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Lexus rx. Great family vehicle.

Very reliable vehicle. We are a family of 4, & we fit comfortably with plenty of legroom for all. . We have taken this vehicle on cross country trips, & it is very comfortable. The trunk is good size. It will easily fit several large suitcases when we travel or go on camping trips. We love the leather seats. We have a light grey interior. I was worried that it would show lots of dirt & grime, but over the years it still looks good (even with two boys) & has been easy to care for. . The only complaint I have is the material is cracking on the dashboard. I do not know if we didn't care for it properly & that led to the cracking. I am not sure. Overall, we have enjoyed owning this vehicle. I would definitely buy another & recommend it to a friend.

- Diana S

Dependable and safe luxury SUV.

Although my vehicle is an '06, I can honestly say I love it. Would I like to have Bluetooth and navigation? Of course I would, but then I wouldn't be able to afford a Lexus. The ride is smooth and the comfort of seats are amazing. The quality of leather holds up well and I always get compliments of the sleek design. When I tell people it is an '06, they always say they wouldn't have been able to tell if I didn't share that information with them. I got this vehicle to be able to handle the Colorado winters. I can drive through the snow and go off-road driving with ease. I feel very safe in my vehicle. It checks all of my boxes I was looking for in a nice, safe SUV.

- Lindsay S

I know that as long as I maintain the car regularly, will never have a problem.

I have never had any significant issues with my car. I make sure to properly maintain it and it has never even not started. It handles tremendously in snow and other inclement weather and is a pleasure to drive. The vehicle is spacious and comfortable, with plenty of room for packing luggage and other similar items. Of all the cars I have owned, this is by far my favorite, hence the reason I have kept it for so long. I have taken some very long journeys, including cross county twice, never had any problems with the car, and I could travel for over 8 or 10 hours without being uncomfortable at all.

- Vincent L

Safe and beautiful - my Lexus rx 330.

I own a Lexus 330 rx. It is the most reliable, dependable car I have ever driven; when there has been an issue it has never been an engineering issue, rather a flat tire or regular maintenance that one might expect. Additionally, it is a comfortable, beautiful, and serviceable vehicle. The leather seats are easy to clean and comforting. The deep blue color makes me proud and happy to sit in. Altogether it is a classically designed, safe vehicle I depend on and enjoy. I would purchase another.

- Carol D

That it is safe, roomy, fuel efficient, and easy to drive. It has lasted a long time and has been a stable car.

I love the space that it has. It has a really large back seat that people can recline in and has a lot of trunk storage. Great gas mileage still for the year. Love the hydrogen fuel cells that it has and the backup cam for an 06. Runs smooth and is a comfortable ride. The only downside is that it is 12 years old and I worry about the price that some upcoming services might cause. Overall, love the brand and will purchase it again!

- Jay O

Lexus lover. A great and reliable car and brand. Highly recommend one!

The car drives really smoothly. I have not had many issues with my car besides occasional check engine light. I drive quite frequently and I will say I feel the car needs fill up often. I feel safe in the car as I have been in accident and remained physically in good standings. The interior has remained in good standing however, the dashboard is peeling away a bit due to the sun’s heat.

- Lindsay D

Love my Lexus - a hybrid step in the right direction for cleaner air.

I have not had any problems with my car and I bought it used. It gets good mileage even though it is an SUV. I would highly recommend it to other drivers who might be wondering if a Lexus is a good buy. It is extremely comfortable and has features like a back seat cup carrier, climate control vents and large elbow that passengers appreciate.

- Ying C

Lexus retains value longer than any other car I've ever owned.

I love that it has retained some value even though it is 12 years old. Maintenance is not as expensive as BMW (my other car) more like a Toyota. It is a hybrid that still get pretty good mileage and it holds a lot of stuff. What I don't like is that it drives a bit "squishy" and is not a performance car like my X5. Not as exciting to drive

- Karen C

Nice looking, safe, reliable.

I have had my car now for 12 years and I still love it. It is comfortable, reliable and gets good gas mileage. I have been in a accident and the car received very little damage. The other car, sustained major damage. The outside paint has held up very well. Also, I like that the newer models are not much differently looking then mine.

- Donna W

The car with zip and pazaz!

I love my vehicle. It is very reliable as well as comfortable. Lots of great features. Love the onboard computer. Love the push button hatch. I have had zero problems. I do wish that it had automatic folding side mirrors. Alao, the moon roof is kind of funky. It is not automatic which makes it hard to determine when it is closed.

- Sharon B

Pros and cons of owning a Lexus.

This vehicle has a smooth and comfortable ride. We do have regular maintenance and have very few problems - the real drawback though - very expensive to maintain or at least to fix issues. Good thing issues are limited. This is a very reliable vehicle. A new Lexus is expensive, which does not make it too affordable for everyone.

- Laura T

Easy to drive Smooth on the road Reliable Good on gas Little road noise.

I have Lexus rx330, 2006. Purchased it brand new. Excellent, reliable midsize luxury SUV. Easy to drive, smooth on the road. Comes with plenty of standard features. Good with gas. In years I owned it never broke down. Had no mechanical problems. Throughout the years I changed tires, brakes, oil but had no major issues.

- Galina Z

Very reliable comfortable vehicle.

Completely reliable. Has only been in shop once in 13+ years other than regular servicing for a sensor that cost $900 to repair. Is very comfortable and holds a fair amount of cargo. It does, however have outdated GPS based on a CD. Sound system is good. And does get good mileage.

- Duane F

It's a good workhorse of a car if you need something that'll work everyday.

The car works just fine for being an older model. Some of the electronic parts have started to go the motor for the automatic back door and the tape player has stopped working. There's no RX chord, so you can't stream anything and the Bluetooth only works for phone so no music.

- Bra H

Great car for a young, small family

Love how much storage space there is and the comfort of the back seat. The front seats (driver's seat primarily) could be a little more comfortable. The AC is AMAZING especially when you live in a warm climate. It gets pretty good gas mileage and the upkeep in minimal.

- Lynsey C

luxurious ride backed by outstanding reliability...

Lexus is the only vehicle we consider when looking for transportation...luxurious interior...bulletproof reliability...25 miles per gallon for an all wheel drive suv...no surprises when it comes to reliability...change the oil, tires, and battery and you're all set

- Richard N

Best SUV ever, the Lexus rx.

I love the Lexus rx. It is quiet and has been super. Dependable. The height is great for getting in and out.. The cargo area holds enough for a long vacation and rear leg room allows for comfort. The dashboard is not as clumsy,as some others. V very few repairs!

- Mary C

Great family friendly vehicle and travel vehicle.

The vehicle is very comfortable with luxurious features. Vehicle has been reliable the last two years owning it. Gas mileage isn't the best, but it also isn't the worst. One minor leak so far near the radiator, otherwise the vehicle has run excellent so far.

- Leah A

It is incredibly reliable even past 100,000 miles. I live a very active lifestyle and it takes me everywhere I want to go with no issues whatsoever.

I have had this car for 12 years and I could not ask for a better car. I have never had a major maintenance issue, and it still runs beautifully. It is also incredibly reliable and very comfortable for 4 people. It is also great in all weather conditions.

- Emily W

Lexus rx offers a good ride.

Reliable. Comfortable ride. Held up well over the years. Good pickup. Feel safe in the vehicle. Spacious. Trunk space ok. Back seat a little tight for 3 adults. Front seats are fine. I have enjoyed mainly being a passenger in this car. Good sightlines.

- Fay W

Reliable, well built, smooth ride.

No major issues. The car is just old, has a tape deck, CD player and the GPS is nonfunctional a this point. Has required basic repairs over the years. Great car, long lasting, reliable. Will buy a new one when needs.

- Nicole C

Dash has cracked despite keeping this vehicle in the garage 95% of the time

This vehicle has been mechanically good; interior is nice, no issues. Dash has cracked and we have waited three years for a replacement per the recall notice; getting very frustrated with Lexus over this issue.

- Susanne J

It is dependable transportation.

I have been driving my car for 12 years and like it because it has been very reliable and still drives great. I dislike that I do not have a backup camera and the park assist features that new cars have.

- Theresa G

it is a nice luxury car however it is slightly expensive to drive and maintain.

i like the amenities it has (drivers seat settings, seat warmers, sunroof). It has a pretty smooth ride, however it does guzzle gas. Seats are comfortable and spacious enough for our little family.

- sabrina v

It is very easy to fix and the car is very reliable.

I love my Lexus. It is a very reliable car and maintenance is not a pain. I love the leather seats and the color of the interior. Its very spacious and can seat up to five adults comfortably.

- Dominique L

It drives smoothly over bumpy roads. Seems to have good suspension.

The phone feature doesn't work. It won't link. I have to use my phone normally. I like the 6 CD player and the dual adjustable temp settings. Heated seats, too

- Jenny F

That I love my car and that I feel really safe in it and driving it all around, on short and long trips.

I like it a lot because I like the car in the snow and how easy it drives. I also like the blue color of the car. I like the tan leather seats and how it looks.

- Kathryn S

It is a great dependable car.

Love the quality. It has only been in the shop once in 13 years for a $900 repair.... The ride is great and the size good.... There is nothing I dislike.

- Dr F

It is the ultimate combination of comfort, appearance and performance.

I love my 2006 Lexus RX 330. It's comfortable but has nice pickup, and it looks great. If I were to get a new car, it would be another Lexus SUV.

- Vinod L

Love my hybrid Lexus RX400h

My Lexus RX400h has been extremely reliable. I was nervous because it was the very first model year for the hybrid SUV, but it has proven itself.

- Amy R

It's the perfect family car

I love the size of my vehicle. It's perfect for my family and not so big I can't drive it comfortably. It is very reliable and low maintenance.

- E H

It is a hybrid and is of the utmost luxury.

It is a premium hybrid vehicle and gets great gas mileage as well as supreme comfort on the road, driving... Luxury driving experience.

- Alma C

How to take care of it. I think knowing how a car runs and the special quirks of it are the most important thing

I like how it is easy to drive, looks great and has touch screen accessories, but it is outdated or I would love it more.

- R B

The Lexus 2006 ax hybrid car.

Great Starts every time in the winter. Does not overheat in the summer. Auto window open when you hold button to open car.

- Cheryl F

It drives good and handles the road nicely and it looks sleek

I like the look and drive but hate the way the dashboard fake leather rips easy and the constant engine light problems

- Rene S

it's a hybrid so you get better gas mileage from this suv

i like the size and interior of my vehicle. only complaint i have is that the battery does not last long in my vehicle

- kc n

It's paid for and it's old and drives like I just bought it.

love the comfort and ease of driving it, looks sleek. It is easy to maintain and it keeps It's value.

- Sue k

Reliability has been good.

Have had it for 13 years and it has been a reliable vehicle. Handles nicely. Good ride. We feel safe.

- Fay W

My car is affordable and has only needed regular maintenance.

My Lexus is comfortable, easy to drive with fairly good gas mileage. It handles beautifully in snow.

- Elaine B

It works upon my demand whenever I need it to work .this is very important Md it works in snow too

Great power off the line. Looks good interior and exterior. Ver6 reliable and works all the time

- Rob K

It's reliable and we have been very, very pleased with his car as our main vehicle.

I love it. It is just right for us and fits all our needs very efficiently. No complaints.


Great practical car; hardly even in the shop! Great acceleration, comfortable.

Practical, reliable, comfortable and efficient. It doesn't handle well on snow however.

- Ann D

it's reliable. It's a good vehicle. A wonderful brand

I love my suv. I wish it was blue instead of white,but it's still pretty

- AlishaB B

I wish my car had an auxiliary cable. I like that it isn't too hard to park because it isn't super long. The fact that it has a cassette player makes it feel very dated. It does ok on gas, but I wish it was a little better.

It is reliable and I have not had any major issues with it.

- Malia C

You get what you pay for, luxury vehicle that doesn't cost a fortune to maintain.

It is very dependable. Easy to maintain. Quality product.

- James H

It is a reliable transportation.

Luv it.😍. Very nice. Very comfortable.

- Patty U