2016 Lexus IS

A luxury car that still has the feel of a fun sporty ride. Plush leather bucket seats and an engine that can make you feel like you are qualifying for the indy 500, the Lexus 350 is a perfect car for the young adult or ambitious millennial. The customer care at any Lexus dealership is also a huge selling point as they will make sure you are completely comfortable with your ride all throughout the year. The cars sleek design usually can sell itself but also knowing you are being catered to for any need big or small makes this car and brand head and shoulders above the others. If you are a speed racer you can also look for the f type which, when given as a temporary loaner when work was done on my car, made a huge impression on me. It is a stunning car with maximum street appeal.

- Samantha C

My Lexus is compact, speedy and sleek. I love the all white color with the red leather interior!

2016 Lexus IS

I've recently bought a 2016 Lexus IS 200T. I love my car because it is extremely comfortable to drive. I enjoy the red leather interior that stands out from the other Lexus vehicles I see on the road. The features such as the back up camera and the heated seats are a big plus. Since it's a turbo, it takes super unleaded fuel and eats a lot of gas. That would be my only complaint if anything. It's a huge departure from my old 2001 Civic. I wanted luxury but not the shocking price tag. That's why I made a decision to purchase my used Lexus which I love.

- Anne E

The Lexus is 200t is comfortable, luxury and sporty.

2016 Lexus IS 4dr Sdn AWD

I love my car. I have never had any problems. It is very comfortable and perfect for my life style. I love the features it has compared to my previous car. My only complaint would be there is no digital clock. I really like that my car is low maintenance. My favorite features are the multiple ways to listen to music (XM, aux, Bluetooth, CD etc.) And the sun roof. The seats are so comfortable they make a luxury car feel like a sports car.

- Olivia T

Sporty yet sleek, luxury yet class.

2016 Lexus IS

My car is so sporty yet drives like a luxury car. It is comfortable even though it is a smaller car than I usually drive. The trunk space is ample and the back seat is comfortable even though this is a smaller sized car. This is a sport version with the sporty wheels so it looks quite sleek. I have had it serviced a couple of times when the service light comes on but it is a very reliable car.

- Mere H

2016 Lexus overall review of pros and cons.

2016 Lexus IS

Love the looks and styling. Better than comparable vehicles. Lacks in performance. Stereo system could be better. Very comfortable. Great for long or short trips. Gets great gas mileage. Awesome reliability. Not as expensive as BMW, Audi, Mercedes but just as good. Would recommend over the competitors. Easy to work on. Lots of legroom and trunk room. Back up camera works great.

- Dexter L

This is my first Lexus ever and even though it is a used 2016 I love it!

2016 Lexus IS 4dr Sdn

I have no problems with my Lexus. It always gives me a far advance notice when the car needs to get a routine check up. The noise detection gives you a far enough heads up of when a car is coming. The car has a great camera, the only bad thing is that my particular car does not have GPS installed so I have to use my phone but overall I really enjoy this car.

- Mary D

It is extremely fun to drive. It hugs the road and turns on a dime. It is small though. If you have a family with small children, I don't advise purchasing this car.

2016 Lexus IS

I love my car, it is luxurious and beautifully designed. I honestly think my car is sexy, I think that is a great way to describe it. However, it is very small. My husband and I are trying to start a family and it is just too small. I don't feel comfortable putting a carseat in the back seat. For this reason, I will be selling my car in the next 6 months.

- Abby N

My vehicle is sporty and reliable. It offers comfort and a sleek design.

2016 Lexus IS

My vehicle is nice for shorter rides. The seats can get quite uncomfortable after a long period of time. I love the performance steering though and I like how it handles on the road. I especially like the size of the car. However, I do wish it had a bit more power in terms of acceleration and I wish it came with a bit more room for back seat passengers.

- Janice K

My amazing Lexus great on gas echo option you get luxury and economy all in one.

2016 Lexus IS

My god is great on gas. I have echo option in my Lexus. It is very comfortable and I would recommend Lexus to anyone that wants luxury and quality. The trunk is roomy and deep. The seats let down and it is just an easy upkeep. I have had no problems. One thing because it is a sports car the brakes are changed a little earlier than on an any other car.

- Tia L

Is 300 sport luxury is all I need.

2016 Lexus IS

Great reliable car that is does not require much maintenance. When it does I believe it is on the lower end of expenses in terms of having a luxury vehicle. I do not need to spend a lot of money to up keep it. Sporty and luxury. I am very happy. Low profile car that makes it very comfortable to ride in with bucket style sport seats.

- Samantha C

The limits and attractiveness of an is300.

2016 Lexus IS

My Lexus is a smooth riding is model that has a comfortable ride. The car is easy is man over and drive. It is a four wheel drive so it is great in snowy weather. The tan seats are difficult to keep clean as they show every dirt spot. The brakes often squeak in the cold weather. It has limited extras on the car.

- Carroll G

Sporty and classic, compact but spacious.

2016 Lexus IS

Really reliable, fun, compact. Accelerates fast and has a great performance. Good mpg and excellent sound system. Sporty looking but very classic and sophisticated at the same time. Looks great and runs smooth. Easy to drive and roomy. Is fast and good break system. I would recommend this vehicle.

- Irma B

I really like the interior on the car it is red and it looks really good.

2016 Lexus IS 4dr Sdn AWD

The only thing I do not like is the brakes squeak when it is cold outside, or also when I park at work by the water I think the saltwater makes the breaks rust so it starts squeaking. Another thing if the gas cap is not on properly it gives the car a maintenance alert that you have to have reset.

- Danielle S

Lexus turbo luxury sport car.

2016 Lexus IS

The front brakes wore out at 20, 000 miles and I had to replace the front tires at 32, 000 miles. I am not hard on my car so I didn't understand why the wore out so soon. I also wish the sunroof was quieter like my husband's Ford. Other than that it has been a great and fun car to own.

- Shannon H

Lexus is, superfly car with lots of power and excellent control.

2016 Lexus IS 4dr Sdn

Love all the options on the inside. Very compact but comfortable car. Smooth riding and driving and long trips are easy. Lots of gadgets to keep your riders entertained. Holds the road good and has plenty of power to get up and go when needed. I would highly recommend the Lexus is.

- Leigh D

lexus IS 200t, white with red leather interior. carbon fiber detail in the interior of the car.

2016 Lexus IS

it's very beautiful on the inside and has seats that hug you, almost like a race car. the ride is very smooth and accelerates pretty quickly. the car is a bit expensive repairs wise and gas mileage is terrible, about 60 dollars on gas a week. but i still love my car

- raevyn k

The style of the vehicle is very nice and classy looking.

2016 Lexus IS

This vehicle is very fast has a smooth driving feel. Interior is a bit small and tight, but that can be the way this vehicle is made due to the model. Comfort is great if you are a larger person this model vehicle will not be for you due to it being small inside.

- Frank J

Hybrid really lessens gas costs.

2016 Lexus IS

I love the look and sleekness to the vehicle? Will look modern as it ages. I also appreciate the high-tech capabilities available within the interior. The mileage could be better, but I do not have any legitimate problems or complaints about the car.

- Danielle V

It's a great car overall - absolutely perfect for driving around town and getting where you need to go.

2016 Lexus IS

I love my car, it drives very smooth and has great gas mileage. One of my biggest complaints about the car is the type of gas used, however that comes with the territory of driving a luxury car. The stereo and sunroof are also amazing!

- Haley B

It is reliable and great to drive. The service is top notch as well.

2016 Lexus IS

I like the design, the sleek and compact nature. I like that gas mileage it gets and the type of gas that can be utilized. The only thing I don't like is that the visor does not extend enough to block the sun on the side windows.

- Scot L

The headlights are sporty and the bucket seats are as well. I love it in red.

2016 Lexus IS

Safe. Sporty. Comfortable. Reliable. Fast. I have times where I need to break quick and the car is very reliable on the part. The drive is very clean and smooth, very sharp and I love it. Car is sporty and attractive.

- Tiffany M

I leased the exact same car twice now. I absolutely love is smooth driving. The car has also kept me very safe.

2016 Lexus IS

I like the quality of the car. The car has stayed in great shape despite lots of use. The car also drives incredibly smooth. I dislike the cost of maintenance such as oil changing and tire rotations.

- Alexis V

The blind spot monitors are great.

2016 Lexus IS

I like that the vehicle handles well in the snow and has heated leather. I dislike that the Lexus enform is not included with the vehicle. The low profile tires are terrible from northeast roads.

- Melissa A

It should be treated with love because it is a beautiful car.

2016 Lexus IS

Very comfortable to drive. Not as spacious as I would prefer it. Front seats are not for bigger people. Back seats are small. Features are, however, really nice. I love driving my car.

- Olivia M

Super comfortable to drive and ride.

2016 Lexus IS

Very reliable and comfortable. The air ventilation ok the sears is one of my favorite parts of this car. I am on my 4th lease with this car and Lexus has always taken good care of me.

- Nancy D

It needs 93 octane gas, not a big deal. Was something I didn't know at purchase.

2016 Lexus IS

This vehicle is perfect! The lines are great, the drive is smooth and the tech is fantastic! The 2018 has the larger screen, which I feel like is the only missing thing on the 2016.

- Lee S

I love the body design of my vehicle. It is very sporty and sleek.

2016 Lexus IS

Car is very reliable good on gas and fast. I lease my vehicle and I am going to stay with Lexus because the high quality they continue to give through each make and model.

- Alexis M

It is great on gas! Even though it takes premium, it is not expensive to fill and gas lasts a long time.

2016 Lexus IS

I have the sport model, so I love the red leather interior. I also love how easy it is to switch between sport and eco mode. It is good on gas. It has a sleek look.

- Suzi R

I think it is the best value for the money in this segment.

2016 Lexus IS

It has good power. It has a comfortable ride. It has a nice interior, and it has good trunk space. It is good value for the money in the luxury car segment.

- Evan H

The car is a high end luxury car for an affordable price.

2016 Lexus IS

it is very comfortable and drives very smooth. The controls within the car feature a mouse panel which can be used to easily navigate the built in screen.

- tommy t

The most important thing about my car is it is reliable.

2016 Lexus IS

Love my car drives great good features well made looks expensive classy sporty got a great deal on it insurance is high on it do not like that at all.

- Alison B

It drives smoothly but has a very sporty design.

2016 Lexus IS

It is sporty but drives smoothly. It has a sleek design. It gets great gas mileage. It is a bit small inside to not a lot of room to haul anything.

- Meredith H

It drives really well and it is great in gas. It is reliable in all types of weather.

2016 Lexus IS

I like that it is a luxury vehicle. There are snow tire options. You are able to switch between economy and sport options. No complaints.

- Rachel S

It's very sporty and luxurious at the same time. You will love it

2016 Lexus IS

The car is really fun to drive and reliable for long distance traveling. The seats the comfortable along with the space in the back.

- Joseph K

It is a quality and reliable vehicle.

2016 Lexus IS

I love how it handles the road and it is design/quality. I love the features. I dislike the mileage per gallon, and the gas expense.

- Renee F

I love the way it drives. It looks sleek and sporty. It also gets petty good gas mileage. I don't have any complaints at all. I love my car.

2016 Lexus IS

My car is very reliable and worth the money I paid for it. But it is not for everyone. Make sure you test drive it before you buy.

- Mario R

It is so easy to maneuver. It turns sharp and the steering wheel is loose, not tight like other cars.

2016 Lexus IS

My car is easy to drive. It has leather interior and a sunroof. My car has the navigation system and the blind spot recognition.

- Amy C

Gas runs out super quickly and need premium gas.

2016 Lexus IS

Drives so smooth! Love it! Able to drive on eco mode which is a pro! Dislike it takes premium gas but other than that amazing car.

- Casey G

Base model comes well equipped.

2016 Lexus IS

My car is sporty but still comfortable. It has all the features that I want. I wish it were more affordable but I make it work.

- Lauren W

Dream car for any purpose.

2016 Lexus IS

Very reliable and comfortable. The best about this car is it is maneuverability. It has all the features necessary for safety.

- Irene V

It is dependable, easy to drive but slow.

2016 Lexus IS

Should have more option equipment in it.. Like color of car and way it drives.. Luxury feel of car is appealing to passengers.

- Edith G

The most important thing you should know about the Lexus IS250 is that it has a get up and go.

2016 Lexus IS

I really love the Lexus IS250. It drives smoothly. No problems. Great gas mileage. The only con would be it is very compact.

- Hayden S

It has air conditioned seats.

2016 Lexus IS

Dislike: loud road noise, variable cruise control is too sensitive. Like: comfortable seats, acceleration, sound system.

- Allison V

Lexus IS 200T review and test

2016 Lexus IS

The Lexus IS is a comfortable and smooth ride that looks very nice on the inside and outside. It is reliable and trendy

- Michael F

There is no navigation feature.

2016 Lexus IS

I like that it is small and compact; however, it could have better gas mileage. The safety features are nice as well.

- Leah C

It got high gas consumption?.

2016 Lexus IS

How easy it is to maneuver it. The interior and exterior are great. There are all the specifications needed.

- Irene B

It runs well and gets me where I want and need to go reliably.

2016 Lexus IS

I like the style both inside and outside but I don't like that it is bigger than my previous Lexus IS.

- Gail Y

I bought this car because because it run very smooth. It is good on gas. It a great running car..

2016 Lexus IS

The performance is great, I only had the car for 4 months. No problems so far. I really love this car

- wanda m

The most important thing is that it's made by Toyota

2016 Lexus IS

I love how smooth the car drive. The only thing I dislike is that it didn't come with heated seats

- Tafari Worship W

It is quite attractive and sporty and great on gas

2016 Lexus IS

I love the sleek look but we'll be trading soon for a larger vehicle.

- nicole B

The car rides better than a bmw or audi but it may not be as comfortable for long trips

2016 Lexus IS

I like that is smooth. I hate that the car inside feels too small.

- Yosmar B

Well-built. Nice styling. Good handling. Good overall.

2016 Lexus IS

Nice styling. Good road feel. Technically advanced.

- H U

Sporty meets luxury meets practicality.

2016 Lexus IS 4dr Sdn AWD

- Lauren T