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Main problem with my 2000 Lexus rx300 has been the transmission.

I have had my car for 9 years and it is given me some trouble. Especially with the transmission. I had to buy a new one a couple years ago and ever since then the truck has never been the same. It makes a really bad movement when I put it on reverse every single time. Some way worse than others. It also shakes when I am driving it sometimes worse than others. That has been the main problem with this car. And I have had it checked lots of times for these problems but different mechanics keep saying that it is fine and maybe it is just the gas that I am using. Other than that it is been fine.

- Silvia M

Awesome Lexus rx 300 luxury SUV.

The car is really reliable. Also sturdy a good off roader. It has never stranded us. Compared to other vehicles it has a really comfortable ride too. Also has lots of cargo space when packed well. For an older vehicle it also has a lot of advanced features - power mode, etc. It is relatively easy to work on or to figure out how to repair. maintenance isn't too expensive if you do it yourself.

- Jesse V

Has coach leather interior.

Terrible turning radius but otherwise a luxury car with great amenities. Smoothest ride quiet no street noise -comfortable seats posh leather overstuffed - all wheel drive sunroof superior sound system. Custom color paint high quality- perfect size easy to park and handle. All around perfect design gas mileage inferior by today’s standards. Want to own car until. It falls completely apart.

- Karen L

Great vehicle for the long run.

Vehicle rides well - I wish it was newer and nicer paint. However, the vehicle is very reliable, is smooth to drive and ride in and inexpensive to maintain. The Lexus rx300 AWD is a great vehicle for a small family. It drives like a minivan but has much more panache. The Lexus brand is highly regarded and holds its resale value very well.

- Scott L

It is been a great car. Never have to worry.

My car has been extremely reliable over the years. Aside from routine maintenance it is been a dream. I like sitting up high. Will never buy a regular car again. The air conditioner gets cool very quickly. Even in southern California I use the seat warmers occasionally. I like opening the moon roof on cool summer evenings.

- Linda K

Really good reliable car great in the snow and great gas mileage.

Really reliable car only major issue with the car that the suspension goes out quick. Major service for this car would be the valve covers. Really reliable car just do a major tune up and replace all fluids from front diff and trans fee case and tranny fluid and rear diff fluid other than that car should last long.

- Edgar J

My Lexus RX300, I can see everything!

I love my Lexus RX300. I love it so much, that last year when the transmission went out in my last Lexus rx300, I searched all over the state to find another one!! The seats are so comfortable, and the main thing I love is there are no blind spots in the mirrors. I can see everything!! I love it.

- Billie O

Lexus: luxury + reliability.

Very reliable. Comfortable. Drives well. Use the seat warmers even in ca. Good stereo system. Like sitting up high. Gets decent gas mileage when I do not drive too fast. The only problems I have had are typical maintenance. The sunroof drains clog from time to time. That is my biggest complaint.

- Linda P

Amazing car if you take care of it.

I am a young driver and I really love driving it. Everything about the car is great. Yes it is old but if you take care of it, it's a nice looking car. The performance of the car is among. I do have to change the windshield wiper fluids a lot but other than that I have no complaints.

- Peri S

It runs well, but it is a flip risk & the whole gear shift made of plastic thing.

It was bought used, but still functions really well. The a/c still works perfectly, but I do have an issue with the parts used. The gear shift piece that is standard for this car is made of plastic and therefore broke, so it was really scary. Other than that though, I really like it.

- Amber H

Old faithful 2000 Lexus with a busted sunroof.

The sunroof does not work and the mileage is not great. But I wouldn't expect an SUV to have fantastic mpg anyway. It is almost twenty years old so I really cannot complain. I imagine it was incredible in its heyday. The CD cartridge is pretty cool. I’d like to upgrade though.

- Nigel J

The best car I have ever owned.

Overstuffed seats are comfortable for long road trips. Safety features are very good. -No road noise-very quiet ride. Maintaining the vehicle is expensive-parts etc. Superior sound system. Gas mileage is poor. Paint job is custom color. High security system so theft low.

- Karen L

Lexus rx 300. Good vehicle.

It's good. I like it. . Have not had much go wrong with it. Mainly maintenance things so it's fine. Good car. If you want one then go test drive one. Comfortable and rides well. Good for family. Seems safe. I enjoy mine when I drive it. Go check one out for yourself.

- Jeffrey H

2000 Lexus rx 300 review on overall feel and ease of maintenance.

Great on gas mileage and the maintenance is very easy to afford. It’s a good-looking truck that has lot of room inside to haul big items. It’s also much like a car in that you are quite comfy as well the features are nice.. The stereo is good quality as well..

- Dawn T

Comfortable and luxurious.

My car is a luxury vehicle with comfort, and reliability and performs like a champ. I have had very few problems with it and would recommend this car to anyone. The seats are so lush, the steering capability is smooth, and I feel very safe in this car.

- Denise S

Have a Lexus. Very expensive, but well worth it. Haven't had many problems over the years. Always very reliable. Love the heated seats. Love the backup camera. Do not really like the navigation system. Always seemed to have a bit of a problem with it.

- Karen B

It gets me from point a to point b with no trouble. I bought it for super cheap.

I just got this car last weekend. I have only driven it three times. Given that it has not died like my other car has it's a great car. I hope I will be able to drive it until we are able to pay off college loans.

- Melissa S

Large turning radius, needs premium fuel.

Pretty, luxurious, easy to drive, large turning radius-can't make sharp turns, fun to drive. Sound coming from the dash that sounds like a bird chirping, steering wheel is squeaky.

- Jessica C

The most thing people should know about car is that Lexus runs smoothly.

I like that might vehicle runs smoothly. I like that my vehicle is not too big or too small. I dislike that my vehicle does not have built in Bluetooth.

- Timothy M

It is a roomy vehicle and comfortable.

Great vehicle, style, comfort and driving. The only downfall is that I have had an oil problem on the car which still has not been fixed by the dealer.

- Fairchild M

Stands test of time, stylish reliable elite transportation for you and your family!

Has 300,000 miles and still rides smooth. Interior held up well and dashboard display continues to look modern all these years later.

- Scott I

How long it's lasted me. I plan on using it for 2 more years

I love how long the car has lasted me. It used to be my mom's car but now it's mine. I don't dislike anything about the car.

- Day p

reliability and durability of the car,

Like leather seats and heated seats. I also like how well it takes the bumps of rough roads. I don't like the gas mileage.

- robin H

Best off road family vehicle

It has held up through the miles and I really don't have anything negative except for the price of parts when I need them

- Amanda L

Very reliable and comfortable.

Easy to get in and out of, reliable, comfortable seats, the leather is good.... Dislike - cost of parts for repairs.

- Judy M

Safe reliable comfortable and stylish all rolled into 1

I love my lexus. It is the safest and most reliable car I have had. It is comfortable and stylish at the same time.

- Arezou Z

Comfy Ride and comfy interior

Dependable and reliable. Interior is comfortable and ride is also comfortable and handles bad roads with ease.

- robin s

It has over 200,000 miles and running fine.

Has a smooth, great ride. Large cargo area for transporting items. . Exterior has a nice sporty look.

- Janice L

Insurance is EXPENSIVE even on the older models. Easy to fix yourself

Love the space and how reliable it is. Hard to get parts sometimes with the older model

- Harmonee D

it is safe and comfortable with leather seats and a trunk

I like everything about my car. it drives smoothly and is comfortable.

- Donna G