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The comfortable and beautiful Lexus.

The vehicle has very comfortable seats. They are leather and tan colored. It has a lumbar to help with back pain. In the winter time it has wonderful heated seats that warm your bottom. It has tan interior with wood grain on the dash and steering wheel and all through out the console. My Lexus has third row seating so I can take all my family in one vehicle. It will haul 6 people. Did I mention it's all leather? It has air ride so going down a bumpy road is still smooth. It has 4 wheel drive, so if I get stuck or it snows I am still safe. It has a rear backup camera to help me see. The only thing I don't like is the low gas mileage.

- Lisa R

Lexus ls 2006: better cup holders, please!

Car performs well. Good gas mileage and comfortable interior. The 2 cupholders are flimsy and insufficient. The built-in GPS features a large dash screen which cannot be turned off and is difficult to use. We use our phones instead. Overall, a good car. For my family, I would prefer a small SUV or crossover (with adequate cupholders. ).

- Ami P

My take on the 2006 Lexus ls.

The vehicle runs great. Smooth. I love my Lexus. It is super comfortable. Smooth ride. Very Reliable. It is very spacious. It's an older model but still runs like new. It Has never left me stranded. It is very Good on gas. The mileage is a little high but it still runs like new. The paint is still very nice looking.

- Emily G

Riding on a cloud in a Lexus.

It is very reliable. A very smooth ride. Leather holds up. Only needs routine maintenance. Very safe car. Very spacious back seat. Has seat massagers and seat heaters in back. They also recline. The trunk has a ton of room for a few suitcases. The air conditioning vents also oscillate in the front.

- Kyle M

The 2006 Lexus ls with luxurious feathers inside and out.

I have not yet ran into any real problems with this car. The performance of this vehicle is great and reliable. This vehicle is considered a luxury car and it features power windows, air conditioning, leather seats and interior. It comes with a CD deck which can hold up to 5 CD's at once.

- Nai S

It might look like an old white guys car but it's very comfortable and worth maintaining

Love the intuitive features like the electronic key fob that also functions as a real key when the battery dies. I love the small touches that make the car user friendly like the ability to adjust the passenger seat while sitting in the driver seat (buttons on left side of passenger seat)

- Nicole B

Best car I ever owned. It still drives like a new car.

Very reliable and comfortable. Only major problem has been the CD player which I had to replace four times. Great handling. It still drives like a new car. You have to use premium gas which is a negative for me. I like that it has heated seats and also air conditioned seats.

- Kenneth M

Great, reliable car that I recommend.

I love my car! It is physically gorgeous and very eye catching. It performs well and is reliable. I love the automatic seats, the voice commands, and the high tech screen inside. The seats are also very comfortable and the compact size is not bothersome to me personally.

- Hannah A

Ride in style. The doors have a suctioning mechanism when lightly closed.

Lexus ls pearl white, power windows & locks, sunroof, heated seats driver and passenger, airbags, am/FM radio, CD player, Bluetooth, screen to see when backing up and getting close to things, low gas mileage, doors automatically close when lightly pushed shut.

- Diane H

Lexus LS- Great Car All Things Considered

Overall it's a really great car. Nice, dependable, very few problems. There have been minor issues with the electrical system over the years, but that's all I can think of. Also the gas mileage isn't great. But that aside, like I said, great car overall.

- Chris H

It's very reliable and total luxury.

I love it. It is very quiet. You can hardly tell the engine is running. It is very reliable as a car. The doors automatically shut so don't have to be worried about the kids door side remaining open.

- Maryam A

Lexus: A League of their own!

Never detected anything negative. Absolutely the finest vehicle I have ever owned. I would strongly endorse anyone who wanted a Lexus to move ahead. The dealers are outstanding!

- Carlton C

Ride is smooth and comfortable with great ac.

I like how smooth and comfortable of a ride. 164000 miles and it is riders like new. 6 disc CD player. Responsive and reliable.

- Ken M

It is well maintained and has low miles.

I love the style and comfort. It drives like a dream and is very quiet, but do not like the cost of premium gas.

- Tod P

The chairs are comfortable.

Engine is not strong. Features are not fashionable. The chairs are comfortable. Performances are good.

- Le N

That it is the best car I have ever owned. It was the smartest car I car purchase I have made.

It's beautiful looking with extremely comfortable leather seats and it drives very smooth and quiet.

- Cody C

Safety and performance is very special to me in a luxury car.

I love my Lexus LS 330 and I can't wait to purchased a certified used LS360!

- Ruth J

Comfortable Luxury Sedan with GPS

Drive nice. Handling Well. Comfortable.

- Richard H