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My Lexus is great with only very minor deficits.

My Lexus has a very sleek, white exterior and a sophisticated brown leather interior, which is my favorite part. My friends often compliment me on those aspects the most. The Bluetooth connection in the car is great. It connects immediately as I turn the car on. However, one problem I have with this is that when I plug in my phone to charge it, the output in which my music comes out will change to USB on my phone, but the settings will stay on Bluetooth for my car so I would have to manually switch it. I wish it would just stay as Bluetooth even though I plugged in a USB cord. I have never had a problem with the performance. My car drives beautifully, but even though it is on eco mode, the gas seems to drop drastically.

- Hye Bin O

Great but one downside. The back opening is too small.

I love the size of my f sport Lexus nx. Although the downside is the trunk opening is small and it is difficult to get larger items in the back. It is a small size SUV and the seats fold down and that is convenient. But the small opening does limit what you can put into the vehicle. It is a comfortable car and handles well. The sports package is very attractive. Gas mileage is ok not the greatest. The size is what appeals to me the most. Driving higher and in a slightly bigger vehicle is nice.

- Donna M

Clean, luxury SUV with safety features, technology features, comfort and style.

I feel so incredibly comfortable in this car. Space was a huge reason I switched from a sports car to an SUV and this car definitely delivers on that, while not being overbearing. The safety features indeed make me feel safe. There is an sos safety button and identifiers in the car to let you know when something needs attention. The look is clean and leather is strong. The car has GPS capabilities, Bluetooth and siriusxm! All around, it is a great package.

- Jessica N

I love the turbo engine. It is a smooth transition when driving.

The nx has a great turbo so you can get going fast. It rides like a dream; speed bumps are no longer my worst enemy. The cooling and heating seats. Are a plus. The leather seats, sun and moon roof are nice amenities. While the price for any luxury car is high, I love my nx. It is the smoothest ride I have ever had in a car. I feel that the high price is worth the amenities. Lexus has a good warranty on all their vehicles.

- Joy G

I love the sporty capability of my car.

The Lexus nx 200t f-type is a perfect sporty car for anyone. It is a wonderful family vehicle with 5 seats and very roomy trunk. It comes with beautifully stitched black and red leather seats with black carpet and not only carpet mats but weather mats as well. The car comes with modern accessories such as heated seats, bluetooth, backup camera and more.

- ClAudia P

Blind Spot Monitor included in the car is very important for safe driving.

It gives me great comfort to drive my Lexus NX. The car has a lot of safety features with the Blind Spot Monitor being my favorite. The sleek interior and easy access controls on the steering wheel make it easier to stay focused on the road. The only issue I have with the car is the Bluetooth connection. It often fails to connect.

- Fran L

It is a bit pricey but so enjoyable to drive. The dealership offers "free" food while you wait for your car to be serviced.

I like the voice commands so that I can access my cell phone and GPS without having to take my hands off the wheel. The car has XM Sirius radio that I subscribe to and enjoy. This car also has great pickup and is very easy to handle. The backup camera is something that I use every day. I do not have any complaints.

- Janet M

App feature allows you to crank your car from your phone.

Heated and cooled seats, Bluetooth compatibility, camera, parking assist, different driving setting (economic, normal, sport). Safety features which include automatic braking and warning when to break if approaching a car too fast. App feature allows you to crank your car from your phone.

- Michelle D

Luxury and quality in one car.

The Lexus NX is comfortable and reliable car, vert luxury and economy. I have 2 years with this car and the performance is great, haven't had any issues with electric system. Even that it looks like an small car from the outside it is very spacious with a lot of room in the trunk too.

- Flor G

Lexus review for the nx 200.

The nx is very similar to the rx but it is a smaller frame. Even though it has a 4-cylinder engine it does not get that much better gas mileage as compared to the 6-cylinder in the rx. It has the standard Lexus bells and whistles and rides great. It handles great as well.

- Mel L

Easy driving. Great comfortable car easy to drive and haul whatever you need.

The car is great. Very smooth ride accelerates well. Interior is warm and comfy. Back seat comfortable for adults with long legs. My only complaint is that it takes premium gas. Plenty of storage area. The seats go up and down easily for longer items when necessary.

- Gail G

Lexus nx 200t SUV offers great value and luxury!

I love my Lexus! I love that I am able to select from sport to eco for driving. It has a lot of get up and go for an SUV. Interior is very luxurious and comfortable. Back seats recline slightly for the comfort of your guests. Also has a great sound system.

- Lynda D

Quick Review of 2016 Lexus NX.

We have been very pleased with the performance, styling, etc. to date, but we have some concerns about the cargo capacity. We owned three Lexus RX SUVs in the past and may return to that model when we purchase our next vehicle.

- Ray H

Wastes gas a little quicker than I'd like. That's the downside of having an SUV. But compared to other SUVs mine is good on gas usage.

The vehicle is very stylish and helps me express my style. I love all the technical features included such as sport mode. The interior is comfortable. My vehicle is an SUV so I like how high I am compared to other cars.

- Sam Q

The Lexus NX is a luxury crossover SUV with technology advancements and functionality advantages.

I like my vehicle. Crossover SUV that's not too small but also not too big. Very sporty and handles similar to a small coupe. Only complaint is I wish the in-car navigation system was more user friendly.

- AJ W

drives smoothly & quietly

Like the comfort, exterior/interior design, acceleration. Dislike the mousepad to navigate screen (too distracting to use & drive at same time), trunk space too small/short while front/hood too long/deep.

- A H

The value is fantastic! It is priced so well.

I love the size! It feels like an SUV while also small enough that it does not feel like a truck. I love that it is a lexus, but for the price of something cheaper. It is really nice!

- Esther D

It is a very responsive vehicle and keeps you safe while on the road.

I love my Lexus because it is so technologically advanced that it thinks of doing things before I can. I feel safe and it is amazingly responsive. I have absolutely no complaints.

- Jan K

The most important thing are the safety features of the car!

It's beautiful! Sleek and modern. The interior is a beautiful combination of cream and black. I feel VERY safe in it with all of It's blind spot monitoring and backup camera etc!

- Debbie L

Not only does it look great, it drives great.

My lexus is stylish and sporty. It drives great and It's even more fun to drive in sport mode! The only thing i dislike about it would be the touchpad for the navigation.

- Tanja v

It is an SUV, but it is just the right size.

It is just the right size. Excellent ride. Good on gas mileage. Handles well. Easy to park especially parallel parking. There is nothing that I dislike. No complaints.

- Dawn C

It's a technologically advanced and safe vehicle

My vehicle is roomy, smooth, easy to handle, technologically advanced. I dislike the need for premium gas and the poor mileage. I like the dealer customer service.

- Denise M

It is a great car to have. I thoroughly enjoy the car.

The only complaint I have is sometimes the electrics don't work; the seat movement, the parking assist, when there is someone or something near the car alert.

- Sandra K

Great car - needs digital clock

The Lexus NX is a fabulous luxury car. Literally the only thing it's missing is a digital clock. Other than that, the car is everything I wanted.

- Jamie F

Very reliable transportation.

I like the size of my vehicle. It handles like a car and large enough to hold luggage, ladders and other large purchases. Great gas mileage.

- Suzanne C

I like the way it rides and some of the comfort features

i dislike that the heated steering wheel doesn't cover the entire wheel. I hate that the remote start doesn't work with just the key fob.

- heather C

The sport package comes with bucket seats and they are uncomfortable.

I love the color. I love the smooth ride. I also like that its spacious. I do not like that the seats are so hard.

- Stephanie G

NX great car for the money...

Love this car. It is a bit smaller than the rx350 that I used to have but it drives nicely and is a great car...

- Jennifer G

it feels like riding on a pillow

My vehicle is a beauty inside and out. I like the comfort, quiet ride and feeling of luxury it provides.

- Zina G

The Lexus brand is of high quality. The service is amazing and the car is beautiful.

The car is compact yet roomy. It rides nicely and it looks great. It is decent on gas mileage as well.

- Megan D

Its versatile, sleek and has many new features.

Awesome vehicle and great service at the dealership! Will never drive anything else but Lexus vehicles.

- Amanda R

it has good gas mileage for a compact suv, which means less trips to the gas station & saving money.

good compact suv with ability hold a good amount of cargo; good gas mileage; reliable car manufacturer

- serena k

It's very safe and comfortable!

My vehicle is sporty yet functional. It drives really well and I love all the safety features.

- Meredith L

That it is a hybrid SUV. It is economical to drive and fun to drive. I feel safe and comfortable in my car.

I like that it's a small SUV. I like that it is a hybrid. It is fun to drive and economic.ical.

- Marilyn K

It is comfortable for the driver and passengers with nice interior design.

I like it because it is reliable. It is well designed. It has comfortable interior.

- Ric W

my care is reliable and dependable.

it is reliable and safe. i like the interior design. the exterior is modern.

- Dan S

classy reads real smooth, comfortable

no complaints, love my lexus nx. Great styling , comfort , gas mileage

- Eliot G

Built in navigation that is great.And it rides very nice, We had a Toyota 4-Runner and it was just to big!

I don't generally drive, bit I could drive this sport utility.

- Pamela B

The Lexus NX200t is the most comfortable car I have ever driven for long trips. For short trips around town, the car is easy to handle and has excellent brakes.

The most important feature of the car is it looks great

- Bill T

It's comfortable to drive and has a few convenient features

Reliable compact SUV in a unique brown hue.

- Lana W

Well set up hybrid with a luxurious feel in the inside.

- Danielle G