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Loving the Lexus nx 200t f-sport.

The Lexus nx is a chic crossover. I fell in love with the exterior design. I have the f-sport model. I am a little annoyed that Lexus rebranded the car as an nx300 because now it looks as though I have the old model as the nx 200. It is not as roomie as I would have liked. My Camry had more space, but it is good for me as a single gal. The seats fold down in the back which is a def upgrade from the ski hole design of my Camry. I haven't really had any issues with the car. It is comfortable and I also love the leather interior. I wish it had dual cooling seats though like the sedans. The nx 200 only has heated seats. I like that I can switch between eco, normal and sport mode when driving.

- Stacy T

It is expensive to service.

I absolutely love my car. I was previously driving a Toyota 4runner but it was just too large. I love the size of my car and I feel like it is a great car for when we have a baby. It has a lot of trunk space and the seats easily fold down for more storage room. The only complaint I have about the car is the a Lexus is very expensive to get serviced! We just had the 40 thousand mile service and it was several hundred dollars! I love the car and it gets great gas mileage and drives great. . . Just expensive to service. That is my only warning if you are thinking of getting one.

- Mary S

The mouse pad controls the screen instead of touch screen for safety concerns.

I recently purchased a Lexus SUV from CarMax which was my dream vehicle. I absolutely love my vehicle and feel like it is very reliable and the routine maintenance checks that the dealership does make me feel like everything is in really good shape. The gas mileage is pretty good at 26 mpg but I drive a lot so it could get a little better. Also, when bringing my vehicle to the dealership for routine checks, it gets pretty expensive especially their check they do every 30,000 miles. It cost $500 dollars when I thought I was just going in for a oil change.

- Megan G

Turbo engine, good gas mileage, bang for your buck

I like almost everything about it though I was upset that I wasn't able to get the F-Sport package for my car when I purchased it. The F-Sport package in my region did not come with ventilated seats (at the time) which was a deal breaker for me in Houston Texas weather. Would have much preferred the styling of the F-Sport but am still overall satisfied with my car. Also a little irritated that two model years later, the 10 inch navigation screen that is used in the RX became standard equipment in the NX.

- Amanda H

An unexpected gem found in the Lexus nx 200t.

The Lexus nx 200t has been an unexpected surprise. No major issues after 3 years, safe, reliable and convenient. Love that I can control the vehicle from my cell phone. Favorite features include rear view camera, interior and exterior lighting and the blind spot monitor. In 3 years have only needed to change oil 6 times. Had one issue with a safety recall that was resolved, though the dealership was very slow to resolve. Nothing to do with the vehicle. Great purchase and well worth the investment.

- Jane T

The NX200T is a smaller SUV that offers tons of luxury and is a great vehicle for a mom like me trying to stay cool while going around town!

I currently drive a Lexus NX200t that I love! It has sporty red leather interior and is the sport package with the sportier grill. I love all of the advanced features and the ride is smooth. The only thing I dislike would be the space but it is only because I now have a child that I did not have when I initially purchased the car. It has great space for everyday, but difficult to use for family trips with car seats.

- Tara M

I love my lexis it is the best car I have ever had.

My Lexus is great the only service I have had done on it was all regular oil changes and rotating the tires the inside is lovely leather and the seats are multi way adjustable I love the heated and cooled seats the storage area is big enough for a few overnight bags soap taking a trip is really easy fuel mileage is great I get over 30 miles a gallon and I love being able to fill up the tank for less than $30.

- Kim S

Lexus provides serious comfort.

I love my Lexus. The luxury elements like the heated steering wheel, heated and cooling seats and the back up camera are wonderful! The car handles great in the snow and I really enjoy the keyless entry. Everyone who rides in it loves how comfortable the seats are. Passengers in the back seat can even recline their seats.

- Jen B

Stylish with great performance and gas mileage.

I love my 2015 Lexus nx200t. It is stylish, classy and fits my personality. Has great performance with turbo and give great gas mileage. Seats 4 comfortably and has safety features I expect. Love the sunroof option and back up camera feature. Would certainly purchase this Lexus model again.

- Gerry G

Classic style that will last for years. Lexus has interior.

Cool styling and excellent performance and gas mileage. Interior comfort and fit consistent for a luxury brand. Forward looking classic and timely styling. Safety features give sense of protection for my family. Standard features make driving experience fun and exciting.

- John A

It is the best vehicle I have ever owned and I will probably always own a Lexus.

No complaints. I love my vehicle. It is sleek and sexy. The ride in nice and quiet. It feels like luxury. When I need service the dealership is fantastic and the waiting room is nice. They have Wifi so I can work while I wait.

- Cindy S

Dependable, never have to, worry about any electrical or mechanical issues.

Very reliable, no problems at all, good highway gas mileage, has only needed scheduled services after almost 70, 000 miles. Ne dr rain sensing wipers to make it perfect as was not offered on this model which first introduced.

- Susan R

The gas mileage isn't great and it requires premium fuel

It's used, so I dislike that the navigation screen is slightly smudged. The navigation/entertainment system could be a lot more intuitive and easy to use. I love the comfort of the seats, but wish they were ventilated.

- Danielle B

The NX200T is part of the Lexus family.

The Lexus NT200 is the perfect vehicle for me! I love the size of this SUV and the NT200 is so easy to handle. All the features you want in a vehicle. The only dislike the NT200 uses premium unleaded gasoline.

- Marilyn S

This car has great safety features. Blind spot monitors, back-up camera, front sensors etc.

I love the Lexus NX, it is sleek, modern and easy to drive. Now that I have blind spot monitors, I can't imagine going back to a vehicle without them. Would definitely recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Nicolina S

I love the look of the Lexus NX. It's unique front bumper was appealing to me. It has been an extremely reliable vehicle. It's a four cylinder but picks up quickly on the highway. Smooth and comfortable ride.

Most comfortable and reliable vehicle I have ever owned. Buying this vehicle was the a big decision and I could not have been happier with what I've got!

- Lisa P

Reliable but expensive to maintain

The car is great. I have never had any issues. It handles nicely and is extremely reliable. The only thing is that maintenance can be expensive.

- Jenifer D

It is a beautiful vehicle. The curves are stylish and sleek. The interior is upgraded with leather everywhere!

I love the style of my car. I do not live the navigation system. It is controlled by a mouse between the two seat. I would prefer a touchscreen.

- Kathy A

It fits my style and personality.

I love that it is an affordable, luxury vehicle. I also like that it is my favorite color, red. I also like that handles great on the road.

- Tara J

This vehicle has all the bells and whistles of a luxury car.

I really love everything about my car it has many features including heated and cooling seats, automatic trunk and safety motion feature.

- Laura B

Reliable, very good mileage, stylish, comfortable, latest technology implemented, safe

My lexus NX is a Hybrid one and performs very smooth, no problems at all, amazing comfort and style. Reliable and excellent value overall

- James W

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it is very high quality and a good product.

I like the design of the interior. I also like how it feels and works. I dislike how the seats are a little uncomfortable at times.

- Jordan H

Great family mid size SUV with all the luxury features

Everything great except fuel consumption. I love the durability and easy to use features on lexus. Great mid size SUV for a family

- Mythri K

Love my Lexus! I especially love the side mirrors that tell me if someone is in my blind spot!

I have not had major problems with my Lexus. What bothers me the most is that there is not a place to put my sunglasses.

- Tina S

Great on long trips, smooth ride, supportive seats.

Love everything about it except voice recognition, I have a really hard time getting it to recognize what I am saying.

- Ellen S

I like the way it rides. The seats are extremely comfortable and the systems are easy to learn. The touchpad is a little finicky but other than that, love it.

Worth the buy for sure. If you are willing to spend a little money for a decent car, i would recommend Lexus.

- Alexa H

reliable and roomy with lots of very great features. Gets great gas mileage, but requires premium gas.

It is reliable and sporty and fun to drive. Get great gas mileage and is very roomy,

- Leo O

It is reliable and very comfortable. It holds Its value.

I love the design. The leather is unique and it rides and drive like a sports car

- Kirk T

Emissions are almost zero.

Safe, high and beautiful. Great hybrid mileage. No complaints.

- NoneA R