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Honest review of Lexus nx.

I have had my Lexus nx200t for a little over a year. In that time, there have not been any performance problems or reliability issues. The following are the pros about the car: Subcompact luxury SUV Edgy styling Comfortable interior Ample leg room in the back The following are the cons about the car: Infotainment controls Voice navigation system Average 21 miles per gallon Small cargo area There were two big selling points for me when I purchased this car. First, I really enjoyed the interior. It features softly cushioned seats and plenty of high-end features. Second, I was very impressed by the customer service at the dealership. There are 80 bays available to work on the cars. There are three different types of waiting rooms; sports, quiet, and general. There is a coffee bar where you can get free coffee and pastries. I also get free car washes for life. There are two downsides the car. First, the infotainment control is a touchpad system. It is difficult to predict how it is going to behave. It is also located down near the gear shift on the center console. Between these two things, it feels like a recipe for an accident if used while driving. It would be nicer if they had a touch screen option. Second, the voice navigation system has a very difficult time understanding me. I have tried on several occasions to tell it an address and it has yet to understand me and enter the correct address.

- Jennifer T

Love that it has everything I need in a compact size.

My nx200t is beautiful. The black leather seats provide extreme comfort along with warmth in the winter when the heated selection is turned on. The dashboard is user friendly and provides all you need at your fingertips like auto drive, audio button, phone, menu. The gps on my old Lexus was superior to the present navigation system the car comes with. Not liking it at all which I already the dealer aware of. Backing up video eco mode, auto start. . The look of the car is sleek and although it comfortably big with lots of room inside when your in it, the outside is compact. The car rides very smooth and quiet. No car problems to date.

- Angelo F

I recommend this vehicle if you want a safe, reliable and fuel efficient vehicle.

I was looking for a SUV for my family. I always owned compact cars and loved Toyota's. I wanted something more premium for my family. I traded in my Toyota sienna for the nx200t. I was thinking about buying a rav4 or a highlander but I found the nx was better. It is safe and reliable and a fun to drive vehicle. I love that the vehicle has all the bells and whistles my family needs. I had no problems yet with this vehicle and I will always stick with Lexus. I recommend this vehicle if you want a safe, reliable, responsive and fuel efficient vehicle.

- Cindy H

Lexus nx, the mid-size SUV that can do it all!

We have owned our Lexus nx for 5 months! We absolutely love everything about it. We previously drove a large SUV that was bulky and awful on gas. We made the decision to downsize & shopped around until we came across this perfect mid-size SUV. The look, performance and gas mileage has been nothing less than spectacular. I am a stay at home mom who totes around three little boys in this SUV and it has help up to all of my expectations. I would recommend this SUV to anyone in the market who is looking for something stylish and dependable.

- Kayla R

No need for bigger when you’ve got better! Road view, mileage, customer service,

The nix is the absolute perfect size for anyone. There’s plenty of leg room, head room & it excels in passenger comfort. The suspension is tight, so no granny ride here. Seats are enveloping, perfect for short drives and road trips. Lots of cargo space to fit most things & my favorite is the cargo nets to hold groceries. The extra amenities & attention to detail make this one of the best small SUVs I have driven. It is feels totally safe & high enough that you can see the road. Plus, you get the awesome customer service from Lexus.

- Katherine L

Luxury, safety, and comfort. Lexus 300 f-sport.

I love my car, it is feels very sturdy while driving. It has great features such as rear-view camera, Bluetooth capabilities, powered seats, memory seats, the trunk also open and closes with the push of a button. If you love the sports car look you will love how this car looks on the outside, the sport model has unique features and looks very modern. Oh and did I mention it has a turbo? It sounds great, there are two features, the sports mode as well as the economy mode. Great car and I am very happy with it.

- Mi F

Love this car! Reliable, great price, and beautiful.

100% reliable. No issues to date. I would 100% recommend this car. The brand has a great reputation and it the car lives up to it. The gas mileage wonderful and I can often go 7 or more days before needing to fill up- even with a lot of driving. The car is comfortable for me, my pups, and any passengers. There are a lot of features, options, and add-ons to make anyone happy and customize their car specifically to their liking. 1000% would recommend this car to anyone!

- Linda C

The dependable affordable Lexus.

The Lexus nx is a dynamite car. It has a peppy engine and is far more comfortable than it appears. The backseat is very comfortable with lots of legroom and space. The trunk is big and has space for luggage and golf clubs and groceries. It has zero problems and is 100% reliable and affordable. I love the backup camera and all the features. The standard package on the nx matches the most deluxe packages on a lot of other cars/SUV�s.

- Allison T

Overall great car. Waiting for technological advances.

I truly do believe that Lexus makes the most efficient vehicles. They can power through those tough conditions while looking good. My only problem with mine at least is it is voice recognition feature. It malfunctions often and picks up incorrect words. I specifically got this feature for my safety while driving however it ultimately lead to a more frustrated and tempered me.

- Tyler D

Loving my first Lexus nx!

I love how my car rides. It is a very comfortable smooth ride. The car is also very quiet. Very little road noise. In snow it handles well with it being all wheel drive. One thing I wish is that we had spent the extra money on the model with the GPS and nicer front grill. The heated steering wheel also is a must! It may be my favorite feature.

- Molly C

Lexus NX - The Sporty SUV

Overall, the NX is a great car. It's super comfortable. I love the seat cooling feature. It's really helpful as I live somewhere warm year-round. My complaints would be that it doesn't get great gas mileage. I feel like I have to go fill up gas once a week. Also, there's not enough power especially when I'm trying to accelerate quickly.

- Katy J

Lexus 2017 vehicle review.

The car drives beautifully. No issues with the car thus far. The performance is smooth, great for road trips, and great on mileage. Has great features inside like a hold button so if you are sitting at a red light, you press the hold button so you do not have to keep your foot on the break. Love this car!

- Rachel A

My vehicle is a small size SUV with comfort and style that exudes luxury.

It has a great interior, through the roof can be low. The headrest also gets in the way of my hairstyles (true of most vehicles). I have to put it in sports mode when I merge. The ride is extremely smooth and comfortable. I love the safety features and the heated steering wheel and heat/AC front seats.

- Alicia V

Lexus NX: A sleek and smooth ride

My Lexus NX is very easy to drive, sleek, and comfortable. We have used this to drive across country multiple times and it has always been very reliable. Next time I decide to purchase a new vehicle, it will definitely be a Lexus again. I would recommend this to all of my friends and family.

- Erin C

How AC starts. It doesn't automatically blow air out, slowly progresses .

It performs excellent and is reliable and drives great. It has great features. It is a bit compact for an SUV, however it is larger than a sedan and quite comfortable. The main problem I find is it�s blind spots and being short, makes it difficult to see through rear view window.

- Michelle S

My car is luxurious and sporty car.

I love the heating seats, the cooling seats and the sign that another car is next to me. I love driving my car and the sunroof and the trunk is huge for all the luggage that we carry when we go on vacations. I love the black and tan interior and the color black on my car.

- Morgan L

Reliable car, dislike the minivan look on the back.

It is a great, reliable car, it runs very smoothly. I love the dark grey color that I have on mine and that it hides dirt really well. I wish it had a bit more room. I do not like the look of the back of the car. I feel the shape and trim resembles the back of a minivan.

- Jacqueline H

Great modern sleek sports utility vehicle

The vehicle is extremely comfortable. I've had no problems with mine since 2017. In Sport mode the suspension tightens up and the acceleration is incredible. Eco mode allows you to save gas. A rear view camera and display are standard. It is an SUV but looks really nice.

- John Y

I love my Lexus! Drives like a dream!

The Lexus nxt200 is a great car! I drives well, has amazing features inside the car like Bluetooth and sunroof options. It has sensors when other cars get close, and is great on gas. I love driving it since it is a smooth ride. I love the white pearly color, very pretty!

- Thalia D

Can't wait for this lease to be OVER!

It�s a basic SUV. Not much of a smooth ride, not as comfortable as previous SUV�s have leased. After 1 month of being in leased car started to leak inside on drivers side. Cost 7,000 to fix because of an �engine clog�. Overall I am not happy with this vehicle.

- Cheryl L

Lexus SUV in Grey with Black Interior

The Lexus NX 200t is a great car. It is very comfortable to ride in. It is Great for long road trips. The best features I would say is the leather, great AC, and smooth ride. It also has a large trunk. I will probably get it again next just a newer model of the NX

- Page B

Worthy of life for blessings believe in money cash.

I love my Lexus NX! It has greatly improved since the release model. Moving from a BMW, I was impressed! Talking about space, it is the most spacious coupe I�ve ever seen. Lots of space in the trunk. It�s generally a great car, and shows style. Worth the price.

- Mike P

Lexus NX 200 Sport needs a new sound system

The car is comfortable but the sound system is not ideal. It is great I�m gas. The interior is very nice. The steering wheel is very soft. The seats hugs you and that is nice as well. I was hoping for more trunk space. The new models should be slightly larger.

- Niki H

It's a comfortable ride that doesn't fail to deliver performance-wise.

I'm a loyal Lexus owner who doesn't drive a lot. I love the smoothness of the ride and how comfortable travel is in my car. The technology is top notch as well. I will absolutely lease another Lexus in less than 2 years when my current lease expires.

- Michelle M

It is extremely reliable.

The Lexus nx200 is the perfect size for me. I have never had any issues with the car. I love the available accessories that come with it. It is totally reliable, no matter the weather. It is comfortable and looks great.

- Mel D

It's a great car and never had any problems or issues with it.

I love my Lexus. It's small enough for me to be comfortable driving it yet roomy when i need it to be. It's sharp looking and has all the bells and whistles i like. I wish the monthly payment was less though.

- Milva D

Takes premium over the ax regular gas.

Lexus is a reliable car although I much prefer my ax over my nix. Reasons are nix requires premium gas, has no compass in mirror like ax, no cup holder under ac vent and awkward area where you put your cups.

- Erika C

It is a very nice looking attractive vehicle.

I love the interior feel and the comfortable seats. This vehicle has good fuel mileage and has a great sound system. The sport drive mode is a little addicting. The cargo area could be a little bigger.

- Michelle C

Good value for a quality car.

Like that it has a lot of features for the money. Dislike road and wind noise and the ride could be a little smoother. Also wish it had a sunglass holder and dislike the mouse. Prefer touch screen.

- Mark D

I would buy Lexus again, but a different model than the NX

I absolutely love Lexus. This is my 5th vehicle with them. I don't love the NX. The body style isn't as dynamic as the other models and it has low head clearance. The service is second to none!!!

- Janet J

ACS feature provides a unique artificial experience

The car has been very reliable and with great performance. The seats are comfortable and the sound system is great. The negative is the small head room and slightly loud on the highway

- Jonathan Y

Luxurious, comfortable and sporty vehicle from a reputable brand

Very comfortable vehicle, good size. Acceleration is very good. Never had any reliability issues. The only thing I'm not very happy about is the fuel economy - could be better.

- Dmitriy Y

With $30 a fill up my whole tank.

Love how it drives. Comfortable, affordable, love the two tone seat colors love all the upgrades. Compact great on gas would definitely try another Lexus after my lease is up.

- Maria C

The car has a good safety rating, is easy to get in and out of for adults.

Comfortable, easy to drive. Do not like that it takes premium gas. I like the blind spot indicator for changing lanes. I also like the leather interior very comfortable.

- Gail G

It has a lot of room and runs great.

Love the way it drives.. Love the way it looks.. It is the perfect size SUV for myself. Great customer service when I need to take it in for service. Reliable brand..

- Susan F

I love the cooling and heated seat feature!

Love my car! It is very reliable and comfortable. I've driven it on long road trips and I use it during day to day errands and work trips. I highly recommend it!

- Tracey M

You know when it is safe to change lanes because of the sensors on the mirrors.

It drives smoothly. I like the sensors on both side mirrors. I like that it opens and closes without pressing the key. I wish there is more leg room in the back.

- Florida S

Very safe and stable handling.

Luxury at affordable price. Excellent gas mileage with 4-cylinders. Safety features surpass industry standards. Offers excellent maneuverability and comfort.

- Clark N

It's a luxury vehicle, a hybrid, and has smooth riding.

Absolutely love it, only major problem is the computer navigation system does not work well. Does not collect information on what we say and barely works.

- Helen G

My car has all around sensors.

I like the navigation system and the all around sensors. I also like the parking assist. The trunk space is very good. I do not have any complaints.

- Lais M

That I love it and it drives great. Well worth the money

It's a luxury vehicalalot of options with leather and heated and cooled seats and a heated steering wheel and It's the perfect size for a small suv

- Deborah H

It looks tough on the outside but chic on the inside.

I love this vehicle it drives nice and smooth on the road and it is very safe. I love the trunk space it is enough to put my sons stroller inside.

- Sadie O

The seats are very comfortable and he steering is tight and controlled.

It is very comfortable. It rides well. It is great looking. I never have a problem with it. The service center is wonderful and helpful.

- Charlotte S

It's a very highly rated car and it has beautiful styling.

The NX is a sporty, small SUV - newest in the Lexus line. Very nice and comfortable. Not as roomy as RX, but very cute and versatile.

- N s

It is a fun car to drive and is comfortable.

I like the brand of my car. I like that it is an crossover suv. I like the style of it. I dislike that it doesn't have lane assist

- Kristin W

My vehicle is a great buy

My vehicle is a great buy. It costs less than comparable brands. It has most options which would cost a lot with other brands.

- Bich N

It is a great looking, the gas mileage is very good truck.

I love the comfort. Lexus makes their cars look nice. I am over having an SUV and would love for lexus to make a convertible.

- Jennifer R

It's a luxury car at the Lower end of the price point in comparison to competitors but completely worth the cost

It is an SUV so I like it's spaciousness. Also like the smooth steering and the leather seats. No complaints or dislikes

- Andrea V

Drive is a really comfortable drive.

The vehicle is powerful and comfortable. I need more gas efficient. The height is great, enough room for a family of 4.

- Vic D

nice body style and grill, sporty and fast

blind spot really bad, mouse pad does not work that well,smaller than expected trunk space, small foot space inside car

- Kelly t

Very low mileage for a 13 year old car.

Love all the features. The sunroof is great. Space is good. Hate the premium gas requirements. Trunk is spacious.

- Kathryn S

Economical, very good for long trips, and low repair.

I love all the bells and whistles that I have in my vehicle. I love the heated and AC seats. No complaints.

- Jenna L

It has a turbo engine and is very quick.

I have no complaints at all. I love this truck. It's very comfortable and a smooth ride. Has great pick up.

- Heather A

Nice smooth drive and handles well.

Dislike radio system. Like the ride need to update the whole front panel very outdated in the industry.

- Jill K

It is a reliable and long lasting vehicle.

I like that it is a reliable vehicle. It has style and quality. It is a brand that last a long time.

- Shonda J

It's a hybrid. I don't have to go to the gas station that often.

My car is a hybrid which saves me lots of money for gas. It's very comfortable. I love to drive it.

- Rose C

It is a very dependable car.

My vehicle is silver. It is a turbo. It drives smooth. It is a Lexus. I do not dislike anything.

- Kristin K

they should know that I get the comfort and sense of self-esteem from owning this Lexus

I have no dislikes. It drives very confidently, it is fast, it is trouble free and very stylish

- Yuri L

Controls for the radio are in the middle of the car.

Smooth ride. Cup holders are small. Can't dock my phone to the air vent or on the dashboard.

- Cj J

Very reliable. Will last a long time.

It's a hybrid so it get good mileage. It's very comfortable. It handles very well.

- Danny C

versatile, elegant and good technological features as well as a smooth riding

i love the fact that it looks sport but i dislike that consume too much gas

- gustavo o

Amenities missing that are standard on non luxury vehicles

I wanted smaller but now regret it - too many features missing

- Nancy R

Safety features as back up camera and blind spot park assist

Has safety features good mileage. SUV for Nebraska weather

- Helen Z

It is a luxurious and reliable car.

It is nice and luxurious. It feels so good driving it.

- Bich W




Makes Good gas mileage while still being safe with blind spot and back up camera

Makes Good gas mileage Has Safety features Looks nice

- Jerry Z

Like the size for the city. Like the features. Do not like the gas mileage.

Great value, great for city use, limited trunk space

- Shruti S

Fun to drive wherever we go

Fun to drive. Luxury vehicle. Gets good mileage.

- Beth B

It only needs oil change every 10000 miles

It is a nice vehicle. It is a luxurious vehicle

- Bich L

It's very nice and comfortable ride

Touchpad. Lack of power. Clunky change of gears

- Tim W