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Editor's Overview

When it debuted over 10 years ago, the Lexus RX set the benchmark for the luxury compact crossover segment by offering a winning formula that combined high-end features with SUV-like utility. Now in its third generation, the RX continues to hit its mark by offering a smooth V6 engine, a plush interior with lots of room, and tech-savvy features that some would consider ahead of their time.

You'll Like The 2012 Lexus RX If...

The 2012 RX is a stylish and comfortable luxury crossover that offers an interior that's as intuitive as it is spacious. That's something that's hard to say for every competitor in the field. The RX 450h hybrid also offers impressive fuel economy for the segment.

You May Not Like The 2012 Lexus RX If...

No one's accusing the 2012 RX of being a sports machine. The vehicle prizes occupant comfort over outright performance in any category. This is a soft-roader through and through, so buyers hunting a sharper driving experience may be more rewarded with a BMW X3 or an Audi Q5.

What's New

Buyers who found something to love in the 2011 RX 350 won't be disappointed by the vehicle's successor. The 2012 model carries on much the same, though the vehicle's 3.5-liter V6 engine now operates using 87-octane fuel for the first time.

Interior Features

The 2012 RX offers drivers a multifunction, 3-spoke steering wheel trimmed in leather, though a leather-and-wood piece is also available to match wood accents spread throughout the cabin. Lexus still finds itself trailing somewhat in the interior department, especially compared to segment all-stars like the Audi Q5. There are places where the RX clearly shows its Toyota roots, but that doesn't make the cabin unattractive. Everything works and is easy to access without drivers being forced to get cozy with the owner's manual. Both front and rear occupants are afforded plenty of space, and an ample cargo area makes this a vehicle that's built for packing in a small family and heading away for the weekend.

Exterior Features

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, the RX is up to its roof rails in compliments. The luxury-crossover segment is filled with imitations of the vehicle's familiar profile. Lexus designers have worked to give the vehicle an expressive front with a grille set lower than the halogen projector-beam headlights. Buyers may also opt for HID lights. Either way, the lights lead into sculpted fenders with large arches for something of an athletic appearance. Shoppers will enjoy the standard 18-inch alloy wheels, and side mirrors with integrated turning indicators lend both additional style and safety to the mix.

Driving Impressions

The 2012 Lexus RX 350 may not be able to corner like a BMW X3, but it won't punish your kidneys on bumpy surfaces, either. The RX delivers a soft, quiet and comfortable ride, with just enough feedback from the electric power-steering unit to qualify as sporty (as opposed to numb, a trait we attributed to RX steering setups in the past). The double-wishbone rear suspension not only helps the RX 350 to handle better, its compact design also allows for more interior cargo space. Power is provided by a 3.5-liter V6 engine and routed to the wheels via a 6-speed automatic transmission with direct-downshift control, which allows the transmission to skip over gears, producing a more immediate response when needed. The powertrain is amazingly responsive, whisper quiet and impressively fuel frugal.

Pricing Notes

The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for the 2012 Lexus RX 350 with 2-wheel drive is just over $39,000. Adding all-wheel drive adds about $1,500 to the bottom line, while a fully-loaded RX could tip the scales at over $58,000. The vehicle's competitors are all similar in price, with the Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class ranging from $36,000 to $55,000, the BMW X3 from $37,500 to $54,000, the Audi Q5 from $36,000 to $60,000 and the Cadillac SRX from $35,000 to $50,000. Our Fair Purchase Price shows what consumers in your area are paying for the RX, so be sure to give it a look before heading to the local dealership. As far as residuals go, the RX is at the top of its segment, outpacing the Q5, X3, GLK and SRX in the long run. The addition of the front-wheel-drive RX 450h hybrid at $45,235 further improves the RX family's appeal. Opting for all-wheel drive on that model carries a $1,590 premium over the base hybrid.

Notable Equipment

Lexus has built the 2012 RX with all of the necessary luxury trappings, including leather seating surfaces, 10-way power adjustable front buckets, automatic dual-zone climate control and a 10-speaker high-end audio system. Bluetooth streaming audio is also part of the mix, as is XM Satellite Radio. The vehicle isn't shy on safety, either, with an impressive 10 airbags as standard equipment as well as brake assist.

Notable Options

Should buyers find the base stereo system lacking, the 2012 RX 350 is available with a stunning 15-speaker Mark Levinson surround sound system. The option is Lexus-exclusive, and the automaker says that extensive audio engineering ensures that each passenger is treated to the same level of audio enjoyment. A wide-view side camera may also be paired with a rearview camera to make parking as painless as possible. Navigation-equipped models display information from the cameras in the center of the dash, while non-equipped vehicles rely on a 2.5-inch screen integrated into the rearview camera.

Favorite Features

Remote "Haptic" Touch

Somewhat like a keyboard mouse, this system, operated by a controller mounted next to the driver's seat, allows for the movement of a cursor across the dash-mounted display, giving sensory feedback when the cursor hovers over a clickable "button." The feeling is somewhat like rolling a marble over an indentation.

Easy-to-read Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) Display

Housed in the Multi-Information Display between the dash gauges, the OLED display is composed of a thin film of organic molecules that create light with the application of electricity. It operates on less power than a conventional light-emitting diode (LED) display, and offers vibrant white characters that are easy to read from any angle.

Under the Hood

The 2012 Lexus RX 350's 3.5-liter V6 produces 270 horsepower and 248 lb-ft of torque. The engine is mated to an efficient 6-speed automatic transmission that uses direct-downshift control to allow for quick shifting when needed (such as rapid acceleration) from sixth to third, or fifth to second, skipping gears for a more immediate response. The fuel-smart RX 450h hybrid combines the same V6 engine with an electric motor for higher power (295 hp channeled through a continuously variable automatic transmission) and efficiency (32 mpg in the city for the front-wheel drive RX 450h, 30 mpg in the all-wheel drive form).

3.5-liter V6

270 horsepower @ 6,200 rpm

248 lb-ft of torque @ 4,700 rpm

EPA city/highway fuel economy: 18/25 (2WD), 18/24 (AWD)

3.5-liter V6, 123 kW electric motor

295 horsepower @ 6,000 rpm (electric motor and gasoline engine combined)

234 lb-ft of torque @ 4,800 rpm

EPA city/highway fuel economy: 32/28 (front-wheel drive), 30/28 (AWD)

Editors' Notes

Lexus helped craft the luxury-crossover segment when it debuted the RX 350 SUV more than 10 years ago, and today nearly every high-end automaker offers at least one viable alternative to the vehicle that started it all. Even so, the 2012 RX 350 still counts itself as one of the most popular models in the segment, and with good reason. The vehicle has embraced a slow-and-steady approach to model changes, with engineers refusing to drastically alter a formula that continues to draw buyers into the showroom. With a capable V6 engine, a quiet and well-executed interior and plenty of room inside, the 2012 Lexus RX 350 - along with its carbon-footprint-conscious brother, the RX 450h hybrid version – proves that success doesn't require a reinvention of the wheel. It just helps when you hold the original blueprints.

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Highlighting things I like and dislike about the Lexus RX350 2012

2012 Lexus RX AWD 4dr

Things I don't like about the car. The back trunk should always automatically open which it does not. I Also slight pressure on the trunk handle should automatically trigger the trunk to open, but that does not work. The Lexus dealer in town said it has something to do with being too cold, but I still have this problem and it 75 degrees outside. The battery has had to be looked at mysteriously shortly after being changed to a brand new one in less than a year. My car does have GPS but apparently costly to upgrade. I wish my car had a touch screen like they do now. As being my first 'luxury' car I appreciate the hands free phone capabilities, seat warmers, quiet ride (through the LS sedan 1998 is still more quiet than RX SUV), I appreciate the rear view camera, and the sound it makes when I get too close to something while parking. I also like the option to change the sound of the vehicle by areas in the car.

- Mi J

The Lexus RX350 is the most comfort and ride I have ever owned!

2012 Lexus RX AWD 4dr

My Lexus RX 359 is so quiet, and has plenty of power. It is a very smooth rise especially over bumpy roads. The front seats have plenty of room and are comfortable when traveling both long and short distances The back seats have a lot of room for passengers and are quite comfortable also. I really like the cooling seat feature which is especially important to me as I live in the south where the hot temperatures and high humidity can be unbearable.

- Karen V

Perfect luxurious family car.

2012 Lexus RX

I love my car, it has the right amount of technology without being overwhelming. Heated seats are my favorite feature for the cold winters, and the sun roof for the summers. I also enjoy the large trunk space for my dogs and strollers, etc. For my baby. The Lexus is large enough for our family but it does not feel like you are driving a huge vehicle. It is also very luxurious which I appreciate.

- Dawn D

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