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Most comfortable, reliable luxury vehicle on the road.

I have had my vehicle for 12 years, and have only had to do routine maintenance on it. It is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. I feel safe and comfortable in my Lexus. I drive cross country four times a year, for the past four years, and it is been great to me the entire time! I have never had any issues on the road. We have plenty of space inside, and it's very comfortable as a road trip car. I added a hitch and bike rack, which we use all of the time and have had no issues. I've also added a roof rack which is a nice option. Lexis will forever be in my family as our primary vehicle, as to me and my husband, there is no other option!

- Victoria V

The Lexus rx is an amazing car.

My Lexus rx is the most comfortable, reliable and problem free car I have ever owned. It is 14 years old and has never had anything go wrong with it. I have bought new tires and had new brakes installed. I have done all the regular maintenance as suggested. It handles like a dream. It has great acceleration and pretty good gas mileage. The interior is leather and looks brand new. It has all the bells and whistles plus gps. I love it and plan to drive it as long as possible.

- Marianne R

Reliable, affordable, and built to last.

This is the best car I have ever owned. You get the benefit of an SUV but with better gas mileage. It is a nice smooth ride. It is considered a luxury vehicle, but it is very reasonably priced. I love the heated seats and the dual temp controls. I have put a lot of miles on this vehicle and it has been very reliable. It handles very well in ice and snow and has great traction. It does well on the highway for long trips with hardly any stops. Great all around vehicle.

- Terry S

My 2004 Lexus rx330 feels like a 2009 vehicle and runs like a 2013.

I haven't had any issues with my vehicle and I bought it in December 2017. When I bought it, the CD player didn't work, which is annoying, but I do not know if that was because it stopped working or because the previous owners broke it. I love the features of it including the automatic hatch lift, seat warmers, and steering wheel volume buttons. The black leather seats are wonderful. It looks like a luxury vehicle, inside and out.

- Ariana C

The reliable but outdated vehicle.

It is a good car, and drives smoothly. After more than 10 years of being in use, the dashboard cover material is falling apart and I have to duct tape it. Similarly in terms of just being old, the GPS is way out of date and does not update. The car is not the best at accelerating, but when you get up to speed it can drive nice and fast without getting out of control.

- Alexa B

Lexus RX has 110k miles and operates perfectly!

The reliability of the Lexus is phenomenal! It has over 110,000 miles and runs perfectly. It has also maintained its appearance, no rust or damage on the paint or exterior, minimal wear to the interior. I also love that Lexus dealers provide loaner vehicles. Given its age, it is lacking some more modern features, but I would definitely buy another! Highly recommend.

- Tracy I

The 2004 rv 330, a car for life.

Very easy handling and low maintenance. The model still looks very similar to brand new models which makes it not look its age. I would purchase another newer one if I could afford it. The vehicle is very reliable and comfortable. The push button rear door is great when shopping. The leather interior does show some signs of wear, but for its age is acceptable.

- Barbara G

My dream car, it helps me, help it.

Best car I have ever owned. No problems, just needs regular maintenance & new tires. The finish needs upgrade though because it is not garaged. This car is comfortable riding with some amenities like navigation which has been very helpful! Also I have found the alerts on the instrument panel very helpful, such as the low air in the tire alert.

- Betty S

It is got wipers that are automatic. Cannot figure out how they detect the rain.

It is the most comfortable car I have ever owned. Buying used got me a car only at half life for 1/5 of the sticker price. Low miles one owner used cars are the best! I love the leather interior with wood trim. I love the memory seats. I love the luxury for 1/5 of the $40, 000 sticker price. It is the best. Cannot be beat for the money.

- Steven P

Inside scoop on Lexus rx after a decade of driving.

The cars been running over a decade and has little problems. The performance is great and the ride is smooth. The car comes with a screen that can connect to phone. The seats can also be warmed so for the winter it's nice and toasty inside. After so many years the only real problem is the air conditioning takes a while to start working.

- Victoria C

Gas mileage is not the best but comfort is top priority.

I had this car from new to now and it is still going strong. Lexus is known for reliability. Sometimes maintenance can be expensive for things you do not even know why it has to be done. Comfort is key for Lexus. The features my car has is rain sensing wipers, heated front seats, power tailgate, memory seating for 2 and cruising range.

- Michelle W

The car heats up really fast. That is great in the winter!

So I have the Lexus rx330. It is a really good car. Some of my favorite things about it is the comfort. The seats are heated and leather. You can also have the air and heat go more in the back seat. The trunk is pretty big as well. However you have to push a button in the car to unlock your gas tank. Kind of annoying if you forget.

- Stacie K

My Lexus rx330 is still a great car despite the fact that it is a 2004 model.

I really enjoy my Lexus rx330. It is a comfortable car and it drives very well, despite the fact that it is nearly 15 years old. That being said, I can be frustrated when I am constantly reminded of the outdated technology in the car. There is no "aux" input, Bluetooth, etc. I enjoy the interior of the car and it is easy to clean.

- Emma F

Love my 2004 Lexus rx 330!

I love this vehicle! It is beautiful inside and out! Very comfortable and nice to drive. I never have problems with anything. The Lexus is basically Toyota with a luxury name, so I know it will be dependable. I love the sunroof, CD changer, and the luxury of the interior. It gets great fuel mileage and is a joy to own and drive.

- Amanda R

Reliable Vehicle for an old SUV

With my vehicle being as old as it is, it has held up very well. Leather interior still looks nice. The performance is been great. I like how it picks up speed quickly. Features are obviously outdated and half don't work, but haven't pursued trying to get that fixed. Vehicle still only has 140,000 miles on it.

- Lindsey Y

Old rx300. 1. Reliable SUV. 2. Easy handling for an SUV.

Lexus has made a very reliable SUV with the Lexus rx300. The versatility of an SUV with drivability of a car has been merge to this classic rv model. Although there are a few things to mention about the breaking and braking distance for the older rv models. Over all it gives the owner a good run for the money.

- Mike M

Heated leather seats are wonderful.

I love my vehicle. Drives great and smooth. Easy to maintain by making regular oil changes and tire rotations. All features work perfectly. Comfortable seats, air and heat works perfectly, sound system is great, easy to maneuver through traffic. No complaints and would purchase another in the future.

- Jan L

Best car to travel the country in.

Very comfortable seating for trips. Cargo space in the back is very good. Seats lower for extra space if needed. Back seat is a little high for pets to jump into. Dashboard is easy to see and read. Heated seats warm very fast. I do seem to hit my head when getting into the front passenger seat.

- Virginia M

The Lexus rx 330 is an awesome car!!

The seats are super comfortable, and the leather is high quality. It has a wonderful amount of cupholders, I always feel like I have enough room for my stuff. The display screen is easy to read/understand and very accessible to the driver. Additionally, the GPS system works very efficiently.

- Julia S

My car is my friend and I trust my car.

Reliable. Low maintenance. I love the color. I love the inside. I love how it rides. I love the GPS. I added satellite radio. The car is good. The car is good. The car has room. The car has skylight. The car has room. The car has leather seats. The car has a horn. The car has cup holders.

- Mary V

I like it and feel it could be my last vehicle.

Very comfortable, especially on long trips. Good power and stability. Only real problem is with a light that comes on for no reason and will go off whenever. There is actually no problem or anything that needs to be done, it is just a quirk of this model year (found out through research).

- Ashton P

Lexus. The car rides very smooth and is a good investment.

The car rides really smoothly. One of my friends suffers from car sickness, and when riding in the car, she didn't feel sick at all. It is very practical and not too big or small. I will definitely be buying Lexus in the future. Overall this is one of the best cars I have purchased.

- Lisa K

Consumes gas well and rides smoothly.

I love my car because it consumes gas well. It is low on maintenance. I have never had any mechanical issues with the vehicle as long as I service it as required in the manual. Lexus can also use Toyota spare parts which makes it even more so economical when you are on a budget.

- liz M

Spacy and high quality midsize SUV.

I have had absolutely no issues with my rv It drives smooth and gets great gas mileage for an SUV. I wish it had third row seating but it is pretty spacy for a midsize SUV. There are no blind spots, and I love the backup camera. My navigation system is also a nice touch.

- Christina P

It is a very safe car and it is rated very well. It is 14 years old and it still runs amazingly

It is a very safe vehicle and I feel very safe when driving it. I have only had one problem with the battery, I get the oil changed frequently. The only complaint is that there is not an aux cord or bluetooth but I installed an FM adaptor in order to listen to my music.

- julia s

Handles great in bad weather.

I like sitting up high. Very reliable. Great in snow and michigan winter weather. Like the light color dash and seats. The dealer is very accommodating for service when needed.. I do not like that it is more expensive to service. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Jan A

It is a safe vehicle that is very reliable.

I like that it feels solid. It is very comfortable. It has plenty of cargo space. It handles well, and performs well. I feel very safe in it. Even though it is an older model, it has many features and extras. I love the body styling. All in all, no complaints.

- Joanne S

Lexus Rx 2004 Review and Highlights

One of my favorite features is the automatic trunk, you can press a button on the key fob to open and close the trunk. It is four-wheel drive. The steering wheel automatically adjusts when the engine is turned on. The side view mirrors adjust while in reverse

- Laurel A

I call it my spaceship because of the many auto power features.

Features are awesome and very comfortable and convenient. Very advanced for its age. Gas mileage is decent considering the age and v-6 engine. Never had a problem with reliability, but the power steering fluid seems to need a top off every now and then.

- Amy P

Rx has the luxury and reliability we all want.

Bought this vehicle new. Now has 166000 miles and still going strong. This has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. Gets good gas mileage. Great for both in town and as a highway cruiser. It has enough utility to handle most situations.

- William H

That it belongs to me and I love to drive it.

It was free; I inherited it. The inside is in pretty good shape; it has over 100K miles on it and still runs well. Got some scrapes and bruises. Hit by a tree a couple of years ago. No complaints. It's still better than a car payment!

- Jill W

Equipped with a ton of safety features.

It's an RX 330 and I love this vehicle. Very well equipped. Paint and fit and finish is great. Drives very well and power train has power and decent economy. One complaint was leaking sunroof due to a plugged up drain tube.

- Jim M

Quality vehicle but has a very poor turning radius.

The worst part is the poor turning radius, makes u turns very difficult. The gas mileage also isn't very good. Car still works well after 14 years, good quality. High enough that I can see out. Comfortable with the car.

- Jennifer L

It has been the most reliable car I have every owned.

This car runs very smoothly and is very quiet. Because it is 14 years old it is starting to make a few funny noises & has 193,000 miles. I am currently looking for a new vehicle. I have never liked the color dark blue.

- Tina C

It's a solid well built vehicle. Its reliable and for being an SUV it's great on gas.

This is my second and not my last lexus. The gas mileage is great and it's handles incredible for being an SUV. The seats are comfortable even on long drives. I have had minimal issues with it, just normal wear.

- Ericka K

There were a couple of recalls on parts but they were fixed pretty quickly

We have had this car since 2004 and it has given its little trouble. There have been the normal wear and tear fixes but it still looks and runs well. I would recommend Lexus on the experience we have had.

- Dev J

Lexus 2004 rx review. Great car! Very reliable!

This is a great car. I have had it for 2 years and it still runs amazing! The only problem I have had is my vsc light comes on a lot so having to take it in to get it fixed is a little annoying.

- Elizabeth H

Definitely would recommend to a friend/family member.

I love my Lexus very much. My favorite thing is that the seats are leather, so it makes it much easier to clean up the dog hair and dirt. There isn't really anything I don't like about my car.

- Samey S

A reliable vehicle within the Toyota brand. Upscale.

Comfortable perfect mid size SUV. Smooth shifting. Stylish inside and out. Fwd. completely adequate for driving in snow. Some quirks with electronics. Decent gas mileage for a 6 cylinder.

- Penny E

Know where your gas tank is.

It's an amazing car. Works wonderful. Interior is beautiful. We have the sport edition so it has all the bells and whistles. sunroof, backup camera, heated seats. Automatic everything.

- Sabrina S

It is very very dependable. It now has over 140,000 miles and still runs smooth. Never had a problem. We just do the standard required maintenance.

We love this car. It has several amenities including driver's seat memory, heated seats, 5 CD changer, and motorized rear hatch. Wish it also had a rear view camera for backing up.

- Ken K

It is reliable and low maintenance.

This car is very reliable. The only problem I have had is the CD player is stuck and I can't get the CD’s out. I get tired and regular maintenance oil etc. This car is reliable.

- Rhonda W

Lexus quality lasts for years.

No problems. The trims is coming off the doors. It gets decent gas mileage. About 23 mpg. Sound system is great. Even though it is 14 years old, the quality still shows.

- David R

It might look beat up but it's got a lot of life left

I like how dependable it is. 14 yrs old and never had any major issues. It is super comfortable and smooth. I dislike that it is showing quite a bit of wear, inside and out.

- Nicole M

It's affordable! It's a great family car! You will get spoiled once you buy a Lexus! It is luxury at It's best!!!

It's the definition of luxury. It has soft leather seats. It's fully loaded. It's an older model but still runs like a champ! I dislike nothing about it!!!!

- Sheila L

Great value, long-lasting quality vehicle that will not disappoint

I adore my Lexus RX 330! I love that I have relatively few issues with my car. It is almost fifteen years old and it is still running smoothly and wonderfully.

- Belinda S

Driving the Lexus SUV successfully.

Easier to flip over at high speeds, keep both hands on the wheel at high speeds and around curves. Comfortable, sporty, roomy, not the best on gas but doable.

- Sheri M

That it is MY car. And so nice to ride in with the leather seats and heated seats for the winter time.

Dislike that a tree fell on it a few years ago and we had to have a new windshield and dashboard installed. It is now with lots of scratches and dents.

- Jill M

Great car, but material issue for older models.

This car performs great. It is very comfortable and well built. The only drawback for this model is faulty dashboard material which results in cracks.

- Steve F

It has a smooth ride with a nice look.

I like the color, look, and idea associated with the brand. I do not like how much it has problems. The parts are expensive when there are problems.

- Laura a

It's still i'M good condition.

I love my car, it has been reliable. It never had left me stranded and I love the look of my car. There is not one thing I do not like about my car.

- Martha H

Completely reliable, safe, and holds it's value like no other.

This is the best vehicle I've ever owned, rarely needs servicing. It's beautiful, functional, comfortable and I will buy another of the same.

- rachael m

Comfortable ride that lasts

It lasts really long. About to hit 300,000 miles on it and its still running fine. A couple problems here and there, but overall great car.

- nick c

It is durable as long as you maintain and have it services regularly.

I love that it is not too big but not too small. I am able to travel and be comfortable. And it is also a durable vehicle. I love my car.

- Crystal I

Very very low mileage on it. You asked for one. But it's clean and well kept up too.

Small enough, but big enough. Classy. Good handling. Fairly easy to navigate. Starting to rattle a little but it is 14 years old!!

- Gaye S

This year model does not have camera or gps.

It is a comfortable height and size. It has been reliable. It feels easy to drive. I feel like mechanically it can last a long time.

- Margarete b

Good gas mileage even with air conditioning on.

I like it because it is very spacious. I like it because it has no problems. I dislike it because the gas mileage is not great.

- Mariah R

Very comfortable car. It is very comfortable to drive the car.

Since 2004, I am still driving the same car. Lexus RX is very stable and does not have any problems since I bought the car.

- Saeko M

The models have not changed much.

I love my Lexus. It is just the right size for me. And I still have room to pack anything in it that I need when traveling.

- Melanie H

I love the size of my vehicle. It is not too big and not too small.

I love my RX 330. I have owned it for over 10 years and have had almost no problems. Runs smoothly. Perfect size vehicle.

- Jenna E

I'm sure it's very safe and has decent gas mileage.

My car is tan I'm color with leather interior. I love the power seats and moonroof. I could drive it past 75 comfortably.

- Lindsay S

It'll take care of you if you take care of it properly.

Love the size and durability. It's got 200k miles and is still trustworthy. I just wish maintenance was more affordable.

- Julie M

Reliability coupled with style of the vehicle is outstanding

Love the reliability. Like the size. Offers lots of utility? Wish it had a timing chain rather than belt

- William H

Many safety features for driver and passengers.

It's very well equipped. Drives well in all conditions. Looks good. All automation drains battery power.

- Jim A

Still great after having 150, 000+ miles.

Drives nice, automatic trunk lift, heated seat. I wish it had navigation system and backup camera.

- Gloria S

It's dependable and gets good gas mileage and it's comfortable.

I like the way it drives and they way it handles. I have owned it for 14 years. I dislike nothing

- Renee B

Fastest acceleration than most SUVs and soft steering..

there is nothing to dislike about a Lexus. Just love the car. Good handling.Great looks!!!

- павел Г

I feel this is a reliable car.

Had the vehicle since 2004. Only a few problems. It's been a great car overall

- Dev G

very dependable with just about everything you need in your daily driver

I love it. Very dependable, nice looking and quiet and comfortable

- Gayle J

Great car, good value. Very stylish.

Good reliable vehicle; wish it was bigger and could seat six.

- Al N

The vehicle has plenty of room and can seat five people comfortably .

It's a great and comfortable vehicle and it is very reliable.

- Scott F