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Comfortable but falling apart.

2018 Lincoln MKT

First I should say I Love my Lincoln MKT, only thing I was not impressed by was the third row seating is for 5 years olds only because no one can fit in it. Now I have had my Lincoln for 2 years now and I have numerous things that have to be repaired. The seams in the door arm rest have splint open. There is a random galloping sound occasionally in the rear speaker that cannot be stopped by any means, it does eventually stop on its own but you have a headache before it does. The foot rest pad on the floor board had to be glued down because replacing the rivet did not work 3 times. The moon roof has parts that are rattling. Now the air conditioner blows is stuck on feet. The software for the radio/gps/media system is no longer used so updates “my sync” is useless. I knew buying a Ford was a mistake....

- Denise Dunn

Comfortable, safe, and customizable.

2018 Lincoln MKT

The car adjustment presets do not work - they are unable to be overridden. When pressed the driver's seat either moves as close to the steering wheel as it can or goes down as far as it can. This could be an issue because I have not found a way to stop it once I press the button. The car sensors when driving are very sensitive and often inaccurate - it will beep when I am going up my driveway just because it senses the concrete.

- Shay M

It drives well in all weather. I feel very safe in my Lincoln

2018 Lincoln MKT

I love my car, it drives beautifully! I also really like the look of the car. My only negative is my 3rd row seat sometimes gets stuck

- Nick F