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I enjoy the push to start and the personalized key option

I love my MKC. I have had her for about two years now. Since purchasing my vehicle I have had no major issues with reliability or performance. My linc is very comfortable. I enjoy driving her, even for long distances. I live in Florida so I wish that my linc had the option for cooling seats. Mine only has the heated seat option. Having the push to start is very convenient. I can leave the key in my purse and never take it out. My husband has the second key and his preferences are automatic when he opens/ starts the car with his key. My linc is great on gas. I only fill her up about once a week and am able to use regular unleaded gasoline.

- Ashley R

Great small SUV for those on the go!

I really enjoy that even though it is a 2. 0 liter engine it still has plenty pick up and power when needed. The gas mileage is a bit lower than I would like considering I drive a lot however it is not too terrible for an SUV. I love the leather interior with heated seats especially in the cold Wisconsin winters. The automatic start is a dream as well, I have always wanted it on a vehicle and now I have it! The stock sound system is amazing for jamming out to the country or hip hop tunes on your drive in to work or school or the long road trips.

- Veronica C

I love the blind spot assist

I really enjoy the park assist and blind spot indicator features in my MKC. The interior is beautiful, it's easily the fanciest car I've ever had. The large touch screen is also a huge draw. The only thing I would change about this vehicle is the leg space in the backseat. It is pretty much non-existent. Also, the driver's seat automatically moves backwards when you park. Which is very annoying if you have anyone in the backseat.

- Hannah B

Cute small SUV that delivers a great drive.

Had no problems at all with the car. Very easy drive. Had to change the tires as I span a couple of times and they about $1500 for four on average.Radio is great, seats are comfortable. I wish I could lower the pedals as my feet/ankles hurt but I so around 2000 miles per month. Really nice car to drive but do not think she's a car to drive that many miles in.

- Alison E

The MKC is a luxury vehicle for an affordable price.

The MKC is the most reliable and comfortable car that I have ever owned. It is spacious and has many features that make the car top rated in my book. Heated seats in the front and in back and the keyless start are just a few of these features that I enjoy. I do not have any complaints or issues with the car but would definitely recommend it to other buyers.

- Stacy W

Luxury, utility, and beauty on wheels.

I am extremely pleased with this car. It rides exceptionally well for a utility vehicle. The package is quite luxurious and all features perform up to expectations. I particularly like the remote start, the air conditioned seats, and the park assist features. I would definitely buy the car again and recommend it to other potential purchasers.

- Constance J

Bright and shiny and the right size for me!

My Lincoln is beautiful. It drives nicely. The size is perfect for me - not too big and not too small. I have arthritis and getting in and out of vehicles can sometimes be difficult. The Lincoln is at exactly the right height for me to get in and out easily. It gets good gas mileage. It has never given me any trouble at all.

- Donna S

Very comfortable interior.

Very comfortable interior. Roomy yet not a huge SUV. Rides like a car, quiet. The seats are very comfortable with the added capability of adjusting the back of the rear seats. The rear lift from drivers seat is a great feature. This is a perfect vehicle for anyone needing room but not willing to give up comfort and style.

- Alison R

Fabulous Lincoln MKC, comfortable luxury efficient SUV.

The MKC gets 28-32 mpg, rides comfortably, has great safety features, park assist, panoramic sunroof, changeable ambient lighting, heated and cooled seats. It is very reliable, we love the foot activated powerlifting gate. It handles well on the road and has a great thx sound system to support the radio and CD player.

- Katherine S

2015 Lincoln Trunk is to small

Rides nice and have no problems. Only thing that I would buy different is that the truck is to small for us. Travel to Fla for the winter and have trouble packing everything we need. But the rest of the year I just love it, especially the back up camera and side cameras, Also the warning in the side windows

- Nancy L

Lincoln MKC is a look and feel that is timeless.

Quiet, smooth drive. Like safety features that includes pre-collision warning, staying within lane, maintaining alert warning. Excellent GPS, Sirius provision. Signal light on mirror takes care of blind spot cars. Optimal space provided in rear with seats that fold down. Data control is reliable and informative.

- Andy P

It is a great price for a great car very comfortable for small size SUV.

Love everything about it easy to park not too big SUV so easy to park comfortable leather interior lots of space for groceries baby car seat passenger seats comfortable too radio sound is nice and clear lots of storage space in front. Cruise control phone charger station drives smooth in town and interstate.

- Mary D

SUV that has all of the luxury of a car.

It does not feel like a truck or SUV. It rides like a car. I love the features like keyless entry, push button start, backup camera, warm and cool seats, and GPS. We did have the sound system worked on because the sound quality wasn't there. It is great now and the gas mileage is good. Love this SUV!

- Dawn P

Love my Lincoln SUV, smooth and fast.

Most comfortable ride I've ever been in and for only a four cylinder the vehicle will fly. Leather is super soft and the heated and AC seats are amazing. For its size it gets great gas mileage, I live in rural area and still get around 23 mpg and could get better if I drove with less of a lead foot.

- David B

Luxury car with luxury gas mileage!!

All options, handling, performance, is great. Gas mileage is almost 30 mpg!! The ride is so smooth and the engine is so quiet. All my kids are grown so most of the time the back seats are down so I have plentiful cargo room. I will be purchasing another mkc when I decide it is time for a new one.

- Carol P

Luxury amenities and great gas mileage.

We bought the car for the looks, technology and comfort. But the service from the dealer is what keeps us happy. Great gas mileage, perfect for road trips for two people, any more would be cramped. . Only con is that the storage area is pretty small, much smaller than the Lexus rx I traded in.

- Laura M

Blindside light on mirror will help with those blind spots.

I have no problems with vehicle as of yet. Brakes are great and it drives pretty smooth. Great on gas! I chose this car because of the cool interior and many features. I can program inside lights to change any color, car camera, anti theft and blind side light, it has so many great features!

- Jacqueline L

Has self assist parking but I am too afraid to use it.

Easy to drive. Easy to understand settings. Previously owned an a4 Audi and was highly technical. Huge difference between Audi and mkc. Service is also great. Someone from dealership picks up my SUV and leaves me a loaner. Have never had a problem that service couldn't take care of.

- Jane C

Great interior as well as smooth ride.

I love my Lincoln MKC because it has a smooth ride and low maintenance. The leather seats are supple, heated and cooled which is my favorite part. I like that the lift gate is automatic and there is plenty of storage space in the back. I would definitely buy another Lincoln MKC.

- Mart G

Lincoln SUV is a great car.

Love the heated, cooled seats. Heated steering wheel. Remote start and the app that lets me start the car from anywhere. Great service at the Lincoln dealer. The entertainment center works very well with my iPod. Love to download and listen to books. Seats are comfortable.

- Alice T

Push button start and the glass top plus changing the color of the lighting.

It is very comfortable and Lincoln stands behind you they paid for a new battery the key fobs I love and you can change the color of the lights in the car and the whole top is glass it is like driving an airplane the push button took me a little getting used to.

- Marie S

Lincoln mkc - not your grandma's Lincoln.

Super clean but the get up and go is not all that. The back up camera is a bit flakey when it rains. Sound system is nice Seats are super comfy and heated when needed. Wish it had a sunroof. The keyless entry is nice that the car lights up as I walk up on it.

- Jenny L

Love my Lincoln, an all around great car.

My Lincoln MKC is the most comfortable vehicle I've ever owned. It looks high end, yet sporty and runs great. There is plenty of room for my 6'4 husband. The seat heaters warm up very quickly. It is the perfect size while still getting great gas mileage.

- Michele K

It is very technologically advanced and is much harder to get used to driving than other vehicles I have driven in the past.

I love the technological features of the Lincoln MKC. I do not like having to upgrade the technology's software every few years for a large sum of money. I also wish the backseat a/c was stronger for the passengers that sit in the back.

- Claire C

Lincoln makes a great car.

Never have had a problem with this car. Handles well on pavement or dirt road comfortable just the right pictures navigation system cruise control Bluetooth heated seats comfortable on long drives have drove across country twice.

- Terri D

The level of Lincoln quality found in this vehicle is hard to beat.

I adore the looks of the car, especially front end. It rides comfortable, drives sporty, and has some great safety features. Especially love the lane keeping and adaptive cruise. Only wish I have the newer sync system.

- Keetra B

For a small SUV, it has a very comfortable ride and nice options.

I love the look of the car and the options I have. It is easy to drive and comfortable to ride in. The only negative is that it's a little small, especially for travel. I will buy a slightly larger SUV next time.

- Sherri O

Great on gas and low maintenance.

Quiet, dependable, luxurious. This vehicle leaves a positive message for my business and works for groceries and other errands too.... Only complaint is it feels narrow, nowhere to put purse or a trash bag..

- Laura B

That the newer models of the same car don't have the same features anymore.

It is a little slow when you start speeding up. It has a lot of features. It has a heated steering wheel, heated front and back seats. It also has a backup camera and blind spot lights in the side mirrors.

- Melissa B

My Lincoln is the most favorite car I have ever had.

I bought my vehicle used in 2016. I love the way it looks and is very easy to drive. Not complicated at all. Does not ride quite as smoothly as a car but I like the roominess and riding higher than a car.

- Jane C

Gas mileage is 20 +/- mpg.

This is a wonderful vehicle. It drives really smooth, has a comfortable and classy interior, with all the bells and whistles that make it a pleasure to drive. My wife loves it as well.

- James Z

Low mileage nice looking vehicle

I love the luxury of my vehicle. We bought it new but now is starting to have issues. I am spoiled when I deal with cars I want no problems. Going to trade it in shortly

- Pat G

It's the best quality for the price!

My car that I own is the absolute best! It's so reliable! I'll never trade it in! The gas mileage is wonderful and there is so much space and its the best college car!

- Rebecca P

It is just a very comfortable, smooth driving car.

Love how smooth the ride is. Slightly dislike its size - wish it were just slightly bigger. Have had a few more service needs on it than I would like given its age.

- Mike S

Lincoln is a cool luxury brand that is classy without being over the top. Great car.

Great little luxury suv. Super comfortable ride with lots of convenience and safety feature. Wish there was a tad more cargo space but it's generally perfect for me

- Jamie F

The color is Tahitian pearl a very dark purple.

Our Lincoln is amazing! Performance is great amazing comfort and so easy to drive. I am short and can see out of it very good. I would buy another in a heartbeat.

- Kim F

It feel like luxury without being an in your face luxury brand. Kind of an interesting choice for understated elegance!

It's cute and sporty. It has good acceleration and is very comfortable to drive. Wish it had a bit more cargo room and a roof rack, that's my only complaint!

- Lynn F

Easy to drive and you can reach anything you load in the back.

Shift controls are next to radio. Too easy to hit. Does not get great gas mileage and hate the color. The seats are the most comfortable I have ever had.

- Ginger D

That is is absolutely as enticing to buy as the commercial suggests it is.

My Lincoln MKC is the most reliable car I have ever owned. It is stylish, great on gas, and luxury at it's best. I have no complaints about my vehicle.

- Jay E

Elegant, Classy and Reliable

Beautiful interior & exterior, great ride, could drive all day in it because it is so comfortable. Cons - small gas tank, rear window a little small

- Judy B

It is affordable and comfortable.

It is a luxurious vehicle. I enjoy all the technology. I also trust that it is safe. It has never left me stranded. I talk to it regularly.

- Laura J

Sporty! Drives great and is very comfortable for trips!

I downsized from a large SUV after my children left home. The MKC is the perfect size! It is large enough while still being sporty!

- Elizabeth P

I love my Lincoln from its looks to its comfort

My only problem is remembering which buttons to hit to do what I want. Then when I hit a wrong button,I have a problem correcting it.

- Edgar P

The leather and heating and cooling of the seats are pretty awesome

Comfort is amazing, pretty fast for suv, gas mileage is pretty good. It doesn't have the navigation I wanted but I still love it.

- Katie T

Comfortable and quiet ride.

The fuel tank is too small. Cargo/trunk space is small compared to my last car. It is a very quiet ride with great options.

- Karen K

Sleek and smooth drive. Unlike any other.

My car is very comfortable and reliable. The car drives very easily and maneuvers easily. Overall the ride is smooth.

- Cynthia B

feel and ride of the Lincoln mkc

Like the vehicle - some problems with electrical system - love the ride of the vehicle - roomy for a small suv

- Sue M

Great features and affordability.

No complaints. Comfortable. Drives nice. Back up camera. Blind spot mirrors. Adjustable seats. Color. Style.

- Helen H

It has collision prevention.

It was a great choice for me. I love all the mechanics of the vehicle and I am still learning to do things.

- Dominque F

Highlight of the car is engine performance as were as the supreme handling.

Good performance but lacks internal spaces do luggage with golf clubs disallows the use of the back seats.

- Gary V

It is new and unscratched, so be careful!

I like the color of my car, pearl. I like the leather seats in my car. I like the extra space it provides.

- Erika T

It's got a sporty, luxurious look, and performs very well. Easy to drive, to accelerate, and to park.

It's a cute car that drives well. It's quiet and quick. I wish it was a little bigger and got better MPG

- Lynn B

Roomier than it initially appears. You can transport more than you think you can.

The side car sensors. The luxury of the leather interior. Dislike the suspension, could be better.

- tONE d

The Lincoln MKC it gets great gas mileage in the city and on the highway..

It is a beautiful car, Great to drive and get very good gas mileage. Easy to maintain and repair.

- Lisa C

It is a very comfortable ride and handles really well!

I love this car! It is not too big and handles great! It is beautiful and has great features.

- Vicki B

That its the state of the art, and great on gas smooth ride

Very smooth ride,lots of bells and whistles. Great on gas and comfortable seating

- Tina L

It's a small SUV. Not a lot of space in the backseat for car seats.

I like the comfort. Seats are comfortable. Rides nicely. Wish it was bigger.

- Michelle M

I love the way that it drives. It's comfortable for those in the front seat. The back seat is very cramped.

The cramped back seat and small space in the hatchback.

- Denise M