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Cannot get rid of my Lexus; luv it.

I love this car. It first took a little getting used to the short turn radius, but I absolutely fell in love with the car. It is the most comfortable to sit in. The leather seats are awesome, more comfortable than any other I have sat in. The sound system is great, the cockpit is very comfortable and ergonomic. It has a sun and moon roof plus a roof rack that does not tower over the car. It drives very smoothly with not much outside noise. It had always been very reliable and I did not have any issues with the car until it turned about 15 years old. At that point I had to replace the transmission. Now there have been sporadic little issues based on the car's age. Even with that, it is still fine because the repairs are less than a new car payment.

- J J

Cassettes are coming back.

I love my car. Even though it is old, it has really held up over the past years. I love the cassette player that it has, it is so much fun to get out me and my siblings old cassettes before a long car ride. I do not know if this is inherent to the car but there are also some technical issues: the battery in my car tends to get corroded, the engine and "your lights/blinkers do not work" lights come on with no issues. But my car has passed inspection since I got it 3 years ago and has held up in two minor accidents. Overall this car is very reliable and safe.

- Erin M

Floats on the road softly with the factory tires.

I absolutely love my Lexus! It is an SUV that rides smooth like a car. Not bouncy like some other SUVs. I have over 150,000 miles on it and it still drives beautifully. The leather seats are still very comfortable. My cars performance is still great. I do have an issue with the air/heat combo, behind the dashboard the little flippers in there are wearing and sometimes with air on it makes little noises. I also have an issue now with two of the door locks not working with the key fob.

- Sandy R

My favorite car. Back seat so comfortable, passengers always fall asleep..

Love the back seat. It is very comfortable for people to sleep. Great car design, comfortable to be in and drive. It has an elegant front panel. I truly feel that I am in a luxury car whenever I am driving it. Rarely gave me any service problems throughout the years. I love it so much that I chose to drive the Lexus instead of the much newer infinity. It has only (2) negatives, the beverage holder could have been designed better and the turning radius is wider than my infinity.

- Lynne H

The vehicle of a lifetime.

This vehicle drives very smoothly. It comes complete with four wheel drive, an interactive screen display connected to the radio, heated seats, and much more. It is very spacious and would be a perfect vehicle for any family that has kids, or multiple persons to transport around. It also has built in surround sound speakers above the dashboard. All in all, this vehicle is very amazing.

- Curtis H

Lexus vehicles maintain their value and are very reliable.

This vehicle has a very comfortable ride. Right now the "Check Engine" light is on due to a fuel efficiency sensor. I have been advised by several mechanics (including one who specializes in Lexus) that the repair is one that I should postpone. The vehicle's current gas mileage is great! I also appreciate that Lexus vehicles come with a full-size spare instead of a donut.

- Iris M

It was a great choice for me - affordable luxury and outstanding reliability.

I love my Lexus for many reasons. It is very comfortable and roomy. The leather seats make it easy to slide into and out of the vehicle. The pick up is great and the fuel economy is good. And best of all, nothing major has ever gone wrong with it. If the RX will be in the service department for any length of time, the dealership provides me with a loaner - a new RX!

- Cynthia O

It is a fun color. It definitely screams luxury.

I really like my car. My car is getting pretty old at this point though. The interior is fabulous. Leather seats, GPS, spacious. The exterior is starting to rust. In the past few years I have had to get a lot of service on my car, including a new engine. I am worried that my car might not make it through the Minnesota winter without trouble. We shall see.

- Jenna B

The gas mileage on this suv is one of the worst to be honest. I have had other vehicles that were much larger. Not one of those vehicles took as much gas as this Lexus has for me. It's a beautiful car but make sure to be ready to pay out money in gas more than anything.

I love the leather seating as it can get very hot in Florida and the seat don't make it worse during summers. The seats stay pretty cool. I also like the set up of how they designed the car and it's different features. I really dislike how it sounds like a toy. The car sounds like a bad performing hybrid.

- Danielle P

Comfy and reliable almost perfect.

The performance is great. Family friendly car. Lots of space inside the vehicle. Very reliable and comfortable. If you enjoy driving a semi tall car, this is the one. There’s not many problems unless you do not know how to maintenance it like getting the oil changed, changing the tires ever so often.

- Vanessa V

It needs some body work due to minor abrasions. Best car I've ever owned.....New or used.

I like reliability, safety, resale value, projected lifetime @ 250k miles, dealer and reps, facilities, reputation, features. Only dislikes are air conditioning (Replaced through extended warranty) and service costs (High). No complaints after 14 years (Purchased 2004 as pre-owned/Certified). ,

- Susan G

Gorgeous, family friendly and comfortable.

Great car, runs beautifully and everything was virtually new when I bought it. The ac has some sound issues and the belts need securing more often than other cars. Needs a lot of gas in comparison to my old car because it is bigger and gets worse mileage. Safe and comfortable. Love it.

- Maria M

It is my favorite car of any I have ever had.

It looks great; gets good gas mileage; looks cute on the road; looks modern even though it is older it drives like a dream; it rides very well and is comfortable; I like it in the city and on the road. It is a black car and that is quite popular and it is the best car I have ever had.

- Cheryl D

Comfort and reliability of the rv 300.

My SUV is perfect for my everyday driving and would be comfortable in long trips. There is plenty of room for my large dogs to fit comfortably but the vehicle is not too large for me to handle in heavy traffic. As with most Toyota or Lexus vehicles, it was built to last.

- Ashley M

Sunroof, runs amazing, one of the best makes that I can think of.

All in all it has been an excellent car, runs well, actually have never had a problem with it, never had to get a new battery, just have to keep the oil changed like with any other vehicle and keep maintenance up on it like anything else and it will last a lifetime.

- Nicki D

My car 🚗 is a dream; love it.

No problems, drives like a dream, would not trade it, good gas mileage, like the small SUV, feel rich when driving it, I have had this car for a long time and it seems like it is still new, the only thing I wish I had was Bluetooth and a built in hands free phone.

- Cheryl C

Reliable, well put together and easy to drive.

Great vehicle very little problems. The passenger side locks do not work and a problem with the heater ac transfer box. Things that can get fixed. Good gas mileage and reliable and long trips. Looking to get a newer model maybe a hybrid. Would but again.

- Craig B

Both safety and performance are wonderful.

Luxury. Long lasting with great performance. It drives beautifully and I feel very safe driving it. I have absolutely no complaints about my car. Considering that it is 17 years old and still looks and runs great I have to say I love my car.

- Sandra L

Built to last! This car has been around the block and back and is still going strong with nearly 300,000 miles. Still looks new! The paint Lexus uses is amazing!!!

Such a well built vehicle! We have almost 300,000 miles on it. We did, however, have to put a new transmission it it. It is a smooth riding vehicle. The leather seats are even still in good shape. The paint looks brand new!

- Carolee F

Great performance, only usual required maintenance.

I love my vehicle. It has lasted me 17 years with on maintenance performed. It still looks great and the leather interior looks brand new. The luxury and performance are beyond my expectations.

- Sandra B

It is a great family car. I does well on trips and is very reliable.

I love the fact that the driver seat sits higher and it is very roomy. I do not like how much gas it runs through. I like the way it drives and the ability to fit the whole family comfortable.

- Alexandria R

It drives around handles great. It gets good gas mileage for what it is.

It's not massive like a lot of SUVs which I love! It handles extremely well and runs great. My only complaint is that it doesn't have as much power as I am used to.

- Katie B

It is roomy and it has held up well after all these years.

I love how smooth my lexus rides. It is easy to drive. I also think it sits comfortably. I do not like that anything wrong can make the check engine light come on.

- Shannon H

It is so comfortable and luxurious!

The sensors that determine fuel mileage goes bad. Had to replace. Cost $500. No other issues. Leather heated seats are great. Comfortable, smooth ride. moonroof.

- Alison B

Auto is too old and the cost of repairs is way too high.

My Lexus is starting to have major breakdowns. Ac/heat broken, needs tires again, brakes and shocks are shot, electric window motor switches not working.

- Thomas B

It is very dependable and has a smooth ride.

Love the gas mileage and cargo space in the back and style and look of it.. Do not like that its cramped for 2 adults and a car seat in the back seat.

- Martha M

It's very dependable, I've almost never had a problem.

It is very nice and reliable. I enjoy the built in navigation gps and 6 disc CD changer. It is comfortable but wish it was a bit bigger. Good on gas.

- Amanda W

Old Lexus runs like new. Super reliable car, I will drive it until the wheels fall off.

My car is super reliable. 17 years going strong. the only downside is the electrical problems are beginning to happen with the windows and doors.

- brittany j

very dependable. never broke down. the car starts every day and still is a very good looking car

18 year old car but the engine and drivetrain are perfect.the car is starting to break down; hvac-electric motors, interior- no complaints.

- tom a

It's been a good work truck.

It uses a lot of gas, my sunroof and air conditioning do not work, I have a cracked windshield, messed up front bumper.

- Stefanie S

Reliable and fun luxury SUV

Luxury SUV that is stylish and fun to drive. Excellent quality vehicle with very low maintenance required.

- Susan K

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that it's mine

My vehicle is great. I like everything about it except for that it's old. It has six CDs. I am tired.

- Nicolette T

Still running after 210,000 miles. I have owned this SUV for 10 years.

My SUV is old, it has an oil leak, the transmission is going out. The SUV makes all kinds of noises.

- Gary H

It has been incredibly reliable for me and family for the last five years.

My vehicle is getting older so there is cosmetic damage. I wish I could keep the car forever.

- ashley e

Dependability and craftsmanship are way above the industry standard.

dependable, well made and pretty. i dislike the turning radius.

- julie p

It has over 140,000 miles on it and it's still going strong. The GPS console no longer works but everything else is amazing. Best car

2001 car with over 140000 miles and still going strong

- Ted V