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My Lincoln Aviator has been a very comfortable smooth running car.

2005 Lincoln Aviator

My200: Lincoln Aviator has been a pretty decent car. Overall it has been dependable. I have had to replace the air conditioner about 2 years ago. Three out of the four power windows no longer work which is a major nuisance. I cannot afford to have them repaired as it would involve replacing the whole mechanism inside the door. It is mostly due to the high labor costs. The parts themselves are not too terribly expensive. Also the back lift gate has a crack in it which ford/Lincoln refuse to cover under the warranty. I feel it should be covered as I have seen many Ford and Lincoln SUVs with the same crack. I feel it is a manufacturer's defect. I wish someone would start a class action lawsuit and make them fix it under warranty. Other than those things mentioned I like the vehicle. I am undecided if I would purchase another Ford or Lincoln product.

- Kiss C

Basically it is been a pretty decent car. I would recommend it to others.

2005 Lincoln Aviator

My Lincoln aviator has been a comfortable reliable car. Even though it is an older model I have enjoyed it very much. It is easy to drive and luxurious for the most part. I have had to replace the air conditioner. Only three out of the four automatic windows work but it is too expensive for me to repair. The rear hatchback panel has a crack in it. I have noticed many fords and Lincolns have this crack so I think it is a manufacturers defect. If I were able to purchase a new car, I do not think I would purchase another ford/Lincoln product.

- Chris K

2005 Lincoln aviator review.

2005 Lincoln Aviator

The Lincoln aviator is a large and spacious car. It comes with so many features but the gas runs out very fast. If the gas lasted longer it would be the perfect vehicle. The sunroof is just one of my favorite features on the 2005 Lincoln aviator. If you have a large family and lots of extra spending money for gas then the Lincoln aviator is the right vehicle for you.

- George W

Comfortable luxury vehicle that can fit the whole family.

2005 Lincoln Aviator

The car is a luxury vehicle that is very comfortable for long car rides. In my particular instance the a/c does not work sometimes but other than that everything else works fine. It is 13 years old so there are some problems like the console on the top fell off so I have it zip tied and the rubber binding on the windows falls off sometimes.

- Zach R

It has a comfort to give for a family.

2005 Lincoln Aviator

The seats are so comfortable and big enough it is good for traveling you can able to stretch. The back seats are so big and spacious to so it is good to put all of your groceries without smashing. Since we're expecting a baby I can tell that the sets will be easy for the baby. And there will be no worries for safety.

- Amelia W

Dependable luxury car and also a gas saver

2005 Lincoln Aviator 4dr AWD

Luxury car is fully loaded saves on gas, is dependable it also looks good no problems whatsoever has a DVD player which works great has seating for 6 people back seat folds down for extra trunk space, also has capacity to go fast when needed. Overall a really good vehicle

- Bernadette A

Roomy, reliable family vehicle.

2005 Lincoln Aviator

The aviator has a nice, smooth ride and handles all terrains very well. It is decent on size and the third row folds down easily. Because it is an older car, the parts and maintenance can add up and be pricey but it's an all around nice and reliable family vehicle.

- Emily S

Reliable and well built SUV.

2005 Lincoln Aviator 4dr AWD

It is very reliable with great horsepower. It runs great on the highway as well as the city streets. It takes premium gas and I think it had bare to minimum recalls. I never really had any real problems with my vehicle and only had to perform regular maintenance.

- Dawn I

Space vs. Gas? The Great Debate

2005 Lincoln Aviator 4dr 2WD

It's a very welcoming vehicle. Enough space for a crew of people and light hauling. Gotta put some petal to the metal in order to get the A/C going some days. It does go through gas pretty fast unfortunately, but honestly overall it is a pretty good vehicle.

- Adam P

We own 2 of the same model and love the way they drive and look.

2005 Lincoln Aviator 4dr 2WD

I have not really have any issues with the vehicle itself, only after being wrecked more than once did anything ever really mess up. Overall has been a great vehicle. Minor wear and tear repairs are all that were needed before the first major wreck.

- Whitney B

The aviator is great for vacations and towing since very comfortable ride that handles very well and has plenty of towing power.

2005 Lincoln Aviator

Despite Its age, the aviator drives very smoothly. It is a fun and comfortable ride even on rough and worn roads. My main complaint is that as a luxury vehicle it runs on premium, so gas and maintenance can get pricey.

- Billie D

This vehicle has an excellent navigation system in it. It was very expensive when new, but works very well. I prefer the built in factory system

2005 Lincoln Aviator

the aviator was an excellent quality suv, i like the sound system and navigation system. I have had no mechanical issues with this car. Replaced the tires one time, and done all required maintenance.

- michael m

It is good for family use.

2005 Lincoln Aviator

I like that it is roomy for my family. I like that it is sturdy and comfortable. I do not like that it has poor gas mileage. I do not like that it is bigger than I would like.

- Beatriz A

Good vehicle very reliable.

2005 Lincoln Aviator

I enjoy this car. I purchased it as a used vehicle . It has been very reliable. I keep it maintained and expect to have it for several years to come.

- Donna T

It drives smooth and great.

2005 Lincoln Aviator

It is a great car, super modern for a 2005, not huge bit fits 7.. Just not too comfy for far traveling, like limited space for personal items, etc..

- Leslie L

Great size for kids or a large family

2005 Lincoln Aviator

The Lincoln aviator is a reliable car. It uses more gas than I can afford though. If the gas lasted longer than it would be the perfect car.

- George W

That it's extremely reliable in bad weather. It handles well in the snow

2005 Lincoln Aviator

I love that it's all wheel drive and safe for my family in the winter. I hate how expensive it is to maintain. I dislike that it's rusting

- Stephanie H

Lots of open space for a big family.

2005 Lincoln Aviator

It uses too much gasoline. Aside from the gas usage it is a reliable car that rides very smooth. It has a lot of space for a big family.

- Dnette D

Good driving vehicle and goes off road if needed

2005 Lincoln Aviator

Electrical issues. Uses excess power and drains battery. I have replace both the alternator and battery multiple times.

- Otis H

Bad gas mileage, I feel as though this is very important

2005 Lincoln Aviator

I love this car! It was cheap but looks very nice. Luxury vehicle, bad gas mileage, rides smoothly, gorgeous color

- Amanda H

Smaller than the Navigator. Nicer than the Explorer.

2005 Lincoln Aviator

I like the trim detailing and offerings. The interior is comfortable and the drivetrain handles my commute well.

- Josh B

05 Lincoln review highlights a great. Family car

2005 Lincoln Aviator

I love the Lincoln. It has a lot of room but not to big. It drives great. It's a great family car..

- Tamathy C

It is a 4 wheel drive vehicle. It drives so smooth

2005 Lincoln Aviator

I love my aviator! I love the way it rides, the way it feels. I love the space in it.

- shannon g