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My Lexus is a joy to drive.

This car is comfortable and full of features. There are so many useful features, in fact, I have not yet learned them all though I have had the car over two months. If the key is in my pocket, I simply open the locked car without the interference of looking for and inserting a key. The ignition is a simple push button. The performance is great. Though the care feels heavy, which enhances the ride, it is always responsive. Raring to go when the pedal is nudged. Though I have not had this car loan enough to have a good feel for gas economy, it believe I am getting in the upper twenties of miles per gallon. That is four or five miles per hour better than the 2008 Lexus I had before this 2013 model.

- Charles W

Great car and I'd buy it again and again!

My car is 5 years old and I had my first "problem" a few weeks ago. The lock on the passenger door broke and it will not lock or unlock with the fob. I have to manually unlock with the key and I can push the button in when I get out. It's a very expensive fix, so I'm delaying it for a while. Other than that, the RX 350 has been a dream! Versatility with folding the back seats down and having a longer storage area, great mileage, and excellent performance. It is very comfortable too! I have 64K miles on my 2013 vehicle.

- Jennifer R

The great car with the peanut butter colored seats.

I love my car because it is sturdy, has a smooth ride, quick acceleration, and great handling. I like the placement of the instrumentation, the quality of the sound system, and the interior and exterior design. The black interior with the peanut butter colored seats is what attracted me to the car. I also. Love the convenience of the back storage area. I just wish that my car had better gas mileage.

- Carla P

Not only does a Lexus RX350 hold its value, it is also highly rated for safety.

It is a luxury car built for a woman in mind in my humble opinion. The reason I say that is because it is built on a car chassis and therefore has a smooth driving experience like a car instead of a truck. Yet, the roomy SUV styling allows you to carry your "stuff" like flowers, bedding plants, mulch, luggage, etc. It is very luxurious with all the bells and whistles.

- Debra S

The Lexus RX 350 is a smooth ride.

The Lexus RX 350 is unbelievable to drive. It's quiet inside and floats on air. I love all the features including navigation, keyless entry, and the sound system for music and phone calls. The only downfall are the leather seats. At 80,000 miles, the seats are quite worn and make the car appear older, and more out of date. I would buy a Lexus again!

- Cory T

All about a Lexus SUV and the ease of driving.

Luxury car to drive. Comfortable leather seats with heating and cooling. The rear camera is easy to use. The car is easy to drive and gets good mileage. The rear storage area is ample for groceries and easy to access. The car is easy to enter and exit. I really enjoy the blind spot locator and the beeps reminding me I may be too close to an object.

- Kay H

Lexus hybrid, comfortable, great gas mileage city and highway.

Performance is great even for a hybrid. Problems with the car are minimal but can be expensive to fix. Comfortable for long rides. Spacious for comfort and ability to transport items. In car technology is pretty good for the year of the car. Gas mileage is really great for highway and city driving even though it is an SUV due to it being a hybrid.

- Jennifer E

I have no remorse and am completely happy with the purchase of my Lexus SUV.

I love everything about my Lexus SUV. It rides smoother than any other vehicle that I have ever been in. The finishes are top of the line and look great even though it is 6 years old. I do regular oil changes and maintenance and have never had any issues so far. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone who is in the market for a SUV.

- Stephanie F

Best SUV for me. I am short and it is a great height. Not too difficult to get.

Very comfortable, reliable. Love all the features and the size is perfect. Love using the navigation and the phone. The sound system is great. Also love the interior leather, heat and air conditioned seats. Convenient cup holders and storage in doors is good too. There is also a first aid kit attached in the rear that comes standard.

- Kim G

Performance and comfort wrapped in awesome features.

My Lexus is beautiful, comfortable and loaded with special features, such as GPS, route planning, and automatic door locking and unlocking plus push button ignition. Performance is great. It is not only comfortable, it feels safe assuring us a pleasant, relaxed trip. The only problem is learning to use all the special features.

- Charlie B

Recommend the Lexus rx 350, classic gorgeous ride.

Absolutely love this vehicle! I have not had a single issue with it. Drives like a dream. This model is true quality and great engineering. Quiet ride, great handling, and despite its size it moves beautifully like a sports car. Wish that Lexus didn't change the body design of the rx, this model is much more classy looking.

- Chaya R

This is a very convenient, comfortable and quiet car to travel in.

This car has been an excellent travel car. We are still under the 100, 000 mile warranty and have had no significant problems. Ride is very comfortable, car is roomy. Maintenance costs have run approximately $800 - $1000 per year. Our Lexus dealership is easy to work with and provides a car when ours is being worked on.

- Sally F

Best vehicle I have ever owned, reliable, great quality and looks great!

Love everything about this vehicle. It is not too big, but roomy enough to feel comfortable. Nice added features, good gas mileage, feels very safe. The trunk has a good amount of space and love the backup camera, game changer for backing out of parking spaces. The engine has good pick up, and it is a smooth ride.

- Kristen F

The size of the rx350 is perfect. Not too big and the gas mileage is perfect.

This is probably one of the best I have ever owned. Great upkeep, general maintenance and runs great! It is not expensive to maintain but it is a great luxury car. I would highly recommend Lexus as a vehicle to own. The comfort driving makes for great road trips and you feel safe and secure while on the road.

- Regina S

My rx is so sleek and modern.

My car is very comfortable, sleek and reliable. I have the storage I need in the trunk to keep up with work and personal life. I like the push button features that are available in my car. The interior is cool and clean and easy to maintain. The exterior requires washing frequently because it shows dirt easily.

- Taboo T

2013 Lexus rx positive review.

I learned how to drive with this car. It is a hybrid which makes me feel a lot better about driving this car. The brake and accelerator are both not as sensitive to touch which makes for a smooth drive. The interior is simple and comfortable. The only complaint I have about this car is the lack of an AUX port.

- Erica L

Very safe. Plan on keeping this car for a while.

Safe. Attractive. Comfortable on road trips. Have bought 2 of them due to safety. Was hit by a semi truck and walked away from the accident. Immediately bought a new one. Love the parking assist, cannot park without it anymore. Maintenance is fairly inexpensive. Good warranty. Lexus stands by their cars.

- Nancy R

Loving Lexus. Two thumbs up for all the people behind it.

For the performance we love it a lot. It is very smooth to drive and very comfortable. The features itself is helpful especially the navigation and the backup cameras. I love that it also have a blind spot detector. It runs so well in different weather conditions. The Lexus reliability is excellent too.

- Nina A

The Lexus RX 450h is sporty and dependable, and gets good gas mileage.

I've been very happy with my Lexus. Love the way it looks and drives. The side mirrors fold in with I lock the car so I can always tell when it's locked. Also love the blind spot warning. Wish it had collision and lane departure warnings but was told Lexus doesn't offer that yet. I purchased it used.

- Lisa S

You won't be disappointed! It has more features than you would use daily.

We bought it one year used. It was the dealership loaner car. We lost the way it makes u-turns and has power to pass. It's luxurious with safety features and so much more. Quite dependable. It is sensitive to air pressure differences in tires and so the light will come on when weather gets cold.

- Joanna H

The interior is beautiful. I love the interior design and feel of the buttons.

Smooth ride, and it really handles well on the highway and streets. I believe the car can have more power. From an SUV not looking for super fast, but some pickup and torque would be really beneficial from such an expensive vehicle. I love the interior and the ability to access all the controls.

- Mark P

Comfortable and free of problems.

No problems. Just bought a month ago. Had other Lexus cars for years. They are very comfortable and practically free of major repairs. Last a very long time great for long road trips. Wonderful little touches like side mirrors fold in for close quarters and light at night when you open door.

- Judy P

Lexus rx 450h is a great value and well-appointed.

This vehicle gets great gas mileage for a crossover SUV and is extremely reliable. The features are very good and very convenient. I have had no problems with the vehicle. It is an extremely comfortable and well-designed luxury vehicle. It is a pleasure to drive and own.

- Kim M

Lexus is reliable and safe.

My car is super reliable. I haven't had it for very long, but there are no problems with it thus far. I wish I had more of the bells and whistles, but I got this car for pretty much free, so I cannot complain. It is a really great car. I love the all wheel drive, too.

- Katie B

Lexus will hold its value where American cars I have had in the past were worth nothing in the end.

I love my Lexus. I feel safe and comfortable in it. I love the navigation system and the hands free phone. I have seats that heat in the winter and cool in the summer. The only thing I do not like is the cost of repairs. However, the resale value makes it worth it.

- linda l

A very good reliable vehicle.

Good vehicle, less than grand shocks and mpg but other then that a very good car. No significant service issues during our ownership. Not enough 12v outlets in car. In dash display very good and detailed. Sound system very good, like the ability to input via USB.

- John M

Lexus is a comfortable and practical luxury vehicle!

Very reliable and comfortable. We have driven it on many long road trips. It gets really good gas mileage on the highway and it also has a very large cargo space. We have installed a hitch and regularly attach a bike rack and bikes. No decrease in gas mileage.

- Kelly M

Just a great car with no problems.

It is dependable, easy to drive, very safe, good on gas, looks sleek, handles well, heated and air seats, tells you when something is wrong with the vehicle, has a great GPS, great stereo sound, do not need an oil change till 10, 000 miles are up. Great AWD.

- Diane D

Highly computerized aspects of this car like touch locks and the trunk.

I love my Lexus for the way it looks, the luxury, the drive and reliability are the main features that I love along with the bells and whistles like the GPS, heated seats, the sunroof and the keyless ignition. Also it makes me feel classy driving this car.

- Rocky K

Reliable, comfortable and cost efficient.

This vehicle is reliable and cost efficient. Not too big for an SUV yet comfortable and easy to drive and uses regular gas. This is the most popular and most dependable Lexus on the market and Lexus customer service and service departments are unbeatable.

- Cindy S

Luxurious. Spacious. Drives smoothly. Great on gas mileage.

No problems yet. Have had for 8 months. Bought used. Drives smooth. Comfortable. Luxury on inside. Nice black leather seats. Heated and cooling seats. Drives well in snow. Comfortable seats. Roomy. Shifts well. Sunroof. Great gas mileage for a small SUV.

- Tiffany H

It is a luxury vehicle and the price was higher because of that.

My vehicle is a Lexus SUV and I love it. It has a lot of extra features like heated seats, fold back mirrors, back-up cam, Navigation, adjustable seat & lumbar. If anything could be improved I would say gas mileage - it runs around 20 miles/gallon.

- Tracy P

We like the Focus and the drivability, and the backup camera.

Tires were not new and caused alignment problems and the vehicle would not stay straight. The luggage room was not as much as we would like, as I have a mobile scooter and a walker, and with the dog there needs to be more room when we take a trip.

- Geoffrey P

They are roomy, and the drive is wonderful.

I have issues with the brakes and rotors, issues that have never been resolved since I purchased it used from east Tennessee Nissan in Morristown, I bought a extra package to fix the brakes, but that has turned out to be a waste of money.

- Donna G

Reliable and Comfortable mid size SUV. Great buy and value!

The car has been low maintenance, reliable and easy to drive. The technology has become antiquated, however it is still functional. With over 100k miles, I've done little to maintain the vehicle other than tires and oil changes.

- Mandy M

Extremely Reliable Luxury Vehicle!

My vehicle is a nice luxury SUV that is spacious, reliable, and drives very smoothly. The back-up camera is my favorite feature, and I rarely have to take it to the dealership to be serviced or because of an issue. Great car!

- Amprye Y

It is a comfortable ride.

I like the features that my vehicle has: seat warmers, built in GPS, bluetooth, backup camera, leather seats, etc. I don't like the trunk takes a long time to open sometimes. It would be nice to get better gas mileage.

- LaShonda C

Luxury ride with no road noise.

This is the best vehicle I have ever owned! It is extremely comfortable, reliable and no road noise. I have kept up with the required maintenance and have not had any mechanical problems. The ride is a ride of luxury!

- Sylvia L

It is a high quality vehicle.

I bought this vehicle used from CARMAX in April of this year. The vehicle is very comfortable, easy to drive, and spacious. I get good gas mileage and have plenty of space to use for vacations. It is a great car.

- James L

My Lexus is a reliable and great car. I recommend it to anyone that can get one.

My car can act strange sometimes, but I love it. Having bluetooth is great and a lot more safe. I wish I had built in GPS, but when you are given a car you don't have to pay for, you don't have any real complaints.

- Kaitlyn B

Again with the color- the saddle color is unique in that it blends seamlessly with the wooden trims inside the car, so its all one color, and this makes it stand out from other similar models.

Excellent vehicle. Lexus' always are. Reliable, and comfortable. The extras on our 2103 hybrid are really nice, and the interior is a saddle leather, an unusual color but makes it more unique, which Lexus also is.

- Allan W

My comfy second home!!! LOVE

It's comfortable and very reliable. Hardly ever have any trouble with it. It get great gas mileage and wonderful to travel in. It is also strong enough to pull a trailer. Doesn't seem to go out of style.

- Cindy G

That it drives like butter.

I love the look and the drive but I dislike the gas mileage. I also love all the amenities and the heated seats. I do not love how much gas that the truck is eating up as I used to have a hybrid.

- Denise L

It's. easy for me to get in and out of.

it is a very comfortable vehicle. Since I bought it, haven't had any maintenance issues other than routine servicing. My only issue is the mileage which seems to be low under any circumstances.

- glenn B

Others should know how smooth the car drives. Makes driving too fast very easy.

Love how the car drives. Haven't learned how to use all the technology features. The car is small, especially with 2 kids and all the stuff we lug around, but overall the car is great.

- Gina D

This car is very reliable and requires little maintenance.

This is a very reliable car. It has a smooth ride, is comfortable and has a lot of luxury features. I would absolutely recommend this vehicle to someone else looking to buy a new car.

- Elizabeth S

The most important thing about my car is safety features and luxury feel.

I like the backup camera. I like the sensitivity beeping alarm letting me know if I am close to an object. I like the navigation system. There's no complaints on dislike about my car.

- Phouttamaly K

Good -- not perfect! Love the ride, not the view.

The car is reliable and I enjoy driving it. What I do not love is feeling like my view is partially blocked by the design of the car. I also wish the front seat was a bit roomier.

- Karen B

Most importantly my car/ suv is appealing to the eye and reliable!

Extremely Reliable! I am loyal to the Lexus brand, have been proud purchaser of Lexus vehicles for 10+ years! I pov the look, luxury, drive and everything about Lexus in general

- Teia W

It is very comfortable for traveling.

I like the smoothie ride & comfortable seats. It is very nice for traveling. It also gets good gas mileage and has plenty of cargo space. There is nothing I dislike about it.

- Kelly L

Lexus a quality luxury car

I like the it has a stylish exterior and is very high end looking. The car handles well and the interior is outfitted with a lot of amenities. The car suits my personality.

- J D

2013 Lexus RX450 still drives like new

We have enjoyed our Lexus SUV for the last five years. Absolutely have not had any problems with the drive or performance. I only wish it would give me better gas mileage.


It is extremely comfortable.

I like the smooth ride. It has nice features such as blind spot monitoring and cameras. It is the perfect size for my lifestyle. I dislike that it gets bad gas mileage.

- Pam C

The safety features such as blind spot monitors and back up cameras.

I like the safety feature such as blind spot monitors and the back up cameras. Also my car is very comfortable. I don't like how expensive it is to repair the car

- arlene G

Interior comfort is great. Maintenance is expensive.

Vehicle ride not smooth enough due to the vehicles SUV structure of the vehicle chassis causing the vehicle sometimes be more subject to do excessive bouncing.

- Kelvin S

The best car I have ever owned.

The car is extremely reliable. I have over 100000 miles on and have never had a problem. Has many safety features and is very comfortable and smooth riding.

- Dick K

The lexus rx 350 is a reliable car with great performance.

I own a lexus rx 350. I bought this car used at 60,000 miles from a local dealer. The performance, reliability and safety of this vehicle is great!

- Serita T

Rated highly every year for initial quality and long term reliability by JD Power and Consumer Reports respectively.

My Lexus Rx 350 offers reliable luxury and space with appropriate amenities. I have no complaints about the operation or quality of this vehicle.

- George H

Reliable, comfort and good looking. Best SUV in my opinion.

Really good performance. Love driving it! No problems for me really. I love SUV. Very comfortable and spacious. Love the trunk has a lot of space.

- Maria C

It is very reliable, I have never had any problems with it.

I absolutely love my 2013 Lexus RX. It is probably one of the most dependable cars I have ever owned. It drives great, and is very comfortable.

- Jill B

I believe it drives well and is good for small families.

I love the amenities: leather seats, sunroof, electric everything. Only small complaint is the size. Now that I have kids, could be a bit bigger.

- Bridget Y

Quality is simply outstanding.

The ride is terrific. Dependability is outstanding. The only downside is gas mileage but it is due the weight that it is safe and rides well.

- Sherry M

Great mileage on road trips.

Very comfortable, great for road trips. I can carry anything I need in it. The only negative is a large blind spot when merging with traffic.

- Melissa H

Easy and comfortable to drive with lots of space for passengers and cargo.

I like the comfort, the handling, the size and having space to carry large items. I miss some of the amenities that were in my previous SUV.

- carol w

Lexus RX450h review - favorite car ever

Very reliable, comfortable for a king and service is unmatched. I have a hybrid so it is also economical despite having a powerful engine.

- Charles R

already mentioned on the last questionnaire but it's simply amazing to drive

love it, simply love it. so comfortable driving, puts me at ease while provides me with full visibility along with plenty of technologies

- Joseph K

Great family car but still looks great

Love this vehicle. Very comfortable. Great driving car. Roomy and very reliable. Good gas mileage. Would definitely buy this model again.

- Meredith M

It is comfortable to ride in. We have taken it on many family road trips.

Very comfortable ride. Enough room in the back for my 2 kids. Have only needed to do routine maintenance, brakes, oil change, tires.

- L B

The most important thing about my car is that it is safe and reliable.

I like that my car is sporty. It is fun to drive and very reliable. I don't like that it was so expensive. Our payment is too high!

- Denyse O

high reliability from lexus is the most important

I like the brand of lexus for Its reliability and maintenance of low cost. also it looks good and people feel it is a good brand

- peter V

It is the rx450h hybrid so the pick up is not as much as the rx350.

Love the drive, the comfort of the seats and all of the awesome features it has. Love that it is a hybrid and gets gas mileage.

- Sasha W

The Lexus RX is not only beautiful, but very reliable.

It is beautiful! It rides like you're gliding on air. Handling is sporty and has great acceleration. I have no complaints.

- Min L

Others should know that driving this car is pleasurable and it makes me feel safe.

I like the style and smooth ride. It has great exceleration. I feel comfortable and safe when driving.i have no complaints.

- Leslie D

The one most important thing about my car is the amount of room and luxurious feel!

I like how spacious, sleek and reliable it is. I dislike the media/navigation system. It is not user friendly and outdated.

- Meghan T

I have had no issues in 5 years.

Like: style, ease of driving, no mechanical issues, that it is paid off. Dislike: expensive, gas mileage could be better.

- Donna M

Reliability and enjoyable to drive.

Quiet. Smooth driving. . Reliable. Premium package interior. Good visibility. Love auto release for trunk. Like skylight.

- Stephanie S

That it is safe and reliable and that I have never had any problems

I love how comfortable and stylish my car is. I don't like that it isn't very fast. I also dislike the poor gas mileage.

- Aryn F

Reliability and room. The car is reliable and has plenty of room!

Love heated and cooled seats, personal temperature control, seat settings saves for up to 3 drivers and plenty of room.

- Michelle W

It is worth the higher cost.

The 2013 Lexus RX has a nice quiet, quality feel ride. My only complaint is that I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Donald L

That it is comfortable. Plenty of room. Great features.

Love everything about it. The ride the features the size very smooth ride. Great comfort for long distance drives.

- Stephanie C

It is reliable & easy to drive & comfortable.

Comfortable to drive, reliable yet 2nd seat is crowded. Love the button open & close hatchback, comfortable seats.

- Gayle H

It is dependable and reliable.

I would like more space in the front of the car and the dashboard is not arranged as efficiently as I would like.

- Kalyn B

It is good on mileage and handling of the road.

I love the way it handles the road. Gas mileage is good. The amount of space is great. No complaints or dislikes.

- Kimberly T

The Lexus Rx vehicle is really awesome and has comfortable leather seats. I also love the sunroof.

I love it and the seats are really comfortable. The black interior and steering wheel get extremely hot though.

- Alyssa W

That is very reliable, gives good mileage and give no engine problems

Excellent performance, gas mileage, smooth ride and very comfortable. I like everything and have no complaints

- John A

It has a lot of space. And I feel safe driving me and my family around in it

I like how spacious it is and how large the trunk is. I have started to notice a noise that has me concerned.

- Christine C

This car is the best. It is a luxury car with all the bells and whistles.

I love the size and that it is a Lexus. It is a getting a bit a old and would love to get a newer model soon.

- anne e

It is reliable and fun to drive.

I like how sporty my car is. It is also very reliable. I do not like my car payment though. It is too high.

- Denise O

These cars are very dependable with very little upkeep

My vehicle runs very well. It has a smooth ride and has been problem free. It has many options that I like

- Julie W

It is comfortable to ride in and provides good exceleration when needed.

love the luxurious interior and the comfortable ride. It is easy to drive and just the right size for me.

- Bernadette R

It is a luxury car with a high safety record. Lexus is the best!

I love my Lexus. It has bluetooth, satellite radio, keyless and rides so smooth. No complaints at all

- Tanya m

Great car! Sporty yet extremely comfortable ride and drive

The vehicle is a comfortable ride and drive. It takes curves nicely. The sound system and nav are great

- Jennifer J

Get a quality vehicle that has great handling all wrapped up in an attractive style

I love the style, ride and handling of my Lexus. It is a beautiful vehicle and matches my personality

- Kim S

The gas mileage is very poor, only 18 mpg which is extremely frustrating. It is a very smooth ride but it is not good for long road trips for gas mileage.

Terrible Gas mileage Love the outside look Leather isn't holding up on the seats Drives very smooth

- Mandy C

Safety and reliability are the most important things about a Lexus.

Love my Lexus. It's roomy, reliable, smooth ride, but most importantly safe.No dislikes or complaints

- Melinda R

Reliable and luxurious with a great ride.

I love my Lexus - its smooth ride, its comfort - I just wish the inbuilt GPS was a bit more updated.

- Susan K

My car drives a lot like a Toyota so it is very easy to drive.

I love the color. It is a white SUV. I love the interior a lot. And, it drives very smooth.

- Hope R

The best vehicle I have ever owned. Love all the conveniences of the options even on a base model. You get a lot for your money

I have no complaints with the Lexus. It is everything they claim to be. A luxury car

- Joyce R

In the 3 years I've owned it I've had absolutely no issues whatsoever. Just regular maintenance.

Comfortable, I feel safe while driving it. It just fits me and is so easy to drive.

- Chelle W

Luxury features it has and it is safe

I feel safe. Has all the features I need/want. Suv is just the right size.

- Linda A

It's great and so easy to drive. Best car I've ever driven.

Easy to drive. Reliable. Long-lasting. I love it and recommend it.

- H K

Low mpg. Nothing else is unusual or unexpected from a Lexus.

Only complaint is low mpg. All else very nice and comfortable.

- John M

is very economical on gas

my car is big my car is comfortable my car is luxurious

- Emil N

That it is a comfortable and reliable car

Comfortable, reliable, good gas mileage, nice design

- Gladys W