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Our go-to family car for all outings!

My Lexus rx400 is a great family vehicle. It has plenty of room for my family of 4, plus all the extras. The automatic trunk opener has saved me countless times while shopping with 2 toddlers. The seat warmers are my favorite feature. The sunroof can be tricky because you have to guess when it is closed all of the way. When you're pressing the 'close' button, the sunroof will close but then start to tilt. I like the hands free Bluetooth option I have for phone calls. All of the buttons I need are on the steering wheel, making it easy to pick up and hang up calls or adjust the volume of the radio. It is a really quiet vehicle and is great at filtering the outside noise. The 6 CD player was great while it lasted. I now have a couple of CDs stuck inside my car and sometimes the 1 that works will play only one CD and then will not load anymore until you turn the car off and back on again. That is not ideal for long road trips. The car gets great mileage and can reach high speeds quickly. It drives like a car but is SUV size. This is our go to vehicle for family outings.

- Ashley T

I like the ranges of colors.

Good car, drive could be smoother. The aesthetical look is good, however later versions of the model are much nicer. Features such as the interior design, roof, wheels, temperature settings, speaker system, and drink holders are present and well made. Later versions have improvements on these features. The most important feature that should be improved is the speaker system. In my opinion the better the speaker system the better the car. The more characteristics or the Audio system in the car, the better. This could include an AUX cord, Bluetooth speaker connection, and strong bass system.

- Tina V

Classy but expensive. Great features but hot seats and costs a lot to fix.

It drives smoothly. It has GPS built in. Seats are leather which is nice and easy to wipe up, however hot on a hot day. It is very reliable and good quality, however parts are always more expensive when something does need to be replaced just because of the brand it is. It does connect to Bluetooth if calls come to your phone, but it does not play your music from your phone through the Bluetooth unless you have a specific cord. It is a great size-not too big to park but no too small for luggage or compared to other cars.

- Brittany K

The Lexus will be my next car! When my will not run anymore! They are so reliable!

I had no problems with my rx. It drives very smooth! I taken my car 3 times to Alabama! Very comfortable! The other car we used for road trip, felt like I was on a horse for hours and sore! The dealership is very nice. I have had know problem maintenance wise. If you keep up on the car your car be running for ever! I believe to take your car to the dealership of what model your car is, so you do not get second place parts put in your vehicle! It does not fix the problem. Dealership they will take care of you!

- Mona B

One of the best cars I've ever driven!

For this car to be over 10 years old it really is great! Very comfortable, drives great and looks nice. The technology is obviously not as up to date as newer cars. It's missing Bluetooth or even an aux cord hook up so I had to buy a Bluetooth through the radio attachment that goes in the cigarette lighter. Really do love this car and plan on buying a newer Lexus when I can afford one!

- Corinne M

Reliable, safe, comfortable car ride in the city or up in the mountains.

I have no problem with this car. Comfortable ride and easy drive for any kind of road. Drive well and feel safe to drive in snow. It has plenty of space for loading and no changes even with heavy stuff packed in the car. It also seats comfortable 5 adults with plenty of room. I recommend this car to any one with good stability reliable desired car.

- Sandra Y

2007 Lexus rx 350 reviews.

Very nice ride, handles well and rides smooth. I definitely would suggest this vehicle. The dependability is top notch, the quality of the components are comparable to none. I will without a doubt upgrade to a newer model. Safety is a major feature on this vehicle. Comfort was definitely considered when they designed this.

- Sean B

I love my RX and you will too.

So reliable. Never had any problems. I only need to perform maintenance per the manual. She has almost 290,000 miles on her and is going strong. I LOVE her. This is my second RX. I've had a Camry, Maxima, Mercedes SUV, and 2 RX's I will always buy an RX as long as they are available.

- serene b

Superior quality and nice comfort.

Best vehicle I have owned because it is reliable, has a smooth ride, good handling. Customer service is excellent for maintenance matters. Stylish and sharp looking with many options to choose. Roomy interior and hands free gate opening in rear. Comfortable seating and good sounding speakers.

- Marie O

2007 rx-400h Lexus evaluation,, gas mileage not a great money saver.

Great reliable car, comfortable, luxury options, only problem is expensive to maintain at dealership. Still looking for a decent non dealer mechanic. Price reasonable compared to other luxury SUV. Safe car, could improve on rear visibility, post on the side blocking rear view and to the side.

- Jeff M

The best, safest, most reliable car you can ever get.

Very safe, reliable vehicle. Never had a single issue with it, despite that it is not a new one. The seats are beyond comfortable for my sick back. The sound system is great as well. Love this car despite how old the body is. Will repurchase a newer model next year. Cannot wait.

- Olga K

A very reliable car with a few minor aesthetic issues.

The Lexus rx 350 is a very sturdy and safe car. It has a few problems with the dashboard, air conditioning, and the leather on the seats. However, the speakers are wonderful and it has a great navigation system. In addition to this, its a great size and drives very well.

- Katie P

My car is very reliable, and it's is a very good choice for a car.

My car is very reliable, and the seats are very comfortable since they are made of leather. Although I would hope that the leather seats would not heat up too much to the point it burns my skin. The color is a nice pearl white, which is a very nice color in my opinion.

- Namjin N

It is reliable and what you would expect from a Lexus a that price point.

Good fit and finish in the interior; exterior paint is good with the exception being the side mirrors and door handle were paint has chipped off. Engine has good power and been problem free. Under braking the front wheel have a bit of vibration.

- Kirk M

Is a Lexus is speaks for itself If you ever own one then you know what I'm talking about they last a long time what Harley any maintenance

I love my vehicle it rides really smooth really nice it's pretty roomy haven't had any issues in the problems I did had once I fix that it was taken care of didn't have to second-guess really good gas mileage in a sound system is off the chain

- Boogie J

Easy to drive, reliable and safe. Truest comfortable.

It runs great and is a quality car. I also like to drive the car and it is comfortable. I also love the color blue. It is a sub so I can also see great out of the car. I would buy another Lexus again. I would recommend to others as well.

- Roy T

That the SUV is easy to drive.

Love my Lexus 35 rx -total comfort and reliability. It is on the small size for a SUV, which suits me fine. It's easy to drive and parking is also very easy. The car has a lot of space inside. I love the heated sets in the winter.

- Sally H

Reliable and therefore safe. Great family vehicle mid size.

I purchased this used and it has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. I have had very little issues with it. That's the most important thing I want out of a car and impossible to predict.

- Tina P

I love my Lexus. Nice smooth luxury ride

I have own three different Lexus vehicles over the years. The brand is very reliable and the ride itself is smooth and comfort. I will probably buy another Lexus when I am in the market to buy a car.

- Cynthia V

Comfortable and dependable with nice features like leather, heated seats and turning headlights.

It rides well, is very comfortable and dependable. I love the heated seats and the nav system to find clients' homes in the backwoods of NY. I would get another if I could find a gently used one.

- Dana s

It drives well and is spacious

I like that my car isn't too big or too small. It is very spacious. I don't like how it doesn't have bluetooth and a back up camera. It also isn't great that it is very costly in terms of gas.

- Lisa N

It is a great car and has held up well. It has 107,000 miles on it and has only needed regular maintenance and a few minor repairs since we've had it.

I like the ride, it is a very comfortable car. It drives smoothly and is the right size for me and my family. Now that it is getting older, the repairs are getting a little crazy though

- Kate K

I love it and when it comes time to replacing it, I will get another.

It runs very well. It is easy to maintain because I haven't had to spend a lot of money on maintenance or repairs. It looks nice and although it is an older car, I get compliments on it.

- Mary M

My car is very trustworthy even though it is very old.

My vehicle has been in my household for around 4 years now. I love driving with my car since it's very trustworthy and he's never broken down. I don't have any complaints for my car.

- Alice N

So comfortable! I love driving this car.

It's a little bit wide, so the backup camera is crucial for parking. But that's the only thing I don't like. It's the smoothest ride I've experienced and the car is so comfortable.

- Stephanie Z

My car's reliability is awesome and I have not had to worry about anything.

I like my vehicle because it has been reliable for the last 10+ years and it hasn't needed any expensive repair work. I like the Lexus/Toyota brands. I would buy this brand again.

- Bijin H

Reliable and it is touch screen.

I like how it has leather seats, a touch screen, backup camera and heated seats. I don't really like how the material gets soggy and wet from the rain. Overall it is a great car!.

- Victoria B

It's so smooth whenever it drives. It doesn't feel like you're driving a bigger car!

I love the navigation. It's a new car to me, and I love the leather. The moon roof is great. I wish there was a way to Bluetooth my music and not just my phone calls.

- Mia B

Safe driving car and reliable.

Reliable car with many features such as backup screen, leather seats, good GPS system, and Audio system. Would like to get better mileage even though it is a hybrid.

- Jeff M

It has a comfortable, smooth ride. Top quality parts and maintenance.

The Lexus RX is a smooth riding, luxurious vehicle. It is comfortable for long trips. It does guzzle gas, but provides strong power for acceleration. I love it.

- Joanna P

It will last you a long time.

I have had very few repairs on this vehicle. I have driven in it for over 300 thousand miles. I love the size - bigger than a car but smaller than a large SUV.

- Misty G

It is nice to drive and cool red car

Love the way I feel when driving it. I love being higher up to see well. I do not like that the new safety goodies are not in my car and need these updates.

- michele A

I don't think it's worth it anymore. Too much issues with objects inside the car

Love the inside interior but since its getting old it's starting to rip. I love the space of truck and feet space. It has other technical problems as well.

- bri m

It's extremely reliable. We have only had to do repairs once in the past 5+ years

I love the size of the vehicle and the way it handles. I don't like that the paint is chipping and that 2007 was the last year they made the model I like

- Steffany B

Keep up with the maintenance requirements to get the most life out of it.

I love the comfort of the ride, it is very smooth and calming. I have a excellent amount of space for my kids and family. It is just a very nice vehicle.

- Cory H

Overall It's been a good company and brand.

Has lasted me a long time, 120, 000 miles on it, paint is peeling a little otherwise in very good shape, the dealership is always knowledgeable.

- Cara L

It's so smooth it feels like floating.

The Lexus has a smooth ride. The hybrid technology is an awesome feature for city driving. It has comfortable seating and is easy to drive.

- Nadia C

It's a fun car to drive and it is a really nice size vehicle. The color is ugly.

I like that it is a SUV and its fast and compact. I don't like how old it is and I don't like the color. I also wish it had a touch screen.

- Kristen K

The one most important thing others should know about owning a Lexus is that it drives the same no matter how old it is. My car still feels new.

I love my Lexus, it has been reliable and the dealership makes it easy to maintain and offers good discounts and incentives on service.

- katie a

Reliable and runs great. It is safe too.

Love the car but hate the dealer. Always trying to find something wrong with the car. Car has been reliable and I like to drive it.

- Linda C

This car is so dependable and easy to drive.

My car is reliable, uses regular gas, and is so comfortable. Easy to handle and park. I wish it had a GPS and not such a wide base.

- Michelle M

It is a great luxury option for families and business professionals.

Like the design, the way it feels when I am driving, the quality, performance, size. It is very versatile and has a nice interior.

- Alex B

Lexus RX 350 Abounds in quality and unmatched craftsmanship

The Lexus RX 350 is a good luxurious, reliable, comfortable, and makes a statement wherever you are. It has unmatched quality.

- James H

The safety features are unique in this car. I love the backup camera and the beeping noise when you are opening the back hatch.

I love how smooth it drives. The seats are extremely comfortable in the front and back. I love how the back seats recline.

- Hollie H

You Want This Hybrid SUV!

I love that it's a hybrid and gets great gas mileage. It's comfortable and easy to drive. The trunk is also very spacious.

- Sasha C

Reliable & Comfortable Vehicle That Holds Value!!!

Love the features on this vehicle! No issues so far but I've only had it under a year. Great ride & very reliable so far.

- Tia B

It can cost a lot to own because it uses premium gas.

It is very reliable, comfortable, and quiet. It is also very spacious. I don't like having to fill up with Premium gas.

- Alexander N

Quality and reliable vehicle.

Vehicle is very expensive to maintain. The drive is smooth. Interior and quality is impressive. Features are great.

- Natalie F

It is a reliable car to use daily.

I like the way it drives. I love the sunroof. I do not like that it does not have Bluetooth as an option for music.

- Dana C

It is reliable and anyone can easily get in and out of it.

Love the automatic lift gate, the smooth soft plush leather seats, the seat warmers, the color of the paint job.

- Amy S

Great car, the only disadvantage is due to the age of the vehicle.

Great car but unfortunately due to the age it does not offer a verity if the features available in newer models.

- Dana C

Parts and maintenance on a lexus can be very expensive.

my lexus rx350 is very nice. However it didn't come with a built-in navigation system. I paid a lot for it.

- natalie f

Luxury Vehicle. I love how it rides well and is comfortable.

I like that the seats are comfy. It drives super smooth. There are heated seats. I love the 4 wheel drive.

- Ali F

Its very nice. Heated seats, runs smooth. Pretty good on gas.

I like how smooth it is. I don't like the radio if you hit a bump it doesn't work. Like the heated seats.

- Lance M

It is a comfortable drive.

My car is reliable, comfortable and luxurious. It is functional and practical for hauling large objects.

- Ellen H

I liked my car at first then five years later the dash board starting cracking from top to bottom and side to side and lexus would not fix it

it's clean and maintained and the leather is in great shape and the carpet has no stains either

- becky s

very important to me is safety . also is important to take care about car

There is nothing to dislike. I love my car.I will never change brand. It is really good car

- barbara g

I like that it is stylish, it's safe, easy to drive, and is very spacious. I wish had more modern features like navigation system, music system beyond radio etc.

It gets the job done with style. It's incredibly functional but also stylish.

- Maddie F

Toggles between gas and electric as needed. Goes into 4 wheel drive automatically without the driver having to do anything.

Hybrid 4x4 that is very comfy, good on gas and good handling.

- Brenda P

it is well worth the money if you plan to keep it a long time

Even though the car is 12 years old, it still runs great

- Sue S

Great vehicle rides very nice, comfortable and dependable

It is very dependable and is a good value for the money

- Pam M