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The fact that my seats get cold as my hair flows with the wind is awesome.

I honestly live the way the leather smells when I sit in my car. I do not have to hook nothing up to hear my favorite song on YouTube loud in my car. I just hit Bluetooth and on top of it all my windows are slightly tinted. It really protects my eyes while driving and the seats heat up and they also get cool for the summer with the windows down. I love my car and the way the shape of it reminds me of a sports car from out of space intrigued me before anything.

- Shay B

Smoothest ride ever with the perfect temperature.

I love this car. The only issue I really have is with the quality of the radio and speakers. Very poor. Otherwise you will love it. Very roomy and you feel like you're on a cloud it rides so smooth. I love the heated seats and my husband loves the cooled seats. One issue is that I go too fast because you cannot feel or here it.

- Lu H

Most bang for your buck/great investment

Not much storage space, but it is considered a smaller sedan, so that's not a huge issue. It's sleek and even comfortable for long rides, considering it's tight knit spacing. Parts and labor aren't too pricey and it's very reasonable. But I rarely even have issues.

- Tiff A

Been driving Lexus vehicles since 1998 and have them to always be reliable. Vehicle rides great whether on the open road or around town. In addition, maintenance/repair costs are inexpensive compared to other high-end vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes, etc...

- Charles J

Seats that can be set automatically is helpful/ keyless entry is convenient.

No problems, with any mechanical issues! The comfort is nice. It is a bit tighter than we would like, but do like it has been very reliable and I like the make and model overall. The heated/ac seats are a real plus. The leather seats are very comfortable.

- Rita K

It is very comfortable and has a lot of space. I can use it to store lots of stuff.

My vehicle works great. It is very reliable and gets me to where I need to get to. It is very comfortable. Has sunroof, automatic features, backup camera.

- Rudy A

It is all wheel drive and great in the snow. The all wheel drive increase the overall performance

I like the power and performance. I like the heated/cooled seats. I like the Lexus connect remote start from my phone. I don't like premium fuel

- Ryan S

It's looks fast while sitting still! It's a pleasure to drive.

I like the feel, fit and thoughtfulness of my car. It responds well, corners beautifully. Gives me an enjoyable drive. Plus it looks dramatic.

- Cheryl F

simple clean interior design

My vehicle takes me from destination to destination without a problem. Good quality and not many technical issues.

- daisy b

the ride options and quality

no complaints. solid quality built car. have owned it 4 years now no problems

- elane Z

it's very faster and it's comfortable for my family

i love the design of my car, i feel safe with the technology of the vehicle

- Devin T