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Awesome SUV for the money.

I have not really had any problems with my mkc. The power receptacle broke in the backseat but was fixed by the dealership. The 2 cons of my car are the gas tank...On the small side and the back seat sits low. I am short and when I sit in the back seat, I feel like I can barely see out of the window. On the plus side, it drives so smoothly! My car has very nice leather and I absolutely love the infotainment system. The touchscreen is so easy to use and it works like a dream. The monitor is a fabulous size. The safety features are great too. Lane keep assist, blind spot protection, and the crash alert make you feel a little safer. Overall, the mkc is a great value for the price...Perfect if you do not want a large SUV. One more thing...I love the hands free tailgate. It is awesome when you have tons of stuff in your hands!

- Ruth E

The comfort of my much Lincoln. Very comfortable and feels luxurious.

I love everything about my much Lincoln. It drives like a dream, easy to manipulate, good on gas mileage. It has plenty of room for passengers and the seats fold down to give you room to carry things in it as necessary sometimes. It has the big skylight in it so even the back seat riders can enjoy. It has self adjusting seats, heated and cooled, separate ac controls, USB outlets and also a 110 outlet. The leather seats make it comfortable also. It has rear view camera. I love everything about this vehicle.

- Barbara H

If you want to car that is both luxurious and safe, this is the car for you. Between the crash assist (warning lights in dash) and blind spot alerts, you'll always get where you need to go.

I love my Lincoln. It has every possible safety feature and it has saved me so many times from being in an accident with unsafe drivers around me. I can trust the warning systems 100%. The interior is very luxurious and uncomfortable. The sound system is fantastic and I love driving while listening to the Beatles channel on my SiriusXM radio. My favorite thing is when I get to my locked car with full hands, the car recognizes I have the key and unlocks the car for me. I have no complaints.

- Kathy H

Great safety features, luxury vehicle, soundproof.

I love this vehicle but wish it had more cargo space. It has everything as far as features go that you can ask for and it drives perfectly. It has all the safety features that you could want including spotting cars in your blind spot. I wish it had the teen driver option that limits the speed and will not allow texting and driving like my Chevrolet truck. Other than that and very little cargo space, it is a perfect vehicle. I also wish it got better gas mileage.

- Joyce T

My previous complaint with my car going through the car wash.

Very comfortable, has every feature available. I do not like worrying about my car at the carwash. If attendant puts car in neutral to go through the tunnel, when he opens the door to get out, the car automatically goes into park and this will cause great harm to my car as it is being pulled through. This is crazy! I have to talk to every attendant every time and hope they don't forget since they are running in a hurry.

- Gloria R

Drivers assist features can be turned off or on according to your preference.

Very comfortable car. Love that the driver seat settings can be preset specifically to myself or my husband's preferences. Easy to use driver features. I like that I can turn off some of the features like adaptive cruise depending on the type of traffic I'm in. I don't really care for the water sensing windshield wipers. I have that turned off. It senses the slightest bit of water and that's a little annoying.

- Delaine S

Cute Lincoln with blonde proof features.

It is great! The only thing I cannot stand is the noise the windows make when you have them down. Otherwise it is safe, reliable, comfortable and convenient. The backup camera is great so is the anti lock system when your keys are in the car. I thought my trunk was broken because it wouldn't shut, turned out my keys were in my purse in the back and it was preventing me from locking myself out.

- Jennifer F

Great reliable Luxury car choice.

This model is very good on gas. Larger trunk space but smaller cabin than MKX. Excellent stereo sound. Turbo 4 cylinder runs smooth, fast and fuel efficient. Sleek body. Compact size makes it easy to find parking in the city. Backup camera displayed on nice size monitor. Seat and steering wheel warmers are great for those cold morning starts. Comfortable ride.

- Christine C

Beautiful high end vehicle.

For most part love the car. Bought too quickly and didn't get all the features we should have such as GPS. Car is a little short on head space but has very comfortable ride and seats. Wish they didn't automatically put in moon roof because older people do not necessarily want it and just adds to cost. Needs heated steering wheel instead.

- Connie C

Best all around SUV that highlights comfort, safety, and performs well.

I bought my car two years ago and it is the most reliable car I have owned. It never has broke on me. I feel safe with all the features. It performs well in all types of weather and terrain. It is not the highest model but it comes with some many features that are great and useful. I often travel and the SUV is very comfortable.

- Melissa P

This car has a super sleek luxurious design with up-to-date futuristic features inside to make the driving experience the most comfortable and fun it can be.

I got my car in June of 2016 as a graduation present. I used it mostly for travel to and from work when I first received the car, however soon it was used to traveling to and from school at graduate school. I like the sleek design of the car, and the luxury features it has. I dislike the gas mileage, I wish it was a bit higher.

- Julia H

Lincoln mkc; a robot on wheels.

Very comfortable drive and very nice exterior. The trunk has a lot of room as well as good room in the backseat. The car is very high tech and has lane alerts and automatic high beams as well as many other features. The coolest part about the car is its ability to parallel park itself and the app to control the car.

- Ashley S

Comfortable and safe, fun to drive.

The car is comfortable and very quiet. It has many safety features including a backup camera, and a blind spot warning both in forward and reverse. The liftgate can be opened 3 ways, manually, with key fob, and hands free with foot motion. Dual temperature controls with heated and air conditioned seats for comfort.

- Ed K

The ambient lighting casts the Lincoln symbol on the ground when approaching.

I have not had any problems with my Lincoln since I started leasing it 2 years ago. The comfort level is wonderful and the display screen and easiness of use is wonderful. Back up camera is very clear. I would highly recommend the mkc or just Lincoln in general to any consumer shopping for a new vehicle.

- Shelly B

See last input. Great car - great engine - great look.

Great car. Wish they had a hybrid for the m series but did not. Mileage is about 21 city without air. With air about 19. Great look. Stable on the road. Engine is fantastic. The 6 cylinder is has plenty of pick up, and if you use the sports drive and manually it performs like a SUV supercharged.

- Bill J

Great Driving Lincoln SUV for a small family

this Lincoln has an extremely comfortable interior with nice soft touch leather. It is loaded with options including heated seats and dual power seats. The interior is super quiet while driving as well. No mechanical issues yet and great warranty. Would definitely recommend this vehicle

- Jamie P

Panoramic sunroof and heated steering wheel are my favorite parts!

This is my second MKC and won't be my last. While the cab size is no more than a midsize car, it is perfect for 2 adults and small children. My favorite feature is the heated steering wheel. I love the heated seats in the winter and cooling seats in the summer along with panoramic sunroof.

- Ashley H

Heated steering wheel is my favorite

This is the most comfortable car I've ever owned! I love the heated steering wheel especially on a cold morning and how when I auto start it the heater or AC kick on to warm or cool the car! This is a very reliable car! The heated seats in the back are also a very nice feature!

- Danielle C

Good ride and excellent electronics.

My MKC drives very smoothly. It has an excellent suspension system. The electronics are also top notch. I really like the blind spot warning mirrors and navigation system. The front seats are particularly comfortable and the heating and cooling feature for the seats work well.

- James K

Lincoln review positives and negatives.

The gas tank is small for an sub and the gas mileage is terrible so I usually end stopping once a week for gas. Also, the back seat is not spacious at all for adults to sit in comfortably. The overall performance of the car is good it rides smooth and has little road noise.

- Emily M

Great vehicle that is stylish, comfortable and has great features.

This is a great car with a lot of great features. It is very reliable and comfortable. The leather interior makes for a nice look and comes with heated and cooled seats to make sure it is comfortable in any weather. It is a smaller SUV, with a decent amount of cargo space.

- Michelle M

Best vehicle ever. This vehicle is very convenient. I love all the features.

My car is very easy access with a push button start. It has a built in navigation system with cell phone connection abilities. It is just the right size for me however, someone with a larger family would probably like a little more backseat room and also more hatch room.

- Angie O

Quirks and luxury with power to spare.

My MKC has erratic fan blower. At least once or twice a year one of the vent will have hot air coming out while the others have cold air and visa versa. I love the heated and cooled seats, heated steering wheel and the get up and go if the turbo. Gas mileage is good too.

- Bea J

It's a great transitioning vehicle if you want something bigger than a car

One of the best cars I have owned. It drives so nicely & great in bad weather conditions. The features are great and with the new technology in the cars it is easy to figure out! Luckily I haven't had any issues with this SUV like I had with my past vehicles.

- Alexa S

Comfortable vehicle as it comes with leather seats and has many ways to adjust the driver seat

Love the leather seats, nice that Lincoln will come pick up and drop.off my car for service, love the shifter is buttons that streamlines the interior, do not like the auto shut off feature to save gas that I manually have to turn off every time I start the car

- Melody R

I really enjoy driving this vehicle and plan to lease another one.

Very comfortable ride. I love the smooth acceleration. The 4 cylinder turbo allows for quick easy passing or merging. Gets great gas mileage. I love the heated seats. This model does not have a heated steering wheel. There is not much leg room in the back seat.

- Peaches W

It's a luxurious vehicle and very comfortable as well.

It's small enough to get into small parking spaces, has a sun roof/moon roof, navigation system and all the bells and whistles you could ask for. I would like more space in the trunk area as the ice chest doesn't fit well.

- Patty S

I would like others to know about it is classy styling. .

I like the size, the look, the color, the technology and the color inside and outside. I do not like the lag in acceleration, the touches accelerator, the braking and lack of foot space in the back seat area.

- Linda H

It's safe. You are up high and has decent safety record.

It is super comfy, stylish, loaded with all options I love and great to drive. The only thing I dislike kind of is the color ... It's black! Love it but extremely hard to clean and not have water spots.

- Joanne E

i fits me and my personality. there is nothing i would change.

i like everything about my car and dislike nothing. it fits my personality and my lifestyle. It's style and stance could make me dance. i don't know anything else i could say about my car. It's fantastic.

- bill h

Great gas mileage for a crossover.

No complaints. Love it the way it is. Easy to drive, great gas mileage and very versatile. Car is flexible and easy to carry cargo, groceries o anything else that would never fit in the trunk of a sedan.

- Sharon R

All wheel drive, which is important for anyone who needs to get to work.

I love that it is all wheel drive so I can drive confidently in the snow. The interior and exterior is also aesthetically pleasing. It is lighter than the mix and somewhat smaller, which is a dislike.

- Jenny D

The complete driver experience is well worth it, including driving handling and comfort.

I like the overall size of the vehicle. I like comfort of seating as well as the options and controls the vehicle has. I do not like the room in the backseat. The mileage is just so so.

- Todd D

I love that it is a luxury vehicle, looks nice and yet very affordable

There are No problems. I have a 2L engine with great performance. The car is very reliable. The seats are very comfortable. In general the car exceeds expectations. It is Very affordable.

- Susan M

Small SUV with limited back seat space

Good size, decent fuel economy. Back seat doesn't have as much legroom as I would like, but the seats fold down for good trunk space. Error lights occasionally come on when not necessary.

- Brooke M

I like my sporty Lincoln that has gas saving technology.

I like the size of my car and that it is sporty and easy to drive. The only thing I don't like is how it can be noisy when the back hatch closely completely before driving.

- Rani C

Lincoln Motors takes good care of their customers and their cars.

My car has great acceleration, looks great, gets decent gas mileage, has Apple Play, my new favorite car accessory, and lovely leather seats. I love my car.

- Glenda O

I feel safe in it with all the wonderful safety features.

I like all the updated options (back up camera and the sync3 electronics. It is a comfortable ride to say the least. There is not a thing I do not like.

- Annette H

it has a smooth ride and and has great gas mileage.

I love the looks of my vehicle, the technology, keyless start and code to open the door without keys. there isn't much to dislike it. perhaps the cost

- joan p

That it is a super fun vehicle to drive and has a great sound system.

Love the quiet smooth ride gas mileage is pretty good and plenty of space for travelling. I really have no complaints, it's a great us made car.

- Debbie B

I love my Lincoln MKC. I am glad I purchased it.

I love the ride comfort, the sporty look of my vehicle and the service from my dealer. I have always wanted a Lincoln and am not disappointed.

- Cindy D

Very comfortable. Also has great pick up for passing.

Easy to maneuver when parking. It is very quiet and comfortable riding. Love the backup camera and auto tailgate. Great SUV for the price.

- Janet B

It is comfortable, safe, and last longer than others we have had. Service is excellent

Like almost everything. Dislike no shade for the sunroof. Dislike no download for cds. My previous car was 2009 mkx. It had both

- Denise H

Safety is the most important feature of this vehicle

Car is the smoothest accelerating vehicle that I have ever owned. I don't like that it does not have a garage door open in the visor

- Fred S

No key insertion to start.

Most comfortable seats I've ever had. Suspension feels like I'm riding on a bed All controls are easily accessible. No complaints.

- Wayne M

Great mileage SUV, comfortable, smaller size, loaded with options

Love the compact size (smaller SUV), good mileage, comfortable seats even though it is a smaller SUV. Back seat is a bit tight ...

- Maria S

Good gas mileage and very roomy.

Comfortable and quiet interior with lots of easy to use technology... Gas mileage for the size of the car and rear legroom tight.

- Sandra K

It is fun and so easy to drive.

I love the style, how it drives,and how it makes me feel. The interior is nicely equipped and very nice looking. Good pickup!.

- Mary A

The trunk/back end space is not very large, and there's not a lot of storage space.

I like the way it drives and its features. It's reliable and I've had no issues. I wish it had more trunk storage space.

- Kelsey C

That you have a car and that you are able to drive around with it.

I like that it is fully loaded. I enjoy being up high and seeing everything around. It is a great family car.

- Lindsay R

it rides very well for a crossover and handles very well.

so far I like everything about this vehicle. I would like it to get better gas mileage but It's not bad.

- Robin M

You feel safe. The SUV has plenty of room and storage space.

Love this vehicle. Comfortable with all the options. Even has acc. Cooled sets. Nothing I do not like.

- Doris S

Handles very well. Gas mileage not so Great Windshield wipers are not on a sensor

Love the ride. Handles very well Disappointed with some features

- Joanne P

Sporty exterior & lush interior. Made in the USA. Has great pick up in the sport mode.

Dependable and has not had any issues, very reliable crossover.

- Lisa L

luxurious car and rides like a car

i love this vehicle it drives like a luxury car

- Kim A