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Love the autumn breeze in Florida.

The thing I like most is the look of the car especially the front grill. It rides very smoothly. The front seats are comfortable. However the middle seat in the second row is very stiff and uncomfortable. Lexus should find a way to keep out the road noise for a more quiet ride. I have only had the car for four months. It has been extremely reliable so far. The technology is a bit quirky especially the navigation system and screen. The audio control is a bit difficult to control when driving since the controls are in the form of a mini laptop mouse. It is difficult to keep your eyes on the road and the mouse at the same time. I also love the color of the car--autumn breeze. It is quite unique. I have received many compliments. The cream leather interior and wood detail give it a luxurious look. The cargo space is fair. It could use a bit more room for cargo especially when travelling as a family and trying to fit several large suitcases in the back. The sun visors are a bit small.

- Martha F

Sporty surprise. Resisted buying this model for 5 years and wish I hadn't.

My car is a sporty version. I really like the sporty interior, black and silver. I had the more luxurious lx version before this one. I didn't think I would like it, but I really enjoy the sporty feel when I drive. The navigation system is upgraded. It is all voice activated. The computer technology is very comprehensive and easy to use. It is very roomy inside and the back seat is very comfortable. It is a little smaller than the lx, but that does not really matter. I took the same load to the shore for a month as I did in the lx. It is a hybrid which ensures excellent gas mileage.

- Ann Marie J

The 2018 Lexus nx300 f-sport is stunning but average in class.

I have the f-sport trim which aesthetically 10 x better looking than the normal trim in my opinion. It is not a performance car by any means and gas mileage is not best in class. The interior feels luxury, with an extremely quiet cabin - my wife falls asleep immediately. In my 6 months of leasing, I have had zero issues. One huge pitfall is that there is no apple or android carplay - the navigation app is horrible, not google maps or wade.

- Darren Y

Loving the style, size and sound.

Love the style and size of the car and the updated technology. The car very comfortably seats five and is a good size to move furniture. The tech is fun and it has great sounding Audio throughout. However, I had a Kia Soul rental car this past weekend and thought its driver seat was way more comfortable than my own. Aside from these, I do also appreciate the tech that sensors driving lanes and vehicles ahead.

- Kyle M

Functions I cannot use but I would not trade the car for any other.

It is a wonderful vehicle. Almost everything works well, although some things are very difficult to figure out. One problem is that the function that syncs the car & garage gate are not compatible. Lexus sent out 2 techs & they said I cannot use that task. One other minor complaint is that the garage opener opens too fast & too high for me & I always forget to stop it. Midlevel.

- Evelyn B

It will brake on its own if it senses a potential collision with a stationary or moving object

It is a luxurious auto with a feeling of comfort and quality. Quiet ride and made more quiet as it is a hybrid. Very good gas mileage. Only negative is it does not drive like a sports car and could be more powerful. However, I know not possible to get the very good gas mileage at the same time. Has all of the latest electronic features making me feel safe when driving.

- Paul S

Comfortable, great size for an SUV, great design.

Comfortable, durable, no problems. Extremely big inner space, huge capacity to fill - helps with my work. Beautiful design and no malfunctions. I have took this car for my lease for the second time, think it is a great vehicle. The only thing my previous Lexus nx had me change the battery after 2 years of use even though I never left lights on or any other negligence.

- Anna A

That it has all the latest safety features.

I purchased this car because it has the latest safety features. I have only had the car about six months, so I cannot speak to how reliable it is because it is still brand new. One feature I wasn't expecting was the fact of the headlights go from regular to bright when I am on a darker area. It a nx300 so it is slightly smaller, which makes it easier to park.

- Margaret B

Lexus nx300 - pros vs. Cons.

Great technology in this SUV, I.E backup assist, blind spot sensors, etc. Drives very smooth and easy to handle. Picks up well on the highway even though it is only 4 cylinders. Although it is an SUV, it does not offer any more space than a sedan. The front passenger cannot recline at all if there is a car seat installed behind them.

- Alexandra V

Lexus has the best vehicles.

I love Lexus, it is a great car brand. This is the 3rd one I have owned. It is a very smooth driving and comfortable car. The safety features a amazing also. By far the nicest car I have ever owned. The interior of the car is beautiful with the black and red leather seats. It is very spacious but also good on gas mileage.

- Stephanie C

The sportiest, safest SUV ever.

Very good on gas, enough space, the vehicle has all safety features such as backup camera, lane switching alarms! Car rides very smooth, the history of a Lexus says a lot about the vehicle in general and it is fits all my day to day needs! I have no issues with it as of now, only been having it for less that 3 months.

- Jasmine M

I love the air conditioning in the seats especially because they are leather.

I love my car, it is very reliable and I feel safe in it love the features it comes with like blind spot detecting and sensors all around. The only thing I would change is putting only premium gasoline in it, other than that if you are looking for a crossover the nix is the car for you especially if you have kids.

- Leslie S

A great SUV from Lexus and worth buying.

The performance is great especially considering the engine is only a 4 cylinder engine. The fuel economy is decent considering that this is a SUV. We have not had any problems with this vehicle and we do not expect to have any problems with it. The SUV is comfortable and has more features in it than we use.

- Michael B

My car is a hybrid car, so it's better for the environment.

I like that it is a hybrid, which saves me money on gas and is better for the environment. It's also very comfortable to drive and has a lot of nice safety features. My only complaint is that it is a lot more technologically advanced than my last car, so I'm still learning how to use all Its features.

- Sarah R

Very safe and comfortable.

My Lexus nix is smooth riding. Has very good pick up when needing to accelerate quickly. I love the lane departure and parking assistance features. The GPS is very user friendly. The size of the vehicle is great. Just a bit smaller than the ax. Plenty of legroom in front and back seats.

- Maureen C

Lexus, always at the top of their game.

No problems. With the turbo it has good performance. Very quiet. As a Lexus it has great build quality and craftsmanship. We also love the cutting edge design. The biggest problem is probably there is not a lot of cargo space but that usually fine for my wife and I.

- Grant F

The car is amazing and I enjoy it a lot.

The seat feels like it heats up when you actually have the fan to cool it off. I love how smooth the car drives. The car is great as it stops when you get close to another car I feel safe driving the car. When the car swerves it tells you to have a coffee break.

- Ginger J

Appearance and safety top priority.

Good looking car interior and exterior. Feel very comfortable driving it. Travels easily on long trips with the help null of safety features. The crossover design allows me the freedom to feel young without looking silly.

- Mary Ann J

It has a great price to value ratio compared to other vehicles in its class.

This is a great vehicle; however, the it should be a little bigger in size. A few complaints is that it takes premium gas and the model that I have does not have blind side detector which is essential for Florida.

- seymour f

Very quiet and comfortable.

I absolutely love my Lexus nix. It is the perfect size car for my needs. Never an issue or problems with the car. It is very reliable, comfortable and the quietness is beyond compare. I highly recommend this car.

- Jean G

The app is amazing! You can use it the lock and unlock the car. You can also start up the car and locate the car if it's lost

I love the overall look and design of my car, the lane indicator on the side mirrors, love the app that goes with the my car to autostart. Only dislike is the gas mileage

- Shamekia D

It has all the newest technologies and luxury without having to break the $55k barrier in price.

I like that the NX is big enough , but not too big. It has a real feel of luxury. The only thing I don't like so far is that it need the 93 octane gasoline.

- Robert H

It's a beautiful looking luxury car, with all the options.

I love the color, the interior design, the comfort and the cargo space. I love that it is a hybrid. It's not too big and easy to park. No complaints.

- Karin A

This is a great family car that rides smooth and has great safety features for a family with a baby.

Luxury car that drives smooth and has great tech features like heated seats and remote start. The speed of the car is great for a SUV.

- Brittany E

Stylish and dependable transportation.

I like its modern styling. I like the safety features. It has excellent acceleration with decent fuel economy. It is always reliable.

- Tom W

Hatch opening sensor - use your foot to open the hatch. No hands or keys required!

Amazing comfort, great features such as heated and cooling seats, auto open hatch, sunroof. Roomy and comfortable, good gas mileage.

- Tara A

Although you can put regular gas in this car it will not run very well and you have to use premium gas

It will not lock if you leave your keys in it. The steel things behind the wheel are a real bother. You have to duck to get in.

- Barbra m




Car is one of the most safest cars I have driven.

Car is very spacious and I feel very protected and safe while driving. Features are enabled to minimize accidents.

- Ashley H

Hybrid, good on gas, reducing our carbon footprint.

Great gas mileage, comfortable, good warranty, bought in Alexandria av since there is no Lexus dealership nearby.

- Donna B

Great Car That Performs Well

The Lexus NX is a sporty vehicle that accommodates all family needs. It has good gas mileage and great features.

- Kris C

Lexus NX, A great luxury car

great price, great luxury feel, comfortable drive, beautiful interior, great benefits at the lexus dealership

- Alan C

safety and more space interior design. very comfortable and nice looking car!

Safety and quiet. very comfortable on driving. got almost everything I need for drive. good gas mileage, etc.

- Julia S

Lexus NX 2018 model review

It drives smoothly and is very comfortable. The back seats recline back which are a plus. It is roomy car.

- Ashley T

Lexus experience amazing is accurate.

Very comfortable. Lots of safety features. Dependable. Good gas mileage. Well made. Good on long trips.

- Elaine D

It is roomier than it looks from the outside.

Like the brand. Like the soft driven feeling. Love the service... And dislike the back luggage space.

- Deborah C

They should know that it gets decent gas mileage for a non-hybrid, luxury car.

Comfortable, stylish vehicle. No complaints, really. It also had decent power and mileage.

- Greg P

It's a compact suv hybrid so it uses less gas & has a lot of the latest technology.

My vehicle is a compact Suv. It is also a hybrid. I love it because it uses less gas.

- Sharon F

I love it. It was the best purchase I have made in a car.

I love everything about it. I love how it drives and all the safety features.

- Nicole C

There have some good safety features at my car that I love it.

I like her drive performance. I like her looking styles. and comfortable.

- Amy L

it has so many safety features lane assist touchless trunk hatch

love push to start feature and you can start the car from the phone app

- cristina g

It has multiple safety features makes me feel at east while in the car

So far, I have found nothing that I dislike about this car.

- Doni B

Love the comfort of the car. It rides smooth and is a classy shape. I don't love the low ceiling.

It has great alert systems for oncoming cars and obstacles

- Meghan S

I like the design I like the inside comfort I dislike the small trunk space

The brand The fuel economy The technology and comfort

- Ivy T

awesome mid-size luxury suv, comfortable, stylish and fun to drive

it is stylish and comfortable and drives very nicely

- Justine K

Luxury but in a tasteful way.

Great power. Nice interior. No real complaints.

- Greg S

comfortable, easy to drive, great amenities

love the style, size, performance and comfort

- april P