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It is very versatile. I can put the seats down in the back and load tons of stuff in it. I have carried chairs, table tops, ladders, and wood in my car. The seats in the front are also electric and easily adjustable to fit in even more stuff.

I love the size of my vehicle, it fits 5 people and is big enough to get in without hitting your head. It is comfortable to ride in. It has air conditioned/heated front seats for added comfort. The controls are easy to reach and use. I like that the underside is fully protected. I dislike the white colored leather interior. I wear jeans a lot so my seats have blue dye all over them, looks awful. My side mirrors and front corner frame of the car block my vision of pedestrians, I have to move around in my seat to make sure there is no one there when turning. I think the console is too far back. I can't rest my arm on it.

- Linda P

Car is easy to drive, backup camera is wonderful.

Good on gas; nice size; feel safe in the car; nice looking car; nice wheels, sets up high on the road; blends in on the road rather than being swallowed up by truckers; Bluetooth with computer map access is very nice. However, the voice does not work with this car. Unfortunately, the lumber rest does not provide adequate support and causes more pain than support; the uncomfortable seats are make my back and neck hurt; more road noise than I expected from a luxury care; poor quality of seat covers that shed leather particles.

- Barbara B

The perfect and dependable luxury SUV.

My car has almost all of the options that are available. Heated/cooled seats, navigation system, sunroof. I have put several miles on my car since purchasing it and have had to do minimal maintenance. I have only had to do routine maintenance such as new tires and brakes. It has been a phenomenal car in that regard. The gas mileage is better than expected for an SUV. I have had it for almost five years and it has been nothing short of dependable. It is a great brand, looks great, and I am very proud to drive it.

- Shannon S

2011 Lexus rx 350 AWD with technology package.

I really cannot complain and I haven't had too many issues with my car. It runs very well, is enjoyable to drive and has several upgrades options. It has a backup camera, heated and cooled seats, Bluetooth connection and AWD. It had o my had one mechanical issue in the 120,000 miles I have driven it, a oil cooling system connection that apparently fails frequently in those model vehicles.

- Jason P

I don't ever have to turn on my lights or wipers. That's all automated.

I have had no problems with this car so far. It has been very reliable. I love it for long trips - it is more comfortable than any car I've ever driven. It is loaded with features- too many for me to take advantage of. It has great pickup when accelerating and definitely when passing on the highway. Voice commands are a bit clunky, but that may be due to my unfamiliarity with it.

- Keith M

Exactly the right car for me.

I have had my car for 9 years and I love it. It's the right size with all the features I wanted and none of the ones I didn't care to pay extra for. I have never had any major problems with I. The service from the dealer is amazing, so I have been very good about servicing it regularly. It has 120,000 miles on it and I have no immediate plans to replace it.

- Katherine H

This girl loves her Lexus SUV!

My Lexus is a beautiful white with tan interior. It gets great gas mileage. The handling of this particular style is great!The interior is sleek and stylish. Many cup holders. The sitting height is great. The only small complaint is noise level. Hopefully the newer models corrected that issue. I feel good behind the wheel of my Lexus!

- Cheryl D

The car is in perfect condition despite the fact that it is nearly 8 years old.

Even though the vehicle is almost 8 years old, it is still in very good condition. I like the MPG that I get while driving it. Also, I like how the car itself is still in amazing condition. The only thing I dislike is the fact that I need a newer model of the same make and model, however I have not gotten around to purchasing it yet.

- Matthew W

2011 Lexus rx best car yet.

I haven't had any problems with this car and drive it daily in town as well as take it on road trips 1-2x a year. It is very comfortable to travel in and the cargo space in the back is generous. I have moved furniture and other items easily by folding down the seats. Most definitely a Versatile and dependable car to have.

- Rachel J

Despite the cost I am surprised by how many Lexus rx 350 smart on the road.

Very comfortable and dependable. Has all features as expected on luxury automobile it is easy to maintain, does not require new tires after 40,000 miles on Michelin I purchase. We get 25 miles per gallon on trips, but less than 18 back and forth to work in town. Love 4 wheel drive with very similar car in a couple years.

- Charlie S

Drive is so smooth. Amenities are phenomenal.

I absolutely love my rx350. I have never owned a vehicle that I can say I love everything it has to offer. The lights at night are amazing with the automatic high beams. The automatic windshield wipers are amazing as well. The way the car drives is phenomenal. The ride is always so smooth. I will never not have a Lexus.

- Jessica K

My Lexus rx 350 experience.

Overall, I really like my vehicle. It drives nicely and it is very reliable. However, it is not the best on gas. My current issue is with the brake light. I cannot just replace the brake light bulb alone. The entire brake/ tail light fixture must be replaced, which is expensive!

- Greg G

Lexus rx reliable and comfy.

Very reliable and comfortable. Wish it was bigger in regards to room with kids and storage. Beautiful trim. I feel very safe when driving this car. Performance is great in all weather and road conditions. Has many features to help aid in the safety of different conditions as well.

- Jamie B

The vehicle my kids said to get but I didn't think I would like!

Love everything about it except maybe the premium gas! It is a great size for me as I travel to Florida each year in it along with my Labrador retriever. Cargo space is good as is the interior space. I have not had any major issues with it. Only the usual maintenance and upkeep.

- Susan B

Lexus vehicle is excellent dependable quality with superior service.

It is a smooth riding car. The Lexus quality is excellent. Dealer service is also good. Nice waiting area, courteous service managers. Handles well in winter, all around good visibility. Cost of vehicle compared to Mercedes or BMW was reasonable given all the same features.

- Marie R

My car looks fantastic drives exceptionally wonderful.

I bought my Lexus used with low mileage have had no problems best car I have ever had. I got my car from Lexus in riverside fantastic service no pressure. My car is so comfortable. I love to drive it so easy I would recommend Lexus to anyone looks for a great vehicle.

- Gayle D

My car is expensive which allows for trade discussion.

My vehicle is a good running car with decent gas mileage and has required little maintenance. Replacement parts for this model are a bit expensive but of good quality. If I were to replace this vehicle I would likely look at replacing it with a newer similar model.

- Herbert F

Happy with my Lexus rx. Highly recommend this SUV.

My Lexus is reliable. I live in a rural area where the roads in winter can get fairly treacherous. I have no problem navigating in bad weather with my Lexus rx. Normal maintenance and no other issues. My only complaint would be not enough cup holders.

- Lori L

It gets good gas mileage and is easy to drive.

It is a dependable car, requires little maintenance, and has good gas mileage. It gives a feeling of luxury and of being a solid car. The only drawbacks would be original cost and maintenance is not available in my home town.

- Frank D

Trusty Comfortable Reliable Vehicle

My car is incredibly comfortable and reliable. We have plenty of room for two kids, and the dog, plus any paraphernalia they bring. I love how I only need to fill up my car maybe once a week depending on how far I travel.

- Donna H

It is excellent on gas. It drives smoothly. It is roomy for my kids.

No problems at all. It's good on gas. I love the interior. As long as I regularly maintain the SUV by oil changes and periodic replacements, everything is ok. I never have to spend lots of money on maintenance.

- Cherie A

I think others should know that the Lexus is a well-made vehicle, and although it's a pricey car, it definitely stands the test of time and will last it's owner for a lot of miles.

The Lexus RX350 is an extremely comfortable vehicle. It handles well in all weather, including rain and snow. The vehicle is designed for comfort and luxury. I have absolutely no complaints about my car.

- Cheryl S

This car a great car for a family, spacious, amazing in the snow, good on gas.

I love everything about this car. Perfect size for my girlfriend, baby and me. I wish the back seats would slide back a bit more so the baby seat wouldn't push up on my seat in the front.

- Marvin A

We haven't had any mechanical issues since we bought it used in 2016.

I love riding in this car and all of the amenities. However, it being a 2011, the navigation system is not as current as newer models. The car has been reliable and comfortable.

- Jane G

I have had to Lexus SUVs and both I have had over 100, 000 miles.

I love my our Lexus rx 400h. It is got a comfortable ride and I appreciate the warrantee and working with Lexus every time I have a problem. They fix it no questions asked.

- Lee S

Smooth ride; low maintenance; comfortable; decent on gas mileage.

The car is easy to operate and has a very smooth ride. The oil is changed at every 10K miles and the maintenance has been very low on it. It comfortably seats 5 people.

- Lori C

It has plenty of features.

I like the smooth ride. I like the features. I like the reliability and gas mileage. I dislike the non-heated steering wheel. I wish it had more cup holders.

- Lynda F

Its German, and has a lot of great features.

It is aver smooth ride. It has great features such as navigation, Bluetooth, rear camera, heated seats. Air conditioning system functions very well.

- Sandra L

There are a lot of them on the road. They have a good trade in value.

I like the look of it, the performance, and the body style. I believe it is a dependable car, and I am not worried about driving it out of town.

- Dean A

Its reliable and great on gas.

I love the space it has for my family. I also like that it is reliable and great for my family. It is great on gas even though its a v6.

- Brenda C

Lexus makes vehicles with the smoothest ride and you feel like you are being pampered whenever you drive one. The only thing I would replace this with is a Tesla.

It is black with a sort of purple color leather on the inside. It is beautiful and I love this car very much. She has never let me down.

- sean w

Low cost to operate. I had 8 Lexus in my life and they are the best car ever.

Best vehicle ever. Low maintenance cost. Service exceptional. Rides like u are floating in air. Options are the best in the industry.

- Bob T

It's been very reliable, and has held up admirably over the years.

Comfortable, excellent shape, reliable, decent gas mileage. has a couple blind spots, don't the cost of regular maintenance

- Robert S

It has many modern features to help you such as rear view camera and adjustable side mirrors

I like the look of it first of all. The seats are very comfortable. It provides a smooth ride and has nice modern features.

- Collin L

It is a very safe dependable vehicle.

It is dependable and with regular maintenance I have had no major problems. It has 190, 000 miles and still going strong.

- Michele N

Comfortable and good gas mileage

good gas mileage, comfortable, reliable, only problem is the struts tend to wear out quicker than other cars.

- Charles L

That it is comfortable to drive and is very dependable.

I like my car because it is comfortable to drive. It runs well and I have had very few problems with the car.

- sheila S

Very comfortable and nice

The car is very comfortable and mainly fuel efficiency. The car very family friendly. The outlook is great.

- Jen L

Great Vehicle, Reliable and Safe!

No problems with my vehicle. Other than brakes, struts and tires. It's been very reliable and comfortable.

- Nicole L

RX 350 2011 Smooth and Comfortable with some power!

I love my RX 350 yr. 2011, its a comfortable and smooth ride, nice sound system and front center screen.

- Benjamin P

It is a very comfortable car to drive. I would purchase it again

I love it! I especially love the ac seats, as well as the heated seats. It is a very comfortable ride.

- Kathleen M

Great car to drive and I have never had a problem.

Great car very reliable. Quite to drive and very comfortable. I have never had a problem with the car.

- Tim B

it is a good performance high quality car

it is very reliable and very fuel efficient, it also has a lot of a room, the drive is very smooth

- christine R

perfect automobile for the professional worker, or for a small family

i love my car it is a high performance machine that is very dependable and very fun to drive

- patti p

It has been trouble free and always easy to drive.

Easy to see out of. It is easy to park. It has been very reliable.

- Reta S

It is super easy to drive and inexpensive to clean.

I love its technology, smooth driving, easy to clean interior.

- Saiba C

luxury in cabin and good GPS with plenty of storage space

smooth ride on long trips but not good gas mileage

- Jerry T