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2002 Lexus RX Owner Reviews

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Loving my 2002 Lexus rx300.

2002 Lexus RX

2002 Lexus rx300, purchased it because is was #1 most reliable car on market in 2002. I have never had a problem with the car. Outside of the standard scheduled maintenance I have not had to throw additional funds into keeping this car running. It handles smoothly and quiet on the road, has a great Bose stereo system, is very comfortable and I have clients in the car constantly everyone loves riding in this car, it has plenty of legroom in back, electric window opening buttons and locks, 5 drinks holders, lots of extra storage in the back, moonroof opens/props up, adjustable steering wheel positions, it does take premium fuel and I tend to average about 19. 9 miles per gallon much of which is in city driving. Never had a recall or the need to have the car worked on beyond servicing or scheduled maintenance, a first for me! I feel safe in this car, fortunately I have also never been in any kind of an accident with the car either. I cannot think of anything that I would complain about. 2002 was the last year without the GPS as standard included equipment, outside of that not a complaint. Did I mention, the stereo rocks!!

- Daniel P

Lexus rx 300 - coach edition.

2002 Lexus RX 4dr SUV

The tires have to be rotated, balanced, and aligned quite often if you have a lot of potholes near where you commute. Even the littlest pothole can mess up the alignment. The seats are very comfortable and the driver's side seat can be adjusted to fit your back perfectly. They also lean almost all the way back just in case you have to take a nap in your car. The sound system is amazing especially for this old of a model, especially the bass. The only motor problems you have is with oil retention. You have to make sure you come to a complete stop after putting your car in reverse before putting it in drive, or it will mess up the engine. Also, you have to let the car warm up before you start driving it, especially on cold days.

- Beam A

2002 Lexus rx300: a comfortable cruiser.

2002 Lexus RX

Reliable yet a tripped o2 sensor turns on check engine light. Comfortable drive though sluggish when attempting to accelerate hard. Red line of about 6000-6100 rpm. 4 speed automatic (4th gear being o/d). Interior is leather and very comfortable seating. Front seats have heating options. A/c vents in the front and back seats with adjustable climate control dial which allows manipulation of temperature (to your choosing). On screen display can show current fuel mileage and average mileage. Average fuel mileage is approximately 17-21 mpg. Has a cassette player with a mounted CD player located in glove box. Steering is very smooth. Brakes are responsive.

- Vincent N

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