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It's a great family car, it drives smoothly and fits all the needs you would want it to.the only downside is the price-so if you are on a budget, this car is not for you unless you get a used model. Also, the repair charges are slightly higher than the average car but despite this I am so happy with my purchase.

I love the size-it fits perfectly for my family and has the right amount of head room and leg room. It's great car to drive when you have a child, and I love how the rear seats slightly recline for my daughter when she needs to sleep while I'm driving. I also like how the rear seats fold down to allow for storage. The fully loaded option is great, and I love the heated seats in the winter time. Finally, the"status" of having a Lexus IS nice-although I don't think of myself as a person that cares about those kind of things, it is nice to have something nice that people comment on and I have never been pulled over once since I've been driving it, unlike other cars.

- Beth Z

Safety, service, and reliability.

I love my Lexus rx. I love it so much that I bought it a second time after I drove my previous rx about 250,000 miles and it had to be laid to rest. It was and is always reliable, comfortable, and I feel safe in the car. I purchased both vehicles from the same Lexus dealership. I follow the recommended service by the dealer and always receive the very finest customer service. It does not matter what the issue is I know I can call or show up and be taken care of. The service that Lexus offers to their customers along with the reliability of the car is why I have purchased the same car twice. I believe in the quality and recommend Lexus to many,

- Leslie C

Smooth ride, even after 4 years of being on the road, with no major repairs.

I purchased this vehicle because I had a Lexus rx 330 in the past, and because of its reliability, I decided to purchase another one. So far, I have not been let down. This car has just about everything that I need with the exception of a touch screen monitor. I had to get used to navigating the screen, but that only took a few days. The ride is very smooth, but it does seem a bit heavier than my last rx 330. I wish the rear trunk cover had a smoother operation, but otherwise, I am completely pleased with the vehicle. No major repairs needed thus far, and the car still looks new when it is detailed.

- Kim W

I would say the most important thing about my Lexus is definitely the dependability and security it provides me and my family. It's a wonderful vehicle and I enjoy driving it!

This is our second Lexus, I think the #1 thing I love about it is the dependability and quality of the vehicle. It's also a beautiful grey/green color and has a nice, stylish appearance. It handles well and is extremely comfortable, with plenty of legroom. It has great features,like seat warmers,large cup holders and extra room for our phones and devices. beautiful leather seats. An attractive interior, beautiful leather seats and plenty of room in the boot for traveling or just groceries. I really have no complaints!

- Jill T

Feel the luxury. Avoid repairs.

The ride is really nice and comfortable. You can feel the stability but the ease of driving. There are lots of amenities that make it feel luxurious - leather seats, power seat adjustments, seat heating and cooling. I like that it still takes regular gas which saves money and it is pretty good on mileage. The only drawbacks are that there is not a sunglasses holder and that repairs are very expensive (compared to my previous car, a Toyota RAV4).

- Chance N

Excellent service superior quality.

Lexus service is superior. They come and pick up your car and leave you a loaner no matter where you are located. There are many comfort features like heated and cooled seats, premium leather and pre-installed GPS. I would change one thing, I do not think you should have to have a subscription in order to maintain connectivity to your vehicle, I. E download destinations to your car's GPS from your phone.

- Peggy L

Love my Lexus rx 350. Would. Buy again in a second!

We could have purchased a brand new SUV with what we paid for our 2014 pre certified Lexus rx 350. We had a 2006 Lexus rx and loved it, so we decided to go with the pre cert rx. It rides quietly and smoothly, performs well in all manner, has a great turn radius, plenty of room and comfortable seating! Generous space for groceries, luggage, tools etc. Fair mileage and even better on the highway.

- Paula M

Love my Lexus RX-350, great features

I love my Lexus RX 350 F sport. It has a nice black leather interior. It is the perfect size for my family. It drives smoothly and nicely and has lots of great features. My favorite feature is the blind spot light on the side mirrors. That has been super helpful for passing and highway driving. Lexus is nice to work with too.


Reliable and luxury vehicle

This is the most reliable car I've ever owned. I am at 80,000 miles and had no major issues. Routine maintenance needs to be done every 5000 miles which can be a lot if you're drive a ton. All I've ever done for my car is the routine maintenance. Although this is more expensive then some vehicles it's still very affordable.

- Stephanie J

Good for family, four star.

I love my Lexus rx350, I am the second owner of the car, it has large space in the car. It has comfy seats with available intelligent heating and cooling, the cabin is quiet and serene, and the ride is mostly smooth. The only thing that I do not like is that I cannot find any spot to place my sunglasses.

- Bing C

Lexus rx SUV: a quality and Versatile automobile.

My SUV gets pretty good gas mileage (compared to my last SUV- a Jeep Grand Cherokee) and the ride is very smooth. I would recommend it to anyone and will most likely get a newer model when my current ride gets older. I have also tested some of Subaru's largest SUV models and have liked them as well.

- Kai H

Very satisfied with car and Lexus service.

Very safe car. I was hit by a semi truck and neither me or my son were injured. Car was totaled and immediately bought another one. Maintenance costs on the car has been minimal. Lexus really stands by their cars. Water pump blew out 2 weeks after warranty expiration and Lexus covered all repairs.

- Nancy R

The car is wonderful. You can see why with so many of them on the road.

I have had no problems with my car. It is reliable, comfortable and has all the bells and whistles. I do think the navigation is confusing to use and the owners’ manual is huge. The ride is smooth! The blind spot monitor is a lifesaver. The car also take regular gas instead of premium.

- Sharon Z

The luxury, smooth ride, good features and reliability are very good.

Very nice interior. Soft leather, good features such as heated and cooled seats. Lots of get up and go when asked of the vehicle. Have had no issues with the mechanics of the SUV. Roomy inside for a midsize SUV. Put the back seats down and you can haul a lot of groceries, feed etc.

- Tammy B

Hit the sweet spot for midsize luxury SUV.

No problems whatsoever. Awesome reliability and good fuel economy. Very comfortable and lots of luxury. Handles fine in town and on the highway. Great car for four adults. Plenty of cargo space. If you want a high performance SUV, you should look elsewhere. Great highway cruiser.

- William H

My Lexus has the eco mode which I use for in town travels.

I enjoy the way the Lexus drives. It is easy to steer and gauge the distance of cars in front of the vehicle. I use it to run errands around town and can park it very easy with the back up camera. Mine is also equipped with bam and I feel very confident using it on the highway.

- Michele F

It is so well made relative to its price.

First, I love the quality of the vehicle. Secondly, the engineering that went into my Lexus is outstanding. The durability of my SUV is another notable aspect that only Acura can match. And lastly, the vehicle dealerships are the best I have ever experienced.

- Terry n

The perfect car for anyone

I absolutely love my car! It is the best car I ever had and was also a car I had been wanting for a long time. It performs amazingly well, is very reliable so far, very comfortable, and has incredible features that make my life so much easier and more luxurious.

- Arezou I

Superb mileage without any loss of power or acceleration. The perfect engine.

My 2014 Lexus RX400h is a wonderful car. It's hybrid engine purrs along offering excellent power when necessary while also offering superb gas mileage. This is the second RX that I've owned over the years and I've loved each RX more over time.

- Robert K

We love the apps that are on the car. It's just like using a computer. I love being able to check out Weather and the navigation system is great

It's a very reliable car. It is a hybrid. It's smooth with lots of features. I could use more storage such as sunglass cases and a slot in the console to put my cell phone but it has extra cup holders and plenty of room in the backseat as well

- Connie B

The Lexus RX350 is a joy to drive

I like that It's an SUV so It's big enough to carry everyone/ everything I want, but It's not so big that driving it is difficult. Also It's sturdy enough to go almost anywhere. I also like that It's a Lexus so it has nice finishes.

- Dam p

Its beautiful and cozy, and meets my need.

Nothing. I love my vehicle. It takes me from point a-b, it functions properly and I feel comfortable when I drive. A sound engine, and with good balancing as well. The ac, navigation, and radio signal works perfectly.

- Sek E

The most important thing that someone should know about the Lexus RX350 is that it is a very smooth riding vehicle.

I like the sleekness as well as the ride. I like the fact that it has a navigation system; however, I dislike the fact that the system is hard to update. Due to this fact, it will never receive 5 stars from me.

- Tangula D

Excellent car for local or travel.

This is my 2nd Lexus RX. I loved my first one and kept it 17 years with over 200,000 miles on it and needed upgrading because I couldn't justify spending any money on a 17 year old car even though I loved it.

- Mary R

Helpful, reliable and ready to fly

It is a car that can drive smoothly. There is a specific feature that is helpful like when backing up or parking with alert of surrounding objects/cars. It is a car that is ready to perform for the future.

- Gani T

Great family car that is safe and relatively affordable

I like the Lexus as it is a smooth and easy ride. It is a very comfortable and friendly car. I also find that the speakers are really good, much better bass and sound than any other car I've been in.

- Jay K

It is such a reliable car.

Complaint: computer console mouse.. Like: comfort and safety.. Dislike: icons on buttons and console are not intuitive, given you are driving when you need to use them..

- Stacey R

Handles well on the road. Feel very safe in this vehicle.

Love that it has leather seats. Love that seats can be heated or cooled. Love that it has blind spot monitoring. Love that it has driver assist. Love the way it rides.

- Linda V

Reliable and smooth driving experience. Great design

I like the exterior and interior design of the vehicle. The blind spot monitor and backup camera/sensors are very useful. The acceleration is smooth and very fast

- Grace H

Lexus vehicles last forever! Someone drove an RX for 400,000 miles and still sold it.

It's just the right sized SUV. I like the luxury, the interior, and the entertainment and safety technology. I don't care for some of the new styling.

- John L

The Lexus RX is an incredibly reliable automobile.

My Lexus RX is very reliable. It's incredibly low-maintenance. I see many, many examples of my car--same year or earlier models--on the road.

- Steve g

It's a perfect luxury hybrid. It's great for the environment and runs perfectly.

It's a hybrid, so it's environmentally sound. It runs beautifully. It rarely needs service and only routine service. It never breaks down.

- Robert F

The safety features give me peace of mind while driving.

I love the park assist and blind spot monitor. The seat adjustment function is awesome. I wish there was a sunglass storage compartment.

- Joy D

Others should know that my car has a great suspension.

I love how it drives it drives very fast. I really like it's interior, it's all modern. I like the safety the car has many airbags.

- Jamie G

Lexus=Luxury=Long Lasting!

Very smooth ride, comfortable seats! I did just have to replace the battery on a 4 year old car but other than that it's perfect !

- Nikki P

It drives well, very smooth ride.

It is nice looking and drives well. It has desirable features. I dislike that it is really common, I see a lot of them on the road.

- Becky M

It has very good ratings and customer satisfaction

I like that it has plenty of cargo space yet does not seem boxy. It handles well and is very dependable. It is very high quality

- Chuck B

It is a great drive. I feel safe in it.

Love that I sit up high. Smooth drive. Lots of legroom in backseat. Lots of room for stuff in rear. Love the blind spot monitor.

- Sheri N

Storage and leather interior.

Too big as I am only 5 feet tall. Love the GPS system and the fold down back seats. Variety of media can be used.

- Linda C

It is the perfect size mid size SUV.

I like it is smooth steering and ride and comfortable seating. I wish it had better gas mileage and a 3rd row.

- Alex C

quality. Pricey, but for resale and maintenance it is worth the price.

quality. style. service. maintenance. It is right height to get into. It is comfortable for type vehicle.

- William m

it is comfortable and has valuable features

It looks sleek yet very functional. It is comfortable and a safe vehicle. I like It's different features

- Hin S

Luxury car with smooth ride.

Great car and with great safety features. Big enough for shopping car seats and day to day activities.

- Laura M

It's the best! Reliable and trustworthy vehicle! I will only buy Lexus from now on in addition to maybe a Subaru.

I love the reliability and pickup. New car smell still there after going on 5 years of ownership!

- Claudine P

The it is reliable but is missing some conveniences.

I love the style and efficiency but it is lacking bells and whistles and mine is fully loaded!

- Carla B

Safety is first with this brand. The second is reliability. These are both two items that are very important to me.

I like that it is a luxury automobile and reliable. I also like that it has a smooth ride.

- Linz C

High performance quality with comfortable interior

The performance is great. The engine is quiet. I don't like that I can feel the road

- robin A

It has a Smooth ride and is very reliable. It won't disappoint

I like the smooth ride. It has all the good options. It's is good for distance.

- Joe J

No problems. My vehicle runs perfectly, with a good balance too. I love driving my vehicle from morning to night. It's perfect and a good buy too

Beautiful. Good balance. Convenient for me, and fits my family perfectly

- Sekeredong E

It features a sleek style and is such a smooth ride.

I love my vehicle. It is the perfect size to travel and pack luggage.

- Kendall G

safety and It's other safety features

I like the car overall, but I wish the car isn't so long.

- jennifer F