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Great mileage, comfortable driving and riding.

I purchased this car used at a dealership. I have had it for 7 months. During the time I have owned it I have not had any performance issues. I have had 2 regular services. It is a very comfortable car that has plenty of adjustments to the seat/steering wheel/temperature control and mirrors. I like the side mirror warning lights to indicate cars in the blind spot and I like the back up mirror. I like the line of sight miles per hour that can be adjusted based on height. The interior is very luxe and easy to maintain.. The navigation system is complete and easy to use. The front and back seating areas are spacious and the rear storage area is too. The ability to lay the rear seats down greatly enhances the cars ability to double as a vehicle that can store quite a bit of stuff. I have been getting about 25-30 miles per gallon which is great. A lot of that is on interstate driving, but I feel the hybrid mode does help with the mileage I have been getting.

- Joanna S

I truly love my Lexus rx 350.

I love this car. It has front, side, and rear sensors to let you know when you get close to something. It has lights on the rear view mirrors to indicate if you have a car too close to change lanes. The stereo system is awesome with satellite radio included. It is easy to change stations using the button on the steering wheel allowing you to keep your eyes on the road. There is also a screen to access local points of interest or use the internet. The GPS sinks with your phone directory and only needs a name to set up navigation. The phone is Bluetooth and voice command. You can answer a call, control the volume, make a call, and disconnect a call all on the steering wheel.

- Claudia S

Loving my Lexus, color of claret mica (red) is awesome in the natural light..

The 2015 Lexus rx 350 is an amazing vehicle with a strong drive line, smooth ride, and great handling. The 'feel' of the vehicle is solid, and creates a confidence when driving. Spacious enough to put a full drum kit in. The heated/cooled seats are more comfortable than most living room furniture, and the vehicle offers lots of room to not feel cramped. The moonroof is a lovely add that opens up 2 ways to allow you full use. The hardwood steering wheel can be heated with options, and it feels good to use.

- bob P

Elegant look and feel, quite interior, versatility and interior space.

My rx350 is a luxury crossover with a plush ride, spacious interior and very reliable. It is generously loaded with a v6 engine, heated and ventilated front seats, sunroof, backup camera display, cruise control, lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring and rear seat entertainment center, 12 speaker surround sound. It delivers excellent performance and 8 speed automatic transmission. This vehicle is very reliable and I have had no problems at all so far!

- Louise S

I finally found my dream car.

This vehicle exceeds all my expectations when it comes to performance, comfort and features. I just purchased it one month ago and got the exact car I wanted, because I waited to find the right car. I had searched for this particular vehicle for almost a year and I am not at all disappointed in having to wait. It was so worth waiting for, it is beautiful, classy, quiet and handles great.

- Lady K

Lexus rx is a great SUV for the money: comfortable, reliable, easy to drive.

Lexus rx350 is a dependable, reliable, very comfortable and overall great purchase. Large luggage area and ample room when back seats folded for transport of large items. Plenty of legroom in rear seats and good back support in rear seats. Have had no mechanical issues in 3 years. We keep up on necessary maintenance to keep it running well. Would purchase again.

- Elizabeth K

Reliability and performance in a stylish luxury vehicle.

This sports utility vehicle is extremely reliable and stylish. This vehicle has Bluetooth hands free capabilities and radio control on the steering wheel. Luxury features are also included, like heated and cooled seats, making the driving experience enjoyable and comfortable. It runs extremely well with regular maintenance - it is meant to be driven.

- Ms F

2015 Lexus RX350 is a pretty good car for the money.

It had a smooth ride, very comfortable and the leather seats have good cushion. The audio and radio are nice. The seat heater and cooler does not work very well. The rear view camera does not have guidelines. I like the height of the car. I also like that the front of the car has a high slope and does not hit the curb or high driveways.

- Helen B

Great car - low maintenance.

This car has a great drive feel. So far it is had very low maintenance and I love driving it. It is large enough to fit my family and anything we're bringing with us, but also easy to park. I wish that I got better gas mileage, I drive mainly in the city and average 20 mpg. On the positive side, it takes regular gasoline, not premium.

- Alec J

Loving the luxurious Lexus life!

I have had no mechanical problems with my car at all. It is very comfortable to drive and ride in. The back seats fold easily to provide more cargo space. The gas mileage is good. I like that it takes regular gas - you do not have to use premium. Service at the dealership had been pleasant and easy. The car seems to hold its value.

- Eliza W

Best ride and comfort ever with this . Lexus.

I have no problem with my vehicle, the seats are very comfortable, love the fact that my seats heat and also provide air conditioner. The best car ride, so smooth. When service is needed it is always the best customer service from the Lexus company, they also provide a rental of the car needs to stay a day or more.

- Annette M

My Lexus' rear view camera. It has helped me many times in parking lots.

I have had friends own Lexus vehicles and they said they were very dependable. I have had my Lexus rx350 for 1 year. I purchased it used and have loved it. I used it for in town errands and short trips. It rides very smooth and has good control on the road. I have not had any major breakdowns or problems.

- Michele F

Best decision on my life when I chose a Lexus.

This is my second Lexus. I do not plan to ever buy anything but Lexus. Service is excellent. Dependable on long trips as well as around town. Most quiet ride ever. I have back problems & find the seats are so very comfortable even on long trips. I have recommended Lexus to my friends.

- Carolyn H

2015 Lexus rx 350. Great SUV for the money.

Very reliable car. Little or no maintenance. Fairly cheap to maintain. Big enough to fit cargo. Big enough to seat 5 adults comfortably. Fairly good on gas. Comfortable to drive. Has navigation. Has good sound system. Has cruise control. Had high definition lighting. Has fog lamps.

- Christopher W

It requires complete attention to drive and operate computer system.

I love the comfort including soft leather seats, lumbar support, easily adjustable seats. It is quite distracting to have to go into a computer to change radio stations, heat to air, etc. Also do not like the screen on at all times. Again, it is too distracting for the driver.

- Beverly P

I just love my Lexus vehicle very much!

My vehicle is white it gets ok mileage like 23 mpg. It has heated seats. We you start to get in the other lane it lets you know if it is ok. When you start to back up it has something to look at. On the vehicle it has parks assistant. The seats are very comfortable to sit in.

- Shannon C

Good, solid car with many safety features and a smooth ride.

Love our car. . . No complaints! Nice ride, many nice features. Safety issues have been addressed. Like the four doors and the lighted mirrors that let you know when a vehicle is coming up alongside you or is in your blind spot. Live design of vehicle and color we chose.

- Linda F

Love my Lexus. Comfortable and luxurious interior.

Love this vehicle. Smooth ride and easy handling. Interior is luxurious. Every extra was included. Lexus dealership is so easy to deal with. They really go the extra mile for you. Everyone that has ridden in the vehicle comments how beautiful and comfortable it is.

- Patricia O

Easy functions. The sound system is clear and the bluetooth function.

Extremely dependable. The only times it gets serviced is for regular maintenance. Lexus is a great company that gives you a lot of free maintenance. Great ride, no noise. Comfortable. This model has ample cup holders and good storage. Steers and parks effortlessly.

- Beverly T

A working woman's luxury SUV.

Comfortable features with leather heated/air seats, Bluetooth, satellite radio, reliable and easy to maintain, uses regular unleaded gas, great backseat legroom, ample storage/luggage space, an SUV that drives like a car, not too big for a small framed person.

- Rachel F

It has all the bells and whistles inside.

I hated the front grill so I did an add on mesh grill. I also did 20' custom rims. Makes the whole SUV look so much better. It is very tricked out. But I do feel as though Lexus is not keeping up with the others in the tech field. But it's handsome sleek SUV.

- Laurie M

Great car, and reasonable if you buy a certified previously owned (cpo).

This car has been a pleasure. It is features are practical, realistic and great to have. My family has had this car in the past and each have gone way over 200, 000 miles. The leather seats are soft and will outlast the car, and I love the keyless system.

- Debbie H

Summarizing my vehicle is the title I choose.

Comfort is excellent, controls are within reach, and absolutely no vehicle issues. The service department is excellent. I would highly recommend this car to everyone. When you call the operator and all service personnel are courteous and professional.

- Dian C

Safety comes first and reliability, service, and design are complementary.

The convenience of having an SUV in addition to a sedan affords flexibility in long-distance traveling. The Lexus brand assures that comfort rises to a level commensurate with safety. I only wish that I was not reluctant in acquiring an SUV earlier.

- B H

I would consider this vehicle to be reliable. You will see many older models still on the road today going strong.

It is the luxury soccer mom car for those who do not want to drive a minivan. Very quiet on the road, spacious, easy to maintain. Only dislike is that I can be expensive to maintain, but will last a long time if you take care of it.

- Stephanie S

Luxury at an affordable price is the best description for a Lexus.

The Lexus has a real smooth ride. It is a luxurious car and I love it. The only thing I can complain about is that when I turn in this model the newer model has lost cargo space, so I am not sure I will be buying another Lexus.

- Debra B

It doesn't have a touchscreen display, which makes it more difficult to navigate through the menu.

Like that it is a hybrid and saves on gas. It is the newer of my vehicles and has gps and modern features that my other vehicle does not have. It is a SUV so it has room for larger items that I occasionally need to move.

- Kaz s

The perfect car for new mothers

This car is great if you have a child. It's high so you don't have to bend down to put your child in the car or take them out. The trunk space is amazing fits my huge stroller and there is still room for my shopping bags.

- Irene T

I feel that it is a very safe car with extra air bags.

I like the driving features - dead zone side mirror lights, heated steering wheel, automatic seats, heated and cooled seats, and generous cargo space. I dislike not having Wi-Fi car access. There are no complaints.

- Claire M

Lexus is an amazing car to drive and the service is phenomenal

Great ride, comfy seats, great navigation system and Sirius XM radio. The car has plenty of room for up to 5 people and great storage space in the back. The only complaint is the road noise can be loud at times.

- Christian G

It is comfortable, particularly if you have back discomfort.

I love it for It's comfort, especially on long trips. The back support os phenomenal. It is attractive, for an SUV. My only complaint is that it tends to surge forward when accelerating from a stopped position.

- Janet M

I love the heated and cooled seats, as well as the great audio system.

My Lexus IS the best, most comfortable vehicle I have ever owned. It is extremely reliable, but taking it to a Lexus dealership for regulators maintenance is very expensive. So glad my husband can do most of it.

- Susan M

Lexus will be the last car you will ever buy

I really love my Lexus RX. This has been the third one I have owned. They are the most reliable vehicle, customer service is wonderful, and is a smooth, quiet ride. Once you go Lexus, you never go back!

- Amy Y

It is a luxury SUV with leather interior.

I love my SUV. I like riding up high above the small card. It is easy to get into and out of. I can carry lots of stuff in it. I feel safe and secure driving this SUV. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Maria B

Comfort, reliable, practical, holds value, good in bad weather conditions

Love it! Comfortable (temperature, seats, no/low road noise),reliable (never had anything more than routine maintenance), pretty (even when it's dirty), lots of cargo space, good to drive in deep snow

- Kim B

It is very comfortable and practical.

I like the space and the 'fit and finish' of the Lexus. It is still a bit boxy, and I would like to have better mileage. In the future I will probably wait for a hybrid to become available.

- Jeff O

It performs well in the zero to sixty category and is a great touring car

It rides very smooth and accelerates like I like a car to perform. It gets good gas mileage and good safety features. And the design is a sleek design that I am looking for in a vehicle

- Marie B

It is a SUV but it is a luxury ride. It is fun to drive on long trips.

I absolutely love my Lexus RX350. It is roomy and luxurious. It is a smooth ride. I have always wanted a SUV and I got it June 2018. I love all of the options that come standard.

- Martha T

Safety and Luxury at an affordable price. Handles well

Love how well it handles when driving and the extra luxury conveniences. Dislike the seat belts and how hot the dash gets in the sun. It radiates off onto the driver and passenger

- Cam C

Lexus is the best! It provides comfort and luxury.

I love my car. The ride is very smooth and I do a lot of traveling so having a car that is comfortable and drives well is important to me. I would buy another Lexus. Great car!

- Diane C

For a full sized SUV it gets 30 miles to the gallon.

This is the Rx450h Hybrid, it rides very well, it is very quiet and powerful, gets great fuel mileage. Super dependable vehicle. This is my second Lexus. I recommend it highly.

- Richard R

Awesome, bought when car was 1 year old and it was a great price. Drives smoothly, safe and nice to look at too.

Beautiful interior, drives smoothly. Feel safe. Love the backup camera. I can see well over steering wheel which can be a problem in other vehicles). Pretty color.

- Wendy N

Surprisingly it is great on gas and drives smoothly.

The performance is great. It's practically sound proof. It's easy to handle. It's great on gas. This is the second foreign car I have owned and this is the best.

- Susan C

la calidad del material con que están hechos sus asientos

el sistema de audio muy completo, lo confortable y cómodo, mucha potencia y lo considero muy lujoso.me siento muy complacido de haber adquirido este vehículo

- ricardo m

Rarely a problem mechanically.

Never a problem. This SUV runs like a charm. It is comfortable and quiet. It is a roomy vehicle for people and belongings. I love the service we get at Lexus.

- Victoria W

It's super comfortable and stylish.

Comfort. I am a realtor and need a car that my clients will be comfortable in. It is also plush. I also like that I expect it to last a very long time.

- Missy M

White Lexus rx 350. Love the compact size.

Love the size of the vehicle, fold down rear seats, the rx has always been reliable, dash is user friendly, the mouse pad is convenient for nav system.

- Trish C

excellent conditions, intact performance

my vehicle is of good performance, the brand is reliable and of great security tools, therefore I aspire to buy the same brand but of different years.


That it is a hybrid and therefore is more responsible re: environment and SUV.

I have not had any problems with my Lexus. As a part of the Toyota corporation it has the same reliability, performance as the company is known for.

- Patricia M

Great car!! Highly recommend if looking for luxury car with 5 seats.

Awesome vehicle. Very comfortable and reliable!! Highly recommend when looking for a 5-seater SUV. Easy to convert seats to storage space if needed.

- Libby S

It is very comfortable and roomy both in front and back. I also like the cargo space.

I like the comfort and extras on it. It drives smooth and quiet and is roomy. The only dislike is the backup camera does not have the colored lines.

- Lisa E

you'll feel like you're riding in totally safe technologically updated SUV

It's beautiful, comfortable, secure, safe, technologically current, love the smooth ride, gps system, rear view and parking system. No complaints

- Ophelie Z

The engine sits sideways. It is a real pain and labor intensive to replace parts.

Love the way it drives and the comfortable interior. Plenty of room for cargo in the back. I cannot think of anything I dislike about it.

- Mary B

It is very reliable and everyone I know who had/have one, drives them more than 200 miles.

I like the reliability and the service from the dealership. I dislike the size (a bit big) and the fact many people seem to have them.

- Deb H

High safety rating. Good gas mileage.

It is a luxury SUV. Smooth ride and many luxury features. The rear seats recline and has plenty of USB ports for phones, tablets, etc.

- Cathy P

It is the most reliable and easy to drive car I have ever owned.

It is reliable, drives smoothly and it is easy to maneuver. I feel safe in it when it rains and it accelerates quickly on the highway.

- Jennifer A

Drives like a dream, so smooth.

Perfect size, not too big, not too small. Drives very smoothly, has a luxury feel to it. Easy to service, Lexus treats clients well.

- Rosalie C

It handles well in all weather especially bad rain and snow storms.

I love my vehicle and all the features it has. I love the navigation and that I can talk to it. I also love that it is a luxury car.

- kim m

Low maintenance, gas mileage.

Style, comfort of the seats. Gas mileage. I love the color and the sunroof. I also like the storage I have to transport items.

- Cheryl R

It uses regular gas, not premium, and it has a lot of room inside.

I like everything about my vehicle. It is very good on gas and I can use regular. It is spacious enough for my entire family.

- Leslee W

That it really is a luxury car with plenty of space.

I love the how comfortable the interior is. I also like the way it handles the road. IT is great at acceleration and stopping

- Roland B

Reliable and comfortable. Decent gas mileage.

None. I have been very pleased with this vehicle. No problems and service rocks. I cannot think of anything negative to say.

- Sharon Z

Love the sunroof and the amount of space in the car!

I personally love the car! It has a smooth ride and has several controls that allow for changes in the seat positioning.

- Jenna A

reliable, comfortable efficient

well maintained pre owned, great value . good milage, versatile for what i use it for. comfortable for long drives

- Dino D

My car truly feel luxurious after driving all my previous vehicles

I finally have the car I want. I love my Lexus. Even my family has come around to how happy my Lexus SUV makes me.

- Denise O

Amazing smooth ride. Gets good gas mileage and roomy

Love my car! Rides so smooth. Only issue is I had to get new tires at 35k miles and thought that was a little soon

- Jacklin B

It is not as boring as it might appear.

My car is luxurious safe has great Audio features it makes a statement that I have good taste!.. Like everything.

- Mary L

Quality and reliability and customer service. .

Great ride, but the handling is to soft. Infotainment system not user friendly. Transmission shifting is sloppy.

- Jan L

Reliable vehicle with comfortable ride. No worries

Extremely comfortable with all the bells and whistles! Service department is amazing and treats you like a VIP

- Lisa O

It is a hybrid system that allows charging while decelerating.

It is comfortable to sit. The driving requires some careful pedaling and it is gas usage in city is very good.

- Alex J

Safe vehicle and nice to drive.

Great dependable car and safe. Love the dealership. Love that it is so close. Love their maintenance program.

- Mary Z

It is a smooth riding car.

I love the navigation system. I can't get used to the backup camera. It should have guidelines on the screen.

- Alexis S

Solid, smooth, good value.

Very smooth, quiet -low noise. Comfortable seats, easy to drive, feels safe. Looks great, low maintenance.

- Bonnie C

Tires are expensive at dealership. After the complimentary service appointments, take it to Goodyear other than for warranty items.

I love the comfortable ride, the way it handles, the amenities. I wish it had less cost of ownership.

- J R

My car is very reliable and gives me a feeling of safety.

I love everything about my car. It is beautiful, comfortable, and reliable. I have no complaints.

- Linda B

The design of the car is really nice. It is dependable.

I love the design and the colors. It is also smooth. The service does cost a lot at Lexus though.

- Amanda K

This car is easy to drive.

I love the ride. It's got a great navigation system. There is nothing I dislike about this car.

- Alexis w

It's very comfortable and extremely easy to drive.

I like the way it maneuvers, the visibility, It is very comfortable. I love the heated seats

- Miriam R

We love it. This is the second Lexus and we would buy another when the time arrives

It's classy. Great Color. Drives great. Rides wonderfully. Has phone charger in horrible place.

- Susie Q

It is very luxurious and has many admirable features that I really enjoy.

I like the luxury feel. Also, the seats are nice. I do not like the extra air conditioning.

- Anna S

Reliability is probably the best feature.

It has a lot of options. It has a very smooth ride. And best of all, it is paid for!!

- katherine M

The Lexus RX has a quiet, smooth ride and accelerates quickly.

I love the luxury of my Lexus. It has a smooth, quiet ride and accelerated quickly.

- Ursula C

It is a Lexus and therefore it is very dependable. Dealer service is also great.

Quality of build and comfortable. The joystick to control everything is a pain!

- Harry H

I love my Lexus, it's very dependable and reliable and has all the comforts one would need. It has nav, parking assistance, back up camera.

It's very dependable and great for families. And the drive is amazing

- Tina C

after so much of search finally decided to buy Lexus RX SUV and i have no regret. it's a very smooth car. very comfortable in long driving. it has cool features that gives you luxury experience in riding and driving the card

one the best and reliable luxury car brand in market at this moment

- Jam R

Great car for the value with lots of customized feature options

Love it, drives great Love the Ac and heated seats Leather seats.

- Shelli C

Reliable. Dependable, always can count on it to work.

Totally reliable, comfortable. This is the fifth one we've had.

- William L

Great safety ratings & Lexus has the best customer service.

I love that it's an SUV but still sleek and roomy but not huge.

- Stephanie N

the reliability of a lexus vehicle, it is second to none

high quality build and finish. Very reliable. smooth ride

- Don b

Very very Low maintenance needed

Smooth ride low maintenance Lexus IS a great car

- Nitu F

Good value for a sports utility vehicle

Comfortable. Easy to drive. Very dependable

- Anne R

Luxury comfort feel relaxed

Very comfortable. No bumps. Rides smoothly

- Beth M

Good value for the money.

Very reliable. Performs well. Looks good.

- Lois L