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Pros & cons of the Lexus SUV from a 15 yr. Owner.

2002 Lexus LS

My Lexus lx 300 is the best car I have had. We have a Ford history of approx. 10 cars & trucks. The lx is a smaller SUV but when the back seats fold down we have gotten small furniture & large Costco hauls in it. Longer items can be laid all the way between the front seats without interference with driving. It sits on a small truck frame & has 4 wheel drive. It is a 6 cylinder but can zip u right into freeway traffic. The down side is a big one. The oil sensor signals by gravity. I hope they have addressed this to be more reliable. My light never came on until I drove down a sloped driveway. Despite driving a block home, the damage was already done-no overheating, oil light, nothing. Lexus would not take responsibility for this glitch despite admitting there was no way of knowing your oil light worked unless u drove downhill. It cost us 11 000. 00. At exactly 100., 000 miles & having kept up to date service. So, still have it. Still love it. Still pissed that a 50, 000 car didn't have a better oil notification.

- Connie S

Road warrior that has lasted the test of time!

2002 Lexus LS

I love my car it has outlasted what I would have expected. I drive my car on a regular basis and it has held the test of time. If you perform the regular routine maintenance and perform regular tire rotations and wheel alignments and keep high performance tires on it you will not have any issues. I drive my car long distances of over one thousand miles and it still handles great on the long trips. My ac still blows ice cold and the heat is still hot. I will purchase another Lexus. I would recommend the Lexus brand to anyone looking to buy a car. This is a great car.

- Michelle C

It is reliable and still looks new after many years of use.

2002 Lexus LS

The vehicle is comfortable, reliable, has not had any major problems (in 16 years), still looks new, has nice features like seat adjustment-saving and a steering wheel that comes down when you turn the car on, etc. The a/c also cools it off fast when I get in.

- Katie C

The Lexus ls is a beautiful luxury car.

2002 Lexus LS

Only had to replace tires when needed and of course oil change. Basic maintenance. The car still rides like new, looks new. Have not have to do any paint work. Sound system is great Bose speakers. Bought car new, car is 16 years old, and still runs like new.

- Leonard B

They do not make cars like this anymore.

2002 Lexus LS

This is the best car I have ever owned. Very little maintenance, luxurious ride, I will drive it until the wheels fall off. It is 17 years old, came out in sept 2001 and I am just now having to replace the catalytic converters.

- Janice J

It ages very well--long lasting.

2002 Lexus LS

Comfort and smoothness of the ride. It has a lot of legroom, durable and very stable. Steering quality is beyond expectations with quite a modern, sleek styling.

- Willa W

I want people to know that Lexus car are expensive but well worth the price.

2002 Lexus LS

I love my vehicle because it is comfortable and roomy. It has a pretty misty green looking color. My seat are high up and I don't have to bend down to get in it.

- Violet B

Good gas mileage and durable, low maintenance. Nothing else, Nothing else, Nothing else, Nothing else

2002 Lexus LS

Nothing. I don't have any complaints..nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing

- yvonne t