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Turn in the mirror and fix navigation.

The navigation system does not work well with voice activation. I have had it is three times am leading and had only been 6 months. Now there is an engine problem. As for the design. The cup holder is not placed well for the driver and the side mirrors need to have a mechanism for turning in. Not just my hand. I already crashed one of mine.

- Susan O

Great looking Lexus with red interior.

I love how my car sounds. You can make it sound loud or little to no sound and have a silent ride. I love the red interior on my car and looks great w it being a dark grey color. The bucket seats are very comfortable. The only problem I have with it are the cup holders they are too far back for me to reach and can be a hassle sometimes.

- Alexis M

Fast but still a very safe car.

I have a 2018 Lexus is300t. I really love it for all the safety features, it warns you to brake when you are approaching to close to a stopped vehicle. I also like that it has pedestrian detection when you are backing up as well as alerting you when you have a car in your blind spot.

- Kim M

My vehicle is modern yet practical.

I currently drive a Lexus IS300, I have been a Lexus customer for 15 years. I feel like I get all of the bells and whistles for a very reasonable price. I drive in comfort everyday and know. I am driving a safe and reliable car.

- Amber L

The car is very spacious for a sports model

I love the sound system and comfort of sitting in car. The leather interior and the f sport accents. I dislike the navigation system because it is not android. I dislike not having park assist

- Amar D

It's a stylish car and fits my personality.

I like the sportiness; I do not like the powertrain; it's not fast enough for me; it does not have a place to put your sunglasses; do not like that my gas tank is not electric

- Kelly i

Lexus is sporty and classic.

No problems. Very sporty, reliable, comfortable for the size, and great features. Could use a place for sunglasses but that is my only suggestion for improvement.

- Sha D

It is very comfortable and soft.

It is fine as of right now, although it does have an occasional malfunction, I will not be getting another car anytime soon, unless something bad happens.

- Dylan T

It has Air conditioning on the seats. and it feels very heavy when you brake.

I love the metallic color. the red leather seats. some of these features.I wish the apps on the screen were actually relevant to what I need.


Lexus IS Mid level Luxury

Very fast, sporty bumpy ride, interior is cramped, acceleration fast, but feels like muted power band. Styling is attractive.

- Derek N

It is extremely reliable, it has 120k miles on it and we've had no major issues.

I love the technology and the sleekness of the car. It looks badass and drives like a dream.. I wish it had memory seats..

- Stephanie E

there is no problems with the car at this moment. performance and comfort is excellent

performance is amazing , same as comfort, car is very low so you would have to very careful going over speed bumps.

- nahyeon k

Good pick up. Looks good. Drives well

Good power Looks good Drives well No complaints

- Allen S