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I have loved the rx design for a long time and now I love everything about it.

The vehicle has many safety features which are very reliable. A few of these are the blind spot warning, the automatic stop if a vehicle, person, etc. is in your path, 4 wheel drive functions well. The Bluetooth for hands free phone usage and music is very quick and easy. It is very comfortable to drive and would take it on a long road trip. Service department is very attentive and helpful. The GPS system is quite accurate. When asking for information, it is sometimes difficult to get the “person” to understand what is being said. By communicating with a live person, one can get directions entered in an office to your vehicle quickly. The sos system is very reassuring. I fortunately have not had to use it.

- Linda B

easy and safe to drive, very comfortable and very reliable.

I love my vehicle. Had quite a few cars before this one and finally this is a car that I love, and I'm not comparing to Toyota and Honda, the one before this was a Mercedes. This car is a bit large but has a lot of advantages, really comfortable first of all, great all around view, no blind spots, smooth ride for people like me who drive at least 2 hours a day. the only negative is the gas of course, but I love it so much that will buy another one like this once this one is old and would need to be replaced.

- zara w

Lexus rx, good and bad review.

The Lexus rx is the most comfortable car I have ever owned. The ride is smooth and the safety features are good. I especially like the way the cruise control operates by the slowing down on its own when a slower vehicle moves in front of you and the speeds up when they move away. The sun roof is standard and I do not like sun roofs so its an accessory I have to pay for and do not use. The nav system is terrible. Which I didn't opt for it. Avoid the nav system.

- William H

Lease is up in June, cannot wait to trade the 2016 in for the latest & greatest!

Vehicle offers a smooth like butter, very comfortable and reliable car with features such as lane assist, park assist, and 360 aerial view, heated/cool seats, panoramic roof, are very useful. The technology in this vehicle is unbeatable, also offers useful features through the Lexus Enform application. Only thing I wish was different in this SUV - I wish it had a little bit more speed and faster pick-up (at least in the sport + mode).

- Toni P

It is a nice car, even if the interior rattles.

I haven't had any severe or significant problems with my vehicle, besides the annoying dashboard rattle that started up several weeks back. It is a little irritating but the noise is usually drowned out if I tune the radio moderately high. The car itself is nice and I find myself very pleased with it. It is comfortable, the brakes are well - respondent, and the bass in the radio feels nice.

- Danielle B

The Lexus RX350 is incredibly comfortable to ride in. Seats are luxurious and heated/cooled. In addition, road noise is barely noticed when traveling.

The Lexus RX350 is a luxury SUV. It has wonderful features that enhance both driver comfort and safety. The air-cooled seats were a huge positive in the 90+ degree summer we just had. Safety features include "stay between the lines" and parking assistance. The only problem that is of note is that the remote access and remote start are only available with a subscription.

- Christine M

Lexus is right there for your.

I love my vehicle. That is so comfortable and good on gas also the best car design. No problem at all. It is the first time I have ever had this kind of car in my life, as a no problem car, and I am telling all people as I know that buy the car which Lexus made. Do not spend too much time. Just go to the dealer of Lexus and get it.

- Bo J

The front windshield is large and it takes some getting used to.

I love my rx350. Only issue I have had so far with it is that the media is having issues connecting to my internet, so I can't play Pandora or YouTube or anything like that through it. I am hoping to get the problem fixed but besides that I love my Lexus. Its a lease now and planning on buying it out at the end of the lease.

- Jennifer F

We love our Lexus rx 350 vehicle.

Extremely reliable. Safe, comfortable, easy to drive. Comfortable back seat for adults with plenty of legroom. A little more of a learning curve with quite a few “gadgets” but, once learned, they are easy. Have not had the first problem except for getting our iPhone to consistently link up to the onboard Bluetooth.

- Marianne J

Highly recommend the Lexus rx. It a great size for most families.

This is our 2nd Lexus rx. It is sporty and a very comfortable drive and ride it has been a very reliable vehicle. We really like the heated and cooled seat, backup camera, cruise control and crash prevention features. We have never had any mechanical issues and had 100,000 on our first one. Would highly recommend!

- Jill E

The Lexus one car that is user driven.

I love this model it is completely cool. The features are fantastic. Its user friendly and does not consume too much gas. It is nice and comfy with the heated seats and driver guide is fantastic. The reliability is up to date the only negative side is that the car trunk is a little small compare to other models.

- Janet O

My car is nice and big. It has enough room for a very tall person to ride.

I really like my car because it has four wheel drive and it is very safe. It makes you feel good about things and you can learn how to drive really well. The radio is so good, so we love it. Its so awesome, I don't really like any other vehicles because Lexus is the best.

- Sam E

A review of driving a Lexus sport utility vehicle.

It has a good gas mileage and easy to wipe with leather seats. It performs like any other all wheel drive vehicles. It comes with heated seats to keep warm during winter. It has good size trunk space to haul items. The only problem is the brake pad that wears off easily.

- Michael K

I absolutely love the safety features.

The vehicle is extremely save. I really don't have any dislikes. It has a lot of safety features and good gasoline mileage. It is a very reliable vehicle. It has a great look. It is very spacious. It seems to be a family vehicle with good trunk space. You should buy one.

- Steph A

Heads up display is mandatory in any vehicle I buy.

Outside style was what drew me to car. Then I got to order safety features I wanted especially the Hud which I had in my prior car & loved. Car drives great, is very comfortable & attractive. I like how the body style was upgraded in 2016 & looks like grill is growling.

- Debbie S

My 2016 Lexus rx 350 is awesome.

I love my Lexus rx350. I feel very safe in it and it is very comfortable when on a long road trip. This is my second Lexus I have owned and will probably purchase another at some time. It gives me plenty of room when I need to transport items or when I purchase things.

- Tammy D

The Lexus rx 360 is an amazing purchase!

This car is a fantastic purchase! It is classy, sporty, roomy and functional! The interior leather is top of the line and the fishes raw all high end. Heated and cooled seats are a couple of my favorite features. The sound system is also amazing. A very desirable car!

- Danielle M

Smooth driving. Luxury car for sure.

I love my Lexus. It is beautiful and rides smooth. It has all the bells and whistles to make my driving safer. I also love all the sensors and wide view from the back up camera. It is truly a luxury vehicle. I will definitely buy another when the time is right.

- Sharon S

A luxury smooth driving sport rx 350.

The breaks on my car, are not very great for what you would call a "sport" version rx. It takes a while to slow your car down. The breaks are not touchy like a normal luxury vehicle. Also, the screen controller is very sensitive and a pain to handle at times.

- Cay H

2016 Lexus rx review: pros & cons.

It's a good car I just wouldn't recommend this car for new drivers since its an all wheel drive and the accelerator is powerful 2 wheel drive cars are easier for new drivers which is why I do not drive this car very often it takes time to get used to it.

- Araba D

it has a lot of great safety features like blind spot monitor and park assist sensors

I love how quiet it is to drive, how comfortable it is, and how proud I am to drive a lexus... the only complaints I have are the awful turn radius it has, and I wish the air and radio would stay on when you turn off the car until you open the door

- Krystal W

It is. Wet comfortable and reliable.

My vehicle is very comfortable and reliable. It drives well through all kind of weather conditions. It is very comfortable. It has sports mode and economy mode so I can drive it is sports mode and when I want to save fuel I keep it is economy mode.

- Amber V

The single most important thing I want everyone to know is my car saved my life.

The main reason I love my vehicle is for it's safety features. But the vehicle also has the smoothest ride I have enjoyed. The interior is quiet and roomy, particularly in the back. Everyone has personal space to enjoy the ride.

- Ralph C

It is the smoothest driving vehicle I have ever owned!

It's a technologically advanced vehicle that has lane keep assistance, heads up display, and every bell and whistle that came with the vehicle. The only thing I don't like about it is that it lacks a third row. I need this!

- Carol R

It's reliable, well made, has good safety features, is very comfortable and holds its value.

I have no complaints except it could have more cargo space. The vehicle is comfortable, performs and handles well, it is well made, safe, mechanically and electronically reliable. So it meets my requirements.

- Vaughan G

Reliability, riding comfort and prestige in owning such beautiful car

I love my car. Since I have it, I don't have any problems, performance is above average, so comfortable and very reliable. The safety features are comparable to other more expensive cars in the market today.

- Nestor B

It's a hybrid vehicle and there are two things people might not know: that the 4 wheel drive is done by motors where there is no physical link between the engine and transmission; and the air condition is powered directly by the batteries through the three phase inverter.

I like the fact that it is a hybrid and good on gas. I like that it has a comfortable ride and seats my kids well. I also like It's styling, it was a redesign so it will look new for at least 6 years.

- Randall F

Excellent car with lots of features.

Has all the features I was looking for, backup camera, blind spot detection, comes with both plastic and carpet mats, vented and heated seats. The perforations in the seats cause the seats to tear.

- Jen S

The safety features that this car has. I feel safe and secure while driving.

I like that it is safe and reliable. I like the features that you can get in this car, like heating seats and steering wheel. I do not like the shape of the bucket seats, not the most comfortable.

- Nikki L

The ride is so comfortable and the features make it a very safe ride..

The car is a newer model of Lexus SUVs that we've owned starting in 2000. The ride is comfortable, the styling is attractive and we just really like all the Lexus autos we've had. No complaints.

- Linda C

It is luxury. I love the fob start and the voice GPS. No mechanical issues.

I love my vehicle. Fob start. Smooth ride. No mechanical issues.It is easy to drive. Beautiful color. It has all the features anyone would want. Rearview camera. Voice GPS. Sunroof. I love it.

- Monica G

The array of safety features. Plus it is very comfortable.

This is my third Lexus. They are reliable & comfortable. This model has all the safety features I want or need. Only "complaint" is the cost of service at a Lexus dealership.

- Francis K

Very dependable mechanically and very comfortable whether you are the driver or a passenger

Love the way it looks and the way it drives. It is very comfortable. This is my third Lexus i have had and have never had any mechanical problems it's been very reliable.

- Betty Y

It's a hybrid with very good mileage

Its a 2016 Lexus RX-450h hybrid SUV. It's got decent power, roomy size, good ride handling and stability. And being a hybrid, its got very good mileage. No complaints.

- Ernesto V

I love when my side mirrors tell me there is a car in the lane beside me.

This care does very well in the snow. The one complaint I have about it is that the back (hatch part) is not very big. I am in the process of looking for a bigger SUV.

- Mandy P

Beauty in appearance and quality

I love my car especially how it looks. I love how the interior is as nice as the exterior. The seats are comfortable. Rides are very smooth even when roads are uneven

- patricia e

It's a luxury SUV that rides smooth.

It's a nice Lexus SUV. I drive it to and from work every day and also use it to run errands. It's comfortable and roomy. There's nothing I don't like about it.

- Ali N

that is it is a hybrid vehicle and it gets very good gas mileage.

My car is very comfortable to drive. I like the cooling seats in the summer and the heated seats in the winter. It is a hybrid and I like the gas mileage too.

- Jessica S

Beautiful car with superior handling.

I love my car. The only time I have ever had to bring it in to the dealer is for standard maintenance. It is the most comfortable car I have owned.

- Rachel D

The gas mileage is really good and it has an economical setting that further improves it

It's black which I love. I love the way it handles. I am not crazy about the color of the interior. I wish I had gotten a darker color interior

- Shirley B

Lexus is a very reliable brand which is why I bought a Lexus RX. I found the car to perform really well and offered a lot of comforts and features that I find in luxury cars.

The RX offers a great array of choices in luxury. Having leather seats and a navigation system helps a lot in the experience with a car.

- Jaylen S

It rides very well and gets good gas mileage for an SUV.

I've had a Lexus for a number of years. I love the SUV and would love to have another one but don't like the look of the new front end.

- Melinda B

It is in great condition and looks brand new.

I like the comfort and gadgets. I really dislike gas mileage. And the cost of any repair/replacement after a fender bender is extreme.

- Joyce S

This car feels like it is a high quality vehicle and great value.

The Lexus RX350 is a classic and comfortable SUV. It is smooth on roads and feels luxurious. The trunk is very roomy for shopping.

- Danielle D

The Lexus is reliable and comfortable.

Although it is an SUV, it drives like a car and not a truck. I feel very safe in it. I have had no repairs to date, very reliable.

- Joanne L

Great luxury car. Smooth ride. Good handling. Comfortable seats.

Great ride. People admire the vehicle. I do not like the built in GPS and electronic systems. I wish they had CarPlay instead.

- Justin D

A fantastic vehicle for individuals, families, anyone.

Very reliable. Well built. Stylish. Safe. Comfortable. High quality. Quiet. Low maintenance. Excellent for long distance driving.

- Marion J

The transmission in my car hesitates when you slow down and pick up speed again.

My car is very comfortable to drive. However, the transmission skips and it is frustrating. I don't think I'll buy another Lexus.

- Melissa G

Safety number one priority.

Like-back up camera, sensors, comfort, locking system, heated and cooled seats.... Dislike-nav system, lack of luggage rack.

- William H

Very safe vehicle to drive.

Comfortable. Good ride. Good customer service. No complaints. Comfortable. Good ride. Good customer service. No complaints.

- Glenn W

My car is a cool luxury car. It has so many awesome features.

I love my suv. I think it is sexy. I get a lot of compliments on it. It has a lot of luxury features. It is also a hybrid.

- Becky W

Drives fast, turns on a dime, looks real good on the road

No real problems. Oil changes are pricey. Updates to radio take a long time. Auto bright lights are a little finicky.

- Keeley S

That the vehicle is reliable and safe.

Safer than most vehicle. Comfortable. Good looking. Reliable. Good trade-in/resale value. Excellent service facilities.

- Mary H

smooth handling on narrow roads and comfortable rides.

Love the sensors, backup camera, cruise control and handling on back roads. Dislike the nav system and gas mileage.

- Billy B

Very comfortable and safe.

My car is extremely comfortable and safe. I love all if its features and use them all. It's good on gas as well.

- Jane W

All of the special extra features, my favorite is the heated steering wheel.

This is the most comfortable car I have ever had. It's ideal for longer trips. Excellent quality inside and out.

- Stella S

It has lots of really useful features that make driving easier for me.

I like the rearview camera a lot as well as how parking is easier as it beeps when there are objects in front.

- Natasha M

Has not had a single problem, and the ride is very comfortable.

It's a very reliable vehicle. The only issue I have with it is that it has a mediocre infotainment system.

- David S

The sensors so it can help you avoid potential accidents

I love how it rides. I love the bells and whistles and all the extra features it has. It's a Smooth ride.

- Sharon O

It is a really safe car to drive and smooth ride as well.

My cat is great, comes with a camera, satellite radio. Great tired nothing bad to complain about really.

- Sammy E

Lexus is a quality vehicle with a good safety rating.

Love the Lexus quality and the smooth ride. I do not like how this year's model (and later) accelerate.

- diane w

Long list of features and ample space for passengers.

Performance is great and comes with plenty of standard features, including a slew of safety technology.

- Joanne F

This car drives smoothly! I love the storage room in the back as well.

RX-450h. I love the size and the way it drives. Gas mileage is not as great as I would like, though

- Melissa M

It's great quality and very reliable. would definitely get another

love it, there is nothing to dislike. It's comfortable, great ride. i have no complaints whatsoever

- luci B

It is a very reliable automobile and it has a very good safety rating.

I love the quiet comfort. I like the gas mileage. I like the safety rating. I have no complaints.

- Sharon D

It runs on regular gas and rides very silently and smoothly.

It rides smoothly. It has all the computerized features that I like. It has comfortable seating.

- Mahas S

Most Reliable and comfortable car with good leg space easy maintenance

Very comfortable and most reliable vehicle. Good looking. Good price . Amazing selection

- Bulu A

Tells me when I do something wrong, I love how it keeps me on the road and lets me know when something is stopping to fast ahead of me

Nice riding easy to handle, good in snow and I like all the options for cold weather

- Monte S

Great car to drive around town or on the highway

Great car to drive. Many safety features. Looks great. Good voice interface.

- sharon L

its safe, stylish and comfortable. Great car for me

it's the Perfect size for my family and has great safety and reliability record.

- Gena K

Nice size trunk space for storage. Car isn't real big, but you can fit a lot in the trunk.

Love the modern look and size. Which there was a little more height.

- lori k

Affordable and it's a great spacious car. Handling needs to be better

Great look but steering is so so. I wished it had better handling.

- Rc C

Reliable safe secure comfortable car low maintenance

Very reliable, comfortable secure safe car, minimum maintenance

- Sue K

Performs well. Smooth ride. Drive mostly around town and gas mileage is only 13 miles per gallon. On the highway is about 28 miles per gallon.

Parking assist and blind spot monitor are great features.

- Barbara W

The safety features (backup camera, rear cross traffic alert, blind spot monitor) work really well.

I like the smooth ride and all the safety features

- Ken F

Seat warmers in the winter

It's perfect and I love it the best car ever

- Melissa Y