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Big car that drives like a small car!

This car is extremely comfortable! I commute in it 30 minutes in heavy traffic twice a day and I love the heated seats and Bluetooth capability. It is an extremely safe vehicle with an abundance of smart features like warning lights for vehicles in your blind spots, braking traffic and objects in rear of the car. This car has been extremely reliable with very few performance issues. We bought it used and it's had little to no maintenance issues in the last nine months. Over 80,000 miles and still doing great! My only complaint is the rather enormous center console between the two middle row seats. I with this area was open to step through or more compact so my kids could climb into the third row more easily. The third row is pretty cramped and best for small kids or occasional use. My older kids don't like to ride in the third row.

- Jessie B

High Technology. Love the cooling seats

We just bought it and the only issue so far is that the fan for the back air vent isn't working it worked 1 time. The air condition works great so it cools off the back seats quickly. Just wished all of it was currently working since it is such an expensive vehicle.

- Tiffany C

It is very comfortable. The driver's seat, steering wheel and brake pedals can be adjusted per driver.

I love the way that the CUV handles on the road. Folding the third row of seats provides a good sized cargo area. It is a very comfortable ride for long distance trips. The leather on the seats is not a very high quality.

- Deborah R

My vehicle handles beautifully but the a/c compressor should not have exploded at 75,000 miles.

I've always owned a Lincoln because of the quality associated with the name. Love the options and look of my vehicle. I was disappointed that my vehicle's air conditioning compressor imploded after my warranty expired.

- Karen F

It handles very well in adverse weather.

The back of the car slopes down, it does not allow for a lot of head room in the 3rd row. I would also have liked to see room for 3 passengers in the 3rd row. I do like the gas economy the car offers.

- Diana f

They should know the car is very reliable.

I like all the leg room that the third row seating has. I also like the large sunroof type window on the top of the car. All the extra bells and whistles are extremely nice also.

- Lisa M

Love the great safety features. Saved my life.

I love the comfort. The vehicle has a lot of safety features. The only thing I do not like is the gas mileage.

- Johanna C

My vehicle can back up with the beeping to let me know if in too close to another car or not.

It does almost everything for me and it just has a little too much technology but it's my favorite car.

- Shavoon P

Luxury cars really do provide a much better ride.

I love the luxury feel of my vehicle. The ride is so smooth. I love the wood grain accents.

- Loren h