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Very reliable car that gets great gas mileage and as long as its well taken care of you should not expect any major issues except your basic upkeep.

Have not had any major complications. Had basic upkeep after average mileage use such as breaks. After 5 years of use needed to fix the alternator. This was by well upkeep of keeping up with oil changes, use of synthetic oil,and use of quality midgrade gas. Would anticipate more complications if it wasn't well kept. It's a great car and very reliable. No major issues to worry about. Also drives smoothly with great gas mileage. Love the added comfort features like the heated seats.

- Lisa F

2001 Lexus ls430 reliability.

The performance is great. I do not have a lot of problems with this car. The reliability is great. The car turns on smoothly in the winter like in the summertime. The car is very roomy inside. The trunk is big. For comfort, the seats have heat and cool temperature controls, the back seats have the same plus massages for the back in both back seats. The problems I have had with this car are the usual that comes with owning an older model car. Nothing that serious.

- Francisco D

Perform routine maintenance you will be able to drive this car for a long time.

I currently drive a 2001 Lexus ls 430 and love it!! I have been driving this vehicle for 15 years. I have not had any major issues. She is having a little blowing white smoke upon cranking but she is 17 years old. My car has always started. I have only had to perform routine maintenance. This is my second Lexus and if I can afford to Lexus will be the only car that I drive.

- Yolanda H

Excellent sound system and low road noise or engine noise.

Very reliable car, even though it is old. I have owned this vehicle for over 2 years and have had no mechanical problems at all. The Lexus is extremely comfortable with soft leather seats, comfortable road performance, little road noise, and exceptional sound system. Many comfort and safety features. Excellent climate control.

- Tamara E

I love the wood feature in the car. It makes the car look very luxurious.

There is nothing bad I can say because I am still in the honeymoon period with my vehicle. I love the way it drives and handles the road. The look is a plus as well. The performance on the highway is very impressive. If I had to purchase another vehicle I would chose this vehicle all over again.

- Selina D

Original exhaust system after 212000 miles. Comfortable for all; big value.

This is the best vehicle I have ever owned. Had it for 18 years and 212000 miles. Maintenance is expensive, but worth it. Comfortable in every sense. Only breakdown is light bulbs. Original exhaust system. Exterior has no sun damage or paint fade. Truly a find!

- Paul S

My vehicle is small, grey, and reliable. I feel amazing when I am driving it and am proud to say it is still in good condition after 20 years.

My comfortable and reliable car has lasted for 20 years! It has not had any issues until recently due to its old age. Although it is old in age, it still runs properly and I am sure with proper care, will continue to run for quite some time.

- Natali C

It use to be really cool.

The car is beginning to fall apart. The car is just becoming old and out of style, the suits are ripping and the wheel is falling apart the sit are very uncomfortable and the car is very loud when it is cooling down.

- Page M

It is white, so the scratches show up easily, as well as the rust spots. It is an older model. It does drive pretty smooth and is overall reliable.

I like the size and ease of drive. I do not like that it does not have automatic locks. I do not like that is doesn't have automated windows. I wish it had Bluetooth option. But It's because it is an old vehicle.

- kelli i

Hard top convertible is great feature!

Have had for 16 years. Minimal problems. Hard top convertible, drives very well. Very striking looking, putting top up and down is very easy.

- Cathy S

It will last a long time.

It is very quiet.. It is very smooth driving.. It is a great turning radius.. It has some unexpected mechanical issues.

- Erwin W

A lot of room inside. Very comfortable to drive and not easy to steal.

I like the luxury. I like the space inside. I do not like the cost to fix it. I do not like the miles per gallon.

- Frank D

It's very expensive to maintain a luxury car. A luxury car looks great.

Like the ride. Nice looking car. Great acceleration. Very expensive to do routine maintenance.

- Denell S

safety and price both are very important

I love my car it never have any problem and very safa

- kung K