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Luxury SUV that is dependable and fun to drive.

I love my Lexus rx-350. It handles well on the road, it looks like a luxury vehicle not just a clunky SUV and the seats are comfortable and heated. The trunk area is very large and I carry things like bikes and drum sets in the back regularly. The back seat fits three people but I wouldn't recommend three adults riding in the back for long distances because it is a little crowded. I have only had to do regular maintenance on the car for the entire time I have owned it. My next car will be another Lexus.

- Sue H

Great car! Very luxurious, reliable and classy!

I love our Lexus! We haven't really had a lot of problems with it. Some routine maintenance is all we've had to do to it. The only thing that I really do not like, is that if we do end up having a problem with it, the parts are very expensive, and sometimes it can be hard to find a mechanic that knows how to work on them. Other than that, it is a very luxurious and comfortable car. It had been incredibly reliable for us, and we will definitely consider purchasing another Lexus in the future.

- Rachael B

Love my Lexus! Its beautiful on the inside and out. Very solid.

My Lexus is extremely comfortable and well laid out. I think it's a beautiful car, especially in the burgundy color I have. It's got some great features. My two favorites are the power door or life gate. It's great that you can open or close it with just a button. I also love the seat warmers. Repairs are expensive but I anticipated that when I bought a luxury brand. My Lexus is not new, but the styling looks up to date.

- Brenda U

2009 Lexus road trip vehicle.

My car is 9 years old so it has a few problems. Engine cylinder problems, gas guzzler, but it is comfortable inside. The car takes 15 gallons of gas and in California that is almost $60 every time you want to fill up. The power steering is messed up making it tougher to turn the vehicle. The vehicle has heated seats, GPS, and my favorite feature which is the backup camera.

- Cassandra P

Arm rest in the 2009 Lexus rx350 are key.

Love the car nice smooth ride, comfort features inside make it nice. Displays easy to use. Just the right size for a small family. I love the 2009 model the newer models look boring and the newest model looks to futuristic I was going to get a newer one but I decided to keep mine and just did an overhaul. Love this model and the armrest are key!

- Nancy R

Premium gas, and horrible gas mileage. very comfortable to ride in

I love the car, i'll start with dislikes. hate that it takes premium to fill it up. Wish there was better A/C flow in the back seat. What I like is the pick up power, fold down back seat to make an already spacious trunk bigger. Back window wiper blade and reverse screen. 3 ways to play music, tape, CD (which holds 6) and am/fm

- Samantha Q

Lexus makes a very good vehicle. The service from Lexus is amazing.

I am very pleased with my Lexus but have had trouble with the pistons. Two were replaced but I suspect that additional ones will need repair. Also when I take my vehicle for service, I get a loaner which is always a newer Lexus with all the bells and whistles, which of course makes me want a newer one.

- Carole C

Reliable and comfortable SUV.

My car has been very reliable since I bought it. Lexus makes very good vehicles. It is very comfortable, and the drive is smooth. I also rely on Lexus service cat the dealership--also very reliable. I've owned the vehicle for more than 10 years, and it still performs really well.

- Laura B

Lexus rx... The trusted family ride.

Love the smoothness of. The ride, but need more room due to having another child. I rely on this vehicle and it is very trusted. No problems with it so far. Just replaced the battery and brakes. Feels like a new ride. Will be looking at the new model that offers 3rd row seating.

- Cassandra R

My Lexus rx 350 is best car ever!

Very reliable, never broke down - 168,000 miles! Very comfortable, all interior features still work - navigator, seat warmers, CD/cassette tape, electric everything! It has had a hard life but it keeps on moving! I will definitely by a Lexus again if my current one ever dies.

- Heidi S

More bang for your buck. Reliable, comfortable and stylish.

My Lexus rx reliable; with the maintenance services they make sure everything is working well. The car is quite comfortable. The styling does not look dated. I can set the seats, mirrors steering etc. that automatically change back to my settings if anyone else drives my car.

- Michelle M

Love the Lexus. Never ages.

It has lots of room. The back seat folds down for carrying large items. The power door is convenient when arms are full. Low enough to load things. The headlights move to show objects at night. It has good horsepower. The navigational feature is perfect. Great stereo sound.

- Nadine W

Great automobile, great ride, good looking car.

Lexus rx-350 most dependable car I have ever bought. Going on 10 years now without anything major happening. Been totally dependable. Would advise anyone to buy one. Great and beautiful automobile. In 10 years, have only replace battery, tires and windshield wiper blades.

- Don P

We have the special pebble beach edition which came in a special color.

Very reliable since I owned it in 2011, great ride, has a really good GPS system, although it is not user friendly. Great stereo system also. The maintenance can be quite expensive. I always take it to the dealership for repairs. It also has a lot of space in the back.

- Michael H

Love them SUV..Smooth driving.

Smooth driving, very comfortable,it's a 4 wheel drive have big comfortable seating it is a four door, it have locks on the wheels where no one can steal the tire on the vehicle,the color is blue and I got it for a good price I love driving it. The seat is a gray color.

- Nicole K

The lexus rx350 A great family vehicle; rides like a car but roomy as an SUV.

This is my second Lexus. They have been the most reliable vehicles I have ever had. My routine maintenance is an oil change every 3, 000 miles. It has needed no other maintenance. I have never had either vehicle overnight at the dealership, they are that reliable.

- Linda A

Long term relationship with my car.

Rides is very smooth. Love the Lexus reliability not a lot of problems, things do not break down all the time. Love the leather seats and the back support in the driver's seat. Love that the Lexus has a 6 cylinder engine that gets top speed with no shaking.

- Marisol A

Good mom SUV consider before a van.

The Lexus rx continues to give customers the exact blend of luxury performance and comfort. It has great acceleration and handling and still outshines almost every other SUV in the area of reliability and resale. Its roomy and has advanced safety features.

- Sarah M

It is a Lexus that costed about $30k. It is very comfortable and modern.

My Lexus rx 350 is a very reliable and strong car. I am not sure what year it is in but it has a gray tone. It is very smooth, when you drive it you could almost feel like is not even on. I recommend it because It's a very solid car for the price of 30k.

- Quang N

That it is dependable, reliable, good gas mileage.

The lexus rx has really good visibility; it is comfortable for both driver and passengers. This roomy SUV allows me to transport anything I need to. It is reliable, easy to drive and if you maintain it properly, the car has a nice long life.

- Ellen F

The Lexus SUV retains Its value and is a very good car to buy instead of leasing.

This vehicle is the smoothest and easiest car to drive. It is 9 years old and still runs perfectly with no issues. The amenities such as brake assist and air conditioner are still like new. Overall I have very few complaints.

- Ryan D

very smooth ride comfortable interior easy to get a car seat in and out of for buyers with children. Also large enough trunk space for baby gear

Great car for traveling. For an SUV gets excellent gas mileage. Have not had any performance problems. It is a bit expensive to fix if issues do arise. This is my second lexus and would happily buy a third

- Ann D

It is super reliable because it is one of the best cars on the market.

Very comfortable, quiet and reliable with lots of nice features. The gas mileage is very good for this model. Wish it wasn't so dinged up and would like to upgrade to a newer model asap. No complaints.

- Gary L

It is extremely solid and reliable.

This is a great car. Very solid. We've had few problems. On top of it, it is extremely reliable and comfortable. It is fully loaded, but a number of the upgrades come as standard equipment.

- Cheryl A

With regular maintenance, I have had almost no problems with my almost 10 year car. It still looks great and has a smooth drive.

I love how safe I feel when driving this car. It looks classy when compared to other cars. This car is very comfortable to drive. I wish it got a little better gas mileage.

- Donna Z

Very comfortable and reliable

I love my car very much I just would like a newer model. Over the years my car has had no serious issues and has been very reliable. I would absolutely buy another Lexus.

- Lindsay S

A luxurious but reliable car

The Lexus RX is not only a luxury car, it is a very reliable car. The car runs quietly and smoothly and I have not had any issues. I would definitely buy it again

- Maria M

Fabulous car for short woman.

This vehicle has had very few problems. The worst being the exhaust pipe. I replace tires and oil but nothing significant. The leather seats are aging.

- Mollie N

Reliable and fun to drive Lexus rx.

Extremely reliable car. Comfortable to be in for long drives. Great gas mileage. Great features such as heated seats, Sirius radio, keyless start etc.

- Laurel B

It is reliable, If it needs repair the dealership is very good and always gives a loaner

Other than parts wearing out it never needs repair. It is reliable. It drives well in the snow and ice. It is orthopedically comfortable for me

- Chana D

It is fun and easy to drive. It also has a sportiness factor to it.

I love the size, dependability, and smoothness of the ride. It is very fun to drive. It is very luxurious, with a great interior as well.

- Hanna p

Best family car we could have ever hoped for!

We love out rx! We got the pebble beach addition, it is so sleek. We have a family for 4 and we love taking long drives in our Lexus rx.

- Jessica J

That it is a hybrid, and good for the environment.

It is a smooth ride, it is a hybrid, therefore good for the environment. Too much technology, too complicated to do at-home work on it.

- Caitlin C

Quality care, the is reliable, efficient and it backed by it's brand name.

Comfortable, reliable, rides great, dependable. Great service from the dealership. Name brand product that stands behind it's brand.

- Robert P

Expensive to drive and maintain

Nice car, but expensive to own and maintain. It's essentially a luxury edition Toyota 4Runner. I would probably not buy it again.

- Mike R

Lexus RX model for year 2009

The turning radius is bigger than normal. Blind spots are bad. I do like the heated seats and the automatic wipers and lights.

- Tina H

costly repairs after the vehicle passes 8 years old.

i love my vehicle, but it is older and needs repairs. very comfortable ride, but with gas prices, i wish i had bought a hybrid.

- Claudia S

The Lexus RX is well made and the upkeep is lower than many other similar luxury SUVs

The Lexus RX is a beautiful mid sized SUV. It handles more like a car and the size still allows for movability in tight areas.

- Shelley L

Expensive to keep up. We do have everything don at the Lexus dealer.

Nice ride, heated seats, GPS, stereo. Pretty good gas mileage. Lots of space and even more space if you fold down the backseat.

- Mike J

She does very well with gas.

I love my car she is beautiful and drives like a dream. I will keep her until she dies. She gets me to everywhere I need to go.

- Emily E

Sturdy, comfortable car that has proven to be quite dependable.

Very comfortable and sufficient room inside. Easy to drive which is important for a smaller person. Great storage capacity.

- Betty K

The most important thing to know is that it has a Toyota engine... my last one had 341,000 miles before the transmission went.

LOVE that it has a Toyota engine. :-) Love the heated seats, and that it rides great. It's also very quiet to ride in.

- Susa P

It is very reliable and handles well in the snowy conditions.

I have no complaints about my vehicle. it is reliable, good on gas, gets me where I need to go and is easy to drive.

- Kris G

It has great gas mileage.

Like: it is comfortable, easy to see out windows, sunroof,.... Dislike: gas mileage, it wants premium fuel.

- Rebecca R

Has been very reliable and is a very comfortable ride.

It is very reliable. Have not had any problems in the 10 years I have owned it.

- Kathryn C

I love the smooth ride. I only regret the model and year because the year following they added lots of features.

It is a very safe car and a smooth ride. It takes a lot of gas but worth it

- Paula R

Nice ride, pretty good gas mileage and comfortable.

Great ride, lots of room, good navigation system. Expensive to maintain

- Mike H

It is built to last, is a fuel efficient car and the design is superb!

It is a very comfortable ride and I like the height of the seats.

- Ann G

Very reliable. Good looking. Like a friend. Will buy again.

Very comfortable ride. Great leather interior. Poor fuel economy.

- Nikolay B

It drives very comfortable, little engine noise , it's great to sit higher above traffic.

Most comfortable car I have ever driven. Luxurious interior.

- A.J. V

It must have premium gas only!

I've had no complaints at all, great car!

- Dave R