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Bass is amazing in sound system.

Extremely comfortable car. Bass in sound system wasn't as good as I had hoped, so we installed a new stereo and the car bumps now. Drives very smooth- more like a truck than an SUV. Older car but does not appear so outwardly at all, the inside is more aged but I honestly do not use nav systems in car and prefer to use my phone (wade) instead so I do not mind at all. Though the Lexus rx costs less than many other luxury midsize rivals, you will not sacrifice luxury quality. The rx's solidly built cabin is awash in soft-touch materials, though you may notice some familiar midrange Toyota buttons and knobs. Very comfortable and extremely quiet vehicle that is excellent in snow and rain. It is just tall enough to offer great forward visibility in traffic and the perfect step in height, while maintaining decent handling and stability for a softly sprung luxury vehicle. This is a great vehicle. It handles well both in city driving and highway driving. Seats are comfortable and the technology is top notch. There is ample leg room in the back seat. I am a repeat rx owner and would highly recommend this vehicle. I have another newer rx in my family and honestly prefer to drive my older one more. Super, good on gas, uses regular gas. I love the car. Great for moving beach cargo and kids from place to place. I love driving the car and going on long trips. Will never buy anything but Lexus now!

- Jamie C

Vehicle has stood the test of time. Runs great and looks great.

Performance is high. Comfort and reliability of the Lexus rx SUV is top-notch, even for an older model. Lots of legroom, front and back, and comfortable seating in both the front and back. Storage space is high. Audio components are high-quality, as are all the components on the dashboard. Only problem is that, due to heat and age, the front console leather has cracked in places around the passenger side of the vehicle. Must be sure to be consistent in car repairs and check-ups for certain miles and to always be diligent about oil and tire changes. One issue with repairs and car care is that it is expensive to operate a Lexus SUV. The repairs, computer checks and general maintenance of the vehicle is much higher than a u. S domestic vehicle would be. You have to prepare to budget for these car care expenses.

- Jessica P

Stylish and dependable with all the bells and whistles.

My Lexus rx 350 is a stylish luxury car that is fun to drive and has the space I need to carry items I have bought at auctions and groceries. It is an extremely comfortable ride and the heated leather seats are a huge bonus. It gets really good gas mileage for an SUV too, clocking in at about 18-20 miles to the gallon. I also love having the traction control for winter. We had a huge ice storm last winter with black ice on the roads. It was so bad that we had a 14-car pile up on a major hwy near us. But I used my traction control and didn't slide at all. I felt really safe driving it. Would definitely purchase another Lexus in the future.

- Michelle H

The joy of owning my Lexus rx 350.

I absolutely love my Lexus rx 350. It is the smoothest ride I have ever had. There is very little road noise inside the vehicle so smooth and quiet is what I enjoy. Visibility is great with so many options to adjust all my mirrors. I love all the unexpected options (extra cup holders, automatic wipers sensitive to moisture on the front window, automatic truck release and closure from 3 locations around the vehicle. The only negative I have had is the plastic radiator which is known to crack. I did replace mine.

- Bill A

It is very reliable and has had no major issues.

Locally the car has had no major issues. It gets good gas mileage and is very dependable. I have replaced the brakes but other than that has ran very good. I wish I had gotten black instead of the goldish color but it is a great car. I feel very safe and let my 18 year old daughter drive it with no worries whatsoever. It has great vision with no blind spots like other cars I have driven in the past. All in all a great car and I wish I could get a new one!

- Nancy N

It protected me during a bad car accident, in which I was hit almost head-on and flipped upside down.

I like the size and shape of my vehicle. The RX falls into the midsize SUV category, and I find this size to be perfect for all of my needs. I do not like driving coupes or sedans because I like the feeling of sitting up and being off the ground. I was also in a bad car accident in a previous model RX, and felt safe purchasing another. My only complaint is that the glass on the headlights gets foggy.

- Em G

I LOVE MY LEXUS! My favorite part about my car is the torque.

I love my 400h. The electric engine makes her really "get up and go" which is pretty important when you live in an area with millions of people. Repairs and maintenance is expensive, but I still go to the dealership since they're the experts. I've only had one problem with her, and that's when I start her up, sometimes it tells me to put it in park before I start. I'll be taking her to the car doc.

- Brandi H

Lexus RX 350 - hooked for life!

We bought this vehicle used a few years ago. And even now, after putting many miles on it, we haven't had any major problems or malfunctions! One hose leaked oil and was replaced for $30. I LOVE the Lexus RX 350! I will drive it as long as I can - and then I will get another one. Once I test drove it, I was hooked for life. You can immediately tell the difference in quality and workmanship.

- Cynthia R

Lexus rx is a terrific car and a superb value.

This is the best and most comfortable car we've ever owned. It runs and handles beautifully, gets about 25 mpg of gas on the highway, rarely needs repairs if one maintains it well and is quiet, beautifully appointed, luxurious and safe with front & side auto bags and anti-lock brakes. We're very proud Lexus owners and plan to buy another Lexus rx when we need to replace our current car.

- Heather O

Love my 2008 Lexus rx 400h.

My vehicle is a hybrid. Lexus made better features in later years with better mileage. I would have liked more features on the 2008 rx400h that are found to n other luxury vehicles but not enough to trade it for a newer model. Ride, comfort and reliability are important and Lexus delivers. Most people think my car is much newer. I have around 155k miles on it and hope for another 100k.

- Shirl S

The summary of my vehicle.

My vehicle is very comfortable and roomy would seat 5. The interior has held up quite well my only issue is with the armrest on the door and the seat on the driver side. The leather has gotten very thin from wear and tear. I am well pleased with the performance and reliability of the vehicle many miles placed because of travel. Overall the vehicle has served me well.

- Robinson S

It can be expensive to maintain. But it is a luxury vehicle.

Very reliable vehicle. Plenty of space for a family of four and a dog! Leather heated seats make the ride more enjoyable on cold days. Bluetooth helps us stay Focus on the road while taking a call. Large sunroof. The back trunk door has the option to close on Itself to help if you are carrying a heavy load. Would recommend this car to a growing family. Very safe.

- Alexis Y

Reliable to the end and it is still going strong.

I love this car. It is lasted me a really long time and is still going strong. I feel safe driving this car knowing it is reliable. Since it is an older car it does not have the AUX plug-in. To me that is the only downside of the car. The cabin is spacious and there is a lot of cargo storage. Also the back seats can fold down and give you even more storage room.

- Alicia G

Lexus rx 350 is a great car. I highly recommend it.

I love this car! It is luxurious and classy. I really like the sunroof and the navigation system. We really haven't had a lot of problems with it. We have almost 200, 000 miles on it and it still runs great. We just recently had to put a new alternator in it, and last year we put new tires on it, but other than that, we've done nothing but routine oil changes.

- Rachael B

The one car you will ever need or want.

My Lexus is the best vehicle I have ever owned. It is comfortable, dependable, and handles extremely well regardless of weather conditions. Cargo space is more than sufficient; I have hauled everything from picnic supplies, benches, wingback chairs, and small trees in addition to luggage for 4. You will not be disappointed selecting this car for your family!

- Marie K

Sound quality and performance in bad weather.

This year of Lexus does not have a Bluetooth hook up for my type of phone to play music and I really do not like that. I love the seat heaters, they warm up super fast. I also love the space for groceries and other things in the back. The vehicle handles great in the winter months, I live in a cold weather state. Sound system is great for sound quality.

- Sarah B

It is a well made, reliable car.

This vehicle is very reliable, smooth comfortable ride. The color is very attractive. This vehicle had maintained it is beauty along with it is worth. I have not experienced any problems with Its function or performance. Love the hands free feature and spacious interior. Lots of legroom and trunk room makes it possible to transport large items.

- Grace M

Lexus rx 400h - great SUV for all weather.

I love driving my Lexus. I have yet to find another SUV that is as smooth to drive, great in snow and looks as good as it does. The only negative is how much it costs for basic maintenance and repairs. Something as simple as an oil change can cost more than you would expect. Other than that, it is great and I'd definitely purchase another!

- Amanda B

Lexus rx 350 dashboard problem but overall great.

Great performance and comfort. Wish that there was better more advanced connection for Bluetooth such as being able to listen to music from iPhone to car speakers. Also wish that the dashboard was more durable. Currently for whatever reason dashboard is cracked and Lexus customer service has been delaying this process for a long time.

- Grace Y

Safe and reliable: Lexus rx.

Reliable and comfortable. Loads of storage available with fold down seats in back. Front tires wear more than rear and I wish a/c in back was better. My model has heated seats and a sunroof which I love. My previous car was totalled when we were it by a drunk driver. It took me awhile to find a car that I felt safe driving again.

- Michelle M

Good all around car that is reliable.

I have had no problems since I purchased it used. I like the extras such as heated seats, sunroof, GPS. It has good power and steers very comfortably around curves. It also does very well in the snow, rain. It is a mid sized sports utility vehicle and I feel very comfortable driving it. It gets relatively good gas mileage.

- Sydney I

Model to have more room space than the newer models for passengers and trunk.

Very comfortable but a little expensive when it comes to maintenance of it, but maintenance wasn't required until vehicle was about 10 years old, that is when all the expensive maintenance is required, especially with the computer parts, all the computer parts are so expensive and expensive to diagnose the problem also.

- Soth P

Hybrid SUV is good for the environment.

It gets pricey when it comes time for service but other than that this car is very reliable. It has never broken down. I get a lot of compliments when I have other people in the car because it drives so smoothly. It is also a hybrid which I find to be a great feature. It saves money on gas and helps the environment.

- Peter B

SUV hybrid 2008 130,000 miles.

My hybrid SUV is a luxury car to me. It has leather seats and burlwood steering wheel with panel. I love the gas mileage and miles that I have obtained. It holds all of my grandchildren and the objects that I have to travel with. I have kept it maintained at every oil change. I could not ask for a better car.

- Stephene G

Best luxury SUV on the market.

I love my Lexus rx 350. I have leather seats and it is very comfortable. I have a bad back and that matters a lot! It also has seat warmers which are great in the winter. It drives very smoothly and handles well for an SUV. The sound system is a+. I feel very safe in my car and it comes highly recommended.

- J S

Love the 2008 rx but newer model is amazing.

Comfortable, reliable. Good in snow. The GPS is a bit slow but this is a 2008. Newer models have better features. Compared to Toyota, Lexus is more comfortable with lots of features. This model has a DVD player and sunroof. The cost of a new rx350 is a bit pricey but a beautiful automobile.

- Vera R

2008 Lexus rx400h. This is a wonderful car. We will purchase another one.

It is a wonderful car. We have replaced the fan blower to the tune of $450.00. We have of course replaced the tires and have and have done all of regular maintenance. Timely oil changes, lubes and cabin and air filters replacements. The car gets terrific gas mileage and repairs are minimal.

- Doug F

Lexus rx 350: a masterpiece.

My car is nice runs smoothly but it was used before make sure that the engine works smoothly before buying. Does not have USB or aux capabilities so keep that in mind when looking at this particular vehicle. Navigation works pretty well and back camera helps with reversing/parking.

- Jason S

Very satisfied Lexus customer.

I love my rx. No real issues except routine maintenance. Excellent in the snow and inclement. Love the complimentary first aid kit. Spacious and good highway gas miles very dependable child friendly, vehicle has many features. Family is considering purchasing a later model vehicle.

- Toni R

It's fancy and sporty. Yes.

My car gets decent gas mileage. It does great in rain and snow. It has great power. The headlight assembly leaks so my headlight is out and is mostly to fix. I wish they would do a recall on it do fix it since Lexus knows about this problem. Otherwise , I'm happy with my car.

- Trish K

Great midsize SUV for family of four.

Had one issue of cracking on the dashboard but that was remedied with a recall and replaced. Good smooth quiet ride easy getting into parking spots. Travel a lot with dogs in crates amply cargo space for that and hauling plants, shopping for medium sized purchases.

- Jo Ann H

Family friendly, but cold weather preference.

The vehicle is family friendly. We managed to fit three car seats in the back. It tackles different terrains without a problem. It has great horsepower for get-up-and-go. My only challenge is cosmetic. The dashboard material does not last well in a hot climate.

- Angel B

Lexus 350 rx is just the car for me.

My car is just the right size. It is very comfortable. Love the Bluetooth future, heated front seats. Very reliable. Good on gas. GPS, however, I like that you cannot type instructions while driving. Plenty of room in the back, the back seat can be folded.

- Mercedes R

The great Lexus most valuable asset is it is automatic windshield wipers.

This vehicle has auto windshield wipers, seat warmers, and is very spacious on the inside and also has a big trunk. It has a sunroof and arm rest. I don't like that it does not have AUX plug. But overall it is a great car and will keep purchasing Lexus.

- Shay C

Lexus rx 350 great SUV to drive.

Love it. Smooth ride, cargo room is perfect. I have not had any issues other than cracking on the dashboard which was taken care of by a recall. Easy to handle getting into parking spaces etc. Great for vehicle for hauling small items in the cargo area.

- Jo H

It is dependable and relatively inexpensive to maintain.

It is a comfortable and reasonably quite vehicle. It is clean and well cared for. I bought it used and felt it was inexpensive transportation for the money. It is a top of the line vehicle with all the available options.

- Harold S

Rides well, more leg room.

I like the comfort, but there is not a lot of legroom for a tall person. It drives well, I haven't had any really big issues with it yet. I like that the headlights move when you turn the car, and power rear door is a must.

- melissa c

Defective dashboard which cracks.

Comfortable drive and ride. Good car except for the cheap dashboard. It has cracks in it and Lexus will not replace it since the cracks started after the warranty expired. They know it is defective but will not replace.

- Brenda M

It handles well and has a smooth ride. It is comfortable for long distance driving.

I like the luxury interior. I love the features that include heated seats, bluetooth, and navigation. The power rear door is great. I wish the cupholder was located on the dash instead of the center console.

- Kirsten c

It's compact (compared to the SUV), but has plenty of cargo space. Driving it is comfortable. It feels safe.

The Lexus RX350 is the perfect size for my needs. It has the versatility of the SUV without being so large. It is comfortable to drive and I feel safe. I would prefer that the car not require premium gas.

- Julie U

The comfort level in this vehicle is unbeatable!

I love my vehicle! It's such a smooth comfortable ride! We just traveled the West Coast down to the Keys and back a few months ago and the car drove like a dream! The seats are very easy to relax in.

- Jennifer W

It uses premium gas only, which is very expensive, and I wasn't expecting.

I've only had the car for two weeks, but I like it so far. It has a lot more bells and whistles than my last car, even though they were the same year. It rides really smoothly, and is very comfortable.

- Molly M

The Lexus rx 400h is a great car and worth the money.

I love my car! It is so easy to drive. So comfortable. Great in any type of weather. Unfortunately sometimes it is expensive to maintain and keep up with but great otherwise. I highly recommend.

- Amanda R

This car has all around amenities that make every ride comfortable in any weather.

It rides very smoothly all year round. I appreciate the heated seats and multiple CD player. When traveling with family and friends they can watch DVD on the headrest monitors. It is spacious.

- John D

Decent quality but odd things missing.

For being a 2008 it has some features that are odd like it still has a cassette tape deck but does not have a AUX input. The navigation system is way out of date and very expensive to update.

- Kevin S

No problems for ten years

After ten years the brakes gave out and I needed those replaced. Shortly after that the alternator, starter, and battery died together and those needed fixed. No major issues before that.

- Camille L

That it's a hybrid and uses less gas, gets great mileage for being an suv.

Love my car, wish it had a usb port or bluetooth capability so I can stream music wirelessly to the radio or speakers. Wish it had come with a cargo cover as part of the standard package.

- Alexandra C

2008 Lexus RX. High in mileage but continues to be highly reliable.

My car is old and has high mileage but continues to be reliable. I continue to do to routine maintenance. Unfortunately the sensors are starting to go and can be costly to replace.

- Dina B

It has a diesel engine in it.

Great ride, dependable, interior shows little wear. Service at dealership is topnotch, great to have a loaner car provided when necessary. Dealership personnel is phenomenal.

- Kimberly P

Bulletproof (performance-wise) and a pleasure to drive.

Normal maintenance and repairs only; 100% reliable; most comfortable vehicle I have owned - dependable, quiet, great ride, great speakers, beautiful inside and out.

- Cheryl B

It is one of the safest cars on the road.

No complaints I absolutely love my vehicle. It is great in gas. I have never in 4 years had a single problem with it. I will never drive anything but a Lexus.

- Heather L

it's a luxurious car that can also pass for a family car

i feel like my car is my friend, helping me get to places i need to be conveniently. i get helpless when it's faulty and i try to fix it as soon as i can.

- ono o

This vehicle is reliable and fun to have

This car is very reliable. I already have over 150,000 miles on it and it's still running smoothly. Although it tends to guzzle gas, its still great!

- Ryan R

Its safe and I am good condition.

It has a sunroof, leather seats and a multi disc CD player. The gas mileage isn't terrible. It is comfortable to drive and has a rear view camera.

- Sarah M

Extremely reliable. , safe. Low maintenance. Would get another.

Has over 200, 000 miles and going strong. Very reliable. Just need to do oil and filter changes. No major issues in the 10 years I have owned it.

- Judy S

It is a fun car to drive and handles well. With the proper maintenance this car will likely last for a long time

It is sporty and drives well. It has the extras I had wanted. It has been well maintained and has low miles. There is nothing i truly dislike.

- syd I

It has good mileage and it is a good brand.

I enjoy the e comfort. The ride is still the best I've had. The quality and dependability are excellent... I wish there was an aux. Plug..

- Shirley S

It has been well maintained and runs very well.

I like that my car is sporty, has the options I wanted, drives well. I do not have any complaints as it has run very well since I got it.

- Sydney J

It's a great car for family to travel long distance.

Great car for family, comfort, good acceleration, cool/heat fast, enough size of backspace, and automatic seat position for 2 people.

- Hiroyuki S

Reliability is to me the most important issue. It has shown itself to be safe as well as comfortable

It is on an auto not truck chassis so it handles well, gets reasonable gas mileage, is comfortable, and has been extremely reliable.

- Howard K

It has very high quality parts. Lasts a long time without any major issues.

I like the spacious room and quality interior. I also like all the upgrades and amenities. Like all SUVs I dislike the gas mileage.

- Lisa W

It always starts! I have had to replace the battery twice, but always starts.

My Lexus is always dependable. I keep it maintained and it is always there for me. It is smooth riding and great on gas mileage.

- Stephene...this Is Correct G

It is worth the money you spent on purchasing it.

I love the style, size, performance, durability and the gas mileage it gets.. I dislike the cost of repairs (when I need them).

- Denise W

Comfortable and spacey mid-size SUV.

Sits high and very roomy! Comfortable leather seats with seat heaters in the front two seats. Automatically moving trunk door.

- Sabrina A

They should know that the rx 350 is a very reliable car.

I like that it is very reliable. I like that it is very comfortable. I like its gas efficient. I do not like maintenance cost.

- Julie K

It dependable as long as you keep up with maintenance.

Cost to much to maintain. Had to put a new transmission in it. Cost me a lot to fix. Dealership was not to happy with me.

- Mary G

It handles well in most weather conditions.

I have no complaints with this car. It is very reliable and comfortable. It is gas efficient and handles fine in snow.

- Francine R

Comfortable auto to ride in.

No complaints. Auto runs very smooth, also like the interior. Haven't had any mechanical problems as of yet.

- Michael P

It's expensive to maintain

I like my car. Runs smoothly, lots of room for passengers and cargo. Pretty to look at. Very dependable

- Marty B

very reliable, safe...overall great car

this is a great safe and very reliable car i highly recommend Lexus to any future car buyer. five stars

- heather c

That it is very reliable. I love that is is a luxury vehicle.

I love my Lexus especially that it is luxury and reliable. I like the style of the year I have too!

- Leann V

Reliability, luxury & ride.

It is the most reliable. It has every feature I need. It has a smooth ride & excellent transmission.

- Gunther K

It's a hybrid. Held its value over the years. No major issues.

It is a hybrid. It has had no major mechanical issues. It has held a high overall trade in value.

- Veronica A

I have no complaints. The car gets me where I need to be and back. It still looks new after 10 years. The only things I would change it cosmetic things.

It was made with longevity in mind. People still think my car is brand new and it is 10 years old.

- Chelsea F

This car is safe, comfortable and runs well even with a high mileage

I have no complaints. It's luxury, runs very well, soft. I feel safe in it. Very comfortable

- Olga V

My car is Reliable and safe.

I love my Lexus. It drives so smooth and the trunk has so much room. It's a reliable car.

- Michelle K

It's a luxury vehicle but is also extremely safe and long-lasting.

No complaints. It runs like a dream and I rarely run into any problems. Very durable

- Jake A

I transport for rescued dogs and cats. I feel safe for both myself and my "passengers"

I love my Lexus SUV. I love the look, I love the ride, I love the dependability.

- Helen R

Luxury and comfort. It drives like a dream. It is so easy to drive!

It is a great luxury car. Has all the bells and whistles and so comfy to drive.

- kelley w

It is an excellent long lasting car and it handles well in all weather.

I love the feel of it as I am driving. I like the look and the size.

- Carolyn L

Is very safe and reliable.

I dislike that is getting old and i want the same car again.

- Wendy P

My vehicle is my best friend. It is reliable, trustworthy, accountable. I am so happy with it. I highly recommend it to my friends.

It is a reliable friend that i can trust it in all weathers

- Chunxiang W

The navigation system and how easy it is to use all the time.

The nav system. The color. No complaints, yet. No dislikes.

- JT F

I have had no major mechanical issues.

Luxury SUV that has lasted a long time and fun to drive.

- Susan N

When the low tire pressure light comes on, it could possible be the spare tire that needs inflaring.

Low maintenance, stylish and a very dependable vehicle.

- Polly N

It gets great gas mileage and is a quality vehicle.

Great gas mileage great size easy to drive great brand

- Mary S

It has high value...year after year. It is a great vehicle.

It is Dependable. It is efficient. It is comfortable.

- B T